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  1. What about this for a mad idea....being able to buy a pint and a pie from the same place on the Kop. UTO.
  2. Think he should have kept his trap shut wrt this..it's all a bit mad.
  3. Tekkin 'em away cos badge is on inside. UTO.
  4. Michael Vaughan

    Thought he was susposed to be an artist???
  5. Jordan Rhodes

    I wouldn't say I was ignorant because I was asking a question not laying it on the line, and you answered with your POV which is appreciated. . but I have to say you sound like a div from your inability to see the point of my post.
  6. Fans falling out today

    You know...there's expressing an opinion in the heat of the moment, that's one thing...but it's this confrontational, spoiling for a ruck poo that is depressing...it was going on outside after..wtf is that all about?
  7. Video technology

    We need some hot poker technology for that fkr today.
  8. Jordan Rhodes

    Yeah, and that's what made me say what I did...he just seems a bit lightweight when it comes to the crunch...confidence maybe...
  9. We have to laugh don't we......

    Shitemare stats.
  10. Jordan Rhodes

    I really want to like him, but I'm starting to think he might be a bit pants, I don't get why this is. Is he just too nice and lacking that aggression and attitude needed in games like today? He seems to spend a lot of time on his knees looking hard done to...Will he ever do the business for us, because now really is the time to be a man. UTO.
  11. Carlos interview

    Buckfast I've heard....
  12. Bolton 2 : 1 Sheffield Wednesday OMDT

    Mr Snoots...you are sending me to the land of nod with a touch of the Madines...beer in Bolton will be the cure. UTO.
  13. Bolton 2 : 1 Sheffield Wednesday OMDT

    6-0 Wednesday.....top o the shop...a 1st....Will read now :-)UTO.