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  1. I think it's a good watch. He puts forward a very balanced perspective and the fact that it's put together over a couple of days just allows for that bit or reflection that's always needed.
  2. Personally, I think this is a positive draw. We get to see what the manager learned from the last fixture and how the players react against a team that kicked our @ss. On the basis of what we've seen so far I'm not expecting any sort of reaction........
  3. "Get at them and they'll fold....." (or words to that effect) is almost certainly the first sentence of every opposition managers assessment of Wednesday. And, even mid game, if we are a goal up or even two it still applies....... That we've found ourselves in this position is not only embarrassing but also unforgivable. Mentality had to be number one asset of any player we signed last season, if they couldn't tick that box, no matter how good they were we should have walked away.
  4. You couldn't make it up mate. Character should have been the number one criteria for any player we signed this year and yet here we are........
  5. Totally right. He'd be an excellent "Good Cop" assistant manager along side a "real" manager with tactical knowhow.......
  6. Same here. In fact I believe that's the exact moment I recalled HMSPTL......
  7. The "friendly" approach only works with people that have the right mindset. Some people, as you point out will just think they can get away with things. Today is the first time I've heard him even slightly criticise although I think we have accept he may be different in private. Whatever the result we must always "call out" a lack of desire and willingness to go the extra yard. We just rolled over, for the umpteenth time, its just not acceptable, ever.
  8. "Feels like a defeat" Cut and paste into any result under this manager. I've felt like that in the games we've won.......
  9. The one thing that to me is worse than DM's tactics and the indifferent and unconvincing results.......our mental frailty.....what the absolute f@ck is wrong with our players. Not a single ounce of fight, nobody putting their body on the line, giving everything in the face of adversity, nothing at all, just resignation.
  10. Gregory, a proper forward. Deserved better today. We simply can't prevent the opposition creating chances, way too many. Simple mistakes, no ability to shut up show with a two goal lead. The manager is under pressure and deservedly so. We simply must improve.
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