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  1. Ibbo48

    On this day 25 years ago

    Thanks dunsby. The goal celebration is one of the iconic pictures of our Wembley journeys that year. Brightys leap, Waddles free kick celebration in the semi. There were some really memorable photos that year.
  2. Ibbo48

    #OnThis Day in 1966

    Mate of my dads, that he used to stand on the Lepp with, couldn’t get a ticket and collapsed and died watching it on the box at home. Sort of rounded the day off.
  3. Ibbo48

    #OnThis Day in 1966

    Yep me too. Programme, Star special supplement, Saturday and Mondays Morning Telegraph, songsheet. Daily Express paper hat. All shoved in a box somewhere and not quite in the pristine condition I’d hoped to keep them in. That Morning Telegraph sure goes really yellow after 50 years.
  4. Ibbo48

    #OnThis Day in 1966

    Absolutely spot on, Nev
  5. Ibbo48

    #OnThis Day in 1966

    Totally agree with you on the centre half situation in both years. Mobley was in great form at that time and his injury in the semi was a massive blow. I thought we played well on the day and I don’t think I’d yet developed that feeling that at 2-0 it would be typical Wednesday to throw it away. I was gutted but incredibly proud of them for their part in what was considered to be one of the classic Finals. First losing team to do a lap of honour, weren’t they? The crowds down town on the Sunday to see them home were immense and that memory will stay with me forever . Similarly in 1993 the loss of Pearson and Shirty was, I’ve always felt a major factor that year. Thought they would at least have sneaked one of the Finals.
  6. Ibbo48

    #OnThisDay in 1974

    Yep the 8-0 away defeat to Boro was my wedding day. Just fantastic.
  7. Ibbo48

    God I Miss This Team

    That kit !!!
  8. No idea, but looking at that linesman reminds me of the days when match officials all looked like retired schoolteachers or bank managers. Probably one for Sheffield History site , Neil ?
  9. Not many smiling faces there.
  10. Ibbo48

    QPR Game

    Yeah, but you really, really wanted him to say that Nuhiu was s**t as well, didn’t you?
  11. Ibbo48


    2 phrases on here that always wind me up Id have him in a heartbeat Ill drive him there myself. Anybody else ?
  12. Ibbo48


    Exactly this. Could you imagine Newcastle not playing in black and white stripes? Could you imagine Man U, Liverpool, Chelsea, Spurs faffing about with their home kit like we’ve done the last 2 years? Those of us watching in the 60/70s can remember the clamour to bring back stripes after the original version of this years abomination was foisted on us. Of course it was the 60s and the decade of change, so we took it on board as it was ‘cooler’ than stripes supposedly. It also then became synonymous with some really bad years and dire football. I personally hate seeing us playing in it. So you can show me all the old photos you like of us playing in hoops, quarters or whatever. It means nothing. Wednesday play in blue and white stripes. If it was a question on a tv quiz show that would be the answer. It’s our identity
  13. Ibbo48


    Was that when he went to Scarborough at Christmas ? He’s definitely been very strange since
  14. Ibbo48

    Unbiased Press?

    Yep. The goose steps no problem. I just find it hard to turn my head and raise my arm at the same time. How did the Momentum meeting go ?