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  1. new zealand owl

    M.o.m & Ratings

    Well first game in 6 years and couldn’t have asked for a better performance. i thought Baker was terrific first half albeit quieter second but he looks a real prospect in an area we are desperate for quality next year. actually thought reach was fairly average but You can’t argue with two assists FF, Joao and nuhiu were excellent. And generally when we conceded territory in midfield we defended our 18 yard box well. enjoyable day and big man MOM for me but so impressed with FF since his return from such a long layoff
  2. new zealand owl

    Player rating from today

    to be fair bannan was excellent in the final few months of CC's reign but I get your point
  3. new zealand owl

    We got a player on our hands!

    Bullseye. Was just thinking about the brunt scenario when reading the thread. He’s a very good player and an asset, simple as that. He’s not premier league standard yet but a standout championship player for sure. Lots of other champ teams would love to have him
  4. new zealand owl

    How much should we fear QPR?

    That centre midfield will be back to having a depressing look about it. Rest of the team I’m ok with but where is the quality In the middle? Inevitable 2-0 or 3-1 defeat
  5. new zealand owl

    End of the road for Rhodes?

    You’ve hit the nail on the head with that Boro comment, I watched Boro a fair few times on TV on that run in to their promotion and he looked every bit as poor a player as he is now. The common myth that we ruined him is in my opinion totally untrue
  6. new zealand owl

    End of the road for Rhodes?

    Yes I agree most wanted him, either way it’s best we try to move him on even if it’s a Winnall situation on loan for a season and get back 4-5 million
  7. new zealand owl

    End of the road for Rhodes?

    I wasn’t over the moon and neither were a few others. We didn’t need him at the time and we don’t need him now
  8. new zealand owl

    Have we got enough? The embargo thread

    I think we need to do what we haven’t done in a long time in the summer.... scout the lower leagues and minor European leagues and unearth 2 or 3 gems. If we can keep the key players for one more season and get a left back and some pace in the team then I think we will have a good crack at the play offs. You don’t need to spend big to compete, several clubs have proved that
  9. new zealand owl

    Next season

    Fair comment. I guess what I mean by this is if he gets a chance to get regular first team football next year for another club on less wages, will he take it or will he stay and be potentially 4th choice here behind Hooper, Forestieri and Joao? Again a hypothetical him being 4th choice but could be a likely outcome. i personally think we need to drastically lower the current wage bill and he would be one of the first ones I would be looking at...despite his great attitude at the club he’s not going to get better and let’s face it he’s hardly going To weigh in with 20 next term even if fully fit
  10. To be honest it’s a management fault that he’s not been edged out of the squad in a graceful manner. Nothing against him whatsoever I think on reflection when he does leave most people will remember him fondly.
  11. new zealand owl

    Next season

    Whilst I agree with everything you say here it just totally highlights how difficult it will be to get rid of Fletcher. I think we Just need to accept he will sit on his contract and be an expensively paid squad player next year. For me Nuhiu and Rhodes need to go aswell as Fletcher but in reality I would be delighted if 2 out of those 3 went.
  12. I agree.i find the criticism of him on here astounding. If he sends us down then yes he deserves it in the neck, but he will keep us up I’m convinced and he should be judged by Xmas next year. 2 wins in 22 brings blanket negativity and short term thinking. Let’s hold our nerve,stick together, get over the line and build for next August
  13. new zealand owl

    We Rely On Others

    By hook or by crook we will win a couple of games before the season is out, no science to it I just reckon our fixtures are ok and a few players coming back mean we will be a championship club next year. I reckon we might just lose to Sunderland and beat Wolves...that’s how it works with us right?
  14. I think I need to see a shrink as I’m quite positive about next season and willing to give Jos a full pre season to see where he’s at. Its been a disasterous season but that’s all it is....one season. we still have a talented squad and I think if we get lucky and manage to offload some of the high earners then we can start to reshape the squad. i have a feeling Jos (if he last that long) will have a functional, extremely organised and fit team ready to go from game 1 next season. I predict we will get some pride back next year
  15. new zealand owl

    Who is the best player at SWFC?

    Has to be hooper, intelligent scores goals and the one player I’m most looking forward to returning.