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  1. Your right Lee's is tosss but he said Lee, as in keiran. The rest I'll just about agree with😁
  2. Entertaining as always Mi lord. Hope WBA do what I'm doing at the moment which is blanking sat at the side of the trent. 1-0 the mighty owls... Onwards and upwards as they say.
  3. Cheered me up that Snoots.. Not had a good night, hit the scratcher about half 9 To get a decent night's kip after the horrendous kipping weather of last week only to be kept up by some [email protected] 2doors on from me playing "I'd like to move it move it" full whack we all their windows wide open. Stood it till gone midnight but then went round and gave em a round of fűčks.... Int wide awake club now 1-2 to the super owls tomorrow.... No sorry today UTO
  4. 97 pages and fűčk alls happened yet... Could be a mega mega thread. FFS
  5. We've had a lot more value out of nuhiu than most at the club.... And he was signed before DC
  6. Totally agree the players should be paying their wages not the clubs. They'd soon drift out of the game if this happened.
  7. What the fűčk happened?.....thought I'd have an early night and this is what I wake up too.
  8. Ahhh Saturday morning as it should be, bit of brekkie, cuppa tea, reading owlstalk OMDT and getting ready for a skin full of cider to watch the super owls. I mean what could possibly spoil such a day? Brilliant read as always Snoots.
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