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  1. Tell her to go steady at greno, I've heard there's dogging goes on of an evening
  2. Is he a mug or what! Never. Learns.
  3. I thought he'd fućked doyen off?
  4. Drewswfc

    Tomorrow Headlines

    Plucked straight of the back of the star. I can't stand Warnock but my God pïsșy Chris is on another level
  5. Drewswfc

    Man of the match

    And about time too. At times he's been like a fairy of late
  6. Nah You was better of outside with your ařșe out in the rain than watching that miserable bitter excuse off a man blurt out pure and utter șhïte
  7. Just cuss he said it doesn't mean it's true. Believe what you want, most people on here do
  8. Drewswfc

    Did Jos look nervous to you?

    Just take it as gospel from him that EVERYONE'S GOTTA GO.
  9. Do people believe everything? They were Al's rambling on about Pelupessy not being a defensive midfielder. get a fůčking grip
  10. We're not saying he's not doing a bad job we're saying he's a mardy @řse and an absolute ťw@t
  11. Drewswfc

    All the Dawson haters

    Yes he is 1st choice that's why he's playing. I'm not saying he's a better keeper than Westwood but he's better than wildsmith and Westwood hasn't played for nearly a year and the last few times he played he was dodgy, he might be completely fűčkeď now
  12. The blokes a přičk and if he was our manager I'd be embarrassed. Fůčking cringe worthy.
  13. Drewswfc

    Jos out

    He had no choice that's all he bought. Which is why we're in this state now
  14. Drewswfc

    All the Dawson haters

    When was the last time you saw wildsmith play? I saw him a few weeks ago and he was dodgy! In fact the last time I saw Westwood he was dodgy as well. 3rd choice my @rse