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  1. Totally agree. Hes throwing it to where he should be. Makes no sense
  2. Just think it’s time to let it go and show a bit of decency to the guy. That’s all
  3. Why can’t some of you just get off Nuhius back with your smart ass little digs ? Pathetic
  4. Yep was going to say that. Attercliffe, Hillsborough, Woodseats all big outer city shopping areas that have gone to the dogs
  5. Lived in the area since 1966. Watched the steady decline just like all outer city shopping areas. Great if you want a tattoo, your nails done, your hair barbered cheap or a takeaway, forget shopping for owt else unless it’s a charity shop. Probably the only genuine shops that are left are Battys butchers and Baldocks fishmongers plus the erstwhile Williams of Woodseats When I first came here there were 2 cinemas, 3 pubs , 3 fish and chip shops, cobblers, butchers, bakers, fruit and veg shops and more and more importantly, lots of character. Definitely a predominance o
  6. Can only echo everyone else’s sentiments. Richie’s name is forever linked with happy and memorable times. Yet another sad loss to our Wednesday ‘family’
  7. If anyone’s not seen it , watch the Social Dilemma on Netflix. I’ll say no more.
  8. Social media has created a polarisation of views. People are becoming incapable of seeing anything that doesn’t agree with their own stance on any subject. Their answer is to be hostile and intolerant. You get sarcasm and smart ass answers in an attempt to belittle someone who doesn’t see it their way. Its not just here it’s on every single ‘ forum ‘ there is.
  9. Had gone to Man U by the time I started going. One of my dads heroes. That’s good enough for me
  10. Ha ha loved that. We need more refs with a bit of character who make you laugh. Much chance these days. Kirkpatrick , Fussey ?? Any oldies remember them ?
  11. Absolutely this, mate. I sound like a boring old f**t when I keep saying it. I was there as well and don’t remember the fan thing happening. Never goes down well though when the opposition bring a massive crowd on last day to celebrate their going up , does it ?
  12. Thanks Beard Its him for sure. it was the nose I remember wanting to punch it at Oldham
  13. Not Greg Fee. Too wide a nose for Newsome I think. How annoying?
  14. Strange thread. Just an average player from the past. Was running a chain of service stations the last time I saw him.
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