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  1. Any suggestions? Does such a person exist. If he's already done it then he will be in a better place than Sheffield Wednesday. Somebody needs to unearth an unknown gem that hits the floor running and gets us promoted. Fantasy land I'm afraid.
  2. They are a worldwide commodity, play in Red, can attract Super players like Ronaldo and have as much chance of winning anything as we have.
  3. Problem now is that the deeper into the abyss we fall the poorer quality manager we can attract. Its a viscous circle. Until Chansiri leaves then we are stuck with his also rans.
  4. You make it sound so easy. And it is. DM seems to complicate the tactics and the players.
  5. As are corners and free kicks and goalkicks and kick offs and penalties. I wonder who is involved in some of those? We need a change in those departments.
  6. And whose going to pick the Sporting Director? Chansiri of course. Is Chansiri capable of choosing anybody to work at our club? Not on your Nellie. Nothing will change until Chansiri has gone. Him and him alone (his decision) is the one responsible for everything that goes off at our club. Until he's gone then we are stuck with mediocrity (at best). We've got to put up with it and that's a crying shame.
  7. How on earth did he get past the Zoom interview with DC? Perhaps DC fell asleep after the first minute of Moore's ramblings and woke after dreaming he'd been interviewing Pep. "You've got the job Mr Moore. After everything you've just said you must be heading for Legendry status with MY illustrious club. You can't be any worse than the others I've employed. BTW I like MY team to play swift attacking football. Can you do that? " Moore..." errm" Chansiri... "you're hired. Oh just so you know, young DC chooses who you sign from his MASSIVE database. And I pick the team. You're just the fall guy if it goes boobies up. Do you still want the job?" Moore.. "errm" Chansiri... "Good. You start tomorrow" Moore... "errm" Chansiri.. "See you in a few months to give you your P45"
  8. BPF was always an accident waiting to happen at Leeds. Had numerous similar errors while playing for them.
  9. If only we had some wingers that could break inside from wide positions.
  10. Ask @theowlsman. Simon will know after he's consulted his tea leaves.
  11. I've just watched the first 25 seconds of DM post match interview. Couldn't watch any more. Too many errms. Too much snot wiping. It's soo embarrassing listening and watching him. He's supposed to be our Team Leader. Can anybody honestly say they would be inspired by the bloke. He has to go before the feeling of apathy ingrains itself into the players.
  12. I've had five promotions in my career and the only way you create that fear factor is by winning games. So... If he means we need to create a fear factor for the opposition then win some games . If he means we have the fear factor then he must mean that the opposition have been winning games and we have the fear factor.... Not been the case in any recent games. If he doesn't mean either then what does he mean. Have his 5 promotions been as manager? Don't think so. There are too many negatives going on and it needs a proper motivator to get the best out of the current players. Darren Moore is not the right man. In my opinion.
  13. What a load of waffle.. Again. All obvious, statements and copy and paste every week
  14. My thread on this subject was moved to General football thread.
  15. Oh no we don't. We're not playing Tuesday. Just trying to get DM to turn up. He might win.
  16. I can't watch or listen any Moore. It's too embarrassing.
  17. And Lincoln played errm wonderful football. We go again on Tuesday.
  18. 1-0 a dangerous, score. We need 9 moore (sorry) to be safe.
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