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  1. That took a while, a very long while. Class
  2. I think there's something wrong with those pictures, NML (at least I think it's him) is in the same place on every one, must have been a software glitch.
  3. Hoo-bloody-ray It's so overdue, I really don't understand why football is so backwards compared to other sports.
  4. It was an interesting season, we started with pretty much nothing, we were plagued by injuries but we almost made it. Bannan's pass to Johnson was possibly the highlight of my season, after his goal of the season obviously. Well done lads, and well done DM, we nearly made it, and on another day, who knows, but it's a hats off from me. LOVE YOU WEDNESDAY WAWAW
  5. Good first half, dominating the play. Just keep it up lads and you will be rewarded. Come on Wednesday!
  6. Thank you Lord Snooty, and you're right, we will win. WE WILL WIN, WE WILL WIN! And as @BOOFABIhas pointed out, we just need to be the mighty mixed kebab, and avoid being the frozen chicken statues, it really is that simple. Come on Wednesday!
  7. Or maybe he's a space cowboy? Or maybe he's just an opinionated bloke who works in a chicken shop in Maidstone? I doubt we'll ever get to the truth
  8. If I had a pound for every time that's been said to me. I'd still be skint.
  9. We've already beaten them 3-0 at home. Just do the same and it's sorted, easy peasy.
  10. There's some very irresponsible suggestions in this thread, very unsportsmanlike. Fireworks, fire drills, dodgy food. What on earth were you thinking? I'm suprised nobody's suggested phoning the hotel reporting a suspect package in the foyer, ffs. I would suggest around 4am would be a good time.
  11. And that's exactly how it's going to be tomorrow, a killer blow early on I'm hoping we start the match just as we finished the first leg and batter them into submission. Come on Wednesday!
  12. I do agree that he has grown in confidence in the last free months. He had a plan and stuck to it. It took a while, probably longer that he and everyone thought, but it came together just in time. I guess he's mightily relieved, I certainly am, and I think that's come across in his interviews. He seems happier, more relaxed and also his hesitant speech has improved tremendously. So yes, well done Darren, keep it up.
  13. I think the chippy he's talking about got 'bombed' in around 1987. It turns out the fryers overheated and exploded whilst the owner was engrossed in a very interesting article in a take-a-break magazine. It was just one of those things, but you know how people like to point the finger.
  14. Totally agree, they're going to have someone's eye out one day.
  15. Agree, all I want to see is us having a proper go. We've shown that we can be the best footballing team in the league but we've also shown way too often a nervous lack of belief. This is the biggest game of the season, hopefully it will turn out to be the second biggest. We can do this, go out and make everyone proud you beautiful Wednesday.
  16. Chicken shop Maurice would be so proud of those sentiments. I wish he would join Owlstalk, he seems to know his stuff.
  17. So, Maurice has it on the very best authority the Sunderland are planning to score two goals, so we need to score more, excellent info Although two is a very specific number, sounds a bit too much like the holy hand grenade of Antioch for me.
  18. To be fair that's a good enough reason, it's why I always fry my own eggs, just to avoid the confrontation.
  19. I hope it is a ticket for Monday, they sound like the sort of fan we can do without.
  20. I'm not sure I'd risk him, doesn't look match fit to me...
  21. Imagine this. It's half time and we're 1-0 down, in the interval 40,000 mackems leave and are replaced by 34,000 owls fans. The stadium magically transforms into Hillsborough and we get an extra 45 minutes to play. I'd fancy that, wouldn't you?
  22. Yep, nicely placed in the proverbial nutshell.
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