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  1. He did well when an "expert summariser" in a ifollow game when he had been "frozen out". Speaks intelligently and would be a good pundit.
  2. As every commentator said in every televised game. "Hutchinson has retired once at 23. He got over his physical and mental problems to be a regular for Sheffield Wednesday with a short break/holiday in Cyprus. His body was broken but Sheffield Wednesday physios stuck him back together and got a good few years out of him " Or summat like that. Thanks Sam.
  3. Yes. Without all the comments though it would have been an empty thread.
  4. Forest fans have been fantastic whenever I've seen them on TV. They were brilliant tonight and wow what a celebration after the game had finished. The fans deserve success and are fortunate to have secured a good manager after all those that went before. Too numerous to name. A certain Houghton I seem to remember was going to be their salvation. Summat like Pulis did for us. Well done the fans. I like the Mull of Kintyre song as well.
  5. It's Miss Penelope out of Thunderbirds. The two are same as United.... Out of their depth.
  6. I did originally vote for the orange shirt. This is Classy. Blue shorts to match.
  7. Perhaps he's upset DM. Classic response after a mom. Dropped.
  8. Being linked to a player or manager is light years away from it actually happening. Anybody can pluck a name from anywhere and announce that from a reliable source so and so is on our radar or expected to sign. Rowett being the classic. Lump on. Believe it when it happens.
  9. I would guess that there has never been any plan discussed for us still being in league 1. Failure was not in DM & DC's discussions. As finances will be just as difficult next season we will be working on freebies and loans. There will be no huge savings on wages as there was last season. There is the basis of a decent team to build on but doubt we will be able to afford much better than we have. It will be another struggle next season I fear. With a lot of luck we may make the top 2.
  10. Am I right in thinking the ground doesn't belong to the club. It belongs to Mr Chansiri or one of his made up companies? Until we own our own ground then the landlord is responsible for any decorating and repainting. I think..
  11. I seem to remember you got to the ground about half time and found out the score, turned round and went home?
  12. Wasn't there a tragic accident on the A1 when we played Sunderland earlier in the season?
  13. The second greatest motivator after Darren Moore. Hopefully.
  14. Some may not know who he was. I sometimes forget I'm old.
  15. “You ask what is our aim? I can answer in one word: Victory. Victory at all costs. Victory in spite of all terror. Victory however long and hard the road may be. For without victory there is no survival.”
  16. You'll sleep well tonight after all the alcohol and a win for Wednesday. Then start worrying about wembley. 2 weeks without sleep.
  17. You should have read my post a couple of days ago. "We need this on Monday" Snooty is a copy cat. Not a Black cat thankfully
  18. As long as we get there don't care what colour we play in.
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