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  1. As a few others have mentioned, Boro coming into the picture is vital. Having two spots available rather than one increases our chances. Realistically we need to win all 4 at home and be difficult to beat away
  2. Completely with you on that prediction. Have a horrible feeling about the Stoke game. No idea why but just think they will turn up against us for one of the few times this season
  3. That’s where the luck needs to play it’s part, we need a Leicester city type season of sneaking into the play offs on 68 points (I think?) Which would mean a much more manageable 19 points from 10 games. Given how many we are drawing then something like win 5 draw 4 and lose 1 is actually fairly obtainable. I still think we will end up short but would be good to keep the season going as Long as possible.
  4. I said In another thread I just can’t see us scoring more than once. That said I reckon another solid performance and a 1-1 draw. How big would it be if we nicked the 3 points though? MASSIVE
  5. Realistically can anyone see us scoring more than once? So much pressure on our defence to get a clean sheet. Will go for a 1-1
  6. thanks for that, my bein sports stream has crapped out on me at work
  7. whats happening, are we getting pummeled? are we the pummeler or pummelee?
  8. at least you're not working by the sounds of it mate. time to find a meeting room for a 2 hour client meeting, i'm doing some live product testing for bein sports :)
  9. I think that’s about right. 4 points from the next two, and facing two teams at different ends of the form table.
  10. yep agree, it's this Brentford result that has impressed me more than Swansea, I reckon Brentford should be a top 10 team and we have brushed them aside with minimal fuss
  11. assuming 74 is the target, 27 points needed from 12 games. 8 wins 3 draws and 1 defeat? 9 wins and 3 defeats? looks even less likely when you type out those scenarios, cant afford many draws and we need some surprise away wins
  12. It is likely the away form will mean will fall short- trips to Derby, Leeds & Norwich to come. I am confident our home form in the last two months should see us gain lots of points.
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