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  1. let me break it down for you...after hours of building it with limited instructions and a dave allen key
  2. new zealand owl

    No one coming in....

    who knows if this is true but I am comfortable with this. This summer is really important to get the squad reshaped and our first 2 or 3 signings in the summer will be a clear sign of intent for next season. Most things that happens before that will probably be a non-event. I fully expect Bruce to get off to an underwhelming start in Feb but the judgement on him should start in August
  3. agreed, I see hunt is provided plenty of assists for Brizzle now. I am not saying Hunt was the answer but we've gone backwards in that department
  4. new zealand owl

    Lookman deal done....wow

    The tripod returns
  5. new zealand owl

    Still find it hard to believe

    I think this is about right. I would personally give Jos lots of credit for trying to create a sustainable model. The problem he had was a lack of other basic managerial abilities like game management, tactics and squad ability judgement.
  6. new zealand owl

    Fans forum match day thread

    This one sentence kind of sums up his tenure. He probably could've had help and sooner but this reactive rather than proactive leadership has left us in this dire position.
  7. new zealand owl

    The lowest I’ve ever felt as a Wednesday fan

    Oh I agree but because he’s ploughed the money in once it represents hope if he does it again This time with a good strategy and a decent manager then we have a chance....once we have steadied the FFP ship. is it likely? No but there is hope as we got close once before.
  8. new zealand owl

    The lowest I’ve ever felt as a Wednesday fan

    I’m still mildly surprised at just how down some of our fans get. have we had things worse than this? Of course we have! The early 00’s were horrrific and we didn’t have one glimmer of hope. The club is being run poorly at the moment and things are rubbish but we do have hope....if the chairman learns from his mistakes. We we won’t go down....a change of manager and some of the talented players we have in our squad means we will survive comfortably. its a total waste of a season and we knew that before a ball was kicked in August....that’s the depressing thing about all of this.
  9. Excellent OMDT. Rams to the slaughter and silence of the rams and all that. To be Frank any result will do on derby day
  10. new zealand owl

    Not a lot in it

    They were absolutely superb at getting it into an advanced wide area then playing pre meditated short sharp passing in triangles that ultimately led to nothing. Very very predictable and I would be amazed if most of the league don’t work them out and they finish between 8th and 10th again. i am not being bitter they have some good midfielders and Decent no nonsense defenders but tactically they ain’t up to much at all.
  11. new zealand owl

    My take

    My only criticism of the evening was the lack of positive subs earlier in the game. He set the team up well but we were desperate for some changes after 65 mins. Fletcher and reach did ok but it’s not like the ball was sticking up top so why not try Mathias or Joao earlier. Really bizarre decision to stick with what we had for so long. Ultimately a better manager would’ve made sure we had more of a threat at least for one period of the second half
  12. Good half. Love having hector at the heart of the back 3. Get Penney on the ball more, he commits players! Well done...so far!
  13. Let’s face it...a good fixture for us- derby game, passion needed, a couple of returning players, hopefully a desire to react after the Norwich shambles. the big question is can we take the opportunity? still worry about our horrific game management, frustrating 2-2 draw after being 2-0 up.
  14. new zealand owl

    Teamsheets, appearances and goals

    Yet again this highlights a lack of goals from our defenders. For all of the attention on our lack of clean sheets the lack of threat from either our centre backs or full backs in the opposing box hasn’t been addressed in a long time
  15. new zealand owl

    Jo's fans?

    I actually think he is. I am totally convinced he cares about the club but he is just massively out of his depth and basically not a very intelligent man when it comes to running a football club.