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  1. Was it Over the Line?

    I have......
  2. Was it Over the Line?

    I can't even see the ball in that photo....
  3. Fernando Forestieri rehab

    Surely you just go where the best treatment is. That most definitely isn't in S6.
  4. Completely childish.......and yet I find myself doing the exact same whenever I hear that name.

    To be fair that's my default mindset whenever I come on OT, this thread just took me into the red. I'm caffeine'd up now, it's still b******s but I can process it as such.

    FFS.... It's early here, had a couple last night, took me five minutes to work out what the f**k was going on reading this random poo .
  7. Three Steps To Heaven

    Agree with the OP, we can still salvage something positive from this “Annus Horribilis”...... In fact if we stay up and achieve that Hat-trick I’d happily pretend the anniversary year has been a total hit!!!
  8. Wednesday's Catering Manager - Probably the toughest job in football right now.
  9. Rotation rubbish

    I don't think many of us can recall a situation even half as bad as the current injury crisis. I don't believe it's helpful to use words like "alleged" in relation to those injuries, it only fuels the conspiracy theorists and most of us prefer to deal in reality and fact. I'm a similar age to you but I think we have to accept the game of football and the physical demands it places on professionals is in no way comparable to football of the past. Although I'll admit the young un's today don't have to cope with a good Souness tackle straight through the back of you.
  10. Remember the shop?

    I have a vague memory of it but I may be getting confused with Open All Hours...... what year did it close?
  11. One thing in common...

    Deleted is the new moved.
  12. Pelupessy

    I don't go on other fan forums but I wonder if a total lack of patience with new signings and coaches for that matter is just the norm these days or is it us...... This guy needs to be given time to get to grips with the change, he's already shown some glimpses. The rest of this season, a pre-season as well. Let's assess him midway through next season and be fair about it.
  13. The facts post Millwall

    I do and look at us against Derby, we were actually very tidy and a decent atmosphere. We've raised our game at times against better teams, there would be loads going through his head.
  14. The facts post Millwall

    This I agree with. I feel he was maybe encouraged by recent results and felt we could still do a job at the Den. As you say, I'd have maybe gone all out for those points and accepted the outcome vs Villa. You can look at it as a very negative approach last night but in a perverse way, it was almost positive, if that makes sense. Regardless, lesson learnt I hope. I'm not prepared to be too critical given the mess he's inherited. Just add that those individual errors are killing us at times.