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  1. Something for the weekend sir?.... Do you lot still sell Johnny's?
  2. Excellent as always Snoots. No idea today as always. Can we just please have a cohesive performance where the team actually look like they know what they're meant to be doing. UTO
  3. BPF's career has been littered with clangers. Only seen him at weeds but he dropped some right bóllacks
  4. Good keepers are usually the ones who make the least mistakes and at the moment BPF is costing us a goal a game. Not saying wildsmith is perfect but he's not giving the opposition a goal start
  5. On what evidence is BPF 100 times better than wildsmith? He's been clown like in his last half a dozen games.
  6. I won a couple of match tickets a few week back and received my letter of confirmation.
  7. Same here pal tested positive for covid midweek thank fűck
  8. Better to keep hold of the ball and knock it back to the keeper
  9. Why's Gregory chucking himself ont floor there. Attack the ball
  10. You'll be able to catch the fury v wilder fight at the same time No idea what's going to happen today. We seem to be regressing if you ask me. Where's the solidity gone at the back? First 4 or 5 games I was wondering were teams were going to score against us. Since the Plymouth debacle we look fragile..... Mainly our own doing pissïng about with it at the back. UTO
  11. With the mistakes BPF has been making I'd have dropped him this weekend anyway.
  12. Will we get any players out of it on loan? or are they just using us to give their young'uns some experience of a different club?
  13. It's a joke mardy arse. The way your post came out there's a big white void straight through the middle including the keeper stood at the corner flag.
  14. They'll just run straight through the middle of that formation
  15. Gets what tha pays for.... No badge= w@nk.....Owls badge =w@nk with badge Are they Lonsdale??
  16. No problem a wednesday fan from Mansfield came for them earlier
  17. You can have mine n lads if you still want to go? We can't make it now. Is this ont box at all?
  18. I've got an adult and under 18 if your still after some
  19. Is this on ifollow? ... Got tickets for me and the lad but he's got a game now so decided to sack it off after Saturdays shambles. If anyone wants the tickets let me know
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