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  1. He scores at a rate of a goal every 300+ mins. Exactly the same as Nuhiu. Rhodes was a goal every 280 mins for us.
  2. Played 2000 minutes 19/20 and 800 minutes 20/21. Thats a concern.
  3. My thoughts exactly. Adeniran was good enough to start 7 out of 8 of Wycombe’s crucial run-in games, and they nearly pulled off the great escape. If he is our 4th or 5th choice CM we are in very good shape in midfield.
  4. Who would you have played at LWB last season instead of Reach mate?
  5. Dave Wurly from Plymouth? Known for his bendy free-kicks. Hence nickname Curly.
  6. Wide in the 3. Definitely definitely not the 1.
  7. Shame of course but oddly might work out well. We tried to limp thru last season playing pretend strikers like Windass and Paterson. He is absolutely not a striker. It will force Moore (and DC?) to use/acquire a proper striker in addition to Kamberi. If he’s missed anywhere it’ll be wide, if our new wingers don’t cut the mustard.
  8. But Danielle has a point. We all got excited about Sougou and Matias but that quickly faded. This season we don’t have the funds to buy a Hooper mid-season to turn us round. That said, I am struggling to contain my optimism.
  9. Good post. Will it be Harrods pick & mix or Woolworths pick & mix?
  10. Have you seen him play as CF and as winger? Any view on his merits in each role? Thanks. Great to hear about him from someone who has seen him. I’d never even heard of the lad.
  11. I agree the squad is looking really decent. We can’t know for sure yet as we’ve no idea how well Kamberi, Corbeanu, Adeniran, Shodipo and Green will look in reality, I’d look at it differently. Some of the players can play more than one position, which makes our squad look even deeper. GK: Peacock-Farrell, Wildsmith RB: J. Hunt, Palmer LB: Palmer, Brown CB: Iorfa, Hutchinson, Dunkley, Palmer CM: Bannan, Wing, Luongo, Paterson, Adeniran, Dele-Bashiru Winger: Windass, Corbeanu, Shodipo, Green ST: Kamberi, Corbeanu, Paterson, Windass, Adedeyin Slight concern about our lack of left-footers in defence. Not only does that make defending harder, it also makes it less comfortable playing the ball out through the left and side, and harder to clear your lines under pressure near our LB. I’d like to see one more proper CF found. We’ve only Kamberi, and even if he is excellent he’s bound to have time off.
  12. I’d bet most of you who despise Rhodes were secretly relieved on Sunday when he was named on the bench. Who do you think Moore and our CBs wanted to play against - Rhodes or Ward? Who do you think oppo managers and defenders wanted to play against last season - Rhodes or Paterson, Windass, Marriott? They’d be p-ssing themselves laughing seeing Paterson or Marriott trot out to play CF with Rhodes sat in the stand with his trackie on.
  13. We’ve just signed a promising young winger in Corbeanu. Read the thread - lots about goals and speed. Strangely, not a word about his tackling or heading. Why? Because it’s not already-requisite for a winger. Their strengths and role lie elsewhere. Yet Reach, a winger, is lashed by some of our fans because he doesn’t tackle well enough. Anyway, onwards and upwards. He’s gone. Good luck to a good servant.
  14. You are getting a terrific left-winger, a very good LWB and a decent LB. Can also do a good job RW cutting in. Oozes class. Crosses to die for. Poor tackler and surprisingly weak header for a big lad. Plays90 mins every game and will run and run and run. You’ll get value.
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