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  1. Confident today, think we can sneak a 2-1 as long as we keep Brewster the bear quiet. Will also be listening to cherry bomb by the runaways as a show of support.
  2. I haven't been this sure of anything since the gary rowett interview.....nailed on
  3. That is some physio team we have, not only resurrected but fit to play a professional football match
  4. True, but (and this is an educated guess) to break it down again a large percentage of that unavailability would be injury especially in the first 3 or 4 years.
  5. I think that was a good interview, open and honest. Let's face it, he was a warrior for us and had a positive impact when in the team. If you do look at it though, 140 appearances was it over 7 years? That equates to less than 50% availability. Tells it's own story.
  6. A competitive draw seems a likely outcome. We still dont score enough goals from open play but confidence should be high. I'm going 1-1 and another wickham goal.
  7. Anyone care to predict what the rolling losses will be once the next set of accounts come out shortly?
  8. What do they say, never lean back? Atherton was on a sun lounger when he hit that.
  9. This is a great opportunity for Penney. Remember he had a great start in the first team then lost his way with form and fitness. I randomly watched highlights of villa away a few years back, he was great that day. I hope Monk gives him a good chance next season in this new formation.
  10. It's funny isn't when we win a game you actually realise we have some good players at this level: Borner Iorfa Bannan Luongo Lee Wickham These are the first 6 that came into my head and reinforces what I was thinking watching the game back.....the spine of the team is decent. Fair play to monk, to go 3-3-2 down the centre of the pitch is basically putting round pegs in round holes. The only concern is when we come against top quality wide players and those who provide good quality balls in the box. I suspect we will get tested by this method on Wednesday
  11. Holmowl, I have missed your optimistic, stats driven posts but I think you've broken out the christmas sherry a little early this year. And on that basis.......I'm in!!!! all aboard the '73 point sneaky 6th place finish' train. Might need to rename the train as it's a bit wordy.
  12. Just watched the game back. I agree regarding Harris, thought he looked really comfortable and a threat with the play mostly in front of him. I like this formation, but we still have a few players playing out of position which might lead to more inconsistency for the last part of the season. Any news on Borner?
  13. I read that in a corrupt US politician voice
  14. Gees that's a bold statement. Monk is either stupid or hes been informed we are on the brink of a very good outcome.
  15. Balls, thanks for that. Makes the decision for 3 of them to leave even more baffling then as they cant ply their trade elsewhere until the new season? Haven't really been keeping up to date on the covid impact on contracts etc
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