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  1. bladeshater

    Wigan tickets?

    You whinging like a girl because the Wigan tickets were not on sale blaming our ticket office non of the above
  2. bladeshater

    Looks lik Palmer and Baker for RWB.

    Wish someone had mentioned this on another thread
  3. Here's hoping jos can bring the best out of him if we're going to make a challenge the wing back roles are big ones
  4. bladeshater

    Wigan tickets?

    Your the shambles pal always negative
  5. bladeshater


    Do you think the club should release information just to pacify you
  6. bladeshater


    How much did the play off final cost you
  7. bladeshater

    Team vs Lincoln

    Was Jones there
  8. bladeshater

    Wing Backs

  9. Relax people the loan window closes in about 6 weeks plenty of time to bring in what we need
  10. bladeshater

    Lincoln away

    Watched wednesday for over 50 years let me know what trophies England won won in that time
  11. bladeshater

    Lincoln away

    Yeah watching Southgates flops or watching wednesday no comparison come on Wednesday
  12. bladeshater

    Lincoln away

    Brilliant see you in there I will.be wearing a yellow daffodil
  13. Lets sell forestiera the blades have just sold there star man against the fans wishes and all will be right
  14. bladeshater

    Ricky Moate Update

    Speedy recovery pal