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  1. May be more popular than you think. Winning is everything. It doesn’t matter which league you’re in. The joy is in getting promotion. That soon disappears when you’re getting battered every other week. I hate everything about the PL circus. Football lost its soul as soon as it began
  2. All part of Bruce’s media fightback. Chairman over valuing players and making wheeling and dealing impossible for him ?
  3. Unfortunately the sad consequence of it all is this: Theres Steve Bruce on the phone. Are you interested in playing for him? Theres Danny Cowley on the phone. Are you interested in playing for him ???? Most of the players that have come whilst Bruce has been here would probably not be here if it wasn’t for the lure of playing under him. He’d raised our profile again to a level we’d not had since Big Ron. To me it’s the most depressing aspect of the whole affair.
  4. Exactly that . I’m just not convinced about this Hughton love in. Sorry.
  5. There seems to be an assumption by a lot of people on here that Hughton is sat about waiting for his phone to ring and will be up here like a shot. I personally don’t see why everyone thinks he’s the man. Basically it can only be cos there just isn’t any other available candidate with any sort of credentials or experience. Hes on gardening leave isn’t he , anyway ?
  6. Hey mate I won’t. Ive often howled with laughter at posts that have gone off at an irrelevant and irreverent tangent. I was just disappointed that after A12s OP there wasn’t a single reply that mentioned Andy. So it was really just disappointment at the lack of empathy being shown to a guy who’d been through a truly rough time.
  7. The only test titles I want to see are ‘ England romp home to secure the Ashes ‘
  8. Sorry Alan but you’re a memory of a Wednesday team that we’d probably all rather forget. Im sure there must have been a good player in there somewhere but I don’t remember seeing it. Great times, though, strangely, a sense of comeraderie amongst the fan base and laughter through adversity.
  9. I’m with you Andy. Those of us above a certain age can all relate to this stuff.
  10. Well mate. I just thought it was a chance to show Andy a bit of support as you’d intended when you posted. It then became a rant about trainers and Morgan Fox of all people. its like stepping into a parallel universe at times
  11. Thought this thread was about how good it is to see Andy Kalinins there and still involved with the club?
  12. Well John I think it’s a sign of the respect we all have for you and your input to OT that, as soon as I saw that headline, I was hoping your lad was one of the 6. I think we all hope he’ll go on and fulfill his potential.
  13. I had the joy of being a newsagent from late 60s to late 90s. Believe me the whole thing was a lottery. A Sheffield double was always great news and had folks queuing inside and out but equally a run of bad results and nobody wanted one, The biggest pain was the fact that you never knew what time it’d turn up or whether it would at all. Optimum time for us was 6.15 but 6.45 was the norm. By 7.15 the natives would be getting extremely restless and most would start drifting away chuntering. We opened till 7.30 on Saturdays and when you’ve been there since 5.30 in the morning the only thing you want to do is get off home. I enjoyed the banter in the shop while they waited but I can’t tell you the relief of seeing the Star van hurtling up the road. Obviously, as a newsagent, if you’ve nailed your colours to the mast then you have to take the rough with the smooth and boy I certainly did.
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