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  1. Cocu is under a fair bit of pressure which I hope is good for us. Not entirely sure we are a team capable of putting a run together unless it's against rank bad opposition. The next two games have got 1 point and disappointment written all over it. Hopefully I am proven wrong. We just need to hang on in there until we get striking and full back reinforcements in Jan on loan
  2. Totally confident today, no idea why but 1-2 to us. These games tend to suit our style and reckon we will take advantage.
  3. Yeah you have to go down this path really. it's like working for a global company where some of the governing rules are ridiculous to say the least and directly impede sales and process in certain countries, however..............the rules are the rules and in no circumstances should they be broken. Yes the championship is not an even playing field but logic goes out of the window and compliance always comes first.
  4. I just wonder with that last sentence. If we appeal and it all gets messy and dragged out for months, will we be in a position whereby it really is promotion or bust? How long did the whole Birmingham points deduction case take from start to finish?
  5. The 9-12 point deduction is inevitable. This season is now officially over What about next season? How long would an embargo potentially last? I'm going to be honest here, the thing that I cling on to the most is the thought of us reaching the promised land, we could be two divisions from it at the end of this season or next. I'm pretty tired of all this but my thoughts are with those fans who go week in, week out, devastated for you guys, I really am.
  6. 100% agree with this and we are the ultimate example of it in this league. Tight games every week where the result may well change in the last 10 mins as teams are locked and waiting for a mistake or inspiration
  7. Well said that man. Currently, this is champagne football compared to some of those eras. When was our last great attacking display away from home? Blackburn in 93!!!????? People forget under carlos, even in his lauded first season we were really negative away from home.
  8. Yeah I'm the same, spent a bit of time in the states and I think because I love cricket I found it easy to get Into baseball. Watched a giants game and loved every second of it,stunning view out of their stadium too.
  9. A win for both, really looking forward to the rugby,it feels even more important living in this part of the world. But in no circumstances would I sacrifice 3 points for the owls unless the game didnt mean anything at the end of a season.
  10. That's a really good way of looking at it and pretty much how I feel. I always think if we are in the hunt going into boxing day then I start to take it really seriously. I wasn't stressed out all when we lost our 3 away games. The only game that hacked me off was QPR
  11. Yep you're right, our fast start really got them on the back foot, when you starve beauden barrett of any ball it helps maintain control. Plus underhill and curry are just unreal as a pair and the real find of the world cup. Big game next week and there's loads of south Africans around auckland so hopefully chance of another gloat!
  12. Damn right mate, it was a great feeling after the cricket but I think this will top it. The whole nation expected 3 in a row,love the media meltdown at the moment.
  13. Well watched this game half cut after seeing england gloriously smash the all blacks:) The big stand out was Iorfa, he just looks a premier league player and basically looked the best player on the pitch. Big mention for fox and someone on here mentioned a lewis Buxton style zero to hero trajectory. Hes not there yet but the confidence is there and if he keeps Improving then who knows. Fletcher was terrific and FF looked decent for his cameo. If we are creating a team spirit like this where we are difficult to play against and regularly picking up results then he is going to be important. FF won't become one of the best players in the league again but will be an ace up our sleeve and an occasional match winner. People are either expecting greatness or him never playing well again- in reality he will be somewhere in between I reckon.
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