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  1. How old is he? Hopefully we’ve got him for a few years
  2. I reckon bates was brought in to make up the numbers. Hopefully will be good though
  3. Reach is like a lost lamb in the middle of the park, the guy is a winger or a wide midfielder.
  4. aye tbh, should beating teams like millwall and luton deffo agree.
  5. absolutely cant remember the last time hillsborough was a tough place to go to. Burton Albion turning us over summed it up for me.
  6. been away from proper football for years, deffo not too much of a risk.
  7. deffo yes, doing well with nothing at preston.
  8. Go back to basics and put bannan back in.
  9. completely agree, ff would have been on every other teams bench at least when given the option.
  10. bullshit same reason as to why hutch and westwood got left out under jos. Most teams in our league would have had ff on the bench at least. Football is becoming a bullshit sport. He said she said answers now....
  11. Just get Bullen it’ll be good to have someone at the helm that understands the fans point of view as well as a managers point of view. He’s an owl through and through. Cheaper option too make him earn that better contract and I doubt he’d leave if he was to do well unlike Bruce.
  12. I could 100% guarantee he’s had come sort of contact today off somebody. his wife calling from asda, which muller corners do you want?
  13. Once again something to laugh about. 5 - 0 wtf, what happens to the last London club that said this
  14. Haven’t they got a family stand rather than sit bang next to the away fans where everyone will be wound/revved up. Accident will be a big give away. Just go and don’t talk
  15. I hope we don’t just chuck Bannan back in, never understood why teams just throw players back in when recovering or just passing a fitness test
  16. I was behind his because he was our manager at the time, like any other manger they will alway get my support. Now he’s gone evidently it was the right decision to dismiss him. Same for Bullen, I’ll be supporting him because he’s our current manager, time will tell whether it’s the right decision or not.
  17. deffo not, boner and lees are playing well, dont change the winning team
  18. one of the worst managers in our history surely.
  19. brilliant stuff, annoying its taken 4 seasons to address what we needed.
  20. used to find it funny, after listening to the first one you've heard them all.
  21. got to give it bullen surely until christmas just see what he is capable of achieving. So far so good and enough time to evaluate everything and ready for another transfer window just in case.
  22. Does make you think though what was jos actually doing ?
  23. him and lees seem a confident duo, just hope they stay consistent. Hector who?
  24. 5 in two games brilliant. Opposite of last season so far just need to keep scoring scores.
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