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  1. Our No 1 need is a left-footed CB. It will not only make defending easier, but also balance our playing-out.
  2. Well I won’t go back thru threads either, but without your gift for hindsight I stand by what I wrote when Gregory was coming back, replacing forwards that had gelled, in a team on a fabulous winning streak. He was way better after his return that before his layoff, and with hindsight it was great to have him back as the must-plat striker.
  3. He absolutely was a disaster for us. Nobody could disagree. But it could and should have been so much better. He helped Boro and Norwich go up with critical goals while we were losing millions on him. Now he’s doing the same for Huddersfield on a free.
  4. Back onto Lees. I’ve watched numerous Town games this season and whilst Lees still isn’t Beckenbauer or Hansen he’s very competent playing the ball out. I guess it shows what good coaching can do. The Town back 3 always have options, whether wide, inside or from busy midfielders looking for the ball. We did it way too ponderously for seasons. Lees regularly had two options for us - chip forward or back to Westwood. That said, Moore certainly seems to have improved us in that respect. Our playing out was way better this season.
  5. There’s a bit of re-writing of history going on in this thread. Rhodes was a big factor in Boro getting promoted. He scored 5 and got 2 assists in 7 games in the run-in where they pipped Brighton to go up. Once in the Prem they decided he wasn’t up to it. In the same way Norwich sold Hooper once they made the Prem, and Forestieri was sold by Watford once they went up, Rhodes was a superb Championship player but came up short in the Prem.
  6. Bannan, Byers, Adeniran, Camara and FDB is a very strong group for 3 midfield spots. At 25 and a near ever-present for Plymouth Camara seems a very good acquisition.
  7. Bound to be interest. Genuine strikers are few and far between and his season overall has been very good and his spell after injury was outstanding. Hope he stays. If we keep the main players and stick to 352 we could be right up there for an auto spot from the off in August.
  8. Dom played 21 games. Played 90 minutes in each of our first 15 games.
  9. Magnificent player for us. Wish him nothing but success.
  10. What attitude should he have shown when Paterson, Green, Harris, Da Cruz, Marriot, Kachunga etc we’re up front for Wednesday while Rhodes was on the bench? Dreadful waste of a proper striker.
  11. So pleased for Rhodes and especially for Tom Lees. Tom was always head and shoulders our best defender, but Town have turned him into a competent footballer with the ball at his feet. As for Rhodes, we woefully wasted a talent. Criminal management.
  12. That was dreadful management. 4 games to go to keep us in the division, he plays Rhodes & Windass. We beat Blackburn - survival on. Next games at struggling Boro……..Rhodes dropped to make room for Green!!! Lunacy.
  13. Few surprises near the top of the list. Bannan 50 BPF 47 Paterson 44 Palmer 44 Hunt 42 Johnson 42 Gregory 39 Berahino 33 Hutch 31 Luongo 29 FDB 28 Kamberi 25 Byers 24 Dunkley 23 Storey 21 Adeniran 21 NML 19 Shodipo 18 Sow 17 Brown 15 Brennan 12 Windass 11 I always think this must be taken into account when clubs are deciding who to keep and release. Especially clubs like us who have to use every penny wisely.
  14. On paper, getting relegated and failing to go back up with Sheffield Wednesday doesn’t look too stunning. I’m sure his cv puts a fair spin on it and I expect his enthusiasm and likability would come over at interview. I think fans of a Championship with aspirations would be very underwhelmed with his appointment.
  15. You should start a thread on that mate. Best Biscuit Knee Xl in the Chansiri era. Might need a long subs bench too.
  16. Before Chey got injured at the end of November he was being touted as POTS. We were really worried that without him we’d really struggle. Its worth noting that we only suffered one loss when he played upto the end of November, Oxford 2-1. Not only was he playing like Superman at the heart of our back 3, he was also a massive threat at corners and free-kicks. If you remember, he was winning virtually every attacking set-piece header. My concern last season was how poor he was with the ball at his feet, but even that worry disappeared with this season’s back 3 with Chey central. He was competent bordering on excellent playing it out. I’d be very happy for him to stay and be our central of 3 CBs.
  17. I can see why you say this, and I don’t necessarily disagree, but his mistakes were in the first 1/3 of the season, and he pretty much nailed the last 2/3. So, provided he sticks to his 352 and style we should threaten an auto spot. If he tries to be clever and find a new system we might well waste another season.
  18. In obviously But take his whiteboard away so he doesn’t try to find a new system for August
  19. Johnson has been superb. Byers very good lately. Big hits Gregory, Hunt, Byers and Johnson.
  20. To be fair he didn’t tinker over the last 30 games. For the middle third of the season he couldn’t tinker, unless he picked the kit-man or a ball-boy. Then in the final third of the season he rarely ‘tinkered’. He rotated modestly and sensibly, though he did make the odd weird call such as NML up the middle. But again, to his credit, after 4 games he saw it didn’t work and went back to using strikers. However, and this is my concern, will Moorereinvent the wheel? I hope not but I fear so. He found 352. Apart from not having a leftie CB he put square pegs in square holes. He found a genuine and very effective playing style. He found a system and team that ‘won’ the league over the last 30 games…..DO NOT CHANGE! Do not search when you have found what works. Will we see a new formation and new style early August? We don’t want to spend August to October farting around with formations, names and positions. If we do we’ll be in the same position come May as we were this season.
  21. Id keep him. Better and MUCH cheaper than buying 3 or 4 cover players. He’s a Swiss Army knife.
  22. The opposite is true. He played the equivalent of 31 full games this season. Similar to Gregory and Hutch. More than Berahino, Byers, Luongo. Way more than Windass, Shodipo, Sow, Kamberi, Dunkley, Gibson. So, if he’s ok for this league, which he clearly is, and he’s so versatile, then he’s very good value for money.
  23. Love Fletcher, but absolutely not. Yes he’d score and massively improve the team when fit, but he’d play 1/4 of the season.
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