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  1. Are you really trying to tell me that people in Sheffield walk instead of using the car?
  2. We need more of that from different players. Really fun to watch.
  3. If we give him a good run of games, Wildsmith might proof his value. He was outstanding against Harrogate.
  4. https://www.swfc.co.uk/news/2021/october/portsmouth-clash-live-on-sky-sports/
  5. yes, I do get a similar message reading the interview on "The Star"
  6. yes .. and this is what he came up with?
  7. At first I really liked the idea and the timing. Due to the pandemic people might spend less money......cancelled Christmas parties, less enjoyable shopping and long delivery times or online shopping. Therefore I did like the idea of a easy to get Xmas present. However..the missing financing option worries me a lot. Not only because many people won't be able to afford it on such short notice, but mainly as it really indicates cash flow problems. How bad is the financial problem of the club? Is the money only needed in preparation of the transfer window?? I just hope that is no indication that we have to prepare for worse things to come.
  8. Quanti Gufi Italiani ci sono oggi su Owlstalk?
  9. Maybe that's a sign that they want to make some proper sigings in the January transfer window? Maybe they are only allowed ot do it with some cash on hand?
  10. To be honest. .I was happy when we signed then and remained hopeful till yesterday. Imo it was worth a try.
  11. I do agree (but unfortunately haven't got any power)
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