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  1. We just don't score enough goals and that won't change at Derby. Worst away record in the league = down
  2. As I said earlier in the season after the win at hillsborough this fixture should now be called 'the loophole derby'
  3. I said a while back I wasn't overly concerned by Rotherham and I still think if we win we will survive. The problem is I have no confidence that we can win, we just look lost as a team regardless of the off the field issues. Our only hope is a worldy/long range deflection/ other total fluke and just cling on for dear life. It really does have 0-0 written all over it
  4. yeah that's about right. Its difficult to take a step back and view the relegation scrap with a balanced opinion and fans forums are typical in belittling their own teams chances. Two things keep coming back to me: 1: we pretty much have to win 2 in a row, a big ask at any time of the season with our squad and even bigger with the pressure on 2: We have to score the first goal in both of our remaining fixtures, our lack of ability to fight back has been there all season and won't change in the last 2 games. On the plus side, we gene
  5. agreed its a good kick off time to add pressure. Yet again though it is likely we will be relying on staying tight at the back, have a feeling we will have to score twice which for most of the season we have been incapable of doing.
  6. I'm really not worried about Rotherham, likelihood is they may get 6 points from the last 5, 45 points. Therefore we need 7 from the last 3 (huge ask). Got a horrible feeling derby will beat Birmingham so they would have to lose their next game and remain on 46. Therefore we must get to 43 from the next 2 which of course is 1 win and 1 draw. I just can't see it happening, we've always got a loss waiting round the corner and that will do for us
  7. Yeah there is an opportunity for us but as most have said we blow decent opportunities every time. If we could get the momentum of 2 home wins then I would say there is a 30% chance of survival, at the moment its about 5%.
  8. that's incredible. Mentality seems pretty chilled too. Should win a major by the end of next year you would think. under par on each of the 4 rounds which was pretty impressive.
  9. We will challenge for the play offs. Its league 1 FFS. And most of league 1 won't have any money to spend to reinforce squads. We will finish top 10 easily
  10. Lets do this for Guru. Well done snoots great tribute. I'm all out for this, we will carry the momentum forward and we will win. 2-1 windass with the winner
  11. those rotherham fixtures don't help us at all unless there are a shed load of draws in those games. Said in another thread that I reckon 4 wins and 2 draws will do it to get to 49. I really do think we will get favours from 2 of the other teams blowing up but I'm not convinced we will do enough to reach 49
  12. I think 49 will do it. so 4 wins 2 draws and 1 defeat. It is still really unlikely but there is a crumb of comfort in that we can still drop points in 3 games. I think 4 points from the next 2 games is crucial. Sounds obvious to say but we really need ideally 2 of Huddersfield, Derby, Brum and Coventry to go on a 5/6 match winless streak to really put the pressure on them. Rotherham with the games in hand are just too tricky to predict even after the Wycombe result. We just can't afford to halt this momentum with a loss at QPR, I wouldn't be too gutted wi
  13. Ultimately too many games have ended 'Sheffield wednesday 0' that's why we are going down and today is yet another example of that.
  14. It won't Watford will just do enough to win due to our lack of goal threat. We won't get hammered but we will lose without Watford being really convincing.
  15. I'm pretty sure you will be disappointed. I think we will end the season in reasonable form but we are going to be short of survival.
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