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  1. Morepork

    Serious question

    Which reminds me......I heard a rumour the badge is changing!!
  2. Hang on a minute!!! I have no expectation and I'm still unhappy......
  3. Morepork

    Steve Bruce

    Will you take $10 and Maori lessons?
  4. Morepork

    DO we trust the players

    I don't trust anyone....but that's just me.
  5. Morepork

    Steve Bruce

  6. Morepork

    DO we trust the players

    Theoretical mate......
  7. Morepork

    DO we trust the players

    Nobody of sound mind should have any trust in these players. Poor, Average, Average, Poor, Average, Good.......and repeat.
  8. Morepork

    Stay Safe Wednesdayites

    I heard the same......
  9. Thanks Snoots. I've been meeting up with Gray every time he brings the Endeavour back to NZ for repairs......"as such!!!" He maintains that he'd happily return if Neil apologises!!! Back to the match. Come on Wednesday, lets plant one firmly on the chin of Toytown!!! 3-1 Wednesday.
  10. Morepork

    Loans for next season

    Am I the only person that would be nervous about DC going in for Brewster??