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  1. Recognizing people who served our country. Well done Wednesday
  2. Eeeerrrrrrr Cuss they're going to watch Wednesday in pre season and it doesn't look like there's any games
  3. Know a few who are going over for this. They'll not be happy
  4. More fuming than upset that day. Walked out feeling totally wronged and still to this day can't believe nowt was done about that refereeing performance
  5. Agree with this one. Absolutely pathetic that day against a crap Coventry side.
  6. Went to the Prague derby when there on a stag do. Fans just spent all the game fighting with the rozzas.
  7. Can't see there being a 6 figure loan fee for this lad...he's never played higher than L2
  8. Quite like this......is he one off their players? He looks about 12
  9. Looks like someone's bought pride park and are looking to buy the club. https://www.theguardian.com/football/2022/jun/24/derby-clear-to-start-season-after-loan-from-local-business-targeting-takeover-clowes
  10. Yes same for me. Can play pretty much anywhere on the pitch and might be required knowing our injury record, and must be great in the dressing room.
  11. If he never played again I'd bet he'd never have to work again.
  12. I bet He'll have to pick up some evening shifts at McDonald's if he signs with us..........fuook the self entitled set of priiiçks. Footballers really get on my tiiits
  13. Is the yellow top goalie or away kit? I'd love summat like that for our away
  14. It's like that now. The top players only play for the top 6ish clubs. It's a crap league now totally dominated by half dozen clubs and even that half a dozen is dominated by 2 clubs
  15. What a self promoting egotistical tail.....and he's crap
  16. Foookin Westwood couldn't find a club for 6 months then when he did he got injured please stop mentioning Westwood he's been crap for years
  17. Wouldn't say it to him but what the f**k is that tash?
  18. New 2 tiered home end steep like Chelsea. (Leaves loads of room at back for other crap) So top tiers close to the pitch safe standing at bottom. Kop lowered with new roof and no pillars and used for away fans. Coaches parked bang outside for easy get away
  19. And people say let's move from Hillsborough
  20. There must have been some crackers out down shalesmoor on a Tuesday night
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