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  1. Police spokesman said they wouldn’t normally be able to spot drivers using their phone but Mr Nuhiu’s head and shoulders were sticking out through the sunroof.
  2. Years ago I was best man at my brothers wedding. I wrote my speech and thought it was great (probably wasn’t). The day before I got a book from the library on best man speech dos and donts.....no sex, no politics, no religion, no stories about stag night, no ex girlfriends. Had to rewrite the whole flippin lot overnight.
  3. This season. Atdhe on pitch - 7 team goals in 410 minutes - goal every 58 minutes Atdhe off pitch - 14 team goals in 1030 minutes - goal every 93 minutes
  4. Sovereignty - I suspect neither you, nor I, nor 95% of us on here, could name many laws that comes from the EU rather than our Parliament. There aren’t many. They aren’t major. Successive UK governments decided these few areas were better governed across the EU rather than just by our Parliament. In my business, only the Working-Time Directive had any impact on us, and I can’t say it was anything other than a reasonable balance between the rights of my workforce and the needs of my business. Strength of EU countries - 47% of our trade is with the countries of the EU. It is massively in our interest that these countries thrive in order to buy from our businesses and have great things to sell to us. The EU will be all the stronger if we are an active member. Whether we are a member or not, if major EU countries struggle we will struggle too. Higher growth markets - we already trade with these markets and will continue to do so. Germany has roughly three times the trade with these areas than we do. EU membership is not an obstacle to wider-World trade. But, speaking as an exporter to France, Germany, Belgium, Switzerland, Cyprus, Norway, Netherlands, USA, UAE, South Africa, New Zealand, Australia I can assure you that unless we can tow the further-flung countries nearer to the UK, the EU countries will ALWAYS be absolutely vital as our major trading partner. It is SO difficult to be competitive exporting thousands and thousands of miles away.
  5. Thanks. I’d be very happy to give an alternative view on those very clear points if it’s of any interest to you? From my persecutive as an employer, importer and exporter.
  6. I think there’s a stat somewhere that at one time or other over 500 of our 640 MPs voted for one of the various deals. This explains the answer to your point “ it was pretty clear remain or leave”. It obviously wasn’t. All of the strongest Leavers, including Johnson, Mogg, Patel, Raab etc voted AGAINST leaving at various points because they didn’t like a particular deal. In hindsight, the question we answered was a foolish one. It’s why we need to answer the more specific question “Leave with THIS deal or Remain”. Then Parliament gets an answer/instruction that is crystal clear and actionable. If there is an anti-Tory coalition as a result of this GE that’s exactly what you will be given. A crystal clear choice - specific deal v Remain.
  7. Willing to explain main reasons you voted Leave? And whether you still believe the same as you did in 2016?
  8. But THIS Tory Party are in the centre-ground and have done a good job? That’ll be the same Tory Party who have hammered teachers, doctors and nurses for 9 years, and are now led by the A-team of Johnson, Mogg, Raab, Patel.
  9. Teachers in Inner London average £40k. Tory governments froze their wage for two years in 2011 and 2012, then gave 1% increases thereafter. (Obviously with an election looming they’ve just given 3.5%). Yet a page back you are saying Labour are unelectable.
  10. Sure, but we aren’t minted enough to buy a like for like to share bench-time,
  11. Hughill’s record is poorer than Fletcher. Championship only Fletcher 7099 minutes - 29 goals - goal every 245 minutes Hughill 9325 minutes - 36 goals - goal every 259 minutes Your typical high targetman/lone-striker isn’t often prolific. They are gold-dust as it allows you more midfield presence.
  12. Ref was very lenient. It was a second yellow no doubt.
  13. He definitely seems to tire in games. Hardly surprising. Then he gets to the bye-line to pull back for our first goal. He is a freak.
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