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  1. He's a great pro, been very consistent for us even in the crazy situation of having no real competition for his place until this season. That said, he just doesn't come across as the guy who's going to lead the troops into battle. Accepted, there's more to the captaincy than that but I think it goes some way to explaining our mental frailties.
  2. That reminds me......I need my sack waxing!!!
  3. Obviously the call of Sheffield City Councils Traffic Warden Dept just became too strong for the Doomster to resist any longer......I can already hear the dulcet tones of Doom as he issues you a ticket for being 1 minute over your allotted time...... Average (and I'm being kind) Journo. I'm more interested in who will replace him to be honest.
  4. I'm happy being treated like sh!t, wear it like a badge of honour. #belligerence
  5. I think he's being polite. I watched the Blades go toe to toe with Man City yesterday, they have a team full of belligerent tw@ts!!! We need some tw@ts of our own.....
  6. Thanks @Holmowl I knew you’d be prepping this analysis. Like night and day with Fletch. That can’t be lost on Monk, the issue will be landing another forward that can bring the same qualities to the team. We’ve actually been fortunate to keep Fletch fit as long as we did, injury was inevitable.
  7. It’s a disgrace!!!! Every time I go down to ten men on FM20 I always comeback....... On a serious note, the performance and the manner of the defeat were awful but it’s the pattern I find more frustrating and worrisome.
  8. I think we only actually paid for one player in the summer (Luongo) so I'm not expecting us to buy anyone in January. It does not stop us strengthening the squad though.
  9. It's true. We've eventually replaced him with better defenders but as a captain and leader the huge void left by his departure has never been more evident.
  10. Down to interpretation I guess. I don't think bo!!ocking anyone is necessarily going to get the best out of them although occasionally it may still be required...... I suppose I'm really talking about having those leaders on the park that are going to maintain standards of application and effort. I feel just having certain characters on the field almost prevents some issues even arising. But, in the event they do, we need people that are prepared to remind others where the expectations are and whats at stake. Like you say, at the moment we seem to just turn the other cheek en-masse.
  11. Agree with that. Think Crouch is wrong though. I still believe it's possible to have players on the field that are prepared to lay down the law and demand more from their teammates and we desperately need a couple. Also, you make a very valid point about not being able to recover from losing positions, which is then reinforced by how many winning positions we've conceded.
  12. I accept the January window can be a tough one and things may not happen until deadline day or close to it but we simply have to find a way to add some quality and more importantly backbone to this squad. The obvious risk in failing to do so are - We drift away from a possible top six push. It's still there for the talking for any team that can find a good run of form........ We fail to accrue enough points to shield ourselves from a possible point deduction should it transpire. and even the short term perception that we may not be as confident of our position in relation to the appeal as we are outwardly portraying can damage morale, ability to plan for next season in terms of recruitment, ten year ticket sales...... etc.
  13. I know what you mean and yes I'd absolutely agree that money seems to be the top of the list for all players. Also, I think the days of seeing a player stay with a single club are long gone and its unrealistic to expect anyone with a short career to turn their back on cash. But, I do think it's still possible to have players who play with pride and passion for the shirt. I watched Liverpool earlier, they seem to have plenty. It hurts to say it but I think they even have them across the city. I'm talking about winners, players that chase lost causes, that refuse to give in, that will fight till their last breath etc, etc. Sure, they may actually be performing at those levels for themselves first and foremost but that matters not if it translates as pride in the shirt and club.
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