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  1. new zealand owl

    Why has Jones been banished?

    To say he was the first 10 million a week footballer he’s not cut the mustard for me. To have a stand named after him aswell...
  2. new zealand owl

    can you...

    Amazingly under the management of Danny Wilson
  3. new zealand owl

    Ash Baker

    That’s the spirit! Why is he not worth 10 million already. Think you need to get used to young players developing in the first team and not looking world beaters from day 1
  4. new zealand owl

    The tide has turned.

    Who’s going to be our Jack Ruby?
  5. new zealand owl

    Wigan Athletic 3 - 2 Sheffield Wednesday

    Are you trying to say you’re a cricket fan?
  6. new zealand owl

    Love for Jos.

    I don’t know if it’s the idea of what he stands for or the manager himself that I like. we are all hoping his strict disciplinarian regime brings a fitter organised team but without any money to plug the gaps in the squad I fear he will be undone pretty quickly. Feels like a case of right manager wrong time here but hope I’m totally wrong.
  7. new zealand owl

    We Could Be Top Of The League Tomorrow

    A spit bucket and some new swear words you kn0b jockey
  8. new zealand owl

    We Could Be Top Of The League Tomorrow

    It just so happens drooling and swearing are on the skills shortage list for immigration here. See you in around 20 mins, the avocados are ripe and ready.
  9. new zealand owl

    We Could Be Top Of The League Tomorrow

    10am and a pleasant sunny winter morning. We do good brunch here, you should try it.
  10. new zealand owl

    Cowboy Ed Sheeran

    Oooh Ed you big tease, with your uninspired radio friendly music and your stick on tattoos from your latest packet of pink bubblegum. i predict more moaning after a defensive 0-0 tomorrow. We will finish 12th I reckon
  11. new zealand owl

    Dom can think of 8. Are there any more?

    very good, though the gag is a little outdated
  12. new zealand owl

    ifollow not working properly

    A little off point but when were the replays of games available to you Rob? I would happily pay the money but the website says nothing is available until 12pm GMT the day after the game which basically means around sunday midnight for me. Can't justify watching live every week as they are 2,3 & 4am...and i already have a toddler stealing enough of my sleep.
  13. new zealand owl


    Totally agree with this, terrible decision by the club and showed up Danny Wilson for what he was...a manger out of his depth with a spineless board behind him
  14. new zealand owl

    Adversity = Togetherness

    Yes..Yes....Yes!!!!! Meg Ryan and I are in agreement
  15. new zealand owl

    First 5 Fixtures

    If we don't win the throw and kick off correctly at Wigan, we can forget about automatic promotion