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  1. Ha ha Winnall goes off and Adthe scores. Some people will be a bit miffed
  2. i think you’ll find that most of us that stick up for Nuhiu are the ones that stick up for any player that’s singled out for a hard time. I’m happy to listen to anybody’s argument about his merits but leave out the childish name calling. There were some on the OMDT last night who were abusing him right from the kick off, wanted Winnall on after 3 minutes and their every post was about that. As soon as they’d got their way and Nuhiu was subbed they spent every single post on the second half patting themselves on the back and saying how brilliant we were with Winnall on. It’s an agenda and like all those that have one, they have to be proved right. As far as I’m concerned you either trust Bruce to know what he’s doing with his team selections or you don’t. He picked him to play so get behind him. It’s looking like we’re going to need him over the next few weeks so some of you are going to have to suck it up. Notice the difference in ‘ L1 standard at best ‘ Liam Palmer, since someone showed faith in him and people got off his back ?
  3. Well until we scored, half the posters on here thought we looked just like that side. Funny old game, isn’t it ?
  4. Good job it wasn’t Adthe instead of the lovely Steve, eh pal ?
  5. Always is. That’s the only reason I follow on OMDT every match. Unfortunately that also means that you have to put up with a lot of inane kneejerkery from some of the other regulars
  6. My story is a bit like Andys I guess. About 50 years ago my then girlfriend had a job with NHS as a clerical officer. The senior manager in her office was a real gentleman, in the old sense of the word, trilby hat, tweeds the works. He ran the office strictly but was very fair and the staff all revered him. He'd had several conversations with my girlfriend and found out I was a Wednesdayite and eventually he offered to get seats in the South with him and a junior manager that he went regularly with and to pick me up on the way. Bit of a treat for a lad who’d only ever done standing. It was all going well until the ref started making a series of shocking decisions against us. In one moment, this pillar of the community and proper gent, jumped up from his seat and launched himself down the i aisle screaming ‘ you f...g w....r ‘ followed by a further stream of invective. He was red faced and foaming at the mouth. He came back, sat down looking sheepish and never said a word for the rest of the match.. From that day I’ve never been shocked at how football can change a totally reasonable person into a gibbering foul mouthed wreck.
  7. Dooleys heyday was ten years before I started going but he was an absolute legend in our house. It was back in the days when I had to wait for dad to come back from the match to find out how we’d gone on. My dad worshipped him and my first question was always How many did Dooley get? Cheers, dunsby. Thanks, as always, for the memories
  8. Yeah come on Buxton. There’s not many of us oldies posting on a regular basis. We need your input. I reckon there’s only about 20 of us. Don’t make it 19
  9. Can’t deny that buttering up the fans is a big part of the job but I think in Bruce’s case the Wembley experience must have had an impact on him. To be the manager of the winning side with a poor turn out of support and compare that to the masses that were there to support the losers is bound to influence you when you’re offered the job of managing that very same team. You have to be saying to yourself, what if ...?
  10. Exactly this. Dont know what you’re all moaning about . We’re doing ok
  11. As a fellow oldie, Buxton, I want you to know that the thread kept me amused all day and definitely, along with some classic OT humour, I think there was some genuine comeraderie being shown. I think it was the point that you left it so long to reply that prolonged it and many then started to worry that something may have happened to you. Im sure you can understand how funny it all appeared from the outside and I don’t think anyone posted anything that you should be offended by.
  12. Dont talk sense mate. Everybody slags Nixon off on here but they all want to know what he’s saying for some reason.
  13. Why do Tuesday night away matches fill me with such foreboding? I get an overwhelming sense of gloom at the prospect. Dont know what the stats are but our form in Tuesday night away matches must be truly grim.
  14. I can’t honestly imagine the drop in crowds being at all related to the style of football we were playing. My memory is of us regularly scoring 3 or 4 and going to Hillsborough expecting nothing other than a win no matter who we played. I personally never got that vibe again till Ron took over.
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