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  1. Carlos "Kieran Lee is 100%"

    Aaaaarrrrgggghhhh How can so many of you see Lee as a right winger? Its so awful.
  2. Carlos "Kieran Lee is 100%"

    I hope you are wrong. Lee out right is just awful. Play a winger on the wing, not a CM. If Carlos still hasn't spotted our dire points total over the last season and a half when playing 3 CMs there is something badly wrong.
  3. Our midfield last season did score 20. In fact, 21. Lee 5 Forestieri 5 ( 5 of his 12 were from LW) Wallace 5 Reach 3 Bannan 1 Hutch 1 Abdi 1 Im not sure how that compares to the midfields of other top sides, but I'm guessing it's reasonable.
  4. No I'm with you here. Dont see any difference to how Brighton set up last year to how we set up. And it worked just fine for Murray who Im sure didn't alter his tried and tested methods. The difference is that Brighton were very positive last year. I think people get drawn into thinking football is cleverer and more complicated than it is.
  5. Bristol City

    Couldnt agree more.
  6. Bristol City

    They are on fire in away games. Second best away record in the league. 14 goals in their eight always, compared to our meagre 6. We sit back away, they go for it. Our past four matches in the last two seasons have been full of goals. Could be some game. Cant wait. Win this one and right back in the hunt. Wasn’t meant to be a pun.
  7. Just Carlos getting his English mixed up. He meant Sam recovers more often than others.
  8. January Transfer Window

    If FF and /or Boyd are nearing fitness we have no need for another McManaman or McGeady. But right now an injury to Reach or Wallace and we are a one-wing side. Absolutely no sign that Carlos sees Matias as a first-teamer.
  9. Who's blaming FF? Im blaming Carlos.
  10. Come on. Watch the match again. Look how awful the Fletch-FF strike "partnership" was. They played so far apart they gave the impression they were deadly enemies. Every time the ball went upfield it came straight back. It was attack v defence. Even if you are one of those who heralded it as a tactical masterpiece, to then go to an even more defensive line-up at home tells you everything about Carlos.
  11. It's getting close to Matchday

    Foul Ref! Not sci-fi.
  12. You think Carlos would have started Hooper-Fletcher, rather than Hooper-FF? Course not. He would have reverted to the tried and failed Hooper-FF. His starting line-up had 3 CMs. Again, the tried and failed negative approach. Through injuries he had been gifted an approach that delivered six straight and vital wins, that dragged us from a tailing-off 7th to 4th. He had two choices... 1. Stick with the successful approach, by playing Reach and Wallace. And by playing two proper strikers, Fletch and Rhodes. or 2. Revert to the side that failed at Wembley and was on the verge of a 7th place finish, i.e. FF and one striker. And only one of Wallace and Reach, not two. He chose the latter. What possessed him?
  13. Course he will. Im so looking forward to watching it. Slowly but surely our fit key players are gelling together and finding their best form. Reach, Bannan, Hooper and Rhodes. They are our currently available best attacking four players by far. And bang on form. If Carlos leaves one out, or moves any from their best position, he wants shooting.