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Up with the lark this morning. Butterflies already.  Glad I'm busy at work today or  I could see myself int boozer at 11. ....mind you I'll be done mid afternoon, home, eat, shower, out for 5 at latest. 

1-2 Gregory brace





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Great thread Lord S, business like- very much like I hope we will be at the stadium of light.


Well this is it isn't it? 46 league games has led us to the this point where we need to perform for 180 minutes. Not much margin for error now. 


Alex Neil will play for a canny 1-0 and all to play for st S6. Stay in the game boys and be brave in defence and attack. We can do this! 


Sunderland 1 - who cares 23

Wednesday 1 - Gregory 86 


A late equalizer for us for once and a spirited display.





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Thanks Snoots, concise and to the point, I hope Stubbs is ok.


Went to bed with everything crossed, now I can't feel my legs.


It's going to be a nervy evening, let's hope we start positively to settle the nerves and get something to take home to Hillsborough, I'd be happy with a draw, over the moon with a win.


Come on Wednesday!



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Woke up having had football dreams all night it seems. Its only a game though, right? 


If we go out and play like we can, tonight could be one hell of a game. We need to be brave and up for the fight from the 1st to the last minute. Do that and we should come away with a result. A goal either way going into Monday and it's all to play for. 


Come on Wednesday, let's ave it. 

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