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  1. While I never rated Borner very much, if you had to pick his best point it’s his distribution. The two wide CBs do more of this than the central one. His very obvious weaknesses are pace and positional-sense. I think it would be a huge risk to have him as the pivotal defender.
  2. Cue lots of snooker puns. I wouldn’t baulk at Zohore coming in. Hope he racks up plenty of goals for us.
  3. To be fair to Kachunga, he’s a winger or wide forward. He’s not a striker. And he was playing twin-striker with a left-winger. Cant judge him on tonight. He’s looked decent to date.
  4. Only Odubajo shone. Very good performance. 8 FDP promising. Cant be arrissed to mark the rest. Good run out for the reserves in those 3 games.
  5. Joey’s pin-point volley back to Wildsmith while looking in a different direction completely wasted on you Nev.
  6. Was always overrated. Slow and poor positionally. He isn’t awful, but nowhere near the shining star many thought early on.
  7. Are either good enough for the Championship? Ive seen very little to say they are. Potential? Yes. But not ready.
  8. Id play him LWB every game. Way better than any other candidate on our books.
  9. Score line flatters Fulham but you can’t defend like that. Borner terribly out of position time and time again. Moses our best player, with credit to Reach, Joey and FDB. Very impressed with FDB’s power and acceleration. Got to be knocking on the door.
  10. That Fulham Xl should murder the side we are fielding.
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