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  1. My theory on Reach is that opinion is skewed by the fact that he doesn’t put a foot in. Some people just can’t see past that despite all his other qualities. The stats speak for themselves, I trust Bruce to juggle our playing staff as he sees fit so I’m not concerned either way.
  2. I’m so grateful for my memories of the good times. Gives you nothing but admiration for the fans that came after and deserve good times of their own.
  3. Great memories of Mel but Roland was pure class. Easy one.
  4. Forget FFP. I’m more frightened by people’s willingness to ignore the facts at any costs.
  5. Apparently, this guy treated himself to 5000 of them.....not content with his allocation of all our corporate boxes.
  6. Hang on, I thought he was third choice.......That parallel universe we found ourselves in was a dark place!!! Westwood controls everything in front of him, his communication with the defence and reading of the game is second to none. Like an extra defender. Would be massive if we keep him.
  7. I know lots have made their mind up about Rhodes and based on what he’s done in a Wednesday shirt it’s not unreasonable. However, based on the improvements we’ve seen in several individuals under Bruce and our improved tactical astuteness I’d be keen to see what he can do with JR.
  8. Whilst I think we need to be open minded about ins and outs I totally agree re: Reach. He’s worth his weight for his availability let alone ability. That said, depends on offers, there will surely be several. Bruce will be looking for: Reliable Fitness, Mental Toughness, Consistency and Hunger as fundamentals of any signing I’m sure. If we’re going to build on his achievements this season there isn’t really any latitude for taking a risk with incomings or new contracts.
  9. Almost forgot, Hector makes Lees look and play so much better. Tom is a great player but he needs a Hector type next to him in order to realise his full potential IMO.
  10. My holidays are almost over, I’m expecting to be placed under a soft embargo any moment........
  11. Loan with a permanent at the end same as JR but with a better outcome... We love him, he loves us, it was meant to be..... We will find a way, Bruce and DC will deliver.
  12. Fabulous strike, also shows outstanding composure to realign his comb over after the celebrations.
  13. Last I heard Penguin was doing time for crimes against rumours.....
  14. Thanks Snoots. It’s good to know there’s a reliable and balanced analysis available when you’re on the road and a little out of touch. I’m still doing the hard yards in Port Douglas......crocs everywhere, jellyfish, sharks, spiders, snakes. Even the frogs can do for you....
  15. Outstanding goal. Made better by the expression on Farkes face...... I didn’t quite see who FF ran over to on the touch line? Point has probably been made elsewhere but it that shot goes sailing over the bar as coach I’m losing my sh!t in the dugout.
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