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  1. Ah...what a lovely warm feeling... UTO.
  2. I hope he getSa hat trick. UTO.
  3. Six months of this to go, 146 will be blasted into oblivion. UTO,
  4. Kin ell, you would think DC was a bit streetwise and this wouldn’t have been possible. UTO.
  5. There was some noise when the team was going for it...early on, late on. I can work summat out from that. UTO.
  6. Get him pulling the 50/50 if he succeeds. UTO.
  7. Haha...me too, apart from egg chasing...keep on flying the flag, you are doing a sterling job . UTO.
  8. I would rather watch a Wednesday defeat....UTO.
  9. Haha...Tricky Dickey... I see what you want to lure me into, which would be pointless given our empirical vs outcome viewpoints. UTO.
  10. Avant garde strike force...Leeds didn't like it at all. UTO.
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