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  1. Shoehorn FC

    Well we’re definitely Vanilla!! Funny how people’s view in what’s balanced can be so different. What you describe above as balanced isn’t balanced at all IMO. I don’t see how we can be too solid and balanced. Surely that’s unbalanced!! I totally agree we’re either too negative (unbalanced) and refuse to throw caution to the wind which would also be unbalanced. Good sides are first and foremost consistent and secondly able to balance a solid defence with a reasonably potent strike force. We can only do one of those at a time, occasionally two......
  2. Shoehorn FC

    I know you were only hypothesising, nobody of sound mind holds the belief that we’d even consider change! I remain to be convinced we are able to field any formation that’s solid and balanced.
  3. What we need..

    Fear of defeat on every level and a sacrifitial mindset. Two elements missing from us but glaringly evident in the blades. Forget league positions and city rivalries, this hurts more. The fact that they’ve been able to encapsulate this and turn it into something that’s worth considerably more than the sum of its parts.
  4. Shoehorn FC

    I’ve never like anyone’s suggested lineup before!!! I’m not sure I agree with the personnel but I think most of us would welcome a tactical change that would probably stun the opposites in to defeat if nothing else. Palmer, hard worker but nowhere near the quality to deliver a cross in that formation, Reach ok though. Also we don’t know Venancio from a bar of soap so I could never suggest he start on that basis. Wingbacks not hurting the Blades any though!! CC lives in the modern era of fluid formations and tactical periodisation, it’ll never happen.
  5. Shoehorn FC

    I hear you mate. I think we’ve reached a point where our issues can’t be addressed by simple lineup and even tactical changes. Opposites do not fear us because they know our first priority is always to nullify them, they have little or nothing to think about. They simple go about their business as planned, we rarely do anything on the front foot.
  6. Shoehorn FC

    Also stopped reading at the word “shoehorn” reminded me of s bad experience in Clarks.. don’t want to see anyone playing out of their best position except in an injury crisis. I’m guessing Reach has either scored+created most of our recent goals he needs to stay put, no crazy left back talk. We need to play our own game to our strengths and give the opposites something to think about for a f*****g change!! And tempo, tempo, tempo!! Did i mention tempo!!!
  7. George Hirst Saga

    Surely somebody asked the Chairman about George........?
  8. Tom Lees

    Not disputing a very poor game by his standards. Always marvel at how unforgiving some are, ultimately it’s a bad day at work and everyone has had one of those. Alongside KL easily our most consistent player over the last 4 years.
  9. Nailed on we’d f**k it up and get Brian......
  10. Stuart Gray

    To be fair the wage % was probably even less.......
  11. Mulder and Scully

    Definite X files candidate this post!!! WTF is going on
  12. Heard summet

    Halfwit alert....
  13. Totally agree. Also, it’s worth pointing out that he’s said most of this before but in some cases it falls on deaf ears. Even where he’s elaborated a little more it’s still stuff that’s obvious or logical to anyone with a half reasonable intellect. I applaud his willingness to engage, at the same time I feel it’s not sustainable. Spelling out the blindingly obvious must be destroying his will to live....
  14. Thats grim, if you raise that on the SI forum they just say it’s possible....like I say someone will release a patch. I had a nice one installed off Sortitoutsi last year. It let you reduce injuries by up to 50%, in 5% increments, 25% was about right. I’ve not had anything like that on the save I started.