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  1. Every time I discuss var I come back to this question. When is the ball considered 'played'? Is it when it's fully left the players foot? Is it when it's started to leave the players foot? Is it when it's touching his foot for the first time? Cos a ball, when you strike it, compresses then reshapes to move forward. That process takes time, and that time when players are moving further up field can be the difference between offside or not. It's like they put all the focus on the lines down to a few mm but we never see when the ball is actually played. It could be an arbitrary frame of video.
  2. Yeah I've kept a look out for him since he appeared at a game. Cheers for posting about tonight's fight though, with one thing and another I'd missed that he was on. Recorded it and watched it after the cup final. He was clinical and landed a lot of good shots. Seems like a nice kid too, he was looking to his opponents corner at the end as if to say take him out of here before I do some damage. Kept punching though so he's obviously got that streak in him boxers need.
  3. That's gonna go down like a dog egg sandwich if they ask for more money from season ticket holders. And vice versa if someone who has used 230 quid credit gets a rolled over ticket. Either way there's gonna be discussions and divisions amongst the fan base.
  4. So I could have watched all our home games on ifollow this season for nowt basically? Wish they'd told me that at the start of the season I'd have used a few.
  5. So if you've watched 10 games you owe the club 100 quid for you season ticket next season? I've not used an Ifollow pass so I'll owe em nowt.
  6. Cheers. I didnt know about the one player per club deal. There must be a reason more clubs don't take advantage of it, but I'm struggling to see why that would be. Seems like a no brainer, just get a company to fund half your biggest earner's wage and you've got a couple of 'free' lesser players. If Rhodes was on 40k a week say, that's 2 players on 10k a week funded. I'm amazed chansiri didn't go down that route.
  7. What sort of question is that? Course I'm in ffs. It's what we do, we support. It's why we're called supporters.
  8. On the original article, all written in hindsight to fit a narrative. I bet there are articles praising the young, dynamic and hungry players that proved to be useless at the same time Moore left. Total coincidence in the timing there. The author cites injuries to players as a sign of bad management. Proper bitter.
  9. FFS. Pour over the details. What did he pour? I assume the author meant pore. I know we shouldn't slag off journalists but that's pretty poor. Or pour as he would probably put it.
  10. Yeah I missed the celebrations about him leaving as well. Also misheard All the callers to football heaven too. They were saying they were sad he'd gone I thought, must have been saying glad he's gone. Sad, glad, sounds pretty similar. At the end of the day he's our manager and I will support him like I have since he took over until he leaves.
  11. So I've got a 550 quid north stand season ticket plus a concession for my lad that was 150 I think. We've not used any of it for Ifollow so got the full amount. I'd be happy with credit towards season after or shop etc if the club want to reduce prices across the board. Anyone who has used their ticket for Ifollow might have to stump up some cash for next season though regardless of the prices charged. That's gonna be summat else for folk to discuss at length.
  12. Still don't get how the Rooney situation isn't 3rd party ownership. Did his wages count towards ffp limits or were they offset by the amount 32red put in? Could a team get 15 'rooneys' all paid for by different companies on paper and circumvent ffp completely? As it stands an owner can't just put money in, it has to be legit sponsorships. Obviously from fine upstanding companies such as D Taxis etc. If an owner had the funds though could he pay players that way?
  13. I've been saying this for the last few weeks. Any competent well run club would have been relegated with 2 or 3 games to spare, not drag it out to the bitter end despite everyone knowing we'd ultimately fail and go down.
  14. It's a betting company that pay his wages via sponsorship. Surely that's 3rd party ownership like tevez who relegated the pigs single handed. No idea how Mel Morris managed to get the OK for that from the EFL executive committee thing that Mel Morris sits on. Proper mystery.
  15. I remember those days well, I just didn't think DC was doing it too. Like I say, I thought I'd be able to spot em a mile off. Their posts must have been drowned in the tsunami of posts bemoaning our situation and the myriad faults with our owner cos there ain't nobody who thinks he's doing well. More money spaffed against a wall.
  16. Cheers. This alonso guy passed me by so I've no idea on the full story really. What a pathetic basket case our club is at the moment. It's a good job we've all got a decent sense of humour otherwise some protesting and action might occur.
  17. Did DC know this? Or was it just on alonsos twitter bio?
  18. ??? So there's posters on here who are paid by the club to post positive stuff about DC etc? Seriously? As in actually paid money and its part of their job? Would love to see the proof of that. Takes me back to the FUD days with tonto. I always thought I'd spot another vile troll like him, maybe I missed em. I always assume that anyone who has posted stuff defending him was just on the windup and getting their kicks from seeing people getting salty with em. Mum's basement, neckbeard types. This website is bonkers.
  19. I must admit this alonso bloke passed me by completely at the time. I'd heard his name mentioned but didn't really care what was going on. In hindsight I've missed out on one of the great tales of insanity haven't I? Was it as good as Geoff sheard? Please tell me it wasn't.
  20. Gibson can't actually do owt right can he? He's like a character in a sitcom, constantly trying to get one over on someone but failing every time. I can't wait to see the day when it turns out he's done summat at boro that's against ffp.
  21. Oh how we would laugh if our owner's list of achievements wasn't worse.
  22. https://global247news.com/2021/05/11/going-to-be-banged-up-premiership-striker-oli-mcburnie-as-cardiff-fans-rejoice/amp/ Bit more info her plus some Cardiff fans sticking the boot in on twitter
  23. I'm afraid I still don't care. Ask me again in a week or so
  24. Excellent article that pretty much covers everything most of us can see is wrong with our club. The fact we can see it and Chansiri can't worries me. Or won't see it, which terrifies me. I said a while back that not one facet of swfc is up to standard. Maybe you can now argue that the manager is a man who we need and is the right person for the job. But that's it. Nothing else comes close to being right. Thank you for publishing this article, I hope it gets the response it deserves, both from the public and the man that its aimed at. And I read it on the star website and only had
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