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  1. I would like us to pound their wings and flood their box. Variety is the spice of life
  2. I must be one of the very few people that thought Monk came across really well and could barely keep the smile off his face...he's got another opportunity at a big club and he must realise this might be his last big shot to make a career at the top end of English football
  3. 6/10- capable manager without doubt but has never experienced how to shape a squad over the course of time The football will be good. People seem to forget that but the concern is obviously longevity.
  4. Sounds like it's not as far forward as we might have hoped. Still.... that's not a negative comment he's made about us
  5. exactly, annoys me that people were expecting maximum points from an 'easy' start. 9 from 12 will do me just fine
  6. Very well said sir. I know alot of liverpool fans who still remember how fans like you helped out in their hour of need
  7. Why not? We are playing with full confidence and arguably, with the wide players available we might be set up better away from home anyway. It will he a tough test and my only concern is how we will cope in the air at the back but their full backs will have nightmares watching videos of our first two games
  8. I would be amazed if we brought 5 in, I do have a positive feeling we will get murphy though, Luongo seems nailed on and Hector..who knows. I reckon 3 in and 1 out
  9. I'm torn on this. He would be such a quality addition but I think we definitely need another centre mid and another winger ahead of any other position. Bullen has only talked about '1 or 2' incoming if hector is one of them then we are guaranteed to be short elsewhere.
  10. How do you know that without knowing the fee involved??
  11. True, its all about holding our nerve and making sure the deals are right for us. Convinced we will bring in at least 1 and Joao on his way but again we must hold out for a decent fee.
  12. Dont agree, the market only really moves in the last few days of most windows. Lots of clubs in the same position as us. I'm not saying it isn't frustrating but that's the world we are in.
  13. pretty much how i feel. we simply have to start selling players and if he is a player that other clubs want and will pay good money for then we should do a deal. he has been here 4 years and has had a full pre-season with no injury concerns....yet he starts on the bench- that sums it up for me.
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