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  1. Monk's post match chat. Straight talking manager who always comes across as both sensible and honest. Also feel he has that psychological edge to his management style, definitely a thinker. I just couldn't help but feel in the comments about Rhodes at (0:33) that Monk was also trying to send a message to Fernando.
  2. Spot on OP. Been arguably one of our best players since he joined. Undeniably, he's had his first run of poor form since signing but he's looking like he's turned a corner.
  3. Went with Rhodes although I do think the Kit man has every right to be aggrieved, zero votes despite everyone having the right shirt on!!! Don't know what some expect on here......
  4. Most satisfying aspect of his performance today was the nature of the goals, especially that first one, pure instinct.
  5. I have no idea but I'm happy to buy in to that analysis. No from me too
  6. You say that like its fact, have you seen that reported somewhere? To my mind, if the EFL could place us under embargo while they were waiting for and then reviewing our documentation it would seem only logical that they could do the same having reviewed it and decided they need to take action on it.
  7. Rhodes all day, so much warmer than Derby at this time of year.
  8. Yeah, it's almost as if some people haven't got a clue what they're talking about...... I've got no complaints about the manager, as someone said elsewhere he's getting just about as much as is possible out of this squad. Our shortcomings aren't so much technical as mental IMO.
  9. The only thing more certain than us surrendering a lead is this website shittingitself.........
  10. I’m not sure how many times we can play out this same f*****g script.....
  11. I’m not sure how many times we can play out this same f*****g script.....
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