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  1. Watched him a couple of times my opinion he's a fair way off first team football but let's see how he develops
  2. How do the players stop 2 metres apart you can't have the nation working to social distancing and footballers doing what they want in the end these players have families to go home to
  3. Not fussed either way I'm sure there's a few out there as good if not better I hope we get a chance to see how far penny as developed
  4. Pretty sure the lads in yellow are not part of the first team squad
  5. Who would replace him we are no longer an half decent propersition
  6. Chansiri was not to blame for the ultra negativite tactics for semi final against Huddersfield tho was he we can definitely lay the blame on Carlos I will never understand or forgive him for that
  7. Big players have big egos do we really need these so called big players we need more youthful players who we can mould into good footballers with the right attitudes
  8. I agree in a way but what's the alternative another as been manager of the managerial merry go round he was the right man when we appointed him we should back him
  9. The dressing room is not good one at present Monk needs time to totally revamp the squad we need a more youthful squad all working for this club and it's coaching staff
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