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  1. Holloway for me but can't see it happening.
  2. How's Shetland edited the title? I thought he'd been banished from the delights of owlstalk?
  3. Fűčk me I thought I might wake up to a new manager after all the nudge nudge wink winking from the ITK lads last night and all I get is some bull șhït thread about wagner..... Will someone please fučkïng put me out of my misery... It's getting as tedious brexit
  4. Thought there might be a midnight announcement..... Is it worth staying up till 1 now the boxing finished
  5. Please someone make this end.... I've not slept for days FFS get it sorted DC
  6. Arrh politics.... Leave me out of that. Absolutely sick of hearing about brexit
  7. Already cost me £45 for new shirt.... Off to northumberland Monday, might nip to SJP ont way past and let my tribe poo on SB's doorstep.... Traitorous fűčk
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