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  1. Think we'll probably win today but it's all in vain now barring a miricle UTO
  2. Not bad for quart t 6 int morning.... Wait till I get warmed up
  3. Yes its pretty idyllic down there now.... It'll not be long before it's warm enough for them to get their sofas back on the streets and sit drinking all day and night.... Oh how I long for them long sunny days and barmy nights on popple Street.
  4. Good half of footie that. Reyt header for there goal, good finish from windass. Definatly more goals in the game, hopefully for us. Need to push on, draws no good.
  5. Didn't realise he'd had a season in the championship. Maybe it was a step to far? When I saw him for Donny he looked well capable of the step up
  6. Is that Wilks kid the one who was at Donny the season before?
  7. Was this in the star or gazette? Or maybe derby's equivalent of the sixer? What a numpty
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