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  1. Player ratings

    Lots of positives and very few negatives tonight. 8 - Joao, Pudil, Reach 7 - the rest Our reserves v the third best side in the division and for 50 minutes we looked the better side. Three golden chances to win it. Great to see more positivity from free-kicks and throw-ins that would previously have been recycled back to Wildsmith. Pretty happy.
  2. If Catlos’s teams were predictable you can’t accuse Jos of the same. Breath of fresh air. Nobody is guaranteed a starting shirt. Love that.
  3. No commitment. You could be back at the rowing boat around 4.30 in the morning with a good run. Home in time for Sunday lunch.
  4. Fox On The Run

    We want more youth in our side. A teenage rampage.
  5. Player of the season so far?

    Only 3 players come anywhere near, in Hooper, Bannan and Reach. Right now I would give it to Hooper, but if he remains unavailable much longer and if Adam continues to play well then he is the one.
  6. Mr Chansiri

    THeres been way too much negativity about DC. It is clear DC is good for the club and that we are on an upward trajectory. There are bound to be bumps along the way.
  7. Great one Snoots. Dont think I can ever eat liver again though. I strongly agree with your point about it not being important which makes and formations Jos picks right now. He has no fixed system, and therefore doesn’t have an obvious first XI. Im strongly looking forward to seeing the names, seeing the formation, and in particular to seeing our more positive style of play. We can be carried away on a wave of optimism tonight. 2-0 Goaks by Not a Clue and No Idea