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  1. Mate, Im an ex newsagent and I can confirm that’s exactly how it was. The biggest problem was not knowing what time it would come. I was at Abbey Lane and it could be anytime between 6.15 and 6.45 for us. Not so bad if weather was ok but when it wasn’t, having your shop crammed full of people getting increasingly irate the later it got and the banter between friendly rivals becoming more stretched called for UN style diplomacy at times. Dont miss being a newsagent for a minute even after 20 years but miss the GreenUn. It was part of the fabric of every Saturday for any Sheffield football fan
  2. Remember mixing with their fans in a pub before the match. It was all good natured rivalry and not a whiff of any trouble. I just add it to the list of great away days I went on that were ruined by the match. The worst being the Brighton Semi. Lovely weather, loads of beers, great atmosphere, rubbish performance
  3. Hey up, dunsby, where’ve you been? Thought you’d delegated your role as historian to Neil for a minute. They were indeed dark times. Forest was the away match we always did but not that year. No wonder.
  4. Look, Alan, I’m trying to remember you as a hardworking, utility man there’s just no need for pictorial reminders.
  5. Went to Morrisons Filled a trolley full of sausage rolls and cans of Tizer. Got home and wife looked at me nonplussed. Must get my hearing aid fixed
  6. Ha ha. My memory was of him being later. Should have checked.
  7. Yep me too. Had forgotten about Meola completely. Apparently he went to Brighton for a season after his trial with us then had a short stint at Watford. Were we blessed with keepers in 90 ? Obviously remember Turner but who was his understudy ?
  8. Driving over High Storrs to drop down to Rivelin Rd and seeing the floodlight pylons lit up in the distance was magical. Was never the same when they got rid of them.
  9. Totally agree. Not his fault if Monk is picking him. Hes currently getting more c**p thrown at him than Morgan Fox ever did at the height of his scapegoating and I didn’t think that was possible
  10. This, Neil. Always thought you were a reasonable guy but you’re dodging answering questions about this ( unless your answer is tucked away from where the masses will see it ) Poor old A12 has pushed the issue several times. If it’s cos you need donations than say so. If it’s something technical then please explain in idiotspeak what the problem is.
  11. Must be my eyes at this unearthly hour. Could have sworn I’d read Wait till they go back to SHEEP.
  12. Trouble is, Snoots, is that, in true OT style, a lot of posters have already nailed their colours to the mast with regards Monk and humble pie is in extremely short supply on here. He’s w*nk mate, end of
  13. Yes I guess you’re right but with him being the man of the moment I didn’t think so many would say that. Maybe it’s some of us having already decided he’s a dead man walking as manager and can’t accept any other than that ?
  14. Garry Monk one of the best managers he’s played under. Surprisingly very little reaction on here to those comments . Probably worthy of a thread of its own
  15. Jesus ! I’d forgotten how much I hated Mickey Thomas. That’s just brought it all back
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