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  1. Football is fickle, if he stays and we are in the top 3 by end of September then all will be forgiven by most fans. Whatever happens football moves on very quickly, if he goes and the next appointment is strong then he will be forgotten very quickly. I actually think your scenario of a bad start won't happen, we've got a decent squad and a favourable start. I think there are many unproven and potentially weak managers this season and I reckon if we get the next two weeks right and sort this mess out we've got a chance of an excellent season.
  2. Great day that, I had only just started uni and was giving it large to all the plastic Man Utd fans afterwards in the pub. Not quite as as good as the 2-0 against them the previous season though, one of the best atmospheres I have experienced.
  3. Great work Lord S! Let’s enjoy this and hopefully a repeat of Norwich this time last year. I feel a more relaxed summer and pre season is ahead for the club and fan base. In Bruce we trust! i think we will sneak it 2-1
  4. well 9th would mean the joint third best finish in 20 years so I would be fairly happy
  5. some painful memories there, us being outclassed by QPR, Chris Carr was it? what....a...guy I don't even remember Exeter, was that the same season they spanked us 5-1 at their place?
  6. Nailed it. As one or two have mentioned- like a brunt scenario we won’t realise how good he is until he’s gone. Given our situation though we have to sell
  7. This is what we need; Owls; 2 Wins Derby County; 1 Draw (has to be Bristol) & 2 defeats Bristol City; 2 Draws & 1 Defeat (1 draw has to be Derby) Boro- 1 draw & 1 defeat Swansea- No more than 6 points from the last 3 All assuming there is not a massive swing in our GD by us battering Preston and/or QPR
  8. Not sure what game you were watching, hector was superb. Agree with most of your other ratings though!
  9. yes that's for sure, we will probably get in athletic wingers which may help the returning Rhodes for example and certainly a big box to box midfielder as a minimum. However I do think we will continue to play defensively especially away from home. There has been nothing to suggest we will play open, expansive football next year. The key will be how good our back 5 are and if we can produce a 20 goal a season striker
  10. Play our strongest 11 for this, unless we win it's over anyway so just go for it. We won't go for it of course but I wonder if we will show more ambition than last saturday? Usually you would say the first goal is important but more important is if we are in the game with 20 mins to go,to somehow not get too deep and have an outlet
  11. good way of looking at it, its urinated all over my optimism fire though
  12. bloody hell it's almost a perfect night for scores.......so far! need Wigan & Rotherham to hold on for dear life! Could do with Norwich winning really, we want them to be coasting by the time they play us
  13. totally agree, 74 will do it. Looking at it from a current form point of view, Bristol City might be the team to target, they haven't run the play off course before (recently) and do leak goals at the moment. Realistically we can only hope for one win and one loss from the next two meaning win the next 3 and we finish on 71. We have to rely on either Villa or Bristol averaging roughly a point a game on the run in
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