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  1. So much of what he wins actually ends up at the feet of one of our players, superb.
  2. I think that psychologically, you can take as much away from winning a game like this as you can winning by a 2/3 goal margin. Any team that’s going to do well in this league has to grind out this kind of result, fact.
  3. This....LB would't be my choice but I can't be critical of where we're at, its crazy.
  4. And the irony of that, even if it were true is those are the teams we'd typically drop points to.
  5. Agree with this but I didn't take the OP's comments as being Lee over Bannan, just that we are more dynamic with Lee.
  6. Spot on and honest assessment. Treatment of Fox is embarrassing, wrong and only serves to damage the team.
  7. Big Reach fan but it's been obvious for several games that he is out of sorts, off his best etc. He shouldn't be holding down that position in his current form now we have options.
  8. Showing why we had the confidence to walk away from the Hector negotiation. No nonsense but classy at the same time.
  9. Yep, and anyone on here that says they would not have been delighted with 9 points from 12 after Bruce left has lost all sense of perspective.
  10. In this league you take what you can get. Surely nobody expects to win attractively or even convincingly every game. There are plenty of unanswered questions about the wisdom of our current situation but I can't bring myself to criticise a win.
  11. You may be able to establish it from his shoe size.....that is what you meant right??
  12. Hang on a minute, you are’t putting forward a retrospective analysis of the game are you.... The Millwall game proved my point, which was that they’d be the toughest test thus far.
  13. Same here. No nonsense but classy at the same time.....surely he can only get better too.
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