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  1. Most of us can do their job without being criticised by thousands. It's horrible enough to have to put up with the public pressure for any mistake you make right now, but with our goalkeepers it's even worse. Many fans have written them off for mistakes they made during their development years. In my opinion everybody should get a second chance and we have to recognize that great goalkeepers do not just appear - they need years to develop and grow!
  2. I'm sure his fitness will improve as soon as he plays in a league, which suits him better
  3. I do feel sorry for both of our goalkeepers. It seems like we will never forgive them the mistakes they made in the past.
  4. Are you sure that the formation was the problem at the beginning of the season? I personally believe that our main problem was that the team just had not gelled yet and when they started to know each other, we had one injury after the other. I believe that the squad would have been able to play in other formations - maybe a 4231 - towards the end of the season (with Gregory)
  5. One of our problems this season was the inconsistancy of some players. Berahino was great in some games and invisible in others. I still believe it was worth the gamble
  6. https://www.swfc.co.uk/news/2022/may/owls-confirm-retained-list/
  7. I believe that the numbers will increase. Two sold out games at Hillsborough, party atmosphere at MK Dons with lots of videos going viral attacking football with many goals, players, who enjoy playing for us I don't believe that anybody would want to miss out next season.
  8. I just hope that it's just a rumour and that he stays.
  9. It would be wrong of us to force him to go to South America. Do you believe that he rather would want to stay and continue to play in league one for us?
  10. I don't believe that anybody wants to get rid of him. For me football is a team sport, which benefits from having players fit and eager to play. It's a bad thing to force a player to stay, if he wants to leave.
  11. It looks like he doesn't enjoy playing for us in league one anyway. Would be great, if we could get some money for him
  12. Enjoy your holiday! I hope you'll have a wonderful time in London and Sheffield!!
  13. - Limit numbers of players any club is allowed to have (any age group) - Eliminate transfer windows and allow transfers during the season again - Force BBC to provide the same amount of coverage of all leagues - Don't allow debts on the club. The owner has to finance everything himself. - Limit the number of international players and create a rule that one player on the pitch has to be born in the hometown of the club
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