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  1. Yes I think we will. With this squad i would think we will get around 65 points so net 53 and us staying up by around 6 points. We will be down there for a large chunk of the season so we have to get used to some bad results and rather weirdly i think we will grind out results against the top sides and lose some annoying games to the poorer sides. I predict we will be like Preston over the years, not having the required quality to challenge right at the top but nasty to play against and some right c**ts in our team.
  2. Only a mere 86 plus points needed. 8 down, 78 to go Hopefully the appeal will result in a further 6 point penalty to make it fair on the others
  3. inverted cheesecake at home to Brentford? Bring it on Fully expect a fluid flan against luton though
  4. Thats a very worrying stat. I don't know how to feel at the moment. On the one hand we have a good variety of options up front but on the other hand how many are windass, Patterson and kachunga going to get between them? Maybe 15? Relying on regular goals from centre backs at set pieces just isn't wise. Like others have said Brown seems to be the key in the supply chain and if reach can find form then I'm tempted to say those two are probably the most important players for us this year.
  5. Didn't watch it but really pleasing to see Luongo win MOM. I have to admit I'm not his biggest fan but love to be proved wrong. Do people think he's the real deal in CDM role or do we think he's a half decent player in great form?
  6. Was more of the chariots of fire angle.....(great intro music that could be played after every one of the 15 goals he will bag before January)
  7. And today should be where the judgement starts. If people stopped banging on about the second half of last season that would be just grand. I've said this before, we can't afford to go on long bad runs now and the margin for error with Monk staying in the hot seat will be less than with other recent managers....and I'm ok with that
  8. Yeah the key is getting reach into the areas where he can deliver early crosses and we are getting enough bodies in to the box to capitilise. That will be a bigger source of goals if done right then relying on long throws.
  9. A Rob Jones or Darren purse signing? Let's hope it's the former, a good short term, no frills man mountain at the back
  10. Make shift back line always equals glorious victory, I have no stats to back it up but an early set piece goal and kranky karanka will have no answer. A second goal late on to kill them off by our new striker mazza/marra/hotel to spawn the movie pun related headline 'Marriotts on fire' Thank you and good night
  11. My gut feeling is this is the type of running in behind/ 6 yard box striker that we need. Lost his way at derby but could be a good signing and addresses the out and out striker shortfall.
  12. Already are we thinking signing 3 is totally unrealistic with only 8 hours to go? Even 2 will be a hectic day but still doable i guess
  13. This signing could be a recipe for disaster. To be fair though he has all the right ingredients to make it at this level. Lets hope he's not undercooked on arrival
  14. Agreed but we do need leaders in the team. He knows the team is still too quiet and still too mentally weak. The problem is we are in danger of having a team of bruisers who are great from set pieces and not much else.
  15. its quite clear he doesn't rate JVA and he doesn't trust borner at the moment. Add to that Dunkley is coming back from a bad injury you can see why he wants one more. I have no issue with this provided he strengthens attacking areas as well before the window.
  16. I get what you are saying but its such a small sample set you are looking at there. Time and time again in his 3 plus years here he just hasn't even looked remotely dangerous. Monk wants aggression in every department and lets face it JR is the total opposite of this. I am defo standing by Monk on this decision. Not a happy clapper as he has lots to prove for me but let's give him credit for at least one correct decision.
  17. Rhodes is a done at this level. Monk is doing the right thing by dropping him. Impact player now from the bench...at best. There's lots of reasons to criticise monk at the moment but dropping rhodes is not one of them
  18. Sick and tired of people reeling off our post xmas form like it has a bearing on the points total this season. If we had the same starting players and bench then absolutely it brings context but we haven't so it doesn't. What is important is how we have looked so far this season and despite organisation and decent team spirit we don't look like we will score enough goals to get to 60 points. Concerned but let's see what happens before the window shuts
  19. Imagine us having a goalscorer to get us out of jail in a poo game like today
  20. Good work Lord S, there will be a new lord of the manor come 5pm, he will be so influential with goals and assists he will be renamed callum platterson. Got most of my predictions wrong so far, but have a feeling it will be a slow start and a decent second half fight back. 2-1 to the mighty owls. Platterson and Windass swapping goals and assists.
  21. I think paterson will start provided he trains well Thursday/ Friday. Monk knows we are desperately short up front and importantly he knows rhodes is a busted flush.
  22. Yep agreed. The key will be the reactions to defeats. I would be happy if we went on regular runs of WLWLWL. We are a bang average team, everyone knows that but keep chalking up wins straight after defeats fairly regularly and it shows the.mentality is there. If we go on winless runs of 5,6 and 7 then that completely changes things. Another striker after paterson and a couple of attacking wing backs would of course make a big difference.
  23. Not sure why you think dawson could've done better on the first goal, their guy had most of the goal to aim for, dawson gambled he would get a strong contact and it bobbled in the corner. No blame there for me. I do think we need an upgrade in that department though.
  24. Great work Lord S, the greatest Lord S since screaming Lord Sutch. Really tough game as they all are at this level. As others have said in the other thread first goal may well be crucial. I'm fairly confident we will be solid but do we rely on set pieces too much for goals? A frustrating 0-1 i think and a big overreaction on here.
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