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  1. A Nigerian Prince keeps emailing me about my inheritance, maybe he could intervene on our behalf...!!!
  2. A new signing will help us “bridge” the gap.....
  3. Somewhere between EFL HQ and S6 this hardy bugger is doing his duty on our behalf. Wish him luck.........
  4. I’ve been in house buying chains that have moved faster than this......
  5. Great point. I think it’s fair to say it can’t be our priority this season but for those of us at the old Wembley Stadium that day it’s still one of our most cherished moments.
  6. I don’t think we really dwell enough on the magnitude of these moments. We are all passionate Wednesday fans. Now imagine making your professional debut for your boyhood club. Somewhere, that despite your young age you’ve already spent several years of your lIfe. It may not have been by design or part of any planned strategy by the club but it’s definitely a significant positive coming out of a bad situation. Reminds me of the good old days, Graham Hyde and Ryan Jones.
  7. Pleased with our youngsters but we’re still carrying deadwood. Two or three medium term injuries and we are in trouble. (Correction) More trouble. Somehow, we need a minimum of three more additions IMO.
  8. Impressed. People will bang on about playing too many at once, too soon, too strong an opposition but ask any of those lads how they feel and you'll have your answer!!! We don't have the luxury of risking our best players in the League Cup. Not a Monk fan but his flawless start continues because he did the right thing again tonight. If anything he was let down by two or three of the older heads in the team.
  9. This thread is in Feefall.....
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