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  1. picking and changing piece by piece of football. They'll be nothing left soon, just another boring/soulless sport.
  2. Wonder if they know it’s cheaper to buy two halfs then a pint at our ground
  3. Dc is probably looking around the office looking for what he can sell next to balance the books. oh wait he’s never there, never mind.
  4. Hate to say but Nuhiu should start, for his last game of his Wednesday career or his testimonial if you like 😬
  5. Don’t trust him to rebuild our team, he’s spent millions at other clubs and done nothing. Not saying we will have millions to spend but just can’t see him bringing in the right players.
  6. I’m all for a salary cap but how can that be fair for teams playing against relegated premier league teams fighting for promotion.
  7. Will be a horrible situation if the loser goes down
  8. The guy just hides and won’t confront the fans now.
  9. Didn’t we pay a ton for reach? So we’d lose money on him regardless not improved since he signed up. We literally need to wipe the slate clean but it’s going to be a long process
  10. Just realized we’ve not had a fans forum for a while so surely they’re trying to avoid confrontation. We must be the quietest club and it’s not been right for 2/3 seasons.
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