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  1. just want re-assurance the game is still on before I buy a ticket.
  2. They have a formation??? Why don't we employ coaches and get one for us?
  3. You could just reply after today’s game. For me I would expect WWLD
  4. No hangovers today. We must put this right. I expect a performance worthy of the shirt.
  5. Half time penalty shoot out? or were you a talented player?
  6. In the early 80's I used to stand there with my dad. It had a bit of shelter from the elements.....and a good view of the game.
  7. Is that an advert for a crew member from Captain Pugwash in the background?
  8. I like it Snoots. Lets keep the run going with a hit and run win....
  9. Never thought I would see the day when we are level pegging with the likes of Accrington. 3 points and move on
  10. One of your grand kids will sort it for you....
  11. 6hr round trip from Cumbria…..no Do I want to miss Eastenders and Holby…. (Wife’s answer this one)…no BBC sport website for me then
  12. I just remember standing on crumbling terrace and watching it all kickoff. Then a slow walk back to the InterCity Owl afterwards. I think we missed the slot so had to wait a while before it could take us home. When I got home my mum had watched it on the news and she described it as a war zone...Funny how being there it didn't seem so bad.
  13. I was going to make the point myself. Patterson put his arm around him and pulled him into the huddle...nice touch
  14. Best one ever Snoots...so on the money. Another draw tonight....maybe we can get the last minute equaliser this time.
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