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  1. Ross Wallace

    Last thing we need is another player injured and all some of you can come up with is smart ass disrespectful comments.WTF
  2. Remember the shop?

    I’m sure it was still there when I started going 60/61 Seem to remember getting prematch sweets there
  3. Encouraging news about JT

    Can’t quite make it out but is your avatar a clown?
  4. In the 70s we had a prematch routine of a few beers where we lived round Woodseats, driving over and parking on that road by the Crown. We’d then have a big portion of fish and chips at a place that was in that row of shops and houses opposite the park before heading up to the ground. I never told our lass about this and she could never understand why I struggled with my tea when I got home from the match. Think she thought it was the football that had put me off my food.
  5. Just found a photo of Fitzalan Square taken in 1938 on Picture Sheffield ( sorry don’t know how to link it to this ) and it’s almost the same as the one trev posted. So thats how C&A looked before it was bombed
  6. That’s amazing roamin. My memories are of a blitzed C&A building and the rebuild so I’ve never seen it like that.
  7. Think that’s an artists impression of the time of what it could have looked like when redeveloped. C&A never looked like that.
  8. I remember calling in that office prematch to pick up free tickets. Dad was an agent and you got a free ticket in standing areas for each ‘ book ‘ you had. It was when Dennis Woodhead was running the office and often Derek Dooley was around.
  9. Thanks mate. That’s how I remember it. Anybody got one with trams on ?
  10. Some of us remember it before it was a dual carriageway and trams used to run along it.
  11. Me ? Carlos bashing? No mate were discussing it in a positive manner
  12. Just shows that the opinion of the vocal minority is not always shared by the majority.
  13. Think I’ll be watching this on BT from behind the settee. Could be uncomfortable viewing
  14. Many’s the time I’ve stood on an unevenly packed Kop with people being plain awkward. Not a steward to be seen and a copper sat on a folding stool with his helmet on totally oblivious.
  15. Fair enough. Ive not see anyone who considers it truly ‘breaking’ news though. I haven’t got a problem with what he’s done personally. You probably guessed that. Thats my contribution to the debate sorted.