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  1. thought it was a new manager linked with us, was just going to say appointment him just for the surname
  2. I think he's underachieving at Bristol, don't they have a ton of money
  3. Only playing friendlies and fans will be singing Bruce out
  4. Hughton but doubt it'll happeb The brothers at Lincoln City Paul cook Van bronck Rowett Not in that order but deffo would want hughton as the main target. Think he'd be able to pick up where Bruce left.
  5. Other half's dad is a boro fan and hopes we go in for him so we don't compete with them next season. As if boro will be up there next year
  6. Nah we need someone fresh with new ideas fed up going for merrygo round managers, there's a reason most only last so many months.
  7. And what's the point if we're getting another manager.
  8. Would rather Bruce come back, can't stand the scouse fool.
  9. He can fizz off I hope he never managers a club again, who'd want a back stabbing person managing their club.
  10. Brilliant read, saying what we all think. If Bruce reads that he would be scratching head and see no wrong doing. Is that Dale Johnson a Wednesdayite? Again mentioned agents, does a player/manager have to use an agent? It seems that agents are ruining football and a player/manger doesn't seem to do anything with his own head.
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