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  1. For me there’s no need for big changes. Over the 90 one player deserves dropping - Brown. Who can replace him like for like - Johnson. Other than that there wasn’t a poor performance from any player, so why change?
  2. The ball was an inswinger. No way the keeper can reach it.
  3. Apologies, yes, his short passing was dreadful. Could have conceded early doors from this. I thought we were a tad more direct yesterday. Maybe as a result of pushing Paterson up with Gregory. It was a lot better. Upto 60 minutes Wimbledon’s danger largely came from us effing around with it across the back 4.
  4. Hope he does well but he was never good enough here. Had loads of chances to nail it but didn’t. Reach was preferred, as was Harris. Overwhelmingly. Even the right-footed Palmer. Penney - not for me.
  5. Wildsmith was definitely not at fault for the second. Not sure he did anything wrong for the first. Pushed it wide as keepers should. His kicking first half was poor
  6. Not true. We are spending every week paying wages to wingers that Moore either thinks aren’t good enough or he’s changed his plans. That money could be paying the wages of two excellent wingers, not 5 or 6 poorer wingers.
  7. Wildsmith Iorfa Dunkley Palmer Hunt Fizz Bannan Adeniran Johnson Paterson Gregory In the absence of Hutch and Gibson this is our best line-up. Brown and Berahino must not start. If Fizz is injured then Wing. Looks like Moore has no faith in his Summer wingers. Therefore we need to go 352 and find two WBs, and I think Hunt and Johnson are most suited to that role. I also believe our squad is best served by 352; it bolsters the middle, allows a strike partnership, and hides our lack of a LB.
  8. Yesterday. 4 wingers on the bench. Shodipo Sow Corbeanu Johnson We started with full-back Brown wide left, and midfielder Fizz wide right. At best, Brown was having an off-day, but wasn’t replaced. Then he was clearly injured, but again wasn’t replaced by our army of wingers. Plus, when DM replaced Fizz, rather than put a winger on he chose a striker, Berahino. Ive no problem with a manager playing narrow, but not after spending our budget on wingers.
  9. How much of our new player budget is being spent on the vast array of wingers we acquired? How many are getting into the side - 1 ….and he’s a full-back. When Windass is fit he’ll obviously take one of the two wide slots, meaning that pretty much all the Summer’s spend (wages) is on the bench or in the stands. I never understood throwing so much at moderate to poor wingers. It would have been much better to spend the same amount of money but on only two much higher quality wingers. Quality not wasted quantity.
  10. Wildsmith - 6 - Didn’t think he was at fault with either goal, but did little. Hunt - 7 - ok defensively and excellent going forward. Iorfa - 7 - few scary moments but saved us several times Dunkley - 6 - scares me to death but wholehearted Palmer - 6 - superb until the goals Brown - 1 - Thats 2 for his poor first half and one taken off for the worst second half of any player I can recall. He is not not not not not a winger Darren!!! Bannan - 8.5 - MoM - we didn’t deserve him. Superb. Dele - 5 - seven for his excellent powerful first half but was awful second Wing - 5 - Poor Gregory - 8 - terrific goal and links well with Paterson Paterson - 6.5 - improves us. Berahino - 1 - him coming in and moving Paterson back changed the game. Nothing stuck from that moment on.
  11. He was an impact sub today….for Wimbledon. Not his decision to break up the Gregory-Paterson partnership that had resulted in easily our most effective attacking display of the season, but he was beyond woeful when he came on.
  12. Agreed. I couldn’t understand the huge praise he was getting. TBF maybe he’s a decent LB or LWB - who knows? But he’s a dreadful LW.
  13. We were much better with Paterson up rather than Berahino. Ball coming straight back
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