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  1. If you were stood on the touchline as manager/coach for a team would you just stand without shouting encouragement or something?
  2. I completely agree but there we other coaches.
  3. Some players need encouragement, some players need a bit of rollocking. Do Klopp, Pep and other top managers just stand and watch with their hands in their pockets. Not blaming Moore as I already said he had been seriously ill.
  4. A Chansiri plan is neither use nor ornament. Nothing he could ever think of will work.
  5. No. While ever DC is part of the club he will listen and do what he wants. He has to sell up and go. It's the only solution.
  6. Businessman? That's a myth. The saying used to be that he was a successful businessman. Now he's been relegated to a businessman. Should be reported to trading standards for impersonating a businessman.
  7. The only good thing he has done is to keep chucking his cash into the club. Without his money the club would presumably gone into administrstion/liquidation. I don't thank him for it as he has mistakenly prolonged the agony. He should have sold 18 months ago when the club might have been worth buying. Now it's worth diddly squat. He won't get more than a quid for it. Hopefully some entrepreneur/s will buy it off him and appoint a proper management team and let them get on with it. It's our only hope.
  8. While ever Chansiri has anything to do with the club we won't go anywhere. If he gets other advisors in, it won't work cos he listens then does it his way regardless. The only solution is for Chansiri to get out of the club completely. And take Paxo with him. Sell at any price if he has any feelings for the club at all.
  9. I know DM is recovering from a serious illness but I didn't see any emotional celebrations from the touchline by any of the coaches when we scored. Perhaps the cameras missed it. There didn't seem to be any reaction from them to many situations. Encouragement, rollockings, instructions seemed to be totally lacking. Under the circumstances you would have expected some show of passion. I thought most of the players showed some effort today. Some don't have the skills but effort wasn't lacking. Why didn't the coaches show some?
  10. The usual platitudes from Chansiri. Waste of your breath DC. It's too late. Just sell up and let us all get on with trying to get our club back where we want to be. He won't change the way he works and the way he thinks. He won't employ people to do what he cannot do cos he thinks he can do it all. Until he tells himself he's useless at running a football club and gets some people in who know what they are doing and he let's them get on with it then the club will go nowhere. Chansiri has failed and has gone beyond redemption to get the supporters back on side.
  11. Man City and Chelsea both playing in shades of blue. Why didn't we play in our stripes? Just wondering.
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