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  1. Berahino was hopeless early season but whatever Moore worked on over the Winter transformed him. So I think it’s reasonable to judge him on his second half of the season output and performance
  2. Not specifically aiming this at you, as many have used a similar phrase in the two Berahino threads. Since he came into the side in Feb he’s scored every 90 minutes. Do you think we’ll find better than that?
  3. Since we switched to 352 we don’t play with forwards. In Moore’s 352 we play with strikers. Do you think Windass is our best striker by a country mile? I don’t think he’s even a striker. His best spell for us by far came when he played wide in a front 3, and for a while played as a less greedy team-player. If we keep him we need to ditch 352, and Moore would need to ensure he plays for the team rather than for himself.
  4. 100%. Anyone who wants Moore to try to find a new formation wants their bumps feeling.
  5. Wycombe away. Wimbledon home. Sunderland semi He had a poor end to the season.
  6. We did. But we carried his replacement, Windass, in the second leg. As a natural striker, unlike Windass who gravitates wide, we’d have had a partnership rather than leaving Gregory so isolated. But who knows? He might have been hopeless too. Anyway, he’s going. I hope above all that we start the season with 3 out and out strikers on the books. This last 3 seasons we’ve tried to fudge it with Windass, Paterson, Da Cruz, Kachunga….we need proper strikers, as Gregory has shown.
  7. Once upto fitness he scored 7 in 800 minutes. That’s prolific.
  8. Hunt 2 goals and 6 assists. Johnson 2 goals and 8 assists. Roughly the same number of games at WB. Worth adding that our LWB is always likely to get more creative oportunities because Bannan plays more down the left, feeding those delicious balls between their FB and CB for our WB to to run onto.
  9. Jack had a terrific season. If ever there was a player designed for 352 it’s him. We knew he would hug the touchline and we knew his defensive side would be sound, but none of us knew how well he would do going forward. In his first spell with us at FB he rampaged forward brilliantly but his final ball was dire. This season the quality of final ball and the timing of his runs to the back post have been outstanding. I hope it’s wrong, and that he stays. I’d love him to have a full season in Moore’s 352.
  10. I the equivalent of his 9 full matches (800 mins) after his Spring return to the team he scored 8 and got 3 assists. Pretty impressive. Before the play-off second leg I hoped he’d start alongside Gregory but I can understand why Moore took a gamble on Windass. It didn’t work and we’ll never know if the Gregory-Berahino partnership would have got us over the line.
  11. He’s a good footballer but what is he? Certainly not a striker, so where do we play him in our excellent 352? And thats before factoring in his injury woes. Very happy to let him go to bring in a proper striker on similar wages. Big step forward for us.
  12. Our No 1 need is a left-footed CB. It will not only make defending easier, but also balance our playing-out.
  13. Well I won’t go back thru threads either, but without your gift for hindsight I stand by what I wrote when Gregory was coming back, replacing forwards that had gelled, in a team on a fabulous winning streak. He was way better after his return that before his layoff, and with hindsight it was great to have him back as the must-plat striker.
  14. He absolutely was a disaster for us. Nobody could disagree. But it could and should have been so much better. He helped Boro and Norwich go up with critical goals while we were losing millions on him. Now he’s doing the same for Huddersfield on a free.
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