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  1. We must look after him. Whilst I think he's definitely a player that can get forward and score a goal this season he is absolutely critical to our cause in that holding role. He's tenacious, hardworking, reads the game well, breaks up play, distributes sensibly etc, etc.
  2. I thought we’d just stopped because all voting is rigged right.......
  3. Get us into resus!!! We've got a pulse......
  4. Agree. We are pretty much stuck with set pieces and the odd goal from open play until the window opens, hopefully we can add some firepower.
  5. Way more than I expected from us after just two games in charge with all our injuries as well. What stood out tonight was how utterly incoherent we have been as a team for the last 18 months. Players who we know can play actually looked like good players again. Pulis, not only had us looking organised but confident in what we were looking to achieve. We've got some massive gaps in our squad, not least up front but I feel way more upbeat after tonight than I have in a very long time.
  6. I was going to say there is no such thing as boring stats but you changed my mind!!!! Only kidding.
  7. Agree OP. Did a solid job tonight in all regards.
  8. He edged MOM for me. Did a lot of unglamorous work, helped keep our shape and I think inadvertently others bought into his work rate. Proper competitor. Someone decent to hold the ball up and he'd be a danger breaking from midfield.
  9. What we saw was organisation coupled with work rate. Lots of players grafting in unglamorous roles and duties and yet in many ways the first half was strangely a beautiful thing....... The end result was that the sum of our team was worth considerably more than its individual parts. I also enjoyed seeing Pulis react to poor decisions when they did occur. He doesn't suffer fools, you can't kid him, he will find you out.
  10. Lots of solid performances. Gonna go for CP. Worked hard, helped keep out shape. Lead by example on work rate as did ML and others followed.
  11. Bit hairy at the end but I could take more positives from that than I can from the last 18 months.......
  12. Same, shall we do it by Zoom for moral support..... I now have a mental image of 200 Wednesday fans crying on a Zoom call. Viral stuff....
  13. I'd say JVA is probably done once we have other options. Pulis would forgive a mistake but its much worse when your decision making is as flawed as JVA's was in that passage of play.
  14. Please stop the replays of JVA's defending its making my blood boil.....
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