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  1. This blokes starting to get on my threpenny bits.
  2. I'd give him a run out while Luongo is out. Looked decent int pizza cup. Brings pace n power to the middle
  3. Rather have him on the pitch than dunkley..... Can't we send dunkley in stead
  4. Sounds to me like he needs a thick ear and told to wipe that smile of his face... Bloody young'uns nar'days, gerrim darn pit, that'll smartnim up
  5. Sonofbert needs to pull his finger out and get down to ethihad
  6. Yes as usual no consideration for fans. I've opted for the car as I'm sure a lot will
  7. Think I'll go but it'll be in the car I think. Know a great little boozer down near the canal were I could park the camper if it was the weekend.
  8. I prefer the first burst too the final dribble
  9. Yes it does. I said the same in a thread earlier. At Plymouth on Saturday from a distance it looked like we was wearing that red n white pin stripe number the grunters used to wear.
  10. I think Sow as looked pretty decent, especially at getting himself in the box. Even Saturday first half he seemed to be the one trying to get in the box.
  11. As to the front 3 I wouldn't even contemplate Johnson in it. Keep him at left back he's been garbage in the front 3
  12. Yep if not FDB get Paterson in there. I think Paterson might make a decent DM
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