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  1. I was keen to see him come on, unfortunately he was on a hiding to nothing as we were playing without purpose, composure or much of anything else for that matter. He'll leave on a free and reinvent himself somewhere else, another financially painful lesson for us.
  2. How hard did we make that..... Stoke boss to be sacked, we we're poor, they were terrible.
  3. If I'm Monk then I'm livid. This isn't so much tactical it's about mentality and decision making. We have showed little quality in either regard.
  4. Stoke working nowhere near hard enough to earn a goal, we're gifting them an opportunity here.
  5. I wonder if that Iorfa back pass is linked to my need for a change of underwear.....
  6. Bannan, had at least 15 minutes to pick a man out then....
  7. Zero composure ATM, players need to get a grip on this but Monk needs to act also.
  8. Time for some composure and Fessi to give them something to think about.
  9. Nice block big Dom, thats the kind of commitment I want to see!!
  10. Agree, I feel like the Nags Head would have a chance of a mid table finish....
  11. This second half looks like a perfect opportunity for FF to come on and remind people what he can do. Plenty of space, game crying out for some flair and creativity.
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