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  1. Can't really remember him at Leicester but seems like he's in the quick but not much else category which is an improvement on Rhodes who is in the good thumbs up but not much else category
  2. They have the ugliest manager in the league, we have the most handsome manager in the league, so handsome in fact that he has to wear terrible baseball caps to reduce the dazzling effect on others. On that basis alone we will win 1-0
  3. I think Neil has got a good point. Take Brighton for example, every season they just about survive with roughly a point a game and especially under houghton, were pretty ordinary to watch. If you are a season ticket holder at brighton you might see 1 home win every 6 weeks or so, that might be enough as some people will take 3 premier league points as a major 'event' in their season. There's also the huddersfield scenario....do they have enough memories from their first season in the PL to last a lifetime? is that enough? The only real jealousy I have is f
  4. reading at home, purely because we were so poor it never looked even remotely likely. it just showed the value of sibon, he could turn games in an instant and make keepers look average. A great player in an awful era for the club
  5. Give Westwood a chance, let's see what he's looking like after 5 games. It was an error but not a horrendous one. Pulis is right to give him a run as we know the other two aren't up to it. At least we give Westwood a chance to rediscover his previous form, the other two never had it in the first place, you can see why pulis did what he did. As others have said should've maybe had 2-3 games for u23s then back in next week but so be it.
  6. Yep officially big rons first return game. 2-0 win and probably amongst my top 3 atmospheres watching wednesday the kop was deafening that day
  7. Exactly. Talk is cheap. Lets see where we are after 20,30,40 games and see how excited people get after his press conferences then. Hope it works out for him but why get excited after a press conference?
  8. The cringeworthy thing will be a fair few people on here will love what he says and adore the fact he talks sense while at the same time coming across as a master tactician and an all round good egg. Couldn't give a damn whay he says in this press conference, its results that matter and nothing else
  9. Generally quite a positive poster but have to say im a bit gutted. Wanted an appointment to unite the fanbase and give us a clear vision and philosophy and something to believe in. Maybe we can cope with 18 months of him before a more progressive appointment, as others have said he will guarantee survival. Will give him my full support, there's way too much negativity about him all over social media which obviously doesn't help anyone Good luck TP, maybe your experience will mean this job wont eat you up like it has many others.
  10. According to the star, the club talked to jokanovic before monk came him and his wage demands were astronomical
  11. and the timing is right to do that. We have cleared the decks, the wage bill is under control and more big earners gone by next summer. If ever there was an opportunity to build something it is right now. If it isn't going to be pearson then I am all for a continental coach with a good track record and a distinct, positive style of football.
  12. We need to go Greek, or upper class English double barreled.
  13. Have to agree...time to punch above our weight and get a big name in.
  14. What is your opinion on eddie howe? Last 5 seasons of roughly just over a point a game at bournemouth, including a relegation. Looking at those pure 'stats' no one should touch howe with a barge pole. I reckon most championship chairmen would think differently if they are looking for a change.
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