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  1. Left after there 4th and went int tap and it was like full time in there
  2. Left after there 4th and went int tap and it was like full time in there
  3. That wasn't a mid table side that was a rock bottom of the table side
  4. Get at em early doors and score in the first 15mins and it'll be a walk in the Park......dont score early and this could be another long afternoon.................. Arrh bollax to it 4-0 to the blue n white wizards. Winnall to break the deadlock and Nuhiu to punish em late on
  5. I play that role really well.... So I've been told
  6. Name needs changing, summat like. "15 year at least ( unless we don't go up then it could be infinite) for the price of 10 year season ticket" If I was in my 20s and loaded I'd definatly have one but being 48 over weight, drink like a fish and not to long ago packed a 30 year smoking habit in think I'll pass
  7. Bony and someone else I've heard. Hope bonys a load of bóllócks mesen
  8. Fűčk me! I'd be sweating me tïts off
  9. And Preston... They can't handle him
  10. I'd swap there worst signing for ours! "Almen Abdi' They don't know bad signings
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