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  1. 2 goals and 7 assists in roughly half a season. Well Below his previous best form but still one of our best players. I do wish we could see him on that left hand side more.
  2. Where he plays every minute of every game, getting plaudits from his managers and ex-players alike. Centre-mid.
  3. His goal-scoring record has been shocking all his career, apart from a very short goal-spree...guess where! We somehow thought he would recreate his form from that 9 goals in 11 match run, rather than his form from his other 41 goals in 231 games. Plus of course his terribly debilitating unfortunate injuries.
  4. Waddle wins hands-down. Big mention to Roland Nilsson in the Rumbelows final. In recent times Gary Hooper’s complete domination of Cardiff in the 3-0 home win that secured a play-off.
  5. 2. Notts County 3. Celtic 5. Motherwell 13. Windmill Drystonewallers
  6. Agreed. Liverpool 3-0 Wednesday in that LC Qf. Astonishing atmosphere. Man U 1-2 Wednesday a year later next. Electric in the Scoreboard End. Though I’ll also never forget feeling as small as an ant when Old Trafford erupted when their equaliser went in. That was something else. But the atmosphere when Varadi thumped his winning header home! Liverpool 0-2 Wednesday same season brilliant too. Though because it was the then invincible Liverpool team it was too stressful. I thought they would score one then run out winners. Great days.
  7. Thanks. How long did you have to wait?
  8. Anyone managed to do this? Sky were great. We can’t get thru to BT.
  9. Used to drink a lot (often not volume....well both really) in the Cuthbert Bank. We were chatting away one Saturday lunchtime with some Chelsea fans. They’d been good fun and friendly. Around 2.15, all finishing our final pints, one of them said “right, which one of you wants a fight?”. He looked and sounded like a bigger version of Eric Bristow, who told us “I’m gonna dent your ‘ead”. We declined his kind offer.
  10. Maybe it was his plan. But it was totally flawed. In the 15/16 season it was the mid December to mid Feb period that got us into the play-offs. Look at the line-up that won those games, playing scintillating high-scoring football. Two wingers and two proper strikers. Carlos then schat his pants and reverted back to playing narrow with FF up front alongside Hooper. Horrible turgid football with no cutting edge. We stopped scoring and winning. The few we won were when he ditched that approach. In the Final he reverted to type. We had no threat. First 20 Hull showed us some respect but thereafter realised we had no punch and cruised away. You could argue that had he gone for the more attacking (and far more successful) line-up... Wallace Lee Bannan Forestieri Hooper Nuhiu/Joao ...we might have lost more heavily. We’ll never know. Many say “we didn’t turn up” that day. We did, but with a line-up that had not worked all season. Why would it work against the very strong Hull? Even if you disagree with this analysis of the reason why we fell short in 15/16, what about 16/17? Between Feb and the end of March we had fallen to bits playing Carlos’s “safe and solid” line-ups. Couldn’t buy a goal or a win. Then, thru injuries Carlos fell upon an approach that saw us win six in six. We made the play-offs and lo and behold what did he do? Did he stick by the six in six side? or Did he resort back to the tried and failed? And this was not against a powerful Hull. This was against a very ordinary Huddersfield. Carlos was no tactical master. He was a negative fool.
  11. It wasn’t effective. Thats why he had to change the system mid-game time after time. To change mid-game occasionally when Plan A isn’t working is brilliant management. To change mid-game match after match because Plan A isn’t working means you’ve stuck by the wrong plan.
  12. It’s one of the great mysteries of life. The Sheffield Wednesday colours lend themselves to fantastic kits. Yet year after year for decades our designers manage to churn out horror shows. 2/10 and that’s even with Waddle wearing it.
  13. 18 team goals in 612 minutes is “superbly”.
  14. I agree.....except, and I don’t pretend to know why, he gels superbly with Fletcher.
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