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  1. Booo...boring bstds....should have had hold of that in the 1st half. UTO.
  2. He did...whereas now they are managed by the Village Idiot. UTO.
  3. 2-0 Wednesday. Posting that amateurish lattice work on the dog meyt pie is surely a sign of some inner frailty. UTO.
  4. He's always there...always suspect...FFS. UTO.
  5. Sugar babe, I'm tired of you, Ain't your honey but the way you do Sugar babe, it's all over now UTO.
  6. UTO...lets have some more like that. UTO.
  7. Can yer change it to 'Big Girls' Blouse' ? UTO.
  8. We couldn't even get people to wave those free scarves around a couple of seasons ago. UTO.
  9. No...sounds like some version of organised fun.....or summat...would last about a month. Football is what we want. I think the big one in that article is wrt the stadium. UTO.
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