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  1. Is there any wonder out displays seem dire, not inspiration at all
  2. fizz off Carlos, thanks for the memories.
  3. Watching the north stand food and drink prices is entertaining, can’t stop laughing
  4. Maybe celebrating a goal and reach doesn’t give the crap about going mental.
  5. Rhodes leaves this season by the looks of it, I thought it was 2021 that’ll be a huge wage off the the bill
  6. Wtf does that bates actually do? Free money for the guy
  7. Play him in Hutchison’s role which on paper would release bannan to play more forward but can’t see it happen. Would like luongo and lee in middle
  8. You’d think for likes of Rhodes not been able to sign for another club because of his wages as road block, couldn’t he quit with us to then someone to sign him for free? He’s probably happy doing fizz all with us and sitting on a nice wage mind you.
  9. Westwood but how can he know for sure he would be dropped. Could be Moses too with him not playing for ages
  10. at least we will win the appeal against the red anyway.
  11. Fair enough thought there might something at the side of the pitch, I’m been picky anyway tbh.
  12. Just watched a play of it, 50/50 some refs give them some don’t. But I’d be annoyed if I was sent off for it. Can’t the ref look at monitor ?
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