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  1. Based on what we've seen so far, those in charge probably only know half the story......
  2. Morepork

    Has there ever ?

    I have zero mystic ability but somehow I knew to avoid that!!
  3. Morepork

    Has there ever ?

    Can you really see it or was that just a figure of speech????
  4. Morepork

    Alan Nixon

    Still plenty of people that can’t differentiate between the two. That said, it’s reached a point where things look so dire that the reason is almost academic. Worth acknowledging that it’s probably saving DC from himself....
  5. Morepork

    Booing at half time

    I’m against booing but I’d acknowledge it’s a personal call. When you pay good money to get sh!t on people react in different ways. At our current rate of decline, how long before we’re faced with a “Boos before kickoff” thread.
  6. Morepork

    Alan Nixon

    You know you’ve breached FFP when you can’t even afford to grumble....
  7. Morepork

    Club response required

    I’d take him over Neil, those Pet Shop Boys were sh!te...
  8. Morepork

    Club response required

    The sad fact is they are.....
  9. Morepork

    Club response required

    Save your money, it’s on Netflix.......
  10. Morepork

    Alan Nixon

    Wouldn’t say I’m pro Nixon, Watergate and all that....... I’m not sure about this rumour. Bruce is one of the usual suspects on the British Manager merry go round, we are a club in turmoil. Easy to put 2 and 2 together and come up with any answer bar 4....
  11. Morepork

    Alan Nixon

    Regardless of who it is at some point we’ll be calling for their head. No changes behind the scenes we’ll be calling for it sooner. Whoever comes in and someone surely will we absolutely must stop hamstringing ourself with diabolical mismanagement.
  12. Morepork

    Club response required

    I think the dead man walking zone exists as long as our operations behind the scenes continue to be handled by DC and the “advisors”. On that basis I’d argue the new appointment when it happens will be a dead man walking from day one. Change of manager, change of approach. Give the new guy the best possible chance of success.
  13. Morepork

    Alan Nixon

    You rule out every prospective candidate applying that kind of logic.
  14. Morepork

    Alan Nixon

    Corrected for you.
  15. Morepork


    I’d be buzzing if I saw some Elev8 let alone drunk it!!