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  1. 'Kick his head-in in the tunnel at full time'......Good man, now, that is the spirit! I'm going for a stultifying 1-0 to the mighty Wednesday. UTO. P.S. ...will they sack Wilder....coming soon to the Moral Maze. UTO FTB.
  2. We will do em today...when we can’t be there with a standful. UTO.
  3. I just want to see us safe...whatever it takes...whatever. UTO.
  4. True....it’s not perfect, but nothing like it used to be when you were lucky if you saw a game without random buffering or jerky slowmo second halves. UTO.
  5. This is good reading....I hope they hit him hard. UTO.
  6. Agree with cracking on and safety.....but fk me....it’s time for a more entertaining future. UTO.
  7. Head says yes, heart says no...can’t vote. UTO.
  8. A name imprinted on me by my Grandfather. RIP both. UTO.
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