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  1. MrsHall

    Alan Nixon

    Ooof....not had my breakfast yet. UTO.
  2. MrsHall

    Name one thing...

    He had a bit of a mare last week. . UTO.
  3. MrsHall

    Forum on 20th

    Latex yer say....reyt up Mr Mandingo's street. UTO.
  4. MrsHall

    Rotherham United

    They have never forgiven us for dismantling that wall. UTO.
  5. MrsHall


    It's character-building . UTO.
  6. MrsHall

    Isn't it obvious?

    Even South geein him some stick when he lifted his arse.....shocking. UTO.
  7. MrsHall

    Nuhiu in front of the North Stand

    Top were on......nawty. UTO.
  8. MrsHall

    Wednesday - V- Rotherham OMDT

    This is it then....convincing home win. Shyter....I like that word Snoots and it will be on the tip of my tongue as I elbow my way through the teenage Rowtherham mutant p155 pants to get on the tram after. Come on Wednesday, do the business. UTO.
  9. MrsHall

    Half Season Tickets

    I am referring to 'add a bit of balance'...not the desire to fill the ground. UTO.
  10. MrsHall

    Half Season Tickets

    Hahaha....pull the other one it's got bells on it. UTO.
  11. MrsHall

    Half Season Tickets

    This is just to wind folk up? UTO.
  12. MrsHall

    Half Season Tickets

    Sorry to be a little miserable...but when that thing came out we didn't exactly know how far up the fkn Swanee we were. Not surprised at changes in attitude. UTO.
  13. MrsHall

    Cameron Dawson

    Gets my vote. Was it Bolder who suffered dogs when he 1st started? There seems to be more then a touch of deja vu to this. UTO.
  14. MrsHall

    One former player

    Fred. UTO.
  15. MrsHall

    Fans forum

    He's not, but I am. What's your client ID? UTO.