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  1. Van aken

    Yes, I'm gonna say that's probably a good thing for Tom as he strikes me as a player that just wants to go about his business in the background. Van Aken looks confident and assured, you can see glimpses of continental swagger that I'm sure will develop nicely under CC and Loovens. Still early days for him him and we should resist the temptation to get too excited but the fact CC has played him so soon speaks volumes.
  2. gutted

    I'd say that sums it up really, to make the transition to top two we probably need to squeeze for 4-5 more wins out of that away form. That said this season may be a little different in that it looks potentially that there are more teams capable of being up there but maybe none of them running away with it as in the past.
  3. gutted

    Always painful to leak a last minute goal but like you say 7 points from 9 in a week is excellent. I'll tell you now there isn't a coach in this league that wouldn't settle for a point at Cardiff if offered.
  4. Van aken

    His confidence and ability on the ball has really added something to the squad. If he rises to the challenge and continues to develop and grow in confidence we'll have quite a player on our hands. As an aside, in the current market he looks to be exceptional value, proof that there are players out there if your patient and resourceful.
  5. Fernando Forristieri injury

    I really must profess my innocence, a sure fire case of mistaken identity, not guilty my lord and all that....! Or as you are gentry and I am merely a commoner from the Shire do I just need to accept the injustice.
  6. Carlos - A question

    I think you missed my point. I'm not trying to stifle debate. Read the OP again, it basically alludes to CC being an idiot and the OP being some kind of tactical genius. How on earth can someone's actions be described as utterly mind boggling by the OP when he admits he doesn't understand the though process behind the decision.
  7. Carlos - A question

    Midweek games can often be all about grinding out a result, tonight we did that. Also, Brentford are a much better team than their current league position suggests..... full stop!
  8. Carlos - A question

    Let's not have any mass debating on here!! Seriously in relation to the OP's second point, first time I've ever wondered if there is some pressure on CC to play Rhodes, no way that's a mistake.
  9. Carlos - A question

    I don't profess to know, I'm merely making the point that you don't either and the person best placed to judge what was happening (CC) saw fit to make a change. I trust his judgement over yours is my ultimate point.
  10. Carlos - A question

    Exactly and with a few hours to reflect.
  11. Carlos - A question

    My money would go on them over you. So our backroom staff and prep under Jones is the same under CC, you seriously just made that argument?
  12. Carlos - A question

    CC and several of his backroom staff have spent untold hours analysing our opposition in great detail and then the average fan who has no football credentials whatsoever describes their actions as utterly baffling, Mmmmm. I assume they saw something that we missed and accept it as such.
  13. Sheffield Wednesday V Brentford OMDT

    Very satisfying really, they are always tough opposition especially for a midweek game, going a goal down and turning it around shows we have plenty of resilience and team spirit. Well done Ross Wallace.
  14. Sheffield Wednesday V Brentford OMDT

    When you go to check the result and you're left wondering if we're just playing till they equalise.....
  15. Sheffield Wednesday V Brentford OMDT

    Great win, if you're hoping to finish top two you simply have to grind out results like this along the way.