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  1. Please not the on our way song again
  2. Overall bet they’d agree haha... another club buys and sells nothing to compete for
  3. No chance just need better refs in general can’t remember last time I watched a game and thought the ref did well. Now they have help with VAR and still get decisions wrong so for me it’s more the quality of the job that needs changing. No decent refs around more its a joke that you can’t even talk about a ref after a match, how else are you going to get a point across for things to change.
  4. Supported well but atmosphere is terrible home and away. football is just becoming dull in general
  5. Another passenger. Offered nothing yet
  6. Should have won that at half time. We let them come at us our selves to blame as well as the poor reffing
  7. Weird same with the walk about too. must have imagined it or miss read an article in regards to it.
  8. Common room is, was there last night and was on the board thought they didn’t put Wednesday or United games on in town
  9. The players that have covered have done well and Lee’s and Hutchinson should not be chucked straight back, it’s not like we’ve been getting hammered without their presence.
  10. Surely it’ll be their downfall, won’t they make more money if they sell for less ? Doubt we will sell out
  11. Striker main priority need to get a head start for when fletcher is done because he won’t last forever. another winger to replace Murphy and another left back. wait until next summer to see who goes and stays, asses the squad and hopefully if monks still here he can build his own squad. ff could be the player we’ve been missing, but how many times have we said this?
  12. He’s done well tbh, shame we lost at hull.
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