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Community Answers

  1. Absolutely this If I remember correctly it was in the ‘People ‘ and they said even bigger names to be disclosed next week. It never happened. The rumour at the time was that there were several Man U players involved
  2. I think it’s origins are in the old wartime song ‘ Over there , Over there ‘
  3. Yes Lapsang souchong Some nice crisp crudités and a tasty dip. Its what footballs all about for me
  4. Brentford v Leeds could be fun if it goes like it should !!
  5. We’re mostly all pleased for you mate , but I think it’s time to be a little bit more sensitive. I don’t think we need a blow by blow account of your wonderful weekend in London. It can be seen as rubbing it in a little bit and eventually somebody’s going to stray from our general bonhomie towards sensible visiting fans. I’m sure we’ll all be happy to listen to your tale after the weekend but at the mo it’s a bit like ‘here’s what you could have won ‘
  6. Absolutely this Punishing clubs is not the answer. Its not the clubs fault that society is such a car crash that people think they can do and say whatever they want cos there’s zero respect fir any authority
  7. Carlos spotted with George Hirst. That would be the ideal scenario , mate I reckon .
  8. It’s Tony Kay and Ralph ODonnell , I reckon. I think the opposing player looks too young to be Johnny Haynes Looks like a young Bobby Moncur
  9. Having a game of Words with Friends Solo Just look what they came up with . Hes everywhere and nowhere , baby !!
  10. What was that all about when Pritchard wasted 5 minutes taking a corner in the Second Half in front of the North Stand ??
  11. Hey up. You can just see a little queue outside the chippy on the right where the signs are. Went in there before every match. Was well p****d off when they knocked it down and we had to go to the Chinese. Just wasn’t the same . Just checked shops and houses knocked down in 1986
  12. Yep Pritchard was their Ben Pearson last night. An annoying little s**t
  13. What if Sunderland get stuffed by Wycombe in the Final ?? Would it then be the template we should follow ?? Just saying
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