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  1. Ibbo48


    So basically Bannan and Jos don’t know what they’re talking about but you do
  2. Ibbo48


    So Bannans in the form of his career and he says Joeys playing a role that helps him do this. The manager also praises him for the work he’s doing. Yet some people think he’s crap .... so he must be
  3. Ibbo48

    Bronco Layne

    Must admit. Never thought of Fantham as a midfield player. A classic inside forward in my eyes but I guess when Alan Brown adopted the ‘wingless wonders’ formation then that’s what he became. Great player.
  4. Ibbo48

    Bronco Layne

    I was in the North that day. If I’d had a cushion to chuck, I’d have chucked it. I can’t remember exactly what happened in the build up to the sending off but everyone was incensed. As I remember, that was the first major cushion throwing incident. As others have said, Bronco was the best centre forward I’ve seen in blue and white before or since. He was our Dooley at the time. He was strong and absolutely deadly in the box. It’s a tragedy that he’s remembered for all the wrong reasons and not for the outstanding player he was
  5. Ibbo48

    Bronco Layne

    That’s correct dumbold. I remember it well. I was delivering Sunday papers at the time and it was definitely stated that the following week there would be even bigger names exposed. Rumour was that the players were from a famous club across the Pennines. The following weeks People mentioned a couple of lower league players and nothing more was said of the high profile players that were set to be exposed that week. The whole thing then seemed to die a death over the following weeks
  6. Ibbo48

    Bronco Layne

    It was the theme tune from a tv series called ‘ Bronco’ starring Ty Hardin that was popular at the time. It was about a cowboy called Bronco Layne. Somebody can perhaps remember the words better than me
  7. Ibbo48

    Who's the second toughest

    Or Curtis. Like A12 says Tony Kay’s yer man
  8. Ibbo48

    BT Sports Classic

    A lot of the game were full blooded cos players could tackle without cards being waved about and players weren’t diving and feigning injury. The Norman Hunters, Chopper Harris’s and the like would never have had careers today. Oh yeh and, on the whole, refs in this country were totally respected and not being mobbed after every debatable decision
  9. Ibbo48

    BT Sports Classic

    Was just going to post something similar. All that stuff was part of the game I grew up with and the ‘ fun ‘ element died when the PL came in and it became the business it is now.
  10. I was there age 19. Coudnt remember anything about it till I saw this and it all came flooding back
  11. Ibbo48

    Ian Cranson??

    Sorry guys. My bad. Confused a Wednesday centre half with the lead singer of the Pretty Things. Bloody old age.
  12. Ibbo48

    Ian Cranson??

    Better than Phil May
  13. I think, looking at the date of your first match, that they would probably have been running the development fund differently to when my dad did it. The free tickets and preference for Cup tickets are the only things I remember him getting. He’d been doing it from its inception until he died in 1969
  14. My dad was a development fund agent as well and you got tickets based on the number of ‘ books’ you ran. i thought they were free tickets for any standing area but funnily enough we stood on the Lepp too so maybe you’re right.