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  1. It’s pretty clear to me that in true Wednesday fashion we are lining up the ultimate finale of pain and anguish........anyone with any sense of self preservation has their headspace in relegation long ago. That’s not a defeatist attitude, it’s the reality of this squads ability.
  2. It comes directly from the Tartan Paint business DC invested in.......don't worry, DC values it at several billion.
  3. I was being ironic but it’s all making perfect sense now. Don’t play JR and save a few grand, play him and give us the best chance of avoiding the financial impact of relegation. DC opts to save a few grand every time......
  4. There may as well be a brick wall between the stats and people’s perception of JR. That said, it’s academic because there must be a financial reason for him not starting games.
  5. All true. And you could add twenty more flaws, weaknesses and shortcomings to that list and you’d still only be scratching the surface. We are rotten to the core and it the comes from the very top. It’s almost impossible to see a route out of this mire without addressing the ownership issue.
  6. It'll be academic soon........The coaching team are sitting on a dire record already, having shown no real signs of making progress, making many of the same mistakes their predecessors did. Despite them being forced to work with the shower of sh!te that is this squad they will rightly or wrongly be written off many fans already. Made more sense to line the appointment up for next season and give them as much of a clean slate as possible rather than being tainted by association to this squad. And, after all, NT has been our most successful manager this season hasn't he?
  7. I'm not sure how anyone could contemplate re-signing any of these players on any kind of terms. That we managed to amass so many weak mentality players was an astonishing achievement. The first box that needs ticking for recruitment has to be character, ability means nothing without it.
  8. We’re run like a Sunday league team, League One will still flatter us........
  9. It’s reached a point where giving anyone, regardless of character and intellect an online voice is about as dangerous as issuing driving licences without tests. Make the social media companies pay for a registration scheme where it can be policed accordingly.
  10. Unfortunately nobody at the club realised that every single game this season was the “biggest” in our history....... We deserve to go down and to some degree I actually hope we do go down because escaping that outcome after the way DC has run this sh!tshow would be more damaging going forward IMO.
  11. This might be contentious but we absolutely deserve to go down. There's zero evidence to suggest that even relegation would force the owner to question the way he operates and his own level of ability. I can assure you there'd be even less chance if we stay up by some twist of fate. If, after all our missteps, all our f@ck ups, the lack of leadership, the leaches sucking the club dry, the lack of planning, being devoid of direction or the first f@cking clue about how to run a club......if after all that we don't go down, it will only be worse going forward.
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