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  1. Met him a few times great club man and he does a great job when he steps in keeping things together but let's move on and appoint a manager as soon as possible best thing for all parties
  2. Fly over tomorrow for both games looking forward to it
  3. Best find who he supports before we make a move
  4. Every player as his price but there lies the problem most on here would give em away Bristol city always want and get good money for theres
  5. Maybe a spell playing lower league is what he needed u23s only serves it's purpose to an extent
  6. Just a thought I wonder if the problem is agnew and clemence compensation
  7. Hope we stop him flying over to China Wonder if we have some backing from LMA
  8. Good idea the club make a statement that there is no statement
  9. He does have a point you always post negative crap just my opinion but crack on
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