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  1. Curran wasn't getting a game time with Southampton Vardy is a top class international player at the top of his game I think it's a poor comparison
  2. Don't agree I think he started a bit slow but as the season grew he was as good as any other player
  3. Doesn't matter how much you know about the German lad if Bruce and his team are confident in him that's all we need to know
  4. Harrison adomah ameobi are all better options
  5. But they wouldn't be announced as signed until they have passed the medical and my point is most players are away on holiday
  6. They need to pass a medical before anything can be finalised
  7. I think who as the captaincy is not a priority at present
  8. I enjoy it every year more grandkids this year
  9. I think he would have played with top class professionals before
  10. We owe Middlesbrough around 4 million payable as soon as we let him go do really think releasing him on a free would help the club
  11. Or maybe not reaction you hoped for
  12. Does anybody think our dressing room needs berahino
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