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  1. Well I miscalculated my points so going down later in the week.
  2. I'm pretty sure the 4 I want tickets for will be. Though I don't seen to be able to check. Sod it, trip to the shop after work, always nice to go in and look anyway, might treat myself to a birthday present while I'm there.
  3. Want to go to this. Can I buy multiple tickets online for me and people on my friends list? Not used the online system for ages now and it seems different to how I remember. Is it fairly simple once they go on sale or am I better off the old fashioned way of going down in person?
  4. 'The rules permit £13m losses per anum. At those levels most championship clubs are blown out of water competing with parachute payments.' I think you're allowed to lose more than that if youre getting failure payments.
  5. If he is an undervover/sleeper cell He's had a good run, stayed under the radar a bit. Calls for boycotts and protests against DC in threads didn't raise alarm bells. Couldn't resist in this one though. They won a couple and he got over excited I reckon, saw a chance to get us to say they were better than us probably. It's weird how we've never had a blade on here who has been capable of sensible discussion. Had some that start off OK but true colours always shine through and the bitterness rears it's head. Maybe we've got too many weapons on here who aren't capable either and it drives em away.
  6. I take it you're enjoying watching these awesome cheap players each week while you're boycotting Hillsborough. You are staying away aren't you? What with you encouraging everyone else to? They've spent loads more than us in the last 5 years, like millions and millions more.
  7. Some Shrewsbury fans arrested pre game at the leppings Lane turnstiles from what I was told. Banning orders in place but they risked it. That wouldn't mean owt affects the end of the game though. It's stupid how we can't empty a stand via the exits that exist. I can only pray to a god I don't believe in that there is never an incident that requires the ground to be evacuated. I wouldn’t want to have to make the choice between keeping the south stand hooligans away from the away fans or allowing them to escape with their lives. Proper dilemma that one.
  8. I remember when we stole him from donny and the football heaven switchboards were jammed with donny fans ringing in to celebrate the fact he'd gone cos he was so bad for them. I remember they were all over social media celebrating the fact he'd gone and telling us he was garbage. I remember the massive uptick in form their team had in the games after his influence and ineptitude had been removed. Oh, actually, now I think about it, I don't. Quality thread from captain hindsight.
  9. I expected to see a full thread dedicated to the ref. Absolute clown shoe. The rugby tackles you described left me confused to say the least. Utterly pathetic performance from the officials yesterday. Shrewsbury players knew they could smash through the back of ours every time and nothing would be given. And I know its cool to say stuff like well if we were better the ref wouldn't matter etc but him and his linos directly affected the result and cost us 2 points yesterday. It seems like every game too. Incompetent or bent? I'd hope it was the former but we never seem to see incompetence helping us.
  10. I enjoyed today. Son with me, mates with me. Had a good shout at the ref a few times, sat and laughed at him a few times. Annoying that we didn't win and were basically cheated out of a goal by incompetence but overall I enjoyed it. I usually do. I've made a conscious decision to stay positive. I'm gonna be a happy clapper. I was getting really down when we lost and not really getting carried away when we won in case we lost again. I'd stopped enjoying footy during lockdown tbh. Now it's back I'm going to enjoy it. Might make a thread about it for like minded folk, see if I'm alone.
  11. I've seen it back and I thought it was onside. I wish we had var sometimes, take the decisions out of the hands of bent/incompetent officials a bit. Never seems to go for us.
  12. If its footprint is part of the development it'll be flattened, if not it'll be an eyesore like it is now. The whole area there will look better for this development, OK its a flat pack boring out of town shopping area like they all are, but at the moment it looks like a wasteland. I like the idea of us having a shop there, it'd be bigger than uniteds, that would really annoy prince charmin. Would free up the current megastore to be redeveloped for summat that would bring in money. I see this as an absolute win.
  13. We will have been offered a punishment that we could have accepted without it going to trial. We will have had a chance to 'plea bargain', all clubs in that situation are it seems. DC didn't take it. Obviously we don't know what the offer was. If it was 9 points then he did well. If it was 6 or less he messed up.
  14. We will have had the option to negotiate. EFL would have said 6 point deduction and that's the end of it or take it to court and it could be 12 (made up numbers for an example there) DC said no, we went to court and got hit with the 12. All teams can negotiate, it's like a plea bargain type thing where you accept a reduced sentence but forego your trial. For some reason DC thought we'd get away with it when in hindsight it was a pretty open and shut case. The punishment was reduced eventually but the facts didn't change. We cheated, and messed it up despite being given explicit instructions on how to get away with it from the people who we were cheating. Staggering really.
  15. If he gets you off with just a 9 point deduction, considering the 5 charges etc, then he must be doing summat. Probably best if we agree that both owners could be better cos it's gonna get a bit like a man wi no legs laughing at a man wi no arms.
  16. They're making it up as they go along. We should have taken our punishment and negotiated a lower points deduction. If we'd accepted the 6 points straight off (if offered) we would have been in a better situation as far as signing players is concerned. In the end the 6 points killed us but I think the initial 12 hit us harder initially. If you know what I mean. Ultimately our owner isn't as switched on as yours it seems.
  17. Didn't know that, man's a talent and no mistake. I love the film but don't really know much about the musicians other than the obvious big names. I'm just pleased I got his name right I assumed you knew it tbh.
  18. Was that Steve Cropper or Copper? Either way, excellent like you say. Shake Your Tail Feather and Minnie The Moocher are brilliant in that film.
  19. Just read that they are accepting a punishment rather than going to inquiry etc in future. If only we'd done that we'd have stayed up. Shame our owner didn't have the sense that derby's seems to have. Or the contacts.
  20. 5 separate charges hanging over em including breaching ffp which was what we were guilty of. We got a 6 point deduction for that which ultimately relegated us. The initial 12 point deduction crippled us in many ways. Derby have done well to only get a 9 point deduction I'd say. No consistency there at all.
  21. We are Liverpool. This means more. That can eff off. Truly cannot stand that kind of thing. Then again, I truly cannot stand Liverpool.
  22. Their prices are a lot higher than I expected. Thought they were cheap the way they bang on about us being expensive and ripping folk off right left and centre.
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