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  1. Bruce did not care for us, he did not want us and he treated us like sh*t.
  2. I am sure they do check Owlstalk. We had a vote for the lineup and... like magic... we got exacty that lineup the next game! I just don't think that they expected that we would call for DM's head afterwards.
  3. I guess it's similar to looking for a partner. You can just wait for Cindy Crawford, and you will stay single for the rest of your live. Or you do it the Wednesday way: Marry the best girl you can find, she won't be perfect so you get divorced, marry the next girl, same problem, get divorced again, and again and again... every time you choose the next girl you will be a bit older and your reputation will go downhill. After a while there won't be any nice girls left, who would even look at you. Or alternatively you could choose one girl and stick with her. She might not be perfect, but you might be able to built a relationship, have a lovely marriage, have children and grandchildren. Why do so many of us choose the Wednesday way of chop and change?
  4. Why should we have a manager at all? They will all get the sack as we are never patient and always demand immediate success.
  5. https://www.swfc.co.uk/news/2022/january/hunt-buzzing-for-next-challenge/#.Ye7305dPuPM.link Hope they will win the next few games and the "supporters" will calm down.
  6. I guess that most young players would not expect us to change our formation just for them. Hope TJJ will join us
  7. I'm still amazed how many "bad habits" we managed to keep. We had so many new players, a rather new manager, a new owner, pandemic with empty stadiums, being in a new league... ... so many changes, but we still kept the same "rituals" - we've broken a few "curses" this year but they seem to catch up with us.
  8. I am confident that we will see that! February will be our month - beginning with the Ipswich game (end of Jan) UTO
  9. you might be crap, but I'm not crap.. so speak for yourself please
  10. Up to now we had the following issues, which are now starting to get solved: many new players, who had to gel; long term injuried and short term injuries, which forced us to play a different lineup every week; covid cases; training gaps because of covid; suspension of our best player and we still managed to win 7 out of 22. Why do you doubt that we can win 12 out of 20 after these problems have (hopefully) been solved?
  11. Do we know, why the players took the train? I thought they would always travel together on the team coach??
  12. How many more threads will you open today with this topic?
  13. I love this thread, as I often wonder myself . Where "the Wednesday way" comes from? Would we dare to do a full clear out, if we could? Or would we lose something of our identity as well?
  14. I can't judge if Moore is a good or bad manager. I never worked in the football business myself, I don't know DM and I don't have any insider information about his work on the training ground or in the dressing room. However, I know that changing managers is not as easy as many here seem to believe. It costs time and money and we have neither of it. We are in the middle of the season and we cannot afford to waste time to get the team settled under a new manager. If we were ManU or Chelsea, who can choose whoever they want, then it might be easier, but no worldclass-manager will just leave his job to join us - especially as everybody knows by now that our managers don't last long here. Yes - STOP sacking managers. Give them time!
  15. oh..didn't see that bit. Thanks for pointing it out
  16. I can't help, but I do feel sorry for the Derby fans. I was pleased with their point deduction, i am impressed with their fighting spirit, and I just cannot immagine them just disappearing. There is something wrong with the whole system.
  17. Maybe that's the best preparation for playing at Hillsborough one day. We can sound like that as well.
  18. We lost, but we played much better than in many other games. No need to give up hope Far to early to write off the playoffs.
  19. Sorry.. was a general grype - was not against you. I'm just getting fed up with the negativity after every loss. It was an error to quote you !!! (I just had a general grype)
  20. Did you find today's game actually boring? (Did you watch it?)
  21. WAWAW - we complain about our chairman - we complain about our manager - we complain about our players - we complain about the rest of our staff - we complain about Hillsborough - we complain about our crest - we complain about our songs - we complain about our fans The only thing I haven't heard any complains about are the colours. Guess that's just the way we are WAWAW
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