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  1. It's difficult to find positives. The fact that on occasion we've strung the odd 10 minutes or so together where we've played decent stuff with some intensity confirms that we do have decent players in the main. Although we don't have enough cover defensively and as I ultimately suspect we'll see a formation change to 4-4-2 we're over run with wide forwards. The tactical blackhole in Moore's head is further compounded by our apparent mentality vacuum, we're going into games with the wrong tactical approach and poor mindset. We only realised we were in a fight yesterday with ten minutes to go, it's not good enough. Almost more worrying is the odd times we have clicked feels like more of an accident than by design because nothing is learnt from it. Injuries and fitness aside if he's going to continue with 3 in midfield he must be giving a run of games to Adeniran, Dele and Bannan. They look the most complete central midfield trio to me.
  2. I’ve made my feelings known on our lack of tactical identity and our apparent mentality vacuum. But my god, why at the outset of a match do we still look startled at the oppositions desire to f@ck us over and send us packing. We need to be riled up and ready for a scrap before the game starts, not just managing to find some grit in the final ten minutes.
  3. I’d like to point out to Darren that true resilience starts from the first whistle. We were second best in every facet of the game in the first half. There is no excuse for being second best in attitude and effort, ever.
  4. Dele for me. No brainer. Please continue to play him with Adeniran and Baz. Lets give them a run of games, look to build some understanding. Collectively they have all the attributes of a good midfield trio.
  5. He said he's calves were sore in the post match interview but he's building fitness. Must play, with Adeniran and Baz IMO, give them a good run of games and look to build some understanding. Their attributes complement each others.
  6. I would guess that any number of free agents would improve our current situation in that position....... Our recruitment vs our circumstances at the time was in the main part good. However, as we are now seeing it was all based around playing in a particular way, a way we can't get anywhere near delivering. Consequently we've way too many wide forward options. Add to that we clearly neglected our defensive options.
  7. Its a combination of a few things. Tactically we are a blackhole. Team selection, get the right f@cking players in the right positions. Deli, Baz and Dennis need to form the midfield core of this team, get them working together, give them a good run of games. Mentality still missing, individually and collectively. Opposition, absolutely wound up and ready to sh!t on our parade, we knew it was coming this season and it makes the point above even more pertinent. 10 minutes of urgency and effort at the end won't cut it.
  8. Still not good enough, you simply can't turn up for 15 minutes of a 90 minute game.
  9. There is nothing in terms of a tactical plan and nobody can convince me otherwise. It's both sad and embarrassing. We are sending this team out and just asking them to play what's in front of them, it's a pub team tactical approach minus the hangovers......
  10. Paddy Power are offering 500-1 on Aliens Invading earth before 2030. Our odds of coming back from a goal down are longer.......
  11. When your a team that doesn't come back from losing positions and has a manager that hasn't once shown the ability to effect the direction of a game (in a positive way) with his tactical ability it leaves little room for optimism.
  12. I think Moore has done enough to get a job on Man Utds coaching staff......
  13. This would be the combination I'd be looking to develop, have the traits to work well with Baz.
  14. As at Wimbledon, Wing gets in good positions and then forgets where he is, the game he's playing and the what the ball looks like........ffs
  15. There's more chance of you knocking one out than us scoring mate.....
  16. Had to leave the room then and do a bit of pacing.....what a woeful start.
  17. I bought the season pass after 4 games.....they suckered me in. It's been tough getting up and even harder explaining the logic to Mrs Morepork.
  18. Just grateful for the 7.45am kick off. The 3.00am games where we throw away a winning position are breaking my will to live.
  19. I'm going to ask that people stop posting random sh!te team selections as I think Moore reads this thread.......
  20. This^ I find it quite odd. It's literally one step removed from advertising the Green Un.
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