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  1. Drewswfc

    Rhoys Wiggins

    Christ .....I thought we were trying to resign him when I saw the thread.
  2. Think I'm going to paint the kitchen and watch it dry while getting intoxicated
  3. I haven't be interested one little bit since that fiasco. I wouldn't have let the players back in the country. Overpaid namby pamby w##kers
  4. Bank holiday on Monday he'll be having a lie in.
  5. Drewswfc

    Foxs' head

    I thinks a case of Normal sized head but no shoulders
  6. I once held a p#ss in from Luton to the pinegrove after arsenal game.
  7. Alright Clive what's happening with the prints. Nobody's asked for an address yet
  8. Drewswfc


    We've already got him! first name almen
  9. Drewswfc


    That pic needs burning
  10. Drewswfc

    Lego Minifigures

    Oh my god abdi's coming on the pitch.
  11. When I click on the box for the print it's not doing owt. Is because I'm trying to do it on my phone?
  12. Drewswfc

    Almen Abdi

    He needs knee capping! Then at least we can claim on the insurance.
  13. Drewswfc

    Naah then Colin!!

  14. Drewswfc

    Naah then Colin!!

    Crowd looks a bit thin Tonight