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  1. Holmowl

    Chelsea fixtures

    Sarri’s parting words before his players leave the dressing room. ”Their pace is deceptive. They are even slower than they look”.
  2. Holmowl

    Chelsea fixtures

    TBF it works both ways. Ive just been on the Chelsea site and they are cacking it about the prospect of Nuhiu, Pelupessy and Baker coming off the bench.
  3. Holmowl


    I haven’t watched even the Sky “highlights” but I will hazard a guess that (like most games) when we all watch the extended highlights, the few moments of good attacking play involve Reach. They always do.
  4. Holmowl


    Rhodes wouldn’t have scored today’s goal for us. If you look closely in this BBC report there’s a subtle clue as to why not. Kenny McLean curls a lovely ball across from the right and Rhodes tucks it away.
  5. As soon as there is more than one bidder we have a strong position.
  6. Holmowl


    He’s a big chocolate fan. L A Galaxy? But he won’t be sold for buttons.
  7. Really interesting info. Some hate stat posts but I would read anything about Wednesday so for a fan to put in so much work to pull this together is brilliant. You are right about Hooper. His conversion rate is amazingly high. I hope he comes back, but that has to be a major doubt.
  8. Holmowl

    Sheffield Wednesday: Match Stats

    Which league game featured the lowest number of shots we faced? Sheff U 2. On average, what percentage of possession have we had in each game? 59 3. Which match featured our best shots on target to goal conversion rate? Wigan 4. In how many league games have we won more than ten corners? None 5. True or false; our heaviest defeat of the season also saw us record our highest shots on goal figure for the season to date? True
  9. Holmowl

    RIP Playoff Hopes

    From this point last season, with 20 games left:- Fulham P20. W15. D4. L1. Pts49 Cardiff took 43 points from their 20 games. In our case this season we probably need to take ~ 45 more points to make 6th place. Two teams had this sort of run last season. Our chances are slim, but not yet anorexic.
  10. Holmowl

    200/1 ?

    This time next year Rodney, you will be £5 poorer.
  11. Holmowl

    Player stats

    Here you are. https://www.transfermarkt.com/steven-fletcher/leistungsdaten/spieler/35099 I just Google “transfermarkt” and the name of the player I want to view.
  12. 11 good players playing in suitable positions and giving their all.
  13. Holmowl

    Starting 11

    Looks an excellent line-up. Cant find fault with a single pick. Not often we can say that. Fancy us to play confident expansive free-flowing Footie and win 3-0.
  14. Holmowl

    Starting 11

    Who are the 3 fat basterds?
  15. I remember Viz did a few “Celebrity on the Toilet” cartoons, where a speech bubble was coming from their stall. Best one was Chamberlain’s “I have in my hand a piece of paper.” I also recall Magnus Magnussen’s “I’ve started so I’ll finish.” As for Joao, some are bemoaning his inconsistency. He is frustratingly laid back, bordering on horizontal some games, but his goal-scoring record this past 10 months is absolutely top notch. 16 goals in 2350 minutes = goal every 145 minutes None of them pens. Excellent achievement. A bit like having a moan about Reach neshing out of tackles or being poor in the air. We should relish the qualities of some of our stars, rather than bemoan the few things they can’t do.