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  1. Good work Lord S, property issues aside I think its going to be a rousing 2-1 victory after falling behind early doors. I have a good feeling about today, come on you ravenous owls
  2. Difficult game as such, I have a lot of fond memories from my time at as such FC. Hutch was a great player as such, he wasn't dutch as such but had a great first touch as such
  3. Yeah a real test on Saturday. I think he may go slightly more defense at WB and go palmer and Harris, other than that I would be surprised at any other changes from the cardiff game. Watched their match against boro on Friday and they looked solid at the back but lacking going forward. Wouldn't be surprised with a 0-0 here which isn't a bad result.
  4. Any vintage tricks from Julian Raborner? Or Joel backheelupessy?
  5. Sibon played in a champions league semi final 2 years after leaving us i think so defo a case of too good for the team mates he had around him. Not too good for the club though
  6. By which point we can book our flights back for the promotion party. It will be worth the 4 grand quarantine cost easily.
  7. Whilst you make good points in response to 1 and 3, I think point 2 remains valid, weve had much worse teams with non existent central midfields and woeful centre backs. I guess time will tell cos if we get comfortably relegaged you will be right
  8. The difference will be up front. I think we will play well,not take our chances and probably lose 1-0. But this is football so who knows....4-2 win to us and some champagne football with lots of stepovers, Rabonas, rainbow flicks and walking the ball into the net......and that's just from monk in the warm up. Blind optimism is the only way!
  9. I have to say I think we will stay up for the following reasons: 1: we will be used to being beneath the dotted line for large chunks of the season and it won't faze us. 2: in previous years we have amassed mid to late 50 points with some god awful teams, think early 2000s teams and Dave Jones team after promotion. I think this squad is already better than most of those teams and we only need to squeeze an extra 6 or so points. 3: the new coaching team will make a big difference and we wont replicate the post xmas form this season, at least not over a period of 20 plus games Having said all of that, we will have poor performances, we will go on bad runs and it will look hopeless at certain points but we will get a striker or 2 in and things will look better in the next two weeks. 21st position and a bit of pride back in the club.
  10. I really like him, was superb when he broke through then lost his way, he's a decent footballer first and foremost, we don't have that many of them. Him and Palmers have the shirts to lose as our wing backs IMO
  11. Surely going to boro, Warnock link and all that.
  12. Knowing our luck we will be on -15 after our first win as the EFL are using the wrong formula on their spreadsheet. They won't admit their mistake and the independent hearing will be full of excel buffs who can write their own macros
  13. yep, i reckon one small,unfancied club will go up and a heavyweight will go down and loads of predictions will be miles off.
  14. Agree with all of this but the word thrusting is not needed.
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