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  1. Just a rumour...

    I think on the balance he probably deserves this. Unfortunately two of those are villa and derby away which we all know deep down we will get 0 or maybe 1 point
  2. King Carlos

    I think some people refuse to believe that Carlos has actually been fairly successful. Yes we've had money but as we all know the team that have spent most money finished mid table last year and are currently sat 7th. I would like like him to leave now as I believe he lacks the ability to take us to the Next level. However......when he leaves I will look back and say well done CC and remember him getting it right more often than not.
  3. 20 wins, 5 draws and 9 defeats

    Take your point but those stats are scarily accurate. I guess what I'm saying is we need to go an amazing run as like we've seen so many times under Carlos a dip is just around the corner. Those 6 straight wins at the end of last season were preceded with and followed up with really poor form either side. And really it boils down to away form...again. It's the reason I want him to go now. He's had 50 plus away league games to figure out the puzzle.
  4. 20 wins, 5 draws and 9 defeats

    Have a look for the stats thread that splits the season into 3 Segments. We are screwed unless we win the next 3 or worst case scenario 7 points. we have to go on an amazing run now to get back into contention
  5. OFFICIAL 2017/18 Championship Rival Watch

    Good set of results with brizzle drawing too. If we win we will be 5 points behind Cardiff . Not much of a gap
  6. Here's how the Championship League Table looks

    One thing that has been missing from most if not all of CCs time at the club is a Commanding away display. People harp on about how good it was In The first season but we still played with the handbrake on all season away from home. this has to Change!!
  7. Here's how the Championship League Table looks

    I would disagree with that last comment. Hull and Derby have strong squads and can't be discounted yet. Have this nagging feeling Wolves will get automatics. i look at that and think there will be one surprise team in the play offs. Could be the blunts, Cardiff or less likely Ipswich/ Preston. our season may depend on how that group of boro, Norwich, Leeds, Fulham and Villa last the distance. All big clubs with big expectations (maybe Fulham apart).
  8. Paul Hurst

    Fair enough you are entitled to that opinion. I just think they have more chance of succeeding now than 10-15 years ago. I am not saying I desperately want him as our next manager but it's far from a terrible shout to link him to the job. I see they won again at the weekend (cue their form falling off a cliff around xmas and he ends up managing in non league again!!)
  9. Wednesday 3 : 0 L**ds United OMDT

    Good work again Lord S your OMDTs are hitting the mark as regular as Harry Kane at the moment. afternoon from quite frankly a horrible wet and windy Auckland today. we are out of form and Leeds seem to have plenty of pace on their ranks which equals trouble. a 3-2 win for them with us not really being in it I reckon..... and the axe to fall on CC. Hate to be pessimistic but after being a CC fan for so long I think we do need a change
  10. Paul Hurst

    The difference is we've given up and coming managers a chance in the past who walk into 2 main problems: 1:no money to spend whatsoever 2: an abysmal current squad which means the results won't come and he can't sell to buy to shape his own squad and style as there is no value across 99% of our playing staff. if a lower league up and coming manager comes in now he's got a very good championship squad to work with. I think you and a lot of others think we are back in 2004.
  11. Paul Hurst

    I don't understand why people come on here and slate what is a very decent shout for our next manager. The big Sam thread on the other hand....,,,
  12. When do we write off the season?

    Excellent point. The next 5 games are crucial. 10 points minimum but ideally 12+ Not going to happen is it?
  13. Hold On. After his Press Conference

    Completely disagree. Ask Boro fans what they thought of him the day after they secured automatic promotion. He struggled in their promotion run-in no question. His problems started before joining us.
  14. Birmingham - V - Wednesday OMDT

    Evening all from a wet but mild Auckland. Good work again Lord S and it's days like Sunday where I'm glad I am far far away. Still hurt though and really glad we've got a mid week game to try and put it right. i think this has got 0-0 all over it. It would be typical championship and typical Wednesday to go from Sunday's 6 goal affair to barely a shot on target against Brum.
  15. Perspective

    Well if things follow what has happened under CC in the last two season then it is highly likely we will bounce back with a minimum of 4 points and two much improved performances. However with our poor record at St Andrews and playing a confident top of the table Leeds I can see the writing being on the wall. I reckon a max of two points from those games. For the record I think Carlos should stay and deserves this season but he has almost walked the plank on so many occasions, football logic says he can't keep surviving. We have to start winning, two wins in a week would immediately silence the doubters and put us back in the play offs, will it happen? I highly doubt it