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  1. No we don’t. We might be powder puff going forward but we aren’t anywhere near going down over the course of 46 league games with our squad and players to come back
  2. I guess the thing with living in NZ is I do believe there is a difference in judging players and to a slightly lesser extent performances when purely watching on TV versus being at the game. I have watched a lot of games on Bein Sports which has been a god send but I tend to rely on a lot of content that gets put on here by fairly level headed posters to paint the full picture about the off the field stuff at the club. For example I couldnt care less about the replica shirt fiasco but do know it has been handled badly. The ticket price thing is totally different, I find it embarrassing and a sign of real disconnect between the owner and the fans that we have the highest ticket prices in the championship even though it has no impact on me whatsoever. As for Carlos, I felt he deserved a full season back in August so I guess I was patient in this regard but for me the Huddersfield away play off game was when i started to have serious doubts. The recruitment policy has got gradually worse and CC's blind spots in terms of pace, power etc are just too obvious to even loosely try and support him.
  3. Ref blows on 94 minutes

    As much as I agree with your Carlos comments, the thing that annoys me about part of our fanbase is the ultimate drama queen type responses about our club being rotten from top to bottom? How is it? We are in a much better position than 5 years ago with much needed finances being pumped into various parts of the club. We have a chairman who needs some more nous and guidance at the top but he will get there. The one manager appointment he has made has hardy been a total failure, it’s just the wheels have come off now and it’s time for a change. I cant for the life of me think why someone would think the club is rotten to the core without an element of paranoia being involved
  4. Sheffield Wednesday 2 : 2 Hull City

    Good stuff mate, I predict we may scrape a draw in that one! Have be a cracking trip home and try not think about that horrific flight. also bring me back some scampi fries will ya
  5. Sheffield Wednesday 2 : 2 Hull City

    I think we will win today but then go on a terrible run for the rest of December. owls : 2- hooper, Wallace hull: 1- some dude
  6. Is George Boyd still alive?

    It’s not about that though is it. Boyd, as part of a balanced squad including wingers with pace and youth, midfielders and full backs with lots of energy and athleticism would be a great signing. thank god we didn’t spend circa 9 million on yet another forward who is good in the air with zero pace, oh wait......
  7. I reckon we will finish where derby finished last season, 9th with a change of manager and an expensive, misfiring squad to sort out.

    agreed. I reckon the next two games will be a good marker. 2 tough away fixtures against teams with vastly different styles. 4 points and we will be looking ok and right in striking distance. I have a bad feeling we will only get one point though
  9. Wednesday night games

    I don’t think it matters, we’ve been dreadful mid week for about 20 years. The only difference being recently we’ve managed to scrape past poor teams. the early 2000’s home mid week night games was almost a guaranteed waste of money.
  10. Graham Hyde

    Classic. 96-97 season review was it?
  11. Morgan Fox

    I was going to post a topic about this actually. I watched the Villa game back again and he was excellent I thought. Composed on the ball and very adept at sensing danger and won lots of covering headers from balls coming in from Villa's left hand side. As others have said, it is really important we have a decent left back for the balance of the team as Reach is wasted there
  12. Coming up

    sorry for your loss. I suspect it will be an emotional day and hopefully we can do the business on the pitch.
  13. I actually disagree. We’ve scored a lot more early on recently and I don’t think that is down to luck. Millwall,Leeds, Villa 6 goals in the first half of those games suggests a change in mentality. I wouldn’t say the penny had dropped as we now have problems keeping clean sheets but it’s a start.
  14. Doing it the hard way

    Record against the top 7 last season: played 12 Points 13 Previous season was probably worse. We are flat track bullies usually but this season we look vulnerable against most sides!
  15. Aston Villa - V - The Wednesday OMDT

    Like a pyramid of Ferraro Rochers it’s always pleasantly indulgent to read the OMDT. greetings from a quite frankly wet and grim Auckland. i have little hope for a result here. The only thing in our favour is it’s villas 3rd game in 6 days and we’ve had an extra days rest. villa 2- owls 1- Rhodes