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  1. Every player should be coming back to prove a point. If players are still being classed as unfit or injured then they may as well leave the club. Far too long have we carried too many passengers taking a big wage with offering nothing back.
  2. Looks like he’s working down benidorm strip selling shirts
  3. Crap for clubs having to compete with relegated prem teams on huge wages and who have more potential of going straight back up compared to those fighting below them.
  4. We have had a few players come about been mentally weak and it does show on the pitch. Hopefully at a lot of the players prove the doubters wrong and come back fighting fit.
  5. Nothing will change until the day layers that have lost interest been here are gone and also monk deserves to have his own team here. Bullen is part of problem too, been here far too long been a bit on the side for past managers.
  6. Hmm let me have a good hard think
  7. Ps sort of reminds of when we signed rodri and scored that stunner on his debut and was never the same after the game
  8. Yes and no the guy stabbed us in the back, but he did well with what we’ve got too. whats to say he wouldn’t leave us again for a potentially better job for him
  9. Get Bruce back once Newcastle’s new owner sack him
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