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  1. I’m buying….but I do think this is a shtshow and the man is a tw4t. I just don’t understand why he could not have gone with the usual format with finance in place from the off?? What’s this guff about the necessity to increase the prices in the early New Year if we are playing well…..what the fk is the relevance of that???? He’s fkn mad. UTO.
  2. I'm not moaning, I'm not miserable...I'm as happy as you seem to be ......but I am fed up of the guff from Chansiri....and short-sighted loadsamoney types. UTO.
  3. I was really making a point about the attitude of that other post, and the fact that some people will be struggling for cash one way or another, and its just wrong for the club to do this. I just have my own to find, but that post got up my nose badly...so I thought I would stick it in. UTO.
  4. Bet you wouldn't be saying that if you had 2 adults and 2 kids to find.....glad to know it's not a London thing...UTO.
  5. Fkn sh1tshow….brainless bstd Chancer now biting the hand that evidently feeds. Mad fkr. UTO.
  6. Difference being, Carlos liked to have a wesh. I reckon we will win. UTO.
  7. It was up there with some big Wednesday goals for me. UTO.
  8. 6-0 and a free B+H for all the under-10's at the switch on...happy days. UTO.
  9. If the stadium tutted in unison the City would implode under the weight of an assumed shame. UTO.
  10. Oi…..stay in your own thread…pushing it now. 5-1 Wednesday. UTO.
  11. I wish we could fkn win a few. Theo..class, not surprised that he tried to do it single-handed in the end. UTO.
  12. I’m sort of looking forward to seeing that bigwobblyknobend …. 3-0 Wednesday. UTO.
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