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  1. And that’s the most annoying issue here Play out from the back? Fine, go ahead. But we don’t. Our version is literally start with BPF who has all the time in the world to pick out his long pass, but instead passes it to Dunkerly or Iorfa, who panic, flap and turn it back to BPF, who by now has a forward hearing down on him so he punts it under pressure, It makes zero sense.
  2. Absolutely this. We’ve wasted a fortune on the wages of 14 players, yet 1/3 thru the season most don’t feature and only Gregory, Hunt and Adeniran are hits. To answer the OP I would say a left-footed quality LB, a left-footed quality CB, and a quality keeper transforms us. But based on this Summer’s scattergun approach I’m not at all optimistic there’ll be any logical plan.
  3. How about… When you rent a car on holiday, you rent one good car for £600, not 6 bangers for £100 each.
  4. Fat fingers. And your speed. I changed it 20 seconds later.
  5. If you read my couple of posts on that Johnson thread that isn’t what I was saying.
  6. Gregory? As a striker he’s definitely better than Windass. I’m hoping and expecting that they’ll both be starters, though in what formation is anyone’s guess sadly.
  7. Not on this planet is Windass a lone-striker. We’ll be in a real mess if he’s given that role (which would not surprise me in the least) because he needs a hatful of chances to score a goal.
  8. I think Gregory is very average, but he’s a complete shoe-in for me. He did have an absolute stinker Saturday. I thought he should have been hooked 10 mins into the second half. I’d definitely overlook this one game and start him at Cheltenham. But he can’t play like that again and keep his place. I’m certain Bera couldn’t play that role. Kamberi would need to play.
  9. It looks great on paper. Probably the team more than 50% of fans would start on Saturday. BUT, after 14 league games and 3 cup games we have no idea if Shodipo and Corbeanu are any good. We’ve seen Berahino, Green, Brown, Johnson, Sow (remember him?), Kamberi, Adeniran, Shodipo, Corbeanu, Paterson all tried in those wide forward positions, with only full-back Brown given an extended run. Windass will soon occupy one of them. So, about to play our 18th game of the season, we are no nearer knowing our front three than we were on 1st August. That is hopeless management.
  10. haha agreed. Any post that starts “We could try..” or “What about…” is usually followed by a weird experimental side with Bannan sub, Sow in goal and Iorfa CM. Mind you, Moore must get his ideas from somewhere.
  11. That doesn’t sound right. We’d still be in the EU if we weren’t allowed to just make stuff up. smiley face emoji (I don’t know how to add emojis)
  12. Doesn’t suit our possession-based attacking football? Though you could argue nether does throwing it short and losing possession immediately, which is the one we’ve perfected in training.
  13. Let’s be honest - Iorfa isn’t great at it either.
  14. Im really not going to argue. The solution is obvious. Stop playing out from the back because it’s difficult to imagine a less suitable pairing to do it well than Iorfa-Dunkley.
  15. Im going to stop now as I totally agree that we shouldn’t be playing out with Dunkley on the left. But IF you accept we are a play-it-out team, I’d still repeat my unanswered question…who plays on the left of Iorfa when Hutch and Gibson are out?
  16. OK, but square this circle. We’ve a manager who insists on playing out from the back. Dunkley is awful at this, even on the right, let alone on the left. Who would you play on the left of Iorfa?
  17. I can understand Johnson over Dunkley. We’ve all been criticising Dunkley’s poor use of the ball. The left-footed comfortable-on-the-ball Johnson was a reasonable shout.
  18. When you need a new car, do you buy one decent one for £6k, or 6 for £1k and leave five parked up? That’s what we did in the Summer.
  19. Brown as winger or WB ruins that side of the pitch for us. His immediate instinct is to turn back. He rarely takes on his man and loses it when he does. He does work hard, so for me I can see he might be a decent LB, but I wouldn’t want to see him as LW or LWB ever again.
  20. Agreed. Hes been excellent recently so I’m not sure why he was so poor yesterday. I did notice they marked him super-tight, and on the few occasions he was receiving the ball he lost it under immediate pressure. Not sure why you got 4 laughing emojis. He had a shocker.
  21. BPF 6 Palmer 6 Iorfa 6 Johnson 6 Hunt 6 Brown 2 simply awful in this role. Fizz MoM 8 huge potential with his powerful running Bannan 6.5 Adeniran 7 but below his best. Berahino 5 good first half but vanished second Gregory 1 utterly woeful. Zero control Theo 7.7 great showing Shodipo 6 Paterson 5
  22. It was only 15 minutes but he did more than Brown has done in the last 2 games combined. It was a home game. It was Lincoln. We were too defensive from the off.
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