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  1. Great again Snoots. What an imagination. Very exciting table if we win tonight. Fascinated to see the line-up, and hope there aren’t too many moans and groans when we see the likely rotation. Low scoring game I reckon. It’s Karanka after all. 0-1 to us. Reach scorcher.
  2. Holmowl

    My epic story

    Not only does it count, its in gold medal position.
  3. Holmowl

    My epic story

    Ahhh, so that’s why he stands with his legs so far apart over a free-kick.
  4. Holmowl

    Matt Penney

    To say it’s early days is an under-statement. But I know where you are coming from. The lad looks stuffed with promise. Still learning in defence, but looking decent already. Coming forward with the ball he looks just terrific. So good to see Matt and Thorniley coming through.
  5. Holmowl

    My epic story

    I once asked a Belfast hotel receptionist for directions. ”Im sorry I don’t know.” She turned to a track-suited guy at the counter. “Gerry will know. Gerry, can you help this gentleman with directions please?” It was the scorer of the Northern Irish goal in 1986, Gerry Armstrong. The NI team were staying at the hotel ahead of a home game v Wales I think, and Armstrong was assistant coach. Couldnt have been more helpful. So me and @royalowlisback have set the bar pretty low. Directions from an ex NI player and giving directions to a Championship player. Beat that. First one to have passed toilet paper to Ronaldo wins.
  6. Holmowl

    Forest Presser

    Great players. Lousy ineffective partnership. Hope they both play in a front 3 or with FF wide and with Hooper+Nuhiu or Fletch or Joao up top.
  7. Holmowl

    Team at Forest

    Joao seemed to be cramping quite badly from about 70 minutes Saturday. Bit odd after 2 weeks break. Perhaps a light knock. Maybe he will be rested for Villa As Tony Blair once said, Rotation, Rotation, Rotation. We must expect our faves to be rested/rotated. Long long season.
  8. Holmowl

    Forest Presser

    They both started together v Fulham in November 2016.
  9. Fortunately, unlike Kop-man, Bannan wasn’t pulled off late in the second half.
  10. Holmowl

    Team at Forest

    Bannan comes deep to get the ball, not because it’s his position. If he played 20 yards further upfield he won’t get on the ball as often. Chicken and egg. It works. He’s playing like a God. We have 10 points from 12. Life (and Bannan’s position) is sweet.
  11. Holmowl

    Front 4

    Just glad I’m not Jos. Right now, even with everyone fit, got to start Joao, with either Fletcher or Nuhiu. If FF buys in to Jos’s team-ethic then he has to be the third, so FF-Nuhiu/Fletcher-Joao. If FF doesn’t convince Jos he is on board, then Matias-Nuhiu/Fletcher-Joao. If we continue to score roughly two per game (which we have for the last 16 matches) then frankly why change strikers? Even if A,B or C individually goes barren. Hooper and Winnall have to wait for an oportunity and take it by the throat. Great isn’t it?
  12. You think Hutch did anything in those first 3 games that warrants changing a team with 10 from 12? He was very poor.
  13. Some of ‘em wanted it changing after 9 from 9 mate. 10 from 12 is a disaster. Agree 100%. Matches are 11 starters and some subs. Jos seems to be getting both absolutely coch-on right now. Watched the extendeds last night and Joey was everywhere. You miss so much detail at the matchits easy to draw hasty conclusions. However, he was pretty dreadful going forward, and his shooting was “Interesting”. But we scored two against a very sharp Stoke. No worries.
  14. Holmowl

    Defence issues

    This season P7. W3. D2. L2 GF11. GA11. Pts 11 Last season P7. W3. D3. L1. GF9. GA6. Pts 12 At this point last year we began a stinky run where we took 5 points from 7 games, scoring 8 and conceding 11. So far it looks like we are leakier but score comfortably more under Jos. Certainly I am enjoying the ride far more this season than last.
  15. What about when he brilliantly tackled their man and gave it to Reach to thunder in a shot? He is not great, in particular he is limited going forward, but he is working super-hard. He didn’t give the Stoke midfielders a second. You also have to question whether a midfield of Joey-Bannan-Reach, which has suffered one defeat in 13, needs changing. Perhaps adding Onomah at the expense of Matias some games, but I can’t see an ounce of logic in dropping Joey. Results matter more than impressions.