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  1. Drewswfc

    What they up to?

    Jos and somebody I presume
  2. Drewswfc

    Jos trimming the squad

    Who do you mean airborn rat or Jos?
  3. Drewswfc

    Clare tho!

    I thought he wanted to move "daern souwf"
  4. Drewswfc

    Love these...

    Sponsored by spray painted on
  5. Drewswfc

    Back to training early

    Doesn't really matter if there made up numbers there still having the clubs and our pants down.....good to see em in early...shows commitment
  6. Drewswfc

    Survival of the Fittest

    Ah but he'd make pretty good eating when the coconuts ran out
  7. Drewswfc

    On Debut

    Far more legroom on the north than the south and a lot better atmosphere. As someone mentioned above try and get over for a big game if possible. Get in the local boozer before and after then head into town via kelham island pub for a pork pie about eightish. Reet day out
  8. flipping hope not we never beat big mick
  9. Drewswfc

    Things To Moan About

    I bet it's Dutch and I bet there's glass coffee tables and bobar involved. Seen it
  10. Drewswfc

    Things To Moan About

    I know a bloke who pisssed on his mother
  11. Drewswfc

    What happend to Jerry?

    Eerrrrrhhh what's that on the left?
  12. Drewswfc

    Things To Moan About

    F##king bus fares have gone up.
  13. He be fit if his got hold of him and he's better than owt we've got... especially at left back
  14. I'd take Hutton on a free transfer as his contracts up. Can play left or right back
  15. Drewswfc

    Rhoys Wiggins

    Christ .....I thought we were trying to resign him when I saw the thread.