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  1. Gazza for me..... Outstanding footballer and could have been mentioned in the same sentence as pele, Maradona, messi if he'd have been right in the head
  2. I seem to remember him scoring a hatrick against us playing for portsmouth while on loan from spurs?
  3. Who's going to buy the club without buying the ground?
  4. We might as well get in front a bit say...... 70 million
  5. He could be the next Abdi... You never know.... Them boots are gunna take some filling
  6. Isn't there a new rule coming in this summer restricting the amount of players clubs can have out on loan? Could mean a lot of promising young'uns released
  7. Very very small for an out an out CF which you can get away with if you've got pace... He's quick but not lightning quick.
  8. I usually shout on local teams if it doesn't have a bareing on us although them scummy red and white b@štards just get fury and vitriol
  9. Your lot can't have got sky..... Get play offs wetched
  10. The Goat? ... Shaun Goater? What..... Eh..... Never heard owt as ridiculous in me life.
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