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  1. Suppose you were fortunate not to get a response from the near 3000 deluded. I sometimes wonder what the scope of the Summer clear out should be. UTO.
  2. Saw this earlier and no time to respond due to going to the game. I think you need to ‘review’ your interest in football. Have you ever got anything positive out of it, or has it always been just a source misery and the pleasure of agitation....pal. UTO. Ps, do you go to any of our games or is it just all too much for you? UTO.
  3. Looking forward to this day out regardless of the bed wetting that’s going on. Support your team . UTO.
  4. Yep....bet he's now waiting his turn on P or G. UTO.
  5. Jeez....done to death, and now the lifeless body is being kicked. Anyone would think you had never seen this site before. UTO.
  6. That's the Sheepskin of Authority if ever there was one. UTO.
  7. What about an oldie...'If you're going to Birmingham clap your hands'. UTO.
  8. Warnock....it’s a big sh11t from me. UTO FTB.
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