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  1. Old chap called Bob Martin run feathers team that played on there sterland twins definitely played not sure about shutt Williamson
  2. The pitch was behind where the petrol station is now
  3. He needs this he struggled last week against a young Cardiff side he needs competitive football against men to see if he can find the next level
  4. Would imagine it will close as soon as they start digging for h&s reasons
  5. And if it gets messy it could be the last allocation of tickets we receive from a club all season think about it
  6. A 30 second video of players have a laugh at middlewood doesn't represent any of the work they may or may not have put in if the work is boring and mundane then get ready
  7. I caught covid well after being double jabbed then i passed it to missus and she had also been double jabbed
  8. I have not fell for any hype I base my ideas on what's achievable by what I have seen and what should happen with the quality of our squad and I stand by my belief this is the strongest squad in this league I hope Mr Moore can squeeze every bit out of it and I'm still confident by may we will have achieved what we set out to do
  9. For me we can't play wing and bannan they seem to similar it's one or the other
  10. Apologies go straight over my head what I want his to hear what he and the coaching staff thought they did wrong and how they plan to rectify the away record
  11. I think we want to play a nice passing game at a reasonable tempo but we have to realise that's not going to happen most weeks we to learn to put a foot in and scrap for every bit of possession
  12. What relevance as how much as it cost got to do with anything
  13. Better second half from Wednesday but didn't cause Cardiff many problems disappointed with adedoyin and Dawodo seen them both a few times and I'm glad we didn't have to start the season with them as first teamers
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