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  1. If dean is still contracted to Birmingham I’d love him back on loan, but can see him joining someone in the championship.
  2. Cmon! would be nice to have a youth come through the academy and alway through to the first team and push on. Obviously players don’t stay for long nowadays but it’s certainly something we need and hopefully if the time comes we can get come serious cash for him.
  3. No need for the sarcasm in his first interview
  4. pretty sure theres a united thread in the other section on here....
  5. Every stand should be £20 home and away regardless of who we play
  6. Just hope smith does better than winall
  7. Strange how derby are given more time than other clubs that went bust ie bury.
  8. Not sure tbh, sure the lad that Portsmouth had his contract was due to expire at Man City end of this season
  9. Stockdale would be good to bring off the bench, but we still need a first choice keeper. Ideally want that lad from Man City but can see him going to a championship side
  10. It will never happen because it makes sense. Companies are just in it to make the most money out of something
  11. hes a legend, becoming a fans favourite very quickly. Probably the only blade I dont mind. Wouldnt mind offering maybe another year on top of his current contact. If we go up his experience would be nice in the higher league, be a good edition to bring off the bench too.
  12. What’s his actual role? Box to box centre mid? I don’t want players that may/should have been good years ago.
  13. Would have been a good replacement for Nuhui/Paterson to bring off the bench. We need starters ffs. Move on
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