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  1. Had to turn it off..... To many adverts....40mins show in an hour an half slot
  2. Any of the young'uns worth a try? ..... Surely anyone fit enough could run about like an headless chicken for 90mins and offer more than Joey..... Luke shaw? Big strapping lad and looks decent everytime I've seen him.
  3. I'd certainly give it a try if push come to shove
  4. He could be the new Abdi..... At least he's guaranteed a bed in the sick bay when you know who's facked off
  5. Is van aken out of contract in the summer?......... Pleasepleasepleasepleaseplease
  6. FFS We're nearly as threadbare up front as some of my undercrackers
  7. Can't believe that.... He was outstanding for them in that nations league thingy
  8. Lets hope it's not an on going problem..... Could be growing pains?
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