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  1. They mentioned the wind on ifollow. I'm at stannington and it didn't seem that windy
  2. Not sure he's playing at the back. Could be palmer at CB Reach LWB SHAW Possibly behind kachunga... Who knows. Be nice to see some of the young'uns get a good run out
  3. Hell of a lot of changers there. Kachunga lone striker and palmer at CB Reach LWB
  4. Thread needs pinning. I nearly missed it and logged out in disgust. I even thought about opening a thread on your laziness Snoots, Gerrit pinned. 0-2 toneet UTO
  5. Why are a lot of people shoe honing shaw in at CB he's an attacking midfielder. Might not be a bad idea creating a midfield 3 of fizzy DM hunt play maker and shaw AM
  6. Think we'll nick this 0-1 after they and the ref cheated us out of a win last season. UTO
  7. I'm in..... I'm always in despite who's in the team who's manager or who's the owner. WAWAW UTO FTB
  8. I call BS... To fail a medical at hillsborough he'd have one leg amputated at the knee and I've clearly seen him on 2 full legs
  9. I'm with you pal thought he was decent yesterday and couldn't understand how Harris wasn't hauled off before him
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