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  1. Playoff preview - Daily Mail

    Rule No1 of Owlstalk. If you're going to quote a media source for a Wednesday related article make sure it's either the Guardian or the Independent otherwise you'll get the thread hijacked and you'll forget what the thread was about in the first place. This is Matchday Section, isn't it ?
  2. 30th April in Wednesday History

    Thanks dunsby, thanks torry. Can't remember Jack Martin at all. Probably just lost in the mists of time. Had no idea Don Gibson was Busbys son in law either. Curtis, Shiner and Gibson weren't playing when I started going but the nucleus of the team I grew up watching is there. Springett, Swan, Wilkinson, Finney, Fantham , McAnearney were all names I knew by heart before I went. If you add Johnson, Megson, Kay , Bobby Craig and Keith Ellis then thats the team it feels like I watched week in week out. I'm sure that's probably not the case cos I can remember reserves like Ralph O'Donnell, Robin Hardy and Brian Hill being involved at times. There just didn't seem to be the massive injury problems that we get these days. The team stayed the same apart from the odd occasion. Squad rotation ha ha. Loan players ha ha. Anyway please feel free to correct me if I'm wrong. Some of you guys have far better memories than me. Thanks, once again, dunsby for your efforts. In this season of fickle fandom you've sometimes been the only reason I've kept logging in. I firmly believe you have to know where you've been to know where you're going and history and tradition is often quickly dismissed these days
  3. 30th April in Wednesday History

    Redfearn Froggatt was my dad's favourite player in that period. He was always raving about him when he came back from the match. Unfortunately he'd just finished playing when I started going, though I'm sure he played some part in the testimonial against Ajax that I went to. A question for dunsby or any other senior Owlstalkers. In the team picture of Second Division Champs. Who's the player on the far left stood next to Johnny Fantham and is that Gibson stood between Derek Wilkinson and Peter Swan ?
  4. How nervous do you get?

    Yep. I'm another who's got worse with age. I actually make myself feel ill when we're playing. I'm relieved when there's an international break so I can feel normal at a weekend. i gave up on radio years ago. I think listening to Russ Wilcox droning on was the final straw. We always seem to be under the cosh. It's just painful. Also, like others, I always felt I jinxed them by listening. The fact that we always lose to rubbish opposition on wet Tuesday nights away didn't enter into it. It was my fault. These days I follow it on the OMDT. I'm not a twitter user so everything that happens seems to happen instantly on there. I've got goal alerts on BBC app but OT gets you there first. Needless to say it's not a place for the faint hearted . There are certain regular users who start moaning at team announcement stage and then carry it on till we score. Then there's the protocol that you don't go FFS or similar unless something actually has happened. I go incandescent with rage when some clown thinks they're being really funny by abusing the rules. In fact, I've just realised, I've got worse since I've been following matches on the OMDT and it's that that's actually making me feel ill. Come back Russ !
  5. March 28th 1962- Barcelona away!

    Simpler times, lads. Long before all this 'pig' rubbish. Football was affordable, so if you fancied nipping to the Lane when Wednesday were away, it was no big deal. I had Unitedite mates who'd come to Hillsborough with me just for the pleasure of watching a match. Banter was on the whole good natured. These days if you even mention 'them' in anything other than nasty derogatory terms you've got some spotty youth offering you out from behind his keyboard. Social media is the curse of the modern game and modern life in general. It was more fun when all your football news came from the Star, the GreenUn and Charlie Buchans Football Monthly
  6. March 28th 1962- Barcelona away!

    I remember us playing AS Roma in the round before and a French team before that. I think we thumped Roma but lost the way leg and it was the same the round before. Can remember playing Utrecht but not the other match mentioned. Maybe my memory's playing tricks on me but we always seemed to score 3/4/5 goals regularly at home back then.
  7. March 28th 1962- Barcelona away!

    Very true, dunsby. I think you know I was talking more about leisure trips though. Plenty of lads visited exotic places they'd rather not have 39/45
  8. March 28th 1962- Barcelona away!

    The good old Inter Cities Fairs Cup. Had some memorable nights at a packed Hillsborough in that competition. Didn't it eventually morph into the Europa League? it was quite a novelty seeing players with foreign names from far off places in those days. All the English Leagues were full of Smiths, Hills, Browns and Blenkinsops apart from the odd McTavish. How times change.
  9. March 28th 1962- Barcelona away!

    Went to the home leg. Can't imagine more than a privileged handful went to Barcelona. A holiday in Bournemouth was like going to the other side of the world in those days.
  10. Owlstalk survey

    Yes 68
  11. RIP Jim McAnearney

    My memories are the same as davetherave. McAnearney, Swan and Kay were the half back line when I first started going. Tommy Mac was a cultured ball player and complemented the other 2. However he was one of the first players I can remember being barracked by the crowd for not getting ' stuck in ' much to the annoyance of my Dad who thought he was a class act. Can only remember seeing Jim play on a handful of occasions as he wasn't a regular first teamer at that time. Yep a full Kop was a joy to behold in those days
  12. Who's your father

    Who's that copper with helmet on? Dixon, Dixon Who's that copper with the helmet on ? Dixon of Dock Green On the beat all day On the wife all night Who's that copper with the helmet on? Dixon of Dock Green Very popular on Leppings Lane terrace in the 60s. Anybody under 60 will think WTF
  13. Obviously top OMDT as always Pauli. Special thanks for introducing me to Psycho Garage channel through those 2 clips. Pure magic for someone who actually remembers twisting on a beach and going to nightclubs just like that and I ain't kidding.
  14. Hi Lord H

    Did I miss it last week but I don't remember anything about no episode this week? My apologies if that's the case.

    Otherwise, where the bloody hell are you ?