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  1. Morepork

    Dawsons Clean Sheets

    To be fair I’d have given him top marks if he claimed he even saw that goal bound ball today.
  2. Morepork

    Bannan should be Captain.

    I get the sentiment but he’s shouldering about 99% of our creativity at the moment, leave him be. Senior player, vocal on the pitch and leading anyway, what’s in a title.
  3. Morepork

    Worst Signing Ever

    We could go ten pages and not see the same name mentioned twice
  4. Morepork

    Morning all

    I wonder how many of us are just happy to achieve that each day!!
  5. Anyone interested in buying this, I figure it must be worth at least twenty quid......asking for a friend.
  6. It’s great news, I do actually think he’s sincere when he talks about the club and fans. It’s a rare quality. He’s been arguably our best player since he arrived, even battled through when CC persistently played him out of position.
  7. Morepork

    Interesting Stats

    I’m going to fund him an inkjet printer, that must have taken ages on the imperial typewriter......
  8. There have been times when I’m not sure which of those was more qualified....
  9. Morepork

    The Abdinator!

    "The Abdinator".....sounds like a shopping channel exercise contraption!!! Order today for £75 and get a second one free.......
  10. I’ll go!! Can OT cover my flight and accomodation......I will promise not to clap the chairman and ask pointed questions in return!!
  11. I've just seen him enter the Nun's Chuff......I might give it ten minutes, could be messy!
  12. Great OMDT. Now if you’ll excuse me I’m just off down the boozer to bang Ted’s lights out...Bill’s gonna get it too, especially if he mentions BeefOven.
  13. Difficult to see any point in this. Can anyone point me to a worthwhile development that came from one of these? Maybe the six game ticket or Silver Membership......Did we ever learn anything of real significance or garner any notable insights? Its an unruly format that will achieve nothing of substance until it, like most other things at the club is managed correctly. Questions are avoided by the regime, sometimes understandably so. When they are answered, fans are damned for believing them and damned if they don’t. The forum allows DC to take the high ground and stake a claim to giving all fans a voice, the truth is in its current form it diminishes the voice of the fans IMO. Those who believed DC knew what he was doing have long since fallen by the wayside, those who believed he’d learn from his mistakes have followed. All that remains are the grateful and their patience must be wearing thin. Set all the mistakes aside, just show us one piece of tangiable proof that we have a coherent plan to move forward. One that has more substance than the words “trust in me”.
  14. I don’t get the fixation with old school managers, we need to be more progressive. Also, how anyone thinks the likes of McCarthy could work for a day under our regime and structure is beyond me. EDIT: I’d just add that everything happening above and around the manager at our club is a bigger issue than the manager himself IMO.