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  1. Drewswfc

    Team at Forest

    I've heard 7or8 changes tonight and fox is one of them Not sure if this is true but hay hoe Gerrit it on owlstalk
  2. Drewswfc

    My epic story

    Jesus you can't even trust a couple of olduns now. Mind you I always wondered how they made it pay. They were almost giving it away
  3. Drewswfc

    My epic story

    Used to be a reyt sarnie shop that when a couple of olduns had it, then couple of younguns took it over and ruined it. The pork sarnies blinded beres and you used to get a couple of roast tats chucked in
  4. Drewswfc

    A proud moment

    Scarey that.
  5. Drewswfc

    Steak Bake

    And next.
  6. It's not capped at 2k it's at least 2k. Agree with some of the allocations there absolutely pitiful. Think it's more to do with the police though
  7. Drewswfc

    Who's the second toughest

    French international at the time. I remember his first game at hillsborough and still have nightmares.
  8. Drewswfc

    Who's the second toughest

    Gregg Norman??
  9. Drewswfc

    Who's the second toughest

    Completely w@nk is the phrase your after
  10. Drewswfc

    A bit of fun

    More like bad back
  11. Drewswfc

    A bit of fun

    Surely needs chesty Morgan up front
  12. Drewswfc

    Neils Totally Forgotten 11

    They've really had our pants down over the years
  13. Carlton palmer would change our team from Upper mid table to top 2. Never ever been replaced.... Can't remember another box to box midfielder since
  14. I bet that was brilliant. Why can't we have players like this anymore. A bit like Bob Willis bowling. You just don't see bowlers with long run up amymore