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  1. 'The sending off, two own goals and the 40 yarder that bravo let in between his legs really disrupted our rhythm' .... said Monk after a chastening 8-3 defeat despite being 3-0 up with 20 mins to go.
  2. 3-1 to them, decent showing from us but it's a pretty pointless game really isn't it?
  3. Kind of agree with this. He basically had a few injuries and took ages to get back to being match fit or stay match fit during a long season which meant hes had at least 4 major tournaments where he hasn't played well. Slightly overrated in my opinion as he never really did it on the international stage. (2004 apart)
  4. I tell you what, if we go on a run now!...............................................we still won't make it
  5. Great day. Last game me and my old man went to before I moved to NZ. What a way to sign off
  6. We've been starved of effective strike partnerships over the years but him and Tudgay were one of the most effective partnerships I can remember, certainly since the early 90's
  7. David pleat,despite being a poo manager got it right, along the lines of the team need to raise the fans and then the fans must maintain their support. Team need to do their bit first
  8. thought there was going to be a few ballotelli moments with the bibs watching that. Thankfully I don't need to raise this in the IQ thread.
  9. The reports are his weakest attribute is team work. I wouldn't bank on him grafting and guaranteeing 7/10 every week but hopefully he will bring an x factor.
  10. despite not seeing Da Cruz ever play? I think a lot of people see Wickham as the messiah ready to save our season. A big ask with his injury record.
  11. This is why I blame the chairman, there was no long term plan when we bought Rhodes. I don't buy all of this 'well all the fans wanted him'. Quite a few of us at the time said that he wasn't the right type of player we needed. I had no issue with the Winnall signing, relatively cheap, in form and a decent age. The problem with Winnall has been he hasn't improved as a player since being with us. That is a gamble you take and I have no issue with that. With Fletcher & Winnall already at the club Rhodes was a signing we just didn't need. The chairman should've had a sustainable rolling 3 year financial strategy, not just a win or bust throw of the dice. You plan correctly and you can challenge the play offs every year, you plan like we did and you have one or two massive tilts at it then its 3-4 years (minimum) in the wilderness.
  12. the tablegazers will be after you watto. I hope you have a good lawyer
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