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  1. “If we are going to persist with” one of the division’s best midfielders?
  2. I think picking Odubajo is a really good move. A new manager brings a clean slate. I’m sure Monk has had a long chat and told him to put Preston behind him. Likewise Iorfa. Hopeless v QPR but no doubt Monk has worked on him.
  3. I can’t think of any circumstances I would bring him on ahead of our other two available strikers, Nuhiu or Rhodes. Can’t even see him making the bench very often.
  4. Love “Monk’s musings”. Hope you do it every week, so it becomes a Monk’s habit.
  5. Well I think I’m earning my £0 transfer fee and my £0 per week OT wage. Though some would disagree.
  6. Who doesn’t want to improve our squad? If the question was “with money no object should we replace these 10 players with upgrades?” we all say yes please. If, more likely, the question is “which of these players aren’t giving us value for money?” then Nuhiu, Hutch, Fox, Lee are keepers.
  7. Who do you think impacts a game more than Nuhiu in our current squad off the bench?
  8. Fletcher has been very good. Fox is cheap and cost next to nothing and is worth keeping as second choice LB. Joey hasn’t played, and for £500k is a capable 5th choice CM. Hutchinson and Lee are regular first-picks and won’t be massive earners. Nuhiu is easily the best game-changer we have. Dawson is a fine second choice keeper. Forestieri, Rhodes, Winnall, Baker can all go.
  9. Good point. In Rhodes, Forestieri and Winnall we paid ~15m and we will receive around 3m combined if we are lucky right now. Poor luck and very strange decisions.
  10. All about management. Bruce got them playing higher up the field. If allowed to drop deep they will. I think back back to Leeds stuffing us at home under Monk. They looked electric even away from home. I hope we see similar attacking intent.
  11. When we had Hooper I was a huge fan of 442. Hooper and Fletcher was a great partnership. Right now I don’t see it.
  12. Reach ridiculous. He’s worth double that. Harris - Difficult one. Based on his first six games for us he is the Raheem Sterling of the Championship. Virtually unplayable. However, based on his injury-ravaged career he is worthless. Lets hope his bad luck is over, in which case we have a season-changing player and a huge financial asset.
  13. If he’s a good manager, and I expect he is, he won’t be a 442 man or a 433 man etc...Instead, he will look at the tools at his disposal and decide what is their best formation. I would be surprised if we don’t line up in a 433/451 at Hudersfield, with 11 square pegs in 11 square holes. Westwood Palmer Bates Borner Fox Harris Lee Hutchinson Bannan Reach Fletcher
  14. Im sure it is. But that negates the benefit of Fletcher. We saw what he can do to an out swinging cross at Preston.
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