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  1. Wonder if anyone’s actually asked dc who he wants as manager or will his pets just pull someone out of a hat again. If two so called advisers can’t agree on a man, why have two advisers if you could just get one. I imagine the hunt for players is just as eventful.
  2. If he can’t replace the staff with his own and sign his own players what’s the point? I hope he does become our manager out of the ones available.
  3. Didn’t pulis say the exact same thing
  4. A lot of managers will be interested in the job until they speak with dc that is
  5. He can’t be too honest he’d end up getting the sack before even starting
  6. Hope this is true, we need competition especially on the wings
  7. Been a Wednesday might help us, but if we some how don’t get shaw to stay with us beyond this season our youth set up may as well be surplus
  8. I liked him here, but just comes across as a player that thinks he’s bigger than the club and unfit most of the time
  9. Loved palmers, browns, Kenny’s and crossley’s
  10. Not sure why wba would want him anyway unless they’re preparing for the championship now
  11. Can’t hack it in Cyprus then no chance here.
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