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  1. He's the no nonsense center half we are lacking
  2. 3 of those mentioned spend large chunks of time on the treatment.table
  3. He was at beginning of season not so much now and I they can upgrade
  4. The commitment and passion from the players got the crowd going
  5. Most consistent player of the season
  6. Maybe sow as upped his game and it's showing on the training field let's see what happens in the remaining games
  7. We were far better on the day we need that passion and commitment for every game
  8. Anybody who's knows the lad knows why he was released
  9. But they were not better than us at Hillsborough a few weeks ago
  10. The expectations have hardly been met in the 50 plus years I have watched Wednesday
  11. Watched him come through the ranks just like the other thousands of other players that fail to make it
  12. Do you think there's a reason Westwood is presently not working
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