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  1. Champs in waiting p1ssing themselves after a fortunate draw. The Wednesday, can't wait for next season. UTO.
  2. The Phil guy does my head in....happy clappy magnanimous City supporter....gimme a bucket I want to throw up. UTO.
  3. He's as influential to this side as Des W was back in the day. UTO.
  4. Fkn Leeds. Aaah...that BD goal...nectar. UTO.
  5. Bu33er me...Spurs new stadium mentioned again...it's such a fkn wonder that Puff The Magic Dragon has decided to relocate there. UTO.
  6. Pint and a pie for a butchers...back of North about 2:15? UTO.
  7. Just done me knob and bag wi this, so 6-0 for def. UTO.
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