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  1. Nah. We’ll make a few signings and we’ll all be optimistic. That’s what Footie fans do. Also depends who’s manager. One day we’ll strike gold with a manager. Footie is cyclical....it’s just that as a Wednesday fan it’s a foookin long cycle ride.
  2. Your lads will be about 44 years old now. Do they still have boots and what are they doing this Saturday?
  3. Worth remembering that we were even more appalling prior to 352. Brum 3-3 Injury-struck Charlton 1-0 (Fletcher!) Derby 1-3 Brentford 0-5
  4. Central defenders without pace but with brilliant positional sense and great reading of the game can play at the very highest level successfully. Sadly, Borner has poor positional sense and doesn’t read the game well. He’s massively overrated and not good enough.
  5. I think losing Fletcher was absolutely key. He was the cement that held us together.
  6. Murphy was less lousy than the rest. Wildsmith 5 Palmer 4 Iorfa 5 Borner 5 Harris 6 Bannan 6 Joey 6 Luongo 6 Murphy 7 Nuhiu 6 Da Cruz 3 Moses 0 utterly abysmal gave every single ball away Reach 7 more crosses than rest of team put together Windass 6 Woeful last 15 mins
  7. Moses is trying to earn the crown of the worst 25 minutes in the history of football.
  8. Won’t be a popular comment but Joey best player in stripes so far.
  9. I’m like a moth drawn to a flame. I know it will be painful, but I’ll still be watching ifollow. Heart says 2-0. Head just sighs wearily.
  10. Apart from the fact that Hooper and Fletcher were terrific players, but a dire partnership. That is, if you measure success on goals and points.
  11. I know there’s far more to it than age, but McCarthy’s 61 years are not a negative. Bielsa, Bruce, Hughton, Warnock, Allardyce - like these 60+ managers, McCarthy, has direct successful experience of how to get promotions from our division.
  12. And yet they are 8th. Forest, Millwall, Cardiff, Bristol City, Swansea....all fairly plop. Season after season - you don’t have to be amazing to get into the play-offs. Well-drilled, driven, and moderately consistent and you are there. Next year Rodney.
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