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  1. Holmowl

    New manager fits fans criteria!

    Saw a headline yesterday which I think means he believes the Cardiff City owner has been replaced by an alien. ”Brown confirms fake Tan”
  2. Holmowl

    How many of our best XI regularly start?

    Joao as the front central striker.....you’ve seen something in his game that I’ve never witnessed!
  3. Holmowl

    How many of our best XI regularly start?

    I don’t think it’s critical that it’s Matias. I think any two from MM, FF and Joao playing wide of Fletcher (or an on-form Nuhiu) gives good balance and threat.
  4. Holmowl

    How many of our best XI regularly start?

    Matias started every game he was fit this season. One of the few in fact. And the way he played when he came on last Friday I expect he has earned his shirt back for Derby.
  5. Holmowl

    How many of our best XI regularly start?

    Neither do I. What is a tastecue anyway?
  6. Holmowl

    This side after international break

    Swap Palmer for Baker, and Joao for Matias, and that’s our best side from the fit players.
  7. Holmowl

    How many of our best XI regularly start?

    Westwood Palmer Lees Hector Thorniley Reach Bannan Lee FF Hooper Fletcher So 4-6 of my best Xl are currently starting.
  8. Agreed but sadly it didn’t work. Can you imagine him playing the Fletcher role last night as an example?
  9. How does it work - simply please. If we paid 8m and sell for 4m isn’t that a 4m loss, and surely it’s about losses rather than cash?
  10. Holmowl

    Bannan last niight

    I spotted that. It was Baker I think. You are right of course. He shouldn’t be balling-out kids, but I have noticed his frustration rising this season and last. Hardly surprising given that he is a class above most of the team, but nonetheless it’s out of order.
  11. Six goals in his last 400 minutes of Footie. I know 3 were against Wycombe but strikers thrive on goals so his confidence should be sky high. As @Utah Owl says. If we could get a tidy sum for him in January or August it’s a massive boost to our perilous finances.
  12. Jordan scored again today. Thats 5 in 850 minutes of Championship matches this season, at 161 minutes per goal. Pretty much the same as he has averaged through his career. I’m pleased for him personally, and of course it’s great for us business-wise. His value had nose-dived with us, but must be nudging nicely back up now.
  13. Holmowl

    Bannan last niight

    If Joey or Onomah or Hutchinson had played like that last night most would be doing cartwheels. He stepped below his own high standards but still played better than most.