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Community Answers

  1. lathums were amazing, seriously talented
  2. All easily winnable, but we lost to morecambe, Plymouth and Oxford which on paper should have been winnable. Anyone can beat anyone in this league that’s why I hate it so much
  3. Rob Jones, beavers, Palmer, long hair dude prutton?
  4. Imagine the meeting, you’re sacked but we have another position available for you….. ffs…..
  5. Loved it, just finished last night. The ending takes you by surprise. Reminded me of battle royal with the gruesome action, but rather enjoyed it. The only annoying thing was the second to last episode was 30 mins then the last one is the normal running time
  6. Let’s make it 2-1 and stick a big middle finger up at that come back record
  7. glad to see we have stuck with gregory and paterson, be interesting to see how bannan performs now hes been shoehorned back in
  8. Sure we have enough cover as it stands
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