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  1. Why would anyone talk to a blunt
  2. One thing I hope today

    Does it really matter what's said to the press the big one is what's said behind closed doors
  3. Football Heaven Boycott

    Stop listening about 3 years ago it's really poor
  4. I now believe in reincarnation
  5. Flares on Sunday

    From whom did you hear this
  6. Championship

    The January window could play a big part
  7. C'mon Owlstalk, let's hear it for Carlos.

    A fair few on here wanted him gone after 1 game absolutely ridiculous
  8. One thing holding us back

    Hope your kidding have you regularly watched stobbs I have and he's no where near a first team squad
  9. carlos out

    He does have a point tho
  10. Big Positive

    Happy clapper
  11. Joost

    Great vision for a centre half his passing gets us on the front foot we can play further up the park. Needs some work on his defencive duties but we may have unearthed a quality footballer
  12. jack hunt

    Thought he were a bit iffy first 20 minutes then he got to grips with his man and went up a couple of levels
  13. One complaint

    It's frustrating