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  1. Morepork

    how much is Westwood suddenly worth?

    One mans night is another’s morning.......
  2. Morepork

    how much is Westwood suddenly worth?

    I don’t see how one keepers poor performance raises the value of another TBH. My overriding feeling at the end of the game was one of concern for the Liverpool keepers health.
  3. FM18 player “tell” if ever I’ve seen one!
  4. Morepork

    Year on year improvement

    Chansiri Wednesday if we really want to climb the league...... And with succession Att Chansiri Wednesday to take us top!!! FFS
  5. Morepork

    Matias wants to stay..

    It’s not a case of is he good enough, a decision has to be made around his injury record, even though it’s not his fault. We need players who are both physically robust and mentaly resilient as an absolute minimum.
  6. Morepork

    Matias wants to stay..

    It's time to be ruthless, I suspect we'll have little choice but to see out his contract but it should not be renewed. It's true we've seen flashes of how good he could be but the injury situation is not acceptable. That may not be his fault and as we know the management at the club during his time with us has most likely contributed to it but enough is enough. He's been injured way too much to remain at the club, end of.
  7. In his honour.......
  8. Morepork

    R I P mum and fly high

    Very sad thread, condolences to those who’ve suffered the loss of a loved one.
  9. Morepork

    Clare rejected us??

    Well I have to say, despite being rejected by the two whippersnappers I maintain a spirit of resolute optimism. These contract issues have been the kind of distraction no club wants so the more of this we clean up the better IMO.
  10. The Derren Brown of Owlstalk......
  11. Morepork

    Wee Barry Bannan

    CC got Bannan back to his best in season 1 and then proceeded to destroy him from that point on by playing him in roles he was less effective and struggling to fulfill. My respect for Bannan actually increased during that period because he was taking one for the team on a regular basis. Like you say, even when struggling he wouldn’t hide.
  12. Morepork

    Wee Barry Bannan

    I did mate but thanks for bringing it to my attention!!
  13. Morepork

    Wee Barry Bannan

    Best thing I’ve read on here in some time!!! Can you release two posts a day please as a humanitarian effort to keep us going.
  14. For those that can't remember how this works..... Stage One - Sweet FA Stage Two - Penguin Posts Total Bo!!ocks Stage Three - More Sweet FA Stage Four - Random Speculation Stage Five - You guessed it, more sweet FA.... Stage Six - Nixon Rumour Stage Seven - Nixon Haters Arrive Stage Eight - Rumour turns solid Stage Nine - Nixon Haters Depart Stage Ten - Welcome to Hillsborough.... As you can see, we're somewhere between Two and Three, patience my friends.