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  1. Sorry guys . Just felt the need to post . Ive seen the stuff posted over the years about Fishcake and I’ve thought to myself, if only they knew. At the end of the day he’s indulging the one thing in his life that really means something to him. He’s autistic and it’s a bloody strange world out there that gets harder and less sympathetic. Please cut him some slack. I know most of you do
  2. I know where his placement is and I find it strange that some people on here think it’s funny to ridicule someone who obviously has mental health problems. My own son struggles with problems similar to those that Fishcake has. Believe me, it’s no laugh. I wouldn’t wish it on any of you. Im no snowflake but please just think about what you post.
  3. Yep. My bad. You’re right .... on both counts.
  4. I agree. That one season in particular, can’t remember which, where he single handedly saved us from relegation with outstanding performances match after match .
  5. Yep. Agree with what’s been said. Frustrating player , looked really good some days then bang ordinary on others. Quick and agile but a bit lightweight .
  6. There’s plenty don’t see it, mate. Every year since he’s been here people have started threads saying how awful he is, completely forgetting that’s hes played alongside about 56 different centre halves. Sometime a different one each match for several weeks in a row. When he’s got a solid player alongside him he’s a rock.
  7. This has all the makings of being .... er ....... not very good.
  8. Don’t care where a newspaper article comes from, chum. It can come from Woman’s Weekly for all I care . It’s either an interesting or relevant article or it’s not. Any mention of it coming from the Sun, Mail etc and there’s always someone who has to show how ‘ aware ‘ they are and make a sarky comment. Its bloody tedious
  9. If only it’d been in the Guardian. There’d not have been one smart ass comment. Same old .
  10. Happy days, That Kingy and Irish combo down the left was just sheer class at times. Happy Birthday Phil. Top player in a top team
  11. What about ? Totally Predictable Since 1867
  12. Very sad news Ernest was a great bloke. He used to be a customer at my shop and we had many a long conversation about his beloved Owls. He’d often say if you want anything or if you want to pop down the ground anytime just let me know and he genuinely meant it.
  13. Palmer worries me. Back in his ‘scapegoat ‘days , I’d regularly stick up for him but now there’s summat not right. Dont know whether it’s carrying an injury, being played out of position or just loss of form but he’s strolling around like he doesn’t give a monkeys. He’s developed an arrogant look that doesn’t suit him.
  14. Go on , I’ll play. I’ll say best manager since Ron Someone will say he’s an absolute clown Ill say ‘first season ‘ was great Someone will then say he’s the reason we’re c**p now And on And on And on
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