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  1. I guess you have ticked this box and assigned the owner?
  2. That would be unfair to the ST holders, who bought the shirt earlier in the season. The current offer - helps to fill the empty seats at Hillsborough - helps to get rid of the remaining shirts - makes sure that nobody feels "stupid" because they paid full price at the beginning of the season - encourages people to buy their shirt at the beginning of the season instead of at the end I really like it!
  3. Good that you feel guilty!!! I saw your post and was hoping and praying nobody else would read it
  4. Great idea. Get rid of the shirts and get people into Hillsborough with one offer. It also encourages people to buy their shirts early in the season
  5. The players might be happy to have a few more days off before the season starts. Let's just assume that Rotherham is doing that to do their ex-players a favour
  6. No! Please give them a few days of extra rest instead of a week of insult!
  7. Overall your rating looks ok, but IMO you have to include Dean, Gibson, Windass and Iorfa, if you include Wildmith and Brennan. I've added the number of appearances to prove my point. Doing this, I was very surprised that Brown had 16 appearances and my only memory is the own-goal in a game, where everybody was utter useless. If I was a player, I would try to avoid any cup games to protect my reputation.
  8. I would rather ask: Is Daniele Giovanni one of Neil's fake accounts?
  9. One day we will have to accept that there are completley different people for completely different reasons at football games. IMO different zones would be the solution. Get rid of the categories, but provide different experiences in different parts of the stadium: - comfy seats for some - standing for others - singing, swearing and smoke bombs in one area - Werthers in the other - really cheap tickets in on part of the stadium - expensive tickets in an area with better facilities (hot water, upmarket food and bev) - children stand with child-friendly food, no beer, child-activity area, Ozzie and Barney Owl - etc, etc If we have 17.000 season ticket holders, we need to find about 200.000 people, who just go to one game or two per season and we have to accept that these people might be there for the stadium atmosphere or for a nice day out with the kids or friends. I don't care, if they come for the football or for the experience - as long as they support the club with their money and add to the atmosphere in the stadium.
  10. OMG ... not those "I love Ryan" posts again Soon those "Theo"admirers will crawl out of their holes
  11. @malek do you have any explanation, why Shipston still hasn't got a contract? Regarding the development of youngsters in the first team, I hope that we are so good this season, that we can afford to gamble a bit on youngsters in the last 30 minutes of each game. Hope that's not just daydreaming.
  12. I don't expect everybody to wear their shirt all the time, but it can be a nice conversation starter "your team played well yesterday" or just a smile, while you walk past another owl. I only wear my shirt when I am in a chatty mood. If I want a quiet day, I rather wear something neutral.
  13. Genuine question (I'm not from the area): Would you wear a Wednesday shirt in another town? Do you only avoid wearing it in Rotherham? I kind of like seeing Wednesday shirts all over the UK (and would be excited to see someone in Europe). It's just something, which identifies us as a group and it's so much better than all those plastic Man City and Barcelona shirts everywhere.
  14. To keep us entertained, while we are waiting for the new season to start.
  15. Currently we have a new thread about them nearly every day
  16. It's the manager's job to choose a system and make sure that it's implemented. Your choice of words is very irritating "He has strong views on systems... and insists on playing ....". What do you expect a manager to do? Should he just give you a call and follow YOUR advice?
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