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  1. Well I don’t go anymore but in all the years I was a season ticket holder in various parts of the ground I’ve never had anyone throw their ‘rops’ up on me or attempt to w**k me off. Is that part of the current Matchday experience for most people ? I feel like I’ve missed out
  2. Maybe it’s just a term used by South standers when they throw up. In the North you just throw your guts up
  3. Yep heard feeling ropey but never heard the term ropps
  4. Strange Im in my 70s . Lived here all my life I’ve never heard that phrase before
  5. I think the teams that got promoted from the Championship and lower probably did so with a more settled line up
  6. My own personal opinion is that constant rotation hardly ever produces a winning run. A settled team invariably does. Always stick with the same team unless changes are enforced. Happy to be proved wrong
  7. Sorry mate. It was such an obvious fake You’ve got to get up early to catch me out !! Youll be pleased to hear that dragons are also available. Sigh
  8. This is fake !! These are the current ‘ boats ‘ for hire at Millhouses
  9. Neil I know you don’t like to tread on his Lordships toes , but could you start an OFFICIAL OMDT before the place goes into meltdown ??
  10. Blimey Sky in a big Watford love in 3 times on the box in just over a week
  11. West Brom have battered them Watford keeper has kept them in the match. That goal came totally out of the blue
  12. Had that DVD Waddle At Marseille You see a few clips there .The whole thing is incredible .A total master class of wing wizardry. It really is breathtaking
  13. Over the years, when the Bizzle says something will happen it usually does , so Im still opening this thread 13 pages later in the vain hope that a name will appear . On OT some threads like this lead to some extremely witty and often hilarious responses Sadly this isn’t one of them
  14. Strange that DM can say these things but people who were pointing out the same post match yesterday were being slated. ITS JUST A FRIENDLY !! Also , I’d forgotten that we beat them twice last year as was pointed out in that article. Now I’m old enough to know that preseason counts for nothing but it seems to me that none of last seasons issues have been sorted as yet . Hopefully it will all gel soon and be fine but Im not sure I share the same optimism as a lot of the fan base about the upcoming season. The kits fab though !!
  15. Aye, mate . You’re probably right on the red numbers with those shorts . Its just brilliant to have a traditional style striped shirt with black shorts back again. How can it be so hard to give fans the kit they’ve all been asking for for years ?
  16. Absolutely this If I remember correctly it was in the ‘People ‘ and they said even bigger names to be disclosed next week. It never happened. The rumour at the time was that there were several Man U players involved
  17. I think it’s origins are in the old wartime song ‘ Over there , Over there ‘
  18. Yes Lapsang souchong Some nice crisp crudités and a tasty dip. Its what footballs all about for me
  19. Brentford v Leeds could be fun if it goes like it should !!
  20. We’re mostly all pleased for you mate , but I think it’s time to be a little bit more sensitive. I don’t think we need a blow by blow account of your wonderful weekend in London. It can be seen as rubbing it in a little bit and eventually somebody’s going to stray from our general bonhomie towards sensible visiting fans. I’m sure we’ll all be happy to listen to your tale after the weekend but at the mo it’s a bit like ‘here’s what you could have won ‘
  21. Absolutely this Punishing clubs is not the answer. Its not the clubs fault that society is such a car crash that people think they can do and say whatever they want cos there’s zero respect fir any authority
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