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  1. Probably the best crosser of a ball at the club
  2. Agree thought JP was šhîtê against leeds and yesterdays performance was even worse. What did monk say about his performance against weeds? Missed that one.
  3. Think you've just been whoooshed
  4. There telling me I can't exit via leppings lane? So why can't they tell fans they'll be kept in ten minutes. Have it printed on the tickets and tell them beforehand. If they don't like it don't come. Simple.
  5. How can he be allowed for fans to mingle on penistone rd/Parkside rd ect but can't possibly be anywhere near each other on leppings lane? Why are journalists not seeing what any experienced football fan in the country could see? SYP/SAG are fűčkîng idiots
  6. I ask a steward exactly the same question while dodging coins with our young'un outside the north stand after the pigs game last season. His answer was we can ask them to stay in the ground but can't make them....never heard owt like it mesen. I've been kept in grounds all over the country and I can't remember ever been asked.
  7. I think most of there u23s are playing in first team so this will be full of u18s
  8. Why aren't the local press not making more of this? It's like a vendetta against us. Why are they not pointing out what happens at hillsborough happens at pretty much every ground in the country.
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