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  1. I'm more annoyed than I should be that Chelsea are in yellow. Absolutely no reason for it whatsoever.
  2. Nah, them being I'm the prem won't make us any better next season. We don't have the hate for them that they have for us, obviously we have hate, but theirs is off the scale. They hate Wednesday more than they love united I reckon.
  3. Noticed there was a full afternoon's build up, every time I put it on they were talking about Liverpool so switched off. Either I'm unlucky or it was a typical BBC liverwankfest
  4. Proper end to end this. No way it'll finish 1 nil from what's happened so far. Just hope forest can score 2 or 3 more.
  5. Can't remember the last time I wanted forest to win a match. Fully expecting a pig win though, probably by 2 or 3 goals. Got a bad feeling about them this season, they've failed upwards it seems most weeks.
  6. Kevin was a gerbil wasn't he? Errol was the hamster. Yaaaaay, ratfans.
  7. Sounds ridiculous, but how come he's so cheap? I'd have thought 100 mil plus with the way today's prices are.
  8. Said at the time that the tackle on Byers was a yellow at least. As soon as he let it go I knew wee were playing against 14 men. What's this talk of him being a pig? He reffed it as though he was but surely not?
  9. Me too, I've got little legs though so it takes me about 25 minutes
  10. Cheers for the kind words and pinning it and all that. As ever, I wrote it while I was on the loo this morning. I was a bit rushed or it would have been longer and more rousing. I did a similar one for the last play off semi and that went up the swanny so hopefully this one is better luck. Showed my son. First comment, you can't spell of. Sarky little sod.
  11. There was a feature in one of the fanzines back in the day called 'Otherwise known as Jasper' if my memory serves me right.
  12. Just finished work so a couple of hours to kill before heading down. Papping mesen.
  13. Whatever happens tonight, enjoy the build up. Enjoy the nerves and the worry. Embrace them. You wouldn't be feeling em if we'd finished 7th. We are where we want to be aren't we? Competing at the right end 9f the table, OK, automatic would have been preferable but I'll take this. It's why we do it week in week out. It's why we buy our season tickets or our pay on the day tickets or our Ifollow passes. It's why we get up at stupid o'clock cos we live in far flung countries. It's why we bring our kids up to support Wednesday, even though we know deep down we're signing em up to a life of stress and worry. It's for nights like tonight. One shot. One aim. One Wednesday. The players have put in one hell of a shift in the 2nd half of the season and with a bit of luck and skill the season isn't over yet. 90 minutes of noise from us could push them on to greater heights. Cheer every pass, forgive every mistake and lift em back up. They are human and will make mistakes, show em that we don't care as long as they try and rectify it. Give them the confidence to achieve. Tonight, just before kick off, take a look around. A full Hillsborough is a thing of beauty, drink it in and use it as fuel to get you through. Be part of the team for those of us who are no longer with us. We are Wednesday through and through, let's show em tonight what this means.
  14. Why have they taken a load of seats out behind the goal?
  15. There seems to be a school of thought on here that Wembley is the same size as wycombes pitch. When I googled it it looks like Wembley is bigger but some reckon that's down to measuring one in metres and the other on yards. I can't be bothered to properly investigate it
  16. The first 20 minutes or so are key in my eyes. As fans we have to provide some noise and backing and the players need to respond. Sounded like the atmosphere was great up at your place and we need to match that. I've got no idea if I'm confident, terrified or just a bit hungry, my stomach is in knots already so god knows what I'll be like in 24hrs. As for sticking around, there's a non swfc football section that is a bit quieter than this match day section, but has some decent threads on it. Always good to just talk footy without allegiances clouding stuff.
  17. Leeds 2 down, Everton drawing now. Leeds out of bottom 3 at the moment. I'm torn, I'd like to see Everton go down for the novelty, but obviously I'd like Leeds to go down. Its a win win as long as Burnley survive I suppose.
  18. Good thread this, like others have said I've nowt against Sunderland. For a start, they aren't Newcastle. They've had as rough a ride as us recently and their crowds have held up like ours, so much so that either of us mentioning it is used as a stick to beat us with for some reason. Seems like we should be ashamed of ourselves rather than celebrate it. Fridays game was bad from us, we were a pale shadow of the team we can be. I've seen us destroy sides this season and seen us struggle, but Friday was a night of struggle. I was happy to only lose by 1 and said so at half time, I'd have taken that result after the 1st half. That said, Hutch puts it beyond row Z and we've had a reight result. Looking forward to Monday and dreading it too, same as all of us I reckon. We know we are capable of winning, which worries Wednesday fans, and we know we could easily be just as bad as we were Friday. 2 poor performances in a row has been a rarity thus season though so I'm hanging on to that. Whatever the result, I hope the winner of this tie wins at Wembley and the other goes up next season tbh. I'd happily let you guys go up as champions next season as long as we go up this year I'm sure the feeling is mutual.
  19. Universally disliked? Pigs and other local sides don't like us and that's about it. As for us being arrogant, it does my head in that this is levelled at just us. We have a decent fan base and get decent home crowds, bigger than all bar 1 in league 1 this season and bigger than a few in the league above (I haven't checked so feel free to correct me) Any time we point this out we're being arrogant. I've seen us win a major trophy, something no fan of any of the local clubs who hate us can say. Same with playing in Europe. But that's being arrogant rather than stating facts. Why aren't the pigs arrogant? They mouth off constantly about their achievements.
  20. Wrong section. Stuff like this normally gets moved pretty quickly so not sure why this one hasn't been. As for whether op is a pig or not, I guess it's hard to tell. Would a pig post on here straight after securing their playoff place at home? Surely he'd be celebrating his own team's success. Posting on here would imply that he's more interested in us than his own team. Like he hates us more than he loves United. Almost like his reason for existing is based on hating us. Same with posting negative stuff after our first leg game. That's surely just the actions of a Wednesday Fan who is concerned about us progressing and is just verbalising those fears. Surely nobody can look at the facts and assume pork?
  21. He was getting changed. I spin more rhymes than a lazy Susan, and I'm innocent til my guilt is proven.
  22. Woke up having had football dreams all night it seems. Its only a game though, right? If we go out and play like we can, tonight could be one hell of a game. We need to be brave and up for the fight from the 1st to the last minute. Do that and we should come away with a result. A goal either way going into Monday and it's all to play for. Come on Wednesday, let's ave it.
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