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  1. I tried but gave up after 10 minutes. Is it worth persevering with?
  2. Sky update just now. “Having rewatched the Rotherham v Sheffield Wednesday match from 28th October, and in particular the Sheffield Wednesday defending, Sky will now be showing the reverse fixture on 3rd March on Dave, using the red-nose button”.
  3. Couldn’t give two foooks about his reputation, his tag or his wage. I want to see our best of a bad bunch on the field to maximise our chances of staying up. That’s Rhodes.
  4. A huge factor in our demise has been paying for players with poor injury records. This lad has played 115 of Brum’s last 117 matches, usually playing the full 90. Its a complete no-brainer. Therefore we won’t buy him and instead will play Green the winger out of position or we’ll get a lad who’s been injured who will play 8 of our 23 remaining matches.
  5. Agreed. That’s pretty good for a targetman. This year though he started the season as an ever-present but is now coming on for cameo mins as sub. I’d have him in a heartbeat. Proper striker.
  6. Compare his goals per minute this last two seasons with Windass, Paterson, Kachunga and Marriott. You might be surprised.
  7. Has the goal scoring gone? Compared to the only other strikers we pay?
  8. His goals per minute for us in his two latest seasons was outstanding. A goal every ~ 170 minutes for a non-penalty taker is superb. Alongside Nuhiu he formed a formidable partnership. Prior to that, inexplicably he dried up completely for over a full calendar year and became virtually unpickable. And it absolutely wasn’t lack of opportunity at that stage. He got a very decent run and was hopeless, and couldn’t possibly be picked ahead of our batch of strikers.
  9. I think yew are wrong. He’s a lot more fit for the purpose of playing striker than Kachunga and Marriott.
  10. You might not care, but plenty of us fans care. He’s a better striker than Marriott and Kachunga, so has an important part to play over the next 15 games at a rate of two per week.
  11. Rubbish in the air though. (I know this doesn’t work with New Who now the pesky creatures can fly)
  12. Good job we’ve bedded the new manager, buys and loanees in so early.
  13. Joey was our best player tonight. Harris did well. Reach decent and the odd glimpse from Bannan.
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