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  1. Firstly, I really can't see why anybody would be prepared to jump from Chansiri to Mike Ashley, he is not a "football man" [email protected] he's barely human on so many levels. If we are to make the assumption that DC is not going to sell up and move on, which I think most would admit grudgingly is most likely then the following needs to happen. 1. Appoint a CEO to oversee all commercial, financial, marketing duties. Along with HR and all other "Operational" aspects of running the business side of the club. Chansiri has already proven that he is not capable of doing this himself. 2. Appoint a Sporting Director to oversee the football side of the club, a model used extensively in Germany. 3, Appoint to a non-executive position a Howard Wilkinson type figure that understands the club history, it's fans and who will act as a link between the club and fans/community along with being an experienced voice around the owner. 4. Add two to three "other" non-executive board members who bring experience in areas where we are badly lacking, commercial, marketing, finance etc. We essentially lack expertise in every aspect of running a successful football club/business. One man is making all the decisions at the moment, that isn't healthy, isn't safe and it isn't working. It simply has to change. The above would allow DC to distance himself from the club, something he desperately needs to do IMO.
  2. I think there’s every chance we could be in more or less the same place but with a distinct possibility of even more debt, higher running costs etc.
  3. He’d need to be about 600 years old to have the experience to deal with our sh!t
  4. Totally agree, he's clutching with the disallowed goal and his assessment. We play the same if we're two up or two down.....you can't coach the stuff that's killing us in almost every game. There's no desire, no bodies on the line, no never say die attitude, no composure, no football intelligence, its hard to watch....If Klopp's Liverpool are "Mentality Monsters" we are whatever the polar opposite of that is. Preston, not the most gifted of teams but had lots of characteristics we lack. Went a goal down having had the better chances and responded accordingly.
  5. It's almost as if you were just angry and didn't even read my post, that or you can't actually read at all...... I never mentioned Bruce or his record. I never said Monk was good. The Chairman can't "leave" regardless of his morals, which again, I didn't mention. I have no idea why you even mentioned DC's smoking habits.........
  6. I've not jumped on any bandwagon to sack under-performing or struggling managers, if anything I think I could be criticised for being too patient, the same with DC. Sometimes it's just necessary, in the case of Monk I'd say he hasn't been given all the tools he could have by DC, at the same time he's made missteps and errors of his own. In this particular case though I believe it's in the clubs best interest to start a fresh next season, unless somehow Monk can get some traction for the remaining games and finish on some kind of a positive. Oh, that and we don't get relegated...... It should be said that anyone we appoint will struggle with this shower of mentally weak, rollover and surrender players the DC has assembled. It should also be said that we'll continue to struggle and underachieve unless there is change at the very top so brace for it to get worse before it gets better IMO.
  7. It's all these things and more. Quality is missing but for me some other characteristics come first, as without them you are going nowhere. Composure, decision making, leadership, the mental attributes the we are so sorely missing. The list could go on. You need only look at the way Preston responded to going 1-0 down to see all the traits that are missing from the mental side of our squad.
  8. I've said it many times on here that we would never know if Monk was any good or not for the simple fact that there are too many ongoing issues through every facet of this club, most out of his control. Other managers may have achieved a little more with our squad but I refuse to believe any manager would get consistency, fight, belief or any other characteristic required in a successful team out of this shower. Through naivety and mismanagement DC has presided over the creation of this shambles of a playing squad. I think many of us are at a point where we want/need to see everything cleansed from the club, even our handful of decent players can go for me. I see no point in appointing anyone new now, it would be grossly unfair. Whatever the future holds we can be certain of one thing, if DC remains, so will the chaos and underachievement.
  9. As others have said, Biggs alluding to 12 point deduction. If this transpires to be the case I wonder what peoples thoughts are on the club withholding any announcement? Sensible so as not to but even more pressure on players and staff or just another betrayal?
  10. Too right. It's at a point where Monk could just go home after the match and let the reporters roll a tape from any other game.
  11. Monk never really stood a chance. Not backed by DC to the same levels as previous managers. Makes me think he was always a stop gap.
  12. I would like to think we do. That said, I'm a big believer in recruiting the best person for a job regardless of their ethnicity, not because of it.
  13. Everyone out with the exception of the guy that baked CAKEBALL.
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