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  1. At least he’s there in person too to whiteness everything
  2. you know what, at first it was grinding on me a lot, but eventually you do find it funny. Sounds more like an aussie Buzzing for the new season, wish I didn't smash them all in four days...
  3. would be happy with this and one more addition
  4. good defender, but can he play the ball out from the back?
  5. thought hunt was a defender, played for Grimsby a few times there, so because were running low on defenders im saying its surprising he cant get into our team.
  6. all these defenders injured and cant even get a game with us.
  7. all these defenders injured and cant even get a game with us.
  8. agree with what neville and carragher were saying, if you haven't got a full team squad get the under 18s playing and so on. No other country is doing what we're doing and calling games off.
  9. similar to wanting wing to go back to middlesborough, believe it when I see it. One rumour doesn't make it reality
  10. The boys, my god I absolutely love it. Becoming my favourite series. Just finished the first season. Karl urban is brilliant init, wouldn’t think it’s the same guy in Thor ragnorok
  11. We have a better chance now Lowe has gone but not expecting much, probably lose 2-0 instead of 3-0
  12. We can’t compete with anything anymore when it comes to signing players. I really see us just been a last pay day for a lot of players then they take the ********
  13. Yeh I understand tbh, the flashbacks do come across more of a filler
  14. Remember having the napoleons casino shirt and turning the white square pink because I used to love doing the dive celebration that much
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