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  1. I was sick twice then fell over.....reminded me of that Cine 2000 that used to be at Alton Towers!!!
  2. This. And even if everything at Wednesday was exceeding my expectations I'd still be jumping up and down about it. It's sinister as f**k and totally unhealthy. Doom should be embarrassed and ashamed that he's enabled DC with this way too cosy interview.
  3. We couldn’t survive a glamping weekend in the Cotswolds......
  4. Thanks.....another nail in my faith in humanity coffin.....
  5. My expectations are too high for what? Can you give me some more examples of the power of social media around Wednesday or even football? How has that had any impact on the current situation at the club, do you even accept there are issues at the club? I'm asking that respectfully but I'm sure you know that. I need to check out in a minute @Inspector Lestrade but thanks for a good healthy debate. I'll check in later. The limiting of contact with the outside world has manifested itself in to Mrs Moorpork expecting the never ending list of household jobs to be expedited.......ffs
  6. Everyone handles the current situation differently. For me, trying to maintain normal service on as many levels as possible for myself and my family is what works. Each to their own. Take care.
  7. He can't control the bo!!ocks from joe public or in rare cases "mock media" on the social platforms, you just live with it. Most sensible people don't pay any attention to it. What you can't do is stop responding to professional journalists en masse who are attempting to raise legitimate questions just because you disagree with them or they make you feel uncomfortable. Our one channel of communication with DC can not be through the conduit of Doom Howson, that is both unhealthy and untenable.
  8. You're the detective.... It's not necessarily the questions asked is it. It's not pushing back on the answers, it's picking a friendly journo and in the process rubbishing the rest. It annoys me no end that there's no response to that from Doom or even a side note about his colleges being rubbished by DC. That is where is starts to feel less than credible and more contrived. You can almost imagine the approval process taking place for the questions, again, far from organic. Most of us deal with people we have differences with and in some cases don't like every day for work and even outside of work. This guy doesn't have a pragmatic bone in his body. His response to anything he doesn't like or disagrees with is simply to dismiss it because he can.
  9. I was hoping for an interview with journalistic integrity, this is a hundred miles from that and as such its a missed opportunity, it devalues anything the owner says IMO as does the complete lack of humility. Maybe the truth is that Doom wanted to push back, maybe even he did push back on some of the responses but had to stop because at that point DC would then class him as a lying and misleading journo too...... People will make their own minds up irrespective and they'll make their minds up with their eyes first and foremost. DC paints a picture of a club that's well run, the visible evidence alone suggests its anything but.
  10. You've lost me....... DC has his version of the truth which he has every right to voice, I made no comment on his language or version of events. My comment was that it reads like a piece of propaganda, unchallenged by a poor journalist that has clearly sold out to get what he thinks is a scoop.
  11. The nature and structure of this entire interview...... Alluding to the notion that all journalists lie and mislead, and that Doom is the only one that can be trusted. It smacks of a "Trumpian" assault on the fake news media, essentially dismissing opinions that don't align with the owners. It's like an advertorial, this is a pre-agreed Q&A with absolutely no journalistic credibility, no challenging of answers just an opportunity for the owner to put his views forward completely unopposed. Also, there's not a single ounce of humility in it and I think people would have been more forgiving of mistakes and poor decisions if there was.
  12. It reads like a piece of propaganda from a communist nation imo. The whole thing is just too cosy and contrived. I'm not reading another thing Doom writes.
  13. Not one to brag but my electric version is far superior, my "after" face is much happier!!!
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