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  1. Any chance of Carlos getting any credit at all ? No I thought not..
  2. There’s lots of interesting points that have been raised since I initially posted. I think it was the newspaper article that reinforced how I was feeling about DM and obviously there are different takes on his situation both at Rovers and here. I really do want to be proven wrong about him but he just doesn’t fill me with confidence. I get a feeling of impending doom every time I see him interviewed for some reason. I’m not looking forward to the new season one bit.
  3. Well that’s a depressing read . Still no hint in anything that’s been written or said or that we’ve experienced so far to say that DM is the man to lead us out of this mess.
  4. Yep. Probably right on that, mate. Over the years I’m sure that’s been the case. Just odd to see it coming from our side on here.
  5. This of course is the current woke mindset that pervades the country. If you don’t agree with me you must be an idiot, If you mock and deride people for having a different opinion to you do you think they suddenly think , oh yeah I got this wrong and you’re right ??
  6. Well this is a first for OT We’re having a love in with Rotherham, a team we’ve traditionally shown zero respect for. Let’s hope this continues into the new season and we show some respect for all the other ‘tinpot’ clubs whose towns we’ll be visiting
  7. Probably would make an interesting separate thread if it looks like a manager , it probably is a manager. Last time I felt it was with Bruce then Carlos before that. All the others didn’t look like a Wednesday manager Neil Thompson just had a hint Just don’t see it in DM Obviously a ten match unbeaten run to start the season would change all that
  8. This is exactly as I see it. When he was appointed I couldn’t see anything in his cv that said he was the man for the job. Id watched him on the touch line at West Brom matches looking exactly as he looked yesterday, A bit lost and bewildered. He’s done nothing to change my view whilst he’s been here. Desperately want to be proved wrong but he hasn’t the look of a man that’s going to perform a miracle
  9. Ditto Lee Chapman in Hanrahans the day he scored the winner against Arsenal
  10. Very touching. I don’t think you realise how many we’ve lost unless it’s presented to you in those sort of way
  11. Can’t argue with any of that really . I still think they’ve had a lot more leniency shown to them than others and I really hope that it’s justified I’ll still be surprised if DM is here this time next year. Sincerely hope I’m wrong
  12. Personally I think this management team have been given leniency above and beyond other management teams that have produced just as bad results and have made equally bad team selections and substitutions. I really hope DM leads us back to the promised land but I’ve seen nothing to suggest that might happen
  13. Defo Con Blatsis and Steve Harkness
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