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  1. It’s like they’re dangling a fishing rod for us to bite.
  2. No point in sacking Moore yet. Who do we get that would want to come here and have zero money to buy players. Also we’re just continuing the vicious cycle of managers bringing their own players in given a few months and then given the chop for the newer manager then do the exact same thing.
  3. Can’t blame Moore for that, players should be doing better.
  4. A club similar to us where players are over paid controlling the club. Brave of Houghton to come out and say it’s all down to him, but how many managers did we go through until things started coming to the surface to see a lot of the players are unmanageable.
  5. Malignant - 6/10, one of the strangest films I have ever seen and the only film to ever make me feel sick from one clip within it.
  6. People moaning about people being negative on a football forum
  7. Only prievous players I choose was that seasons madine and Ryan lowe. marshall just missed out
  8. Good signing for them that, he will be good in the championship
  9. Shit result, just shows you can’t expect to win and got to actually score. Dust ourselves down and we go again.
  10. I love it, possibly my favourite ever away shirt that iv seen us play in.
  11. Completely agree, not footballer an athlete
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