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  1. Wonderful to hear Bruce suggesting Hooper might be back in two weeks for Stoke. “Whether that’s too early we’ll have to wait and see”. What a boost to our chances if we have Hooper on the bench for Stoke, Villa and Forest, and starting with Fletcher v Leeds, Norwich, Bristol C, Preston and QPR. (and the play-offs of course). Plus, Getting Hooper back even in a part-time role allows Bruce to give Fletcher time off here and there. Right now there is too much on Fletcher’s shoulders and we will be very lucky if he doesn’t break between now and May. Fingers crossed we hear nothing but positive news about Hooper’s ongoing recovery.
  2. Heres me sweating blood to start deep-thinking, high-quality threads....and you do a kernob joke on page 1. Im wasted on here. I drive a Polo btw. Need I say more?
  3. Cliche time. One game at a time. 8 cup finals left. We’ve already started discussing the Villa game. But first a very tough game at Stoke. Stoke appointed Nathan Jones in January. He started very badly. LWLL. However, they have since tightened up at the back and gone on a healthy unbeaten run (sound familiar?). Starting with the most recent game:- Reading H 0-0 Derby A 0-0 QPR A 0-0 Forest H 2-0 Villa H 1-1 Ipswich A 1-1 Wigan A 0-0 P8. W1. D7. L0. GF4. GA2 Its not going to be 4-2 ! Its the sort of game you would ordinarily be happy to pocket a draw and move on. I’m sure Bruce is full of admiration for what Jones has done so quickly, but he will be looking at how we can nick this one.
  4. Scale and Pace. One for the younger fans.
  5. Did you notice how tall our side were compared to Blackburn on Saturday? In the pre-match walking hand-shake line we towered over their side it was obvious we held a very significant height advantage. And that was without Nuhiu in the starting Xl. Both Bruce and Mowbray refered to it in the post-match comments, with Mowbray admitting they struggled to cope with it. Our attacking set-pieces are now a huge threat. In normal circumstances defences have to cope with Fletcher, Hector, Lees, Iorfa and Hutchinson. That’s some threat. If Nuhiu (or Joao If fit) is on too it only increases our impressive threat. At defensive set-pieces, our phenomenal height combined with Bruce’s defensive nous ( he was only a modest height for a CB but highly intelligent and effective) we can anticipate a very successful approach to defending corners and free-kicks. Compare this to where we were. An unusually short back four before Hector arrived (great loanee) and Iorfa the beast signed. What a transformation. And it hasn’t turned us into a Pulis-ball side. Iorfa and Hector can both play and we look so strong on the floor and aerially now.
  6. Iorfa and Reach up our right flank is a fabulous pairing. Fletcher’s goal wasn’t the only example of their threat. In the second half Iorfa was bombing down the wing for Reach to put through. It poses a huge problem for defenders. Too much attention to Iorfa and Adam will cut inside, and we know what he can do with room cutting in! Weve got Reach back in his best position, and a massive, fast, powerful attacking fullback with an eye for goal. Fantastic. Plus, an overlapping fullback is one of the most exciting sights in football.
  7. Fair point. Assuming we don’t lose to Stoke (!!!) the Villa game becomes almost a Play-Off. If we win that one Forest becomes the next play-off etc.. If nothing else we have extended our season.In the words of your neighbour, Alan Partridge, it had become moribund.
  8. TCPKAFLDC The Club Previously Known As.... Catchy eh?
  9. No. Prior to yesterday we had scored 10 from 6. That would lead to a 78 goal season.
  10. What might scupper our hopes with a squad sponsored by BUPA and Elastoplast:- Saturday Saturday Tuesday Saturday Friday Monday Saturday Final Sunday What a boost it would be if we could ease some players back before much longer.
  11. Opinion is fine. But facts should be considred too. Since Jos left. Joao - 460 minutes - 1 goal Forestieri - 393 minutes - 1 goal Matias - 550minutes - 1 goal Nuhiu - 265 minutes - 2 goals Winnall - 151 minutes - 0 goal Fletcher - 1160 minutes - 7 goals  Plainly Nuhiu has not been detrimental in scoring goals. Ask yourself does he also add more than his personal goals? Does he trouble opponents? Do our strikers appear to benefit from playing alongside him?
  12. And did so much more besides. We had failed to retain possession all game until he came on. He made an immense difference and allowed us to dominate the second half. Terrific display.
  13. People drawing attention to Sam not playing well yesterday are not having a go at him. He was way below the level we need yesterday if we are to win five or six games with him up front. It’s completely understandable given his awful lay-off. His touch and his strength will come back, but in the meantime it means we don’t hold the ball in our oponent’s half.
  14. We don’t have better right now. You should give him your wholehearted support. He did MUCH better than Winnall and Matias yesterday. He is a far better option than Boyd or Reach in that role.
  15. OT is a strange site these days. Im sure I recall @Lord Snooty once did a thread called Hooper’s Aarse
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