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  1. bladeshater

    Jokanovic Anyone.

    He will sit back and wait for the right job and I can't see it being at Hillsborough
  2. bladeshater

    Do we need to cut him some slack?

    No progression
  3. Your just making this crap up WHY
  4. bladeshater

    Its got to be done

    Nobody as mentioned this before end of thread
  5. bladeshater

    Derby game in March

    A few of the old guard moved on replaced by 3-4 youngish energetic pacey players
  6. bladeshater

    John Pearson

    Surely there's a position for him at the club in some sort of advisary role
  7. I have seen Wildsmiths u23s performances recently and he's nowhere near no1 shirt
  8. bladeshater

    BCFC U18s 0 v 3 SWFC U18s

    Let's remember results and league position is secondary it's really all about player development
  9. bladeshater

    Bannan last niight

    He worked hard but very poor on the ball
  10. bladeshater

    Under 18’s

    I agree and I have watched them a few times this season and believe me none of them are ready for first team next step is establishing themselves in u23s
  11. bladeshater

    Under 18’s

    Maybe 2 years
  12. bladeshater


    We have no divine right to be in top league win games at request we are sheffield wednesday who are struggling at present so stop whinging and concentrate on supporting the club
  13. Owls no 1 by merit
  14. bladeshater

    All the Dawson haters

    Dawson is no 1 on.merit