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  1. Only we could give a signing an underwhelming assessment and then have him proceed to be even more underwhelming.........
  2. Same @S36 OWL I feel a Joao hat trick nail in our coffin. In true Wednesday fashion I’ll cling to the hope that anything is possible and tbh I’d rather play top teams than those around us!!
  3. We are well into “the club was purchased for £1” territory. Unfortunately that is £149,999,999 below DC’s comedy valuation.
  4. Am I the only one relieved......felt sure DC would be paying them twice those amounts. After all, it’s only money...... On a serious note, I’m sure when DC reads this stuff he wishes he’d kept better records!!
  5. I could buy into this but only as community/grassroots thing. I would say “we” could learn a lot from them and plenty of other clubs down the leagues.....
  6. Cut to DC frantically googling Urhoghide to see who he is.........
  7. Was going to say Iorfa but he must be due to leave on a free by then........
  8. Developed by the same person that makes our signings and picks the team from the sound of it.....to be honest, as bad as it sounds I’m just surprised it’s still online!!!!
  9. Think I’d read the footy was already losing its audience to other media pre-Covid. It faces an uphill struggle on this and other fronts. I think we all know it will ultimately kill itself through greed.
  10. Fair enough but in that case can we start a global warming thread and lay into him on that? All those flights he used to take.......
  11. I understand the sentiment but my understanding is you can’t be given points deductions from two different seasons on the same one? Also, as I’ve said before, going down for us will be an unmitigated disaster, we will be in free fall, the scalp every two but team wants to take.
  12. There is no limit to the amount of managers this group of players can hang out to dry. DM will be another unless he insists on players he wants as replacements when these contracts expire. Paxo and DC have made an art out of recruiting players with dire mentality. You can’t have a team full of these in any league, let alone league one.
  13. I have nothing against IB personally. He is a dire footballer though, I can’t see him making it at any level.......I know, somehow he already has. We must have other youngsters more worthy of the shirt he’s wearing.
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