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  1. Like I give a monkeys. Go and annoy somebody else
  2. Keeping count of your posts ? Ha ha you sure have a high opinion of yourself. I have actually got a life hence my low post count since I joined 7 years ago and I’ve never felt the need to change my username like some
  3. So you’ve not mentioned the Sun and Mail twice in this thread? Elementary mistake obviously. Love your smug little responses.]
  4. Twice in one thread. Nah obviously not
  5. Here we go. Sun and Mail. Obsessed mate, aren’t you ?
  6. I thought you’d done
  7. Some Momentum style thinking here. How to twist a post and turn it on it’s head. Well done. Incidentally you need to find something better to do. Multiple consecutive posts reflect badly on you
  8. Yeah but they definitely care about their country even if they don’t about football. Are you telling me that there aren’t people in this country that don’t find the idea of patriotism repugnant ? Oh and whilst you’re taking the pee out of 1966 remember we didn’t need to have 16 pints and be coked off our heads to enjoy the game in those days
  9. This is a wind up, isn’t it ?
  10. I agree with you to an extent. Im a royalist but it’s true that it’s a feeble anthem and I can understand your feelings on that. Compare it with the Russian anthem which i find incredibly stirring and yes maybe there’s only Jerusalem that would be sung with the same passion
  11. Well I saw 1966 and it was truly memorable. Unfortunately there isn’t the pride in being English there was in those days so I doubt we’ll see similar scenes. There are some members of society who despise any displays of patriotism. Just look at the faces of the fans from other countries belting out their national anthems with hands on their hearts and tears in their eyes. Being proud of their country comes natural to them but there are those in this country who want to rewrite history and make us ashamed of our heritage and apologise for being British As a child of the 50s, I find it a difficult thing to stomach. Just how hard is it to get behind your national team? In other countries it’s unthinkable
  12. Ibbo48

    Andy rhodes

    Huge blow if he goes. Not the sort of pre season news we really need
  13. Ibbo48

    Happy 82nd Birthday !

    Just to agree with sentiments expressed elsewhere. My childhood hero from amongst some of the most legendary Wednesday players of our time. A great no nonsense left back and an even better Captain. Happy Birthday Don. You have given me some great memories
  14. I think the thing is that basically we all went to support the player who’s testimonial it was and it was just a few bob in those days. Who they played was really irrelevant and, apart from seeing a few ex players strolling about, the matches themselves were just instantly forgettable. I went to Don Megsons, Redfern Froggatts, Alan Finneys and all the other’s but can’t remember a thing about the matches themselves
  15. Yep. Definitely went but can’t remember much about it. Think we played an England XI. Testimonials were a regular thing in those days and were usually against a United or International XI, I’m sure.