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  1. bladeshater

    Tom Lees

    We have know one good enough to replace him
  2. bladeshater

    Time to haul in the optimism

    Mid table let's hope we get a few decent games at Hillsborough
  3. Had many a bad day and yes I was there
  4. bladeshater

    Why did we sign Hector?

    Suppose he will play when selected
  5. bladeshater

    Hayley - Update

    God bless
  6. bladeshater

    Jordan Thorniley.

    Only outfield player to come out with any real credit
  7. bladeshater

    How did we make them look so good

    The sooner people realise we are a mid table ream the better this forum will be
  8. bladeshater

    A dose of reality

    I always thought we were a mid table team I just hope we see some decent games at Hillsborough
  9. bladeshater

    Todays attendance

    Hope you're happy
  10. bladeshater

    Blame for their goals

    May be nonsense to you others might feel different
  11. bladeshater

    Blame for their goals

    Not all of our fanbase just a large percentage of owlstalk