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  1. Evidence of badly ran our club is. Scary thing is dc thinks everything is hunky dory
  2. Who’d want that job whilst a lunatic is at the helm of swfc.
  3. Just another athlete not a footballer. The guy has never been a defender
  4. Sums us up at the moment, taking the ******** out of a team that’s doing everything right.
  5. From crap ownership, terrible miss management to the players not trying from day 1 the last 2/3 seasons. It’s all been a shambles.
  6. Hard to say really, could have got the best manager in world but managing these players is/was a hard task, the players have to take a lot of the blame a long with dc. Hopefully Darren Moore can turn us around in the league below and help us find a new identity.
  7. Realistically we should do this, but someone like Peterborough or Brentford will snap him up and sell him on for millions.
  8. We can’t afford to keep any of them, but will be good to see us hopefully go for youth players and a lot per wage and actually earn the right to play for Sheffield Wednesday.
  9. If he’s that good why isn’t he staying at Peterborough
  10. Gave our all never laughed so hard in my life before. Zero desire to win a game of football most of the time.
  11. Think they’ll be plenty of championship clubs after him, strong and athletic up top and still a young kid
  12. 2/3 mill offer comes in then let him go
  13. I’m not bothered about been relegated. I’m more interested to see how we bounce back and find a new identity on and off the field. It’s a tad scary to think what could happen if dc remains here and potentially drop down another league if he doesn’t rethink he current structure behind the scenes. First thing first, get rid of paxo and find an actual adviser that was or is associated with swfc which could potentially be a stepping stone into a new direction of the club. The bond between the club and fans needs fixing ASAP or the worst could happen again next season.
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