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  1. Played a major part, along with Carlton,in everyone’s favourite terrace song of the era !!
  2. Just been released by .... Is he worth a punt ? Bloody hell. Don’t you hate close season.
  3. Enjoyed your post, mate, but like rob I’ve never liked the Judas tag attached to Ron. Im equally touchy about the CoCo tag attached to Carlos. Ron was the best and still is the best in recent memory. I don’t think we’ll see his like again. Carlos for a brief period gave us that same joy in being a Wednesdayite that Ron did. Why can’t people be grateful for those memories? Even some of the hapless managers of the past, who gave us nothing at all to cheer about, were allowed to leave without being hounded years after. Like others, I’m sad that Bruce didn’t see it out. The job needs a character and there ain’t many about
  4. One of the dubious benefits of having a dodgy prostate is that I’m often one of the first to catch your musings M’Lord when posted at unearthly hour. Cant remember what time it was but my first reaction was to post Brilliant, just brilliant so that’s what I did. Now ive had chance to read it a few times I realise why I was just bursting to say that. Of all the pieces you’ve written, this encapsulates everything that is being a Wednesdayite more than any other. Im 72 and it’s been a rough old ride, with glimpses of what could have been along the way, but I wouldn’t change it for anything.. My dad was the original ‘ clapper ‘. Driving back from a match we’d lost 3-0 you didn’t ever criticise a player or you’d be walking.. Once they pulled on the blue and white they were above criticism. Bloody hell. He’d certainly struggle with that concept now , wouldn’t he ? So thanks Adthe for pulling on the blue and white cos on this one my Dad would be right. Thanks also Snooty for some brilliant stuff this season and keeping me amused inbetween toilet trips. Thats some accolade, isn’t it ?
  5. I think I’ve said this before in other pieces about him. Like Andy McCullogh he’s one of the players from that era that nobody has a bad word about. A skilful nippy little striker of the sort we’ve desperately lacked for 20 years. Happy Birthday Gary. You gave us some great moments
  6. Those big chunky ones were lethal. Get a scuff round the head with one and you knew about it. i always regretted the lightweight version I got from Suggs. They were thinner but wider and more like waving a wooden flag. Mind you once I’d painted it blue and white it had a memorable day out in 66. Daily Express paper hat, scarf and rattle eh? Proper football
  7. So you all hate the Sun but you want to read an article printed in it? You all hate Nixon but everyone wants to know what he’s saying. Well done all those who can’t wait to tell us every single time. Ill just go and see if there’s anything in the Mail
  8. So sad. The guy who really turned it round for us after all those years in the dark. Gave us some great memories In a time when football was still a simple, enjoyable game
  9. You’d have been better off having a day out in Meersbrook , Neil 😉
  10. Just been trying to explain what it’s like to my partner. I said it’s like watching a film with an ending you hate, over and over and over and sormehow each time you watch it you think the ending will be different
  11. In the old days we used to call at a chippy on Penistone Rd opposite Hillsborough Park then when they demolished that side of the road for the dual carriageway we started going to that one. Respect to your family then, Neil, cos they were even better than the demolished one. In those days it was tough competition cos fish and chips was largely the only thing they sold.
  12. Mate, Im an ex newsagent and I can confirm that’s exactly how it was. The biggest problem was not knowing what time it would come. I was at Abbey Lane and it could be anytime between 6.15 and 6.45 for us. Not so bad if weather was ok but when it wasn’t, having your shop crammed full of people getting increasingly irate the later it got and the banter between friendly rivals becoming more stretched called for UN style diplomacy at times. Dont miss being a newsagent for a minute even after 20 years but miss the GreenUn. It was part of the fabric of every Saturday for any Sheffield football fan
  13. Remember mixing with their fans in a pub before the match. It was all good natured rivalry and not a whiff of any trouble. I just add it to the list of great away days I went on that were ruined by the match. The worst being the Brighton Semi. Lovely weather, loads of beers, great atmosphere, rubbish performance
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