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  1. Excellent, torry Jim Craig Sammy Todd Phil Henson. Absolute shoe ins. Where do you go after that? We’ve seen some dross in our time haven’t we ??
  2. Sorry mate they’re not . Ive a Spurs mate who’s apoplectic about how ‘ crap ‘ they are. I watched a video of some Arsenal fans after they’d got beat by United and they think it’s been a nightmare for them for years. It’s all relative
  3. The sad truth is that it wouldn’t take many more results like this to start the doubt growing that he’s the man to turn us round. Theres no patience in modern football and people can deny it all they want but United doing well sticks in your craw and makes it more imperative that we do well.
  4. It’s a bit like Nixon saying Monks got the green light to go for 3 players in Jan. Obviously a goal scorer is priority ( like every other club in every league ) but who’s going to be axed ? Easy to say drop Nuhiu but do you think Monk sees it that way ? For the very first time yesterday I saw a TEAM that could challenge. Tough decisions to be made
  5. Seriously Tony Kay , Peter Swan , Don Megson and Bronco Layne from back in the day when you could get 5 Woodbine in a little packet from your local newsagent. Sigh.
  6. What’s confusing LSOwls? Lefties think they’re really funny with their Daily Wail and Daily Excess little digs and it’s just not funny. That’s not really confusing is it ?
  7. Daily Wail and Daily Excess . You guys are soooo funny
  8. Exactly this. The number of times over the years that people have gone ‘ ooh tough set of fixtures the next 6 ‘ and we’ve gone out and done really well in them is just incredible. Invariably it’s the teams we should beat that we don’t. Teams that are Barcelona one week are often Barnet the week after. Thats the Championship
  9. The guy was an absolute star that season . Scored some great and vital goals. Showed some attitude when it was needed and gave us some hilarious, never to be forgotten, moments. I was sure he’d go to Fleetwood and reproduce that sort of form at the lower level. Sad to hear that circumstances have left him without a club.
  10. Hoped it might have worked out better for Ross Wallace at Fleetwood
  11. JBA. John BloodAxe. Very witty stuff then Pauli took it to another level
  12. It only needs half a dozen of us to stand on the Town Hall steps with badly made banners and placards looking suitably outraged. Always makes front page of Star
  13. Is it just me that feels a bit flat since Tuesday night? Its all too ‘ Wednesday way ‘ at the moment. I think you always hope that a new manager will come in and consign those traditional failings to history. It’s early I know but it’s not really happened yet. Lost a Cup match we could have won by making wholesale changes. Lost an away match on a wet Tuesday night that we could have won. It’s the Wednesday way?? So today we’ve got the classic . The team that has only won one away match since 1956. Please, Garry, get it sorted. Im sensing mid table and not promotion charge at the minute. Obviously a big win and it’ll be HMS PTL in our house tonight. Its the Wednesday way after all.
  14. Exactly that. We were all talking beforehand of the wet Tuesday night away game that we all know will produce this sort of result and hoping in vain that maybe, just maybe we were going to show something that said we’ve turned a corner under this new manager and we don’t have to dread these sort of matches. Fat chance.
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