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  1. Agree, would be happy with Neil, proven track record at a few clubs now, a massive improvement on DM.
  2. I predict the following summaries will be consistently churned out by the fanbase on here: So disjointed This is awful Moore out Get on the phone to Bruce Bannan is too deep This is the worst display in 45 years. All before 3.04pm.......
  3. 1-1 draw, Marcus Gayle for them and Jon Newsome for us. PLEAT OUT
  4. I was there that day 5-0 up by half time and I was still annoyed as all the goals were leppings Lane end
  5. Bad feeling about today, I feel if we do win then it will be smash and grab rather than a convincing performance. Another 1-2. theo for us
  6. Football sold its soul a while ago and realistically for success you have to dine with the devil. What really frustrates me is two clubs I previously had loads of respect for in Man City and Newcastle will now be or have been for a while our favourite clubs to hate. Man City had flair players and great crowds in a proper old school stadium regardless of how well they were doing. Think average attendances of around 28k in div 3, people in the boardroom with club connections and now look at them. I have an old school mentality where I try to follow English clubs in Europe but Man City V Chelsea champs league final this year was just utterly depressing regardless of what actually transpired on the pitch. So in conclusion, if north Korea owned us and guaranteed back to back promotions then sign me up!!!
  7. Not long before Mansfield are removing goal pie from all around their collective ugly faces
  8. That's actually a decent shout, been a success in 3 consecutive jobs now (i think) would he drop to league 1 though? My guess is he's waiting for a champ job to come up.
  9. Yeah, its cringeworthy when people at the beginning said 'oh he speaks really well' no he didn't, he speaks like an old school centre back with limited ideas. 10 more games to prove himself for me.
  10. He says after 7 games of a 46 game season where we are 2 points off the play offs.
  11. Its 3 bad results in a row so can understand people getting frustrated especially given our lack of goals which is probably the most worrying element of our game. However, we are 7 games in, like I said with monk I think a relatively new manager needs around 20 games after a full pre season before a proper judgement is made. If we are still mid table around then its time for moore to go. It does have a whiff of 2004-05 about it, we may even have an almost identical record at this stage.
  12. High quality final. Emma needs to take advantage of Fernandez dodgy serve
  13. Great work Lord S, front 3 selection will be important today. Going for a 2-1 win Gregory and Adeniran. Even if we lose i am still confident of a good season. Not said that in a while
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