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  1. One thing I've always admired about Hutchinson is the fact he never goes out to hurt the opposition. Having had to retire for a couple of years himself, our Sam knows first hand how devastating a long term injury can be. A true gentleman of the sport
  2. Must win game for both teams won by neither. Dem Blavdes might claim to be alright with this result, but you'd say home to Fulham was a "winnable" one that they've missed out on big time style-y.
  3. Holmowl playing it down because he doesn't want to deter from Bannan (who I'm convinced is his secret lover). Both Luongo and Bannan had the same number of touches yesterday (62)... more than any other players on our team. Luongo made SEVEN (7) tackles yesterday. Maybe it was just a feature of Brum's play to attack through the middle of the pitch, but that's some excellent work for a defensive midfielder. I think he'd be a good CDM for most teams in this division.
  4. Kachunga sat narrower than both Windass and Bannan, and Reach sat narrower than Flint. They absolutely didn't occupy the wide areas... as the bloke that's started this thread has conceded himself! As I say, if you want to call this 4-4-2, fill yer boots... but I just can't see it.
  5. Sorry, just seen this! 4-2-2-2 might be the easiest interpretation? Whatever it is, it's definitely "atypical"
  6. Fair enough pal, if you want to call that 4-4-2 or a modern-telling of 4-4-2 with narrow wingers, I won't stop you. I just can't conceptualise calling a formation that has your 'left winger' (Kachunga) sitting on average narrower than your left-sided striker (Windass)... and your right winger (Reach) sitting narrower than your right centre back (Flint), a 4-4-2. It just seems to fit the mould of a 5-2-1-2 or a 5-3-2 with an ultra-aggressive central defender (Luongo) to me... or even a 4-1-2-2-1? I just don't see the midfield "4" when they're essentially sitting in a v
  7. Dawson Flint van Aken Luongo Odubajo Harris Reach Bannan Kachunga Paterson Windass Doesn't look like 4-4-2 to me
  8. Well sure it looks like a 4-4-2 if you put it like that, but neither Reach nor Kachunga played there did they? Sure, if you put it like that it's 4-4-2, but neither Reach nor Kachunga were positioned there were they?
  9. Not claiming I can... other than a back 4 I'm not sure what that really had in common with a 4-4-2 though... can you?
  10. Of all the formations you could describe that as, 4-4-2 is the least accurate.
  11. It's probably immoral to complain about all that folks, chill out.
  12. This is absolutely extraordinary. Wednesday are winning 1-0, and for an entire third of the 6 minutes of injury time, where our box is getting battered, the commentary isn't at St Andrews. Birmingham LITERALLY PUT THE BALL IN OUR NET, and we're not there to hear it. The full time whistle is blown, Sheffield Wednesday have won, and instead I'm hearing about a penalty at Oakwell. We've officially spent more time at Oakwell than we have at St Andrew's during injury time. Absolute joke that they think they can justify charging £10 for this... reyt glad I didn't!
  13. I've had a rethink about all this, and I must admit I was wrong. A tenner for a game is great value. Not only do we get Wednesday v Birmingham commentary, but we also get full match commentary of the Rotherham AND Barnsley commentary simultaneously. Sure it means we drop out of commentary from St Andrew's for two minutes at a time, but wow, that's the stuff I've always wanted to have updates on every 5 minutes. Genius.
  14. On paper it looks like we've got about two defenders on the pitch, one defensive midfielder, one wing back and all the rest are forward-thinking players ATTACKKKKK (In reality it'll be one shot on target in each half)
  15. Not at all mate. Higher picture quality, replacement up if original source stream gets taken down, plus what feels like every TV channel under the sun and multiple box sets to boot. Fantastic service and value
  16. Hi Dephon I'm using illegal streams every week, and will continue to do so. Thanks for the 12 point deduction and entertaining football. Yours sincerely, StudentOwl xox
  17. No, we're currently mid backstep. Got the rest of our backwards tumble to look forward to yet
  18. I said at the time we would regret giving it out "this time next year". You didn't have to be nostradamus
  19. Must admit, I agree with you on this one. When our accounts are published, we've said every single season that just because losses are, say hypothetically, £14m, that isn't the figure that the EFL uses and says "they spent £1m more than the should have based off of the three-year FFP average". Because we know that some of those losses are not taken into account in the calculation... stadium maintenance, academy expenditure etc... So why would it hypothetically be that we're waiting on a sporting appeal before submitting fiscal accounts when we know the EFL don't actuall
  20. Haven't read the thread at all, so apologies if someone has posted similar/identical... "Other: long ball, with focus on winning the second ball and occasional focus on one-on-one wing-play"
  21. Not a free kick, but my favourite kick off routine is where the ball is played back to Barry Bannan who launches it for a line-out about 20 yards out from their goal line. Inspired stuff.
  22. Luke Shaw keeps referring to "the players" and not "we"... he can't take responsibility and is doing everything he can to detach himself from the shambles. What a coward
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