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  1. Team looks ok to me. A tad defensive in midfield but that’s the right front pairing
  2. Indulgent stats hirsty, love it. odds are we will probably get around 4 points from the next 3. 23 after 15 leaves room for improvement but given our abysmal start and tough run recently then I’m slightly optimistic. cant be bothered checking but isn’t our April run of fixtures pretty horrific? We could do with being ahead of the curve by that point!
  3. new zealand owl


    I thought he looked ok to be honest and it seems Lees likes playing alongside him too. Two good performances from Lees since hector came in
  4. new zealand owl

    Not sure about the way we play

    I thought FF was decent tonight. Agree with your bit about effort though, you can tell we have team spirit but lacking fluidity in midfield
  5. new zealand owl

    Man of the match & scores (L**ds home)

    Dawson 5 Baker 4 hector 6 Lees 7 Thorniley 6 Penney 7 Pelupessy 6 Bannan 5 Reach 6 Fletcher 6 Forestieri 7 still think Reach is playing out of position despite wonder goal. If Bannan doesn’t play well we struggle massively. big positives were FF who looked a threat and Penney...again!
  6. new zealand owl

    Calling all the chuffing brainiacs...

    I’m all fairness mentally they will be concerned about this game. We turned them over last year when they were riding high and the doubts will have just started again with the home loss to Birmingham. Pressure is all on them, let’s see what happens. One thing is For sure we need to start better than we did against stoke
  7. new zealand owl

    Team at Forest

    Better dribbling and shooting skills than fox for sure
  8. The rumours on their forum are that Bojan won’t start so that may be a bullet dodged. Just get a feeling Tom Ince is on a Downward trajectory career wise. Not as fearful as I would’ve been facing him a year ago. Plus Penney will be ready for this I’m sure. and on the last duel would prefer bannan in my team to Allen but acknowledge Allen is a class act at this level. im strangely confident for this one and going to predict a mind boggling 2-1 win.
  9. new zealand owl

    How have you coped without footy?

    Sure has. Terrific series and a great advert for test cricket. Big summer in 2019 too with the ashes and the World Cup. I’ve been patiently waiting for revenge against New Zealand after being humiliated here in 2015 when they smashed us in the group stage.
  10. new zealand owl

    Sheffield Wednesday's next 7 games

    Tough run for Sure, first 3 are actually ok I reckon, Stoke and Forest under a bit of pressure and Villa have a manager who by the time they play us could be a game from losing his job. 4 points from that lot. (being cautious) West Brom and Leeds are really tough but they are both at home so would be happy with a win and a loss from those two. 3 points I think the last two we will really struggle, I don't think Bristol are all that good but we hardly ever do well there and for me Boro are champions elect. 1 point. 8 Points from 7 games, and even by the end of this probably still only 4-5 points off the play offs. But in reality who knows!!!
  11. new zealand owl


    We don’t know yet. Started like a house on fire last year and finished mid table. There’s a lot of back slapping for their squad and manager at the moment. Let’s see where they are in the new year
  12. new zealand owl


    Rasiak in. Danny Sonner out
  13. Yeah I agree with you here. If both hooper and lee can play between 20 and 30 games this year then worth another contract. Im really worried about Lee though. Will he come back anywhere near the same player?
  14. new zealand owl

    King Kev

    turn your bluetooth off mate, I don't like to see a battery going sub 30%
  15. what i meant was it was like groundhog day as they both had separate almost identical stints of saving us late in a season and then looking clueless by october the following season