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  1. Bannan and Reach gets bags of stick on here. In another thread right now Bannan is under the cosh for not creating enough. Take a look thru the 18/19 Joao goals and try to spot any that Reach and Bannan weren’t heavily involved in. Excellent finishes by Joao. I hope Bruce finds a way to get more ooomph into his effort.
  2. 18/19 - 6 in 1010 mins = goal every 168 mins Yep. Nothing wrong with that. Beats everyone at S6 this season except Joao, who scored every 160 mins.
  3. 100%. Its the same with Hector. He’s an outstanding CB but some fans want him put into CM. Couple of years ago Waddle was being interviewed. The commentator asked him if such and such a striker might do a job on LW. Waddles rely “If you need a Left Winger, buy a flippin Left Winger!”
  4. No. 15. Two of which were pens. Then 13. Then 5. Then 6.
  5. Des Walker would get in pretty much any team I’ve seen play.
  6. Couldnt agree more. Westwood’s timing, positioning and his command of his defence are a different level entirely.
  7. Won’t get £4m for him and he won’t go to the Prem. But I do think we will sell him. I would.
  8. Good luck to him. Underrated. Our results with Jones playing were preset decent.
  9. Shame your namesake didn’t take it. The Ipswich keeper who faced Hooper’s rocket at Portman Rd two years ago is still praying every night, thanking God he didn’t get a finger on it.
  10. Could we afford a 24 year old, faster version of Fletcher?
  11. Sadly it wasn’t a large chunk. Hes roughly played 80% CF striker and 20% left, yet his goals per game is WAY better from the left. Huge mistake.
  12. I live surrounded by Huddersfield fans. All were thrilled to be promoted. Few are dismayed to come back to the Championship. Most, but not all, enjoyed their first season. Nobody has enjoyed this second season. I’m desperate to get promoted, but part of me loves the Championship. 46 games, loads of midweek matches, a chance in every game we play, and the hope of a top six or top two position. I think we can really look forward to August. It sounds like we are acquiring players, and we have a been-there, done-it manager at the helm. Cant wait.
  13. The cost per game of many of our better players is poor to awful. Only Westwood, Bannan, Reach, Palmer and Fletcher fare well when you look at it. In particular, Reach and Bannan.
  14. 31 goals in 6295 minutes. A goal every 200 minutes over his time here - that’s excellent. And to throw in my controversial bit, had CC not chosen to partner Hooper with Forestieri we would have scored many more goals and had a far better chance of promotion. What a waste.
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