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  1. Ha! david Graham was a total disaster. most of us championship manager players thought he would get 30 in his first season.
  2. Yeah that cheeses me off a bit, however striking similarities with us only at a higher level: Scattered gun transfer approach Big wages High average age of recruits No long term version Buy players based on reputation rather than plugging gaps. Etc etc
  3. I feel ok, its been a tough year personally and to have a play off place to battle for has been a good distraction. The weird thing about the Sunderland game was I never really got going with my emotions as they held us at arms length for long periods. It must've been an awful game for the neutral but I only felt the buzz for around 2 mins during and after we scored. The injury time goal didn't hurt as I didn't feel we deserved extra time. Looking forward to next season but if we don't battle for automatics then it will feel pretty rubbish as I don't want us to be there for 4 or 5 years or longer like Sunderland and the blunts.
  4. Willing to give him half a season, if the first half of next season matches the first half of this season then he's a goner so yeah give him 15 games with a full pre season and revamped squad in the right areas. He does know how to attract players so I expect a stronger squad next season. No excuses, we need to be tracking at 2 points a game next year, if we drop out of the auto race at any point then he should go.
  5. On the plus side, windass does look like he could make something happen, takes up good positions and could be threatening if he gets them one on one
  6. We just don't look like we are going to score. I hope we rattle them second half.
  7. Time for the burns baseball speech: All right, you ragtag bunch of misfits! You hate me, and I hate you even more. But without my beloved ringers, you're all I've got. So I want you to remember some inspiring words that someone else might have told you over the course of your lives, and go out there and win!
  8. So judgement day is here and thanks to Lord S for the second to last time this season. Be brave Fight for everything Be together on the pitch Be together in the stands Have belief for the whole game We can do this!!!!!!
  9. Player angry at being dropped for big game shocker. He should be fuming, shows he cares. Absolute non story
  10. As most have said, hunt for Palmer is a must. Don't over think it DM just because Palmer played well on Friday I would love to see Windass start but he looked so rusty on Friday, im not sure DM will risk it. I'm not a big fan of berahino but he deserves the nod as there's no way I want to see Patterson starting. I wouldn't change the middle 3, I feel if byers plays well then we've got a good chance. They'll look to nullify bannan again meaning him and luongo should get plenty of the ball especially as we will be looking to dominate and play higher up the pitch.
  11. This is basically how I feel. I am really worried that we won't make enough chances based on the first leg and how Sunderland will set up on Monday. To be frank even if we do create chances they basically have to fall to Gregory. I'm still clinging to the hope that we make something happen from long range or from set pieces but i expect Monday will be another low scoring game.
  12. Great post. If everybody in the ground gets behind them it can make a difference. If weve been poor by full time then that's the time to voice some negativity but not before.
  13. Yeah its an important point to make. People keep referencing the 0-0 at hudds but that was made worse by a poor performance at home to give us a 1-1 in 90 mins. If we do the same again we are out. We have to play well and win....simple
  14. You know what, normally I would say no we don't but an early goal would rock them and get our tails up. I think the first 30 mins of Monday may well decide the tie
  15. Great thread Lord S, business like- very much like I hope we will be at the stadium of light. Well this is it isn't it? 46 league games has led us to the this point where we need to perform for 180 minutes. Not much margin for error now. Alex Neil will play for a canny 1-0 and all to play for st S6. Stay in the game boys and be brave in defence and attack. We can do this! Sunderland 1 - who cares 23 Wednesday 1 - Gregory 86 A late equalizer for us for once and a spirited display.
  16. It does represent a wider problem moving forward. Is the idea in the summer to bring in youth cast offs from the prem and young lower league gems? Or do we go for short term sure fire success of a Gregory or hunt? Guess it depends what division we are in, if we stay in league 1 it might be short term thinking just to get out of this league
  17. We pretty much adopted liverpools tactics against mk dons and it worked a treat. How often do you see liverpool score then score again within a short space of time?. If we do score first or get in front on Friday I would love to see us go for the jugular and kill the tie. Wishful thinking and by no means am I saying we play like liverpool. As someone else said on here, watch the hudds first leg and do the opposite. I would be gutted if we played really well and settled for a draw. No more missed opportunities please Wednesday!
  18. Could easily happen. Who are our 5 takers?
  19. I think that's an interesting point. Someone on here mentioned we only had 28k against Brentford in the playoffs in 05 under sturrocks direct and not very pretty management. I do wonder like you say if a pragmatic Monk or pulis got us to 4th with a load of 1-0s whether the attendance against pompey would've been anywhere near a sell out?
  20. Couldn't hear a thing out here. I was awake and had the windows open too.
  21. Doubt he will start either of the semis but if he does make an impact as a sub would DM risk him for the final to actually start? Should we get there of course
  22. I think this could play into our hands, both teams are so evenly matched its untrue. Have a feeling Sunderland may not know whether to stick or twist in the first leg especially given their cautious manager. We will head into the home game knowing exactly what we need to do and we wont change our approach for the home leg. The only thing I'm wary of is making silly defensive mistakes under pressure at their place and giving ourselves too much to do at home.
  23. Haven't been since 2018 and won't be going sat, travel costs are a bit too much. My last competitive game with something riding on it was the blunts at home in 2012. Hoping my next game will be early May next season by which point we will have just been crowned championship title winners. I bleed blue and white liquid plastic
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