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  1. They are three players we really ought to be shifting so I’d expect truth in that. Before we hang Nixon....Bruce is a shrewd operator, I fully expect us to be the source of plenty of Bullsh!t rumours and distractions.
  2. Our alleged covert transfer dealings remind me of a house buying/selling chain from hell I was once caught in!!
  3. Pleased to see that “Possible soft embargo” thread condemned to OT’s Guantanamo section..... Truth is, we currently have zero idea if we’re in one or sneakily attempting to hide the resources we do have. I’ve seen hardly any transfer activity from any clubs, too early to worry. The next few weeks will enlighten us. Whatever our circumstances are, I just hope SB has been in the loop from the outset.
  4. Nobody had more finesse than Melo as he rode that bad boy down the lines. The stuff of legend.....
  5. Im just not fussy.... Blue and white blood, never say die attitude, my only criteria. Obviously, I’m taking it for granted they are professional footballers at some level.
  6. Annoying because I should know by now that I can’t walk dogs and use my phone...... Even more annoying that I checked it.....twice!! FFS. It was academic, “you can’t spend what you’ve not got” only applied to his generation.
  7. True, However, as my grandad used to say.....you can’t soend what you’ve not got!!
  8. So.....Junk Smuggler says we need players with a “big” everything. Happy to see some of us resisting the PC brigade.
  9. Was fully expecting a link to Interpol
  10. I think we’ve got a pot, unfortunately it’s the size of a marmite jar.......and we’ve been on the lash for three seasons!!! It will ultimately come down to money with Hector. We need to meet the Chelsea valuation or best other offer. Beyond that, on personal terms we probably need to be in the ballpark. If we’re honest with ourselves, it’s not beyond the realms of possibility but it’s unlikely.
  11. I literally had that exact dream last night!! Its a sign....I’m just not sure of what.....
  12. Leave him alone!! There were echoes of @Penguin in that rumour....for a second it was like the good ole days
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