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  1. I remember it well. We didn't get as far as that. Me and a mate walked into town from Stannington only to find out our coach wasn't turning up. We were gutted it was the only game I missed that season.

    Linesmen just follow the ref there like spineless sheep

    You talk sh#t
  4. Flasks

    To right. Not a flask man myself more a rivers man, mainly barbel
  5. Is there anywhere I can park my camper up for the night not to far from center? Pub car park ect. Needs to be quite big
  6. Me, my fat friends and legroom !

    We usually go on south and like you find the leg room sh#te. Went on north yesterday for a change and its a lot better.
  7. That brought a year to my eye. UTO
  8. West stand upper

    Yes! Can I sit with the away fans
  9. Who is the best player at SWFC?

    Gone for hutch because if he wasn't a crock he probably be playing in the top half of the premier league now, which I don't think you can say about any of our other players
  10. I thought all the Welsh were called taffs
  11. With you on this. Let's stuff the Taffy's.
  12. Well done Jos

  13. Yeah just had a look. Hopefully get on second half with the game over
  14. Mansfield 4 nil up hope penny's playing