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  1. Reach who made one and scored one of our most recent three goals? Murphy who scored the other one?
  2. Logically we should have our buys and loans in 2nd Jan, so they have 20 league games and at least 1 FA Cup game to play in. Bringing them in at the end of Jan cuts this down to a mere 16 league games and possibly no cup games. I can only assume agents want to spin things out believing they can get more bang for their buck as the window closes.
  3. That’s you and @torres off my Stat Party invite list.
  4. It’s far from just his goals. Shows what a better team we are with him holding up the ball and bringing the likes of Bannan, Harris, Reach etc into the game.
  5. The world is a better place with goalscoring stats.
  6. If we could only sign one player - who/what position would it be? midfielder If we could only get rid of one player, who would it be? FF Choose one player not playing regularly you would give a chance in the team. Rhodes If you could have one ex player back in the team playing at their prime, who would it be now bearing in mind where we need boosting at present? Carlton Palmer If you could attend S6 more often but are put off, what is the one thing that stops you going more often? Family commitments If the club was to spend money on one off the field item (eg, facilities, catering, academy) which would you choose? stadium upgrades Choose one word to describe the season so far. Close
  7. Without Fletcher on the pitch this season - 8 goals in 663 minutes - goal every 83 minutes With him - 31 goals in 1858 minutes - goal every 59 minutes The goals without him were:- 3rd goal at Reading Fulham equaliser Bristol C Pen 2 at Stoke Cardiff home 2 at Leeds
  8. When does Bannan go missing? He goes beyond “showing for the ball”, he all but demands the ball. Our problems are elsewhere.
  9. Iorfa is a terrific player, but his first touch is dreadful. He could never be a CM. Takes him 3 seconds to bring the ball under control.
  10. Hope you didn’t try too hard. It really wasn’t worth it.
  11. Ouch. Ive got a hutch they will uphold the ban an a fine.
  12. Absolutely. And he and we know that by scraping results we can “easily” end up 6th, and with such a lack of outstanding teams anyone could beat anyone in the play-offs and “do a Huddersfield”. Tipping point now though. How does he turn us round after that debacle? He will earn his money if we take 3 points from Wigan.
  13. Excellent summary as always mate, full of reason. Thank you. I agree with your last comments especially. We looked to be heading roughly if stutteringly in the right direction, but Saturday threw up so many doubts about individuals and our approach.
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