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  1. Is Moore better employed as a DOF for recruitment. He seems to be able to convince players to join us. That must have been a difficult job considering the sh**storm we were going through. And on another note.. How many times did he say "game" in the space of 2 minutes in the aftermatch interview. I know talking to the press isn't a qualification for being a good manager. BUT how well does he communicate to the players during training? Are they confused?
  2. Can you be a bit more specific. Shall we all lump on?
  3. Sorry your Worthiness but you had too much positivity this morning. The players read your OMDT and decided to get you back to normal. Perhaps her Ladyship migh leave you alone as well.
  4. Never does us any good. All the talk about what has been done on training ground and getting players back to peak fitness. How many games have we ever won after an International Break. Somebody will know. All our managers seem to have the same problem.
  5. Obviously not his fingers then if he was on Social Media.
  6. You need to watch the tides on the beach. They are very strong.
  7. Wot. No Adeniran. I don't believe it. Unbelievable Jeff.
  8. Another OMDT which gives us all a great start to the weekend. Shame her ladyship is back though your Lordship. Still find it hard to believe we can be below Accrington Stanley in the league. As things are going this season it won't be for long before we are not below anybody and are racing to promotion. Let's show Bl(S)underland how to get out of this league at the first attempt. Come on Wednesday. Hopefully the fantastic loyal supporters spending a half a day travelling will be rewarded with a win Safe journey everyone.
  9. I thought I would start a dogging post to see what follows.
  10. He's the Tom Daley of the footie world. Canny customer who knows how to draw a free kick. Him and Grealish could do synchronised diving.
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