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  1. We'll pick him up for a bargain after he's failed to fit into city's style of play
  2. Big news this......I'll not sleep tonight
  3. Is he out of contract or actually been put on transfer list? I'd definatly have him. Looks a very decent player
  4. He was either a pig a makem or an absolutely clueless ,eyes painted on useless fuûckwît. Take your pick?
  5. You can get them anywhere and at half the price
  6. It's saved me a small fortune going to Wembley for the weekend with 2 kids......get in
  7. Probably not but you can't say that for sure. No pivitol moments but an accumulation of shocking decisions all against one team adds up
  8. We were shiiite but the ref was on another level of shiiite. He let them get away with everything .
  9. I can't believe it's took over 100 minutes for someone to start a thread about that dirty pig who allegedly ref'd our game. Embarrassing is the only word to describe his performance.
  10. I thought we were crap for 70minutes then they started to tire and we came into it......mind you I thought the ref was abysmal or a pig. Can't believe he hasn't got his own thread
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