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  1. Penalty taker?

    Great name.
  2. Penalty taker?

    Linos are Trevor Fletcher and Malcolm Bannan. Good work Mr Chansiri.
  3. Who are we assuming will take them this season? Fletch took two and scored both. Hoops took one and scored it. Wont be Baz unless they raise the bar. Reach has the sweetest left foot but not sure he's the confidence. I would fancy Wallace's temperament and dead-eye. Anyone heard who who is down to take them? If we ever get one of course. Hooper alone has had a couple of decent shouts turned down.
  4. Hutch abdi loovens

    The beauty of Hutch on the bench is that he covers an injury to CB, CM and even FB if necessary. I would still keep Wildsmith on the bench however. Hutch is not quite that utility.
  5. Hutch abdi loovens

    Hutch is not as good a midfielder as Jones. He plays too deep. It's impossible to build a stable team if he can only play a third of the season in CM. So no to Hutch. Abdi is nowhere near as good as Lee, Bannan or Jones in our system. He has proved way too fragile to "build a team around", so no to Abdi. Loovens is the only one that comes close for me. Between him and Joost right now, I think Glenn is the better player. But he would have to be 100% fit, and even then it's a very very close call. But yes, I would trust Glenn over Joost in this match. And we know Glenn and Tom are a fine and successful pairing.
  6. Pal of mine used to run a team in West Yorkshire and used to send in reports to the local rag with fictitious player names like Mike Hunt. He said he once managed to get "The winning goal was scored by new Japanese winger Itchi Fani." I'd love to believe it was true.
  7. Line up vs Bluntuns

    Completely agree. Jones is a must.
  8. Line up vs Bluntuns

    Surely this is the team. Its a good sign that we have a settled team.
  9. One defeat in 17

    The sun is shining, I played well at golf, and it's curry night. I am very cheerful. But yes, what a tough crowd.
  10. One defeat in 17

    No, I included those two draws. Seven games Barnsley thru to Derby. The two semis. The eight matches this season. Why is it bizarre?
  11. Hugely impressive run, which started with Barnsley away. If we ignore the Fulham reserve match at the end of the season its nine wins, seven draws and the solitary defeat at Preston. When you think that we had 12 defeats in the first 38 matches of the season, one loss in 17 is remarkable, and bodes really well for this season.
  12. David jones

    Hope not. That would be dreadful management.
  13. David jones

    And 26 points from his last 12 games for us ( equates to 99 points). He looks really ordinary. But it appears he isn't.
  14. Careful Wednesdayites

    Ive got some pretty dodgy stuff in my browser history, but still I think I will give your advice a miss.
  15. Cardiff 3-0. Played expansive footie from minute one and didn't choke. Vital game in which a defeat could have kicked us out of the play-offs.