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  1. Thanks for the clarification. It can still be 26 - 0 though.
  2. What a wonderful human being he is. I've always been disappointed when he hasn't been given our managers job. I'm hoping he won't take offence that he was never offered the job at our illustrious club. I'm glad he's found a great club in Cardiff to manage. I also hope that he gets his players up for the Rovrum game and wants to show what a great side he has built at Cardiff. Please Mr Nice McCarthy trash the Rovrum boys for us as a favour that you didn't get the Wednesday managers job. Cardiff 26 Rovrum 0 Just in case it comes down to goal differe
  3. Every decision will be down to him. He will have to stand or fall by his own decisions. No VAR. How will a Premiership ref cope without VAR.
  4. Players don't determine the wages they are paid. It's the agents and the club. If the players don't warrant the wage being paid should they offer to play for less. Would you? I agree that most if not all are not worth the wages they are allegedly being paid. Blame the club and the agent for the wages. Blame the player for not putting in their best performances. Blame the manager for picking a player who consistently under performs. Most importantly... BLAME THE CHAIRMAN FOR LETTING IT HAPPEN AND MAKING THINGS WORSE COS HE HADN'T GOT A SKO
  5. With an attitude towards the players shown above they are not likely to perform. Non of the posters would get a job as a "Life Coach". I know it must be difficult to motivate a team that has gone through this season. Hopefully Darren Moore will give them the right team talk to get them in the "Cardiff" mode. All we want is a win and Rovrum to get a point or less. When / if the team keep us in the Championship then you can all vent your anger. Until then we need to do anything to get the players up for the game and get a win.
  6. Man Utd should be chucked out of the league for failing to control their fans.
  7. Sit in someone's garden with a sky TV. Or Go shopping.
  8. It's not shown on the Sky Scores app or Live Soccer on TV. They are probably keeping it from us to save embarrassment.
  9. 1962-64 74 appearances 52 goals What would we give for that now. I'd be happy to throw a cushion on the pitch again when he lamped (allegedly) the villa player and got sent off.
  10. If we could find 11 players still in contract next season then they should be the ones selected. They would rather be playing in the championship than league 1 next season and might, just might have some desire to keep the club from the dreaded drop. The rest couldnt care as they will not be at the club next season. Professional pride from the others? There isn't an ounce of it in any of the out of contract players. (I use the term "player" loosely). Are there 11 players who will still be in contract? Somebody please tell.
  11. I'm not prone to using expletives at any time but after Harris took the free kick I uttered one out loud. The words just came out. I couldn't believe myself. That's what it did to me. Fortunately I was on my own at the time.
  12. It has to be televised hasn't it? Cardiff v Rovrum as well. Unless it's too late after the Luton v Rovrum game. Will Sky be waiting till after Tuesday to decide?
  13. No. Dele should take preference.
  14. You couldn't have been watching the game then. I nearly fell asleep.
  15. Totally agree with your feelings and sentiments. There appeared to be zero effort and passion today. Management has to take the blame for the lack of positive tactics and changes during the game. Disgraceful from top to bottom of the club.
  16. In a game with such importance every player should have to crawl off the pitch having run themselves into the ground. Not one of them did. They just are not bothered as most will not be at the club much longer.
  17. Can somebody see which two people votes for Harris. They need to be on the stage at the Comedy club.
  18. We all support THE CLUB and should continue doing that. The players will be gone soon but the supporters never will. WAWAW.
  19. No words can describe what a shocking disgusting pathetic performance that was from the players and management. They should all be totally ashamed of themselves.
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