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  1. It’s cool to moan about him on here but most good rumours over the last few years have often started with him The nature of the job means he’ll often get some wrong
  2. All lost didn’t they ? Its a funny old game
  3. Thought Tony Meola had played in a friendly but a quick search reveals he put in zero appearances for the 1st team
  4. Sorry if this has been asked elsewhere, but I can’t remember us scoring almost immediately from the ko after conceding one at Hillsborough Anybody know of it happening before ?
  5. My first ever Wednesday side Shortly after the opening of the new North Stand at a guess. Not normal for us to have a large squad photo in those days as I remember. Some of the best ever to pull on a Wednesday shirt
  6. Passion, pride and humility. A class interview from a truly classy guy
  7. Yep. See this match after match then hope that someone will endure it , précis it and post what he said so that I don’t have to watch it
  8. Top bloke Lived at Beauchief and used to come in my shop The girl staff all thought he was ‘dishy ‘ Loved his commitment when playing for us. Yep, had the odd mistake in him but he’d make up for it by the occasional surging run from the back. Was sad when he left and so were the staff
  9. Nah Hes like a brick sh*thouse He’s Emerson Thome
  10. IFollow is generally good . Unfortunately you might get a bit of buffering at the start Last time I used it the buffering stopped just in time for me to see Brown stroke that beauty past Wildsmith I was so happy .
  11. Steve Downes was great for one match only
  12. Crewe manager stated that Sheffield Wednesday are the Real Madrid of L1
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