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  1. Didn't understand that bit.......................but if it means he'll score I'm all for it
  2. To tell you your friend the truth....................we think he has.
  3. I think the first season he was with us he did seem like the best player in the league but after that his interest seemed to go and his performances dropped off (plus his refusal to travel to Norwich). That would have been the right time to sell him although I agree at that time the majority of fans wouldn't have agreed with it.
  4. I wouldn't say no one wanted him to go but I agree a lot didn't. To me if the £12M was anywhere near true then it was a big mistake not selling him then, but he still needed to be let go when he went.
  5. Maybe but I still think we need a prolific striker before another midfielder.
  6. Is that true ? Not disputing it because I don't know, but it's the first I've heard that we start the 3 year period from scratch.
  7. I couldn't find anything in the article relating to:- "I have been asked if #SWFC do have the funds to sign Jacob Murphy on a permanent basis."
  8. Or...................... one is not more than five two is not more than five three is not more than five four is not more than five five is not more than five six is though
  9. I think that's the pertinent point, we just don't know. He hasn't really played enough professional football to form an opinion.
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