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  1. Welcome back Snoots Let’s hope that your OMDT rallying call isn’t the only thing that cheers us this season. Could this be the season that ‘ the Wednesday way ‘is consigned to history? Lets hope that every team that hasn’t won at Hillsborough since 1956 gets its backside well and truly kicked for a change. No more desperately hanging on to a 1-0 win only to concede in the 109th minute . Come on Darren Were not asking much A couple of resounding wins and we’ll be back to giving it large instead of extremely small.
  2. Yep definitely no 2 on the annoying sayings list
  3. Mate , I knew you were the sort of guy who knew what I was saying. The saying is generally used by people that wouldn’t
  4. I’ve said this before Is there any more annoying, unfunny and overused phrase on Owlstalk than ‘ I’ll drive him there myself ‘ and it’s other equally hilarious versions ??
  5. Home kits horrible Front, back and sides Away kit ? Past caring, we’ve had some stinkers and it’s no worse
  6. It’s rubbish. Front, back and sides Soz
  7. Horrible. Stop messing with the goddamn stripes. When will they ever get the message ?
  8. Only losers gain from recalling the past Obviously currently studying history at an Oxford University
  9. There can’t be a single fan that didn’t think, for those few heady months before the PO Final, that we weren’t onto something special. A charismatic manager that the media loved, playing good football and being universally praised. Its the very stuff we’d not experienced since Ron’s days and those were the best virtually in living memory. For giving us those moments I’m eternally grateful to Carlos. Worse managers than him have left here and been paid more respect. His flamboyancy, in the end, became something to ridicule him about. The Carlos the Clown garbage used to make me seethe but was roundly encouraged by plenty on here. There was just no need. Hes never spoken badly about the club or the fans yet all people harp on about is this ‘boyhood club ‘ twaddle that was pounced on gleefully by those who’d grown to dislike him. His failing was, as others have said, was trying to abandon the free flowing football for a more cautious approach which was the Hull style that ultimately beat us in the Final and equally the Huddersfield style that frustratingly thwarted us the year after. Hes been blamed for so much that’s happened years after he’s left and I think it’s grossly unfair. He deserves to be respected and lauded for the good feeling he gave us all for a few months. God knows , it all seems light years away from where we are now.
  10. Mr Hargreaves strangely quiet on this one ?
  11. Not fawning, but on his day the best keeper in the Championship. I, personally, always felt more confident when he was selected. For me , Carson was outstanding in his short time here. Hodge was the most consistent over a long period. However, Ron Springett was and always will be the best ever Wednesday keeper
  12. I was seriously hoping it meant a new coup An attempt by somebody to takeover the club
  13. Any chance of Carlos getting any credit at all ? No I thought not..
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