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  1. Yeah, been a good un…but that mistake…let’s not fool ourselves..it was of some magnitude and cannot be erased. UTO.
  2. Nearly as good as the guy in the florist on Eccy Rd who looked like Pleat...that did my head in. UTO.
  3. Last few days have been like living inside Samuel Becketts ead.....roll on 7:45. UTO.
  4. FFS, I’ve already whittled mine down to a little stump. UTO.
  5. Sunderland think they are owed it….we fkn want it…roll on Monday. UTO.
  6. They won’t be happy with the 1 goal lead come kickoff Monday. UTO.
  7. Cheers pal.....jeez....its stronger than the Mona Lisa. UTO.
  8. UTO Mr C. Well here we are again...hope it ends better than last time! I must admit I'm just sh1tt1ng it....can't help it....I bet in reality there are 30,000+ folk sh1tt1ng it around Sheff today. UTO.
  9. 'Display'...what a bunch of tarts. UTO.
  10. I’m sh1tt1nit….today will drag like fk…then 90 mins of tension…then back to sh1tt1nit until Monday night. A win tonight would be just the job. UTO.
  11. Garbage...get em downstairs at Hillsborough. UTO.
  12. Lighthearted remark in a way...problem? That game is now in the dustbin of history. UTO.
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