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  1. Yep. It was definitely Haslam who signed Sabella. John Harris was an astute manager who never got the credit he deserved. He built arguably their best team of recent times with Currie, Woodward, Reece, Badger, Hemsley, Salmon etc. In those days I used to go to Hillsborough one week and the Lane the other. Initially it was to get the score to our match from their scoreboard, but we were in that really bad period and they were on the up. They played fast, attractive football and it was in stark comparison to the stuff we were dishing up. It only started going downhill for them when Harris left. He did, of course, end up at Hillsborough for a short while. He was a proper gent.
  2. A tidy, skilful little player during a period where we were devoid of others that could play with him. Yes there were some reasonable names amongst his team mates but there were players like Prophett, Thompson, Todd, Wilcockson, Branfoot and others who just weren’t on the same page as him. The right player at the wrong time.
  3. Remember that pic now. They obviously wheeled out Tommy Mac to act as translator !!
  4. Just found this again. It’s the curse of not straying from Matchday Thread. Im totally in awe of you guys for remembering this stuff in such fine detail. Utah, Fred and Nev take a bow. Magical memories of the strangest of times in our history. It’s all just a blur to me apart from odd snippets from matches. The comeraderie and good humour that saw us through it all is the thing that I still remember the most.
  5. It’s all going to hang on his wave to the crowd at the end, isn’t it ? I’m sure every gesture and facial expression will be closely scrutinised on here this afternoon. If he throws his gloves to the crowd at the final whistle it’ll be meltdown
  6. Westwood plays? Does that mean he’s stopping or going ? I’ve forgotten
  7. Peter Swan for me. Obviously another you had to have seen to understand what an outstanding player he was. I went for Pearson second cos he was the rock in the middle of that brilliant team of the 90s and an excellent Captain. Mobley, Shirtcliffe and Lyons, all were consistently good. Sorry, no mention for Des from me.
  8. This is very concerning Snoots. Ive noticed over the last few months that as your input to this site has increased the input of Herr Hargreaves has decreased. Theres some undoubted connection. I fear our erstwhile leader was sent on a mission by his Euro chums to sabotage Brexit negotiations with the promise that one of his bands would be given the UK entry for the Eurovision Song Contest. His work is now obviously complete so can we expect His return as thread starter No1 in your absence or has that mantle been passed to some holiday relief at Owlstalk Towers ?
  9. Garree Megson. He’s one of our own
  10. He’d just finished when I started going. Don had taken his place but my Dad would always mention Norman in his post match summary to the young ibbo who’d be waiting expectantly at the door to find out how they’d gone on
  11. Just wait till them Momentum guys come back from Jez’s house. i did try to warn you earlier Snoots
  12. Don Megson Just like Springett, there’s just a handful of us older posters who saw him play so I guess the poll inevitably will go with Worthington.. Don was the consummate professional, captain, ever present, tough tackling, dependable and the sort of player that the modern game doesn’t seem to throw up. We’ve struggled in that position since and only the Worthington / King combo managed to fill that gap for that brief period
  13. 4 players in that lot, Nev ,that don’t get enough recognition for me. Dennis Leman, Jeff King, Jeff Johnson and Tommy Tynan. They knew how to dish it out and take it.
  14. Me too, mate, though I guess I really didn’t expect to see him included. Johnson and Megson were the standard I judged all full backs afterwards on. The days of the ever present, reliable, tough tackling fullback the likes of who seemed to disappear just like black and white tv.
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