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  1. New Manager, new Assistant Manager, on loan from Plymouth Argyle...
  2. Well that makes me even more convinced we have to make a change, and make it fast.
  3. Despite that, I don't think there's a defender that has cleared the ball off the goalline or blocked a shot on the goalline more over the years than Liam Palmer, his defensive reading is at times excellent.
  4. Oh nice thanks, still that price on there! It's for my nephew
  5. Anyone seen any good deals on the PC version? Best I've seen is about 36EUR from key sellers...
  6. Absolutely, and you're completely entitled to yours, as wrong as it may be
  7. Hunt has been very poor on the whole this season, a shadow of the player we once had.
  8. 1. New Manager. 2. New Assistant Manager. 3. New First Team Coach. Simples.
  9. Loved every season of it
  10. And then people criticise Bannan for dropping back to the defensive line to get the ball...
  11. Garbage manager, arrogant person, gladly wondered off into retirement, good riddance.
  12. Yes there's gonna be a third and final season, was announced April 2020... https://www.nme.com/news/tv/life-on-mars-creator-confirms-third-and-final-series-13-years-after-the-last-2640925
  13. Ermmm we did it lots! Not really, we did it a lot, way too much.
  14. Be interesting what the new Life on Mars series will be like (assuming it's not cancelled as I know it was announced before the pandemic) and if it'll have the same special feeling as the original series with them all that bit older
  15. Yeah we did a rewatch of all of Life on Mars and Ashes to Ashes and it's still as brilliant as ever, helps that it's a period show so doesn't really age as badly as some might.
  16. Ok here we go: https://www.thestar.co.uk/sport/football/sheffield-wednesday/sheffield-wednesdays-surprise-decision-on-marvin-johnsons-position-explained-3430701?itm_source=parsely-api Ok then..... So I'm expecting Bannan to be playing there next week then...
  17. JJ - RB under Laws, not exactly recent but it has to be in there! Hutchinson - "No10" role under Jos, I'm remembering that one right? Didn't dream it?
  18. Not sure I could pick a single most worrying aspect.
  19. Not yet, he had a long night based on his feed so probably sleeping it off Henderson played at CB because Liverpool had one fit centre back and there was pretty much no other option. Not like he put Salah at CB or something.
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