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  1. Not without a huge influx of players. We have nowhere near enough goals in our side to play one striker. Strip out goals from our strikers this year and we would be in a big hole. Goals from our midfield and defence have been shockingly low.
  2. I clicked on Abdi but my phone broke.
  3. It was folly to become so utterly dependent Hooper-Fletcher. It was a surprise to no-one when each broke down. Rhodes, Joao and Nuhiu should have been taking some of the strain, but Carlos just flogged them into the ground. You are absolutely right. We need a cleverer more flexible manager, and let’s hope we have one in Jos. Looks quite likely.
  4. Pudil is probably on his iPad right now typing “tesilience” into Czech Google Translate.
  5. I disagree. No manager gives a player freedom. Salah, Messi, Ronaldo, Neymar, Giggs, Bale..... They all have an established role in the team. Of course, once involved in an attack they take up whatever position provides the most threat. However, once the ball is lost the teams all find their shape quickly, including the above superstars. Fernando was excellent at both ends Saturday, yet had a very clearly defined position. The answer to the OP could not be clearer. He is best wide in a 442, or wide in a front 3. Never in a 2.
  6. Build your team around 11 players. Play good players in their best positions and the team will look after itself. I hate the “build around one player” thing. That’s especially the case given the injury record of our better players.
  7. I don’t envisage Nuhiu starting all that many games next season. If you read my post I refer to him deserving to start 11th August, alongside Joao. Unless we buy a superstar those two deserve to start until their partnership loses its sheen. I think our our best striker is Hooper, and hope that his early season form matches this season’s, and that he starts 30ish games alongside Nuhiu, Joao or Fletcher.
  8. Voted Reach. Easy decision.
  9. Rhodes

    I’d love to see Jordan look the part v Wolves and Norwich, and make life even harder for Jos and DC over the Summer. I think we have a massive (fantastic) quandary over the Summer. A year ago most of us would have shrugged off Joao and Nuhiu leaving, but not now. They are probably the hottest partnership in the division and must start on August 11th. Hooper is one of the best strikers in the division. Fletcher is quality at this level, and if Jos can work on and protect their legs they can be superb for us next season. If Jordan can make Jos fancy him over the next two games he has one heck of a dilemma. And that’s without mentioning Fernando, though it does appear that Jos sees him in a wider, deeper role praise the Lord.
  10. Rhodes

    You say this a lot and make it sound like he is from the era where we carry rattles and wear flat caps. He scored 16 goals two seasons ago.
  11. Left of a 442 is tried, tested and a feast. Behind in the hole is untried. Carlos said it wouldn’t work but I lost faith in everything he said, so who knows? Yes, left of a front 3 has worked really well too. What absolutely hasn’t worked is as a one of two twin strikers. However, despite hating the idea, it is possible that Jos might somehow make it fire. Though I strongly doubt it.
  12. What a fantastic post @frastheowl Enjoyed reading that. And agreed with with nearly all of it. Agree 100% about the need to find a system which gets FF and two strikers in the side. Always thought this. The last few games have only strengthened my view.
  13. Hooper wonderful. FF wonderful. Their strike partnership record awful. If the last handful of games have shown us anything it’s what a team we are when we play Fernando AND two strikers, not as one of the two strikers. But to answer the OP....wow that’s tough. I think our best player is Hooper, but on 11th August it has to be Nuhiu-Joao, with Fernando wide and/or deep. The Nuhiu-Joao partnership have earned the right to stay in place until their success falls away, or better still they stay there because their fabulous run continues next season. I would have Hooper plus one of the above as first change. I would have Fletch as 4th choice, I would absolutely Keegan love it if Rhodes impresses Jos and us over the next games and pushes all the above for a start or a sub shirt. Good OP.
  14. Fernando Forestieri

    Thats another thing we seem to be getting from Jos. Proper sensitive handling of players wellbeing. All bodes well.
  15. Fernando Forestieri

    I didn’t see that at all. Quite the opposite. He started a very disciplined deep wide right, with Reach the same on the left. His discipline and willingness to track back were exemplary, despite many thinking he can’t or won’t. I saw Jos and Blen animated during a stoppage, after which they swapped sides, to great effect. If Jos can get the balance of that brilliance and that discipline from him next season it’s a hell of a cocktail.