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  1. New Celtic boss under pressure from the get go……I can say with confidence that I won’t ever find myself wishing ill of the young lads that left the chaos of Wednesday for something bigger and more stable……..
  2. Speak for yourself, I wouldn’t swap that cakeball memory for anything………
  3. Am I the only person who wants BB to leave so he can say I told you so to @Therealrealist
  4. Thinking about it, let’s just combine all four to equal this guy
  5. Trying to add some American context to help you understand our club………. Think Donald Trump crossed with Pearl Harbour. That should help.
  6. Nothing related to Wednesday is SIMPLE apart from our owner…….
  7. “It’s better than nothing” that could be our new f@cking motto…….how often do we read and hear that sentiment in relation to Wednesday.
  8. If the elephant wasn’t just spray on gold paint would it help your decision making process?
  9. Not a criticism but it’s very binary. It’s like being cross examined in the witness box and made to answer yes or no to something that demands way more elaboration. Question 14 for instance, of course any sensible fan would want us to be sustainable but I’d accept year on year that would be difficult dependant upon the development of players you were willing to sell for profit for instance. So I’d accept that being our intention moving forward but acknowledge some flexibility within it. Also, the biggest question of all, how does DC propose to be sustainable? Because I will bet you any money it won’t be in a “ambition-less” Brentford model, it just means bottom feeding and keeping wages low to this owner.
  10. Just asking but are we excluding anyone that works in “accounts” or are we taking the view that they deserve something more akin to the George Cross.
  11. It’ll be in the nations/leagues selector I would think.
  12. Same here, it will introduce new people to the game, database size and available leagues will determine when/if I play it. Like @Ellis Rimmer said, it’d probs be a starting point of a save that ended up in the men’s game for me. I’m interested to see the mechanics of it, player ratings etc. Could be contentious.
  13. So it’s official. First new feature we know is coming, women’s football. Thoughts? Will you play it?
  14. Once again, I’d urge people to take the 5 minutes required to read the interim report before commenting.
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