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  1. Give him a pre season, if he can be arsed to turn up that is. can see him off " injured " again, sulking abroad, before he'll even consider playing again. " Superstar attitude " pi55 poor performances. Get shut of him.
  2. Next season will be a decent season if we can get a new midfield in. It's worn out.
  3. If we can offload end of season it will be a wise move, irrespective of results now.
  4. Not Like it used to be Derek Blunkett - Sadly not with us anymore, but a wonderful fella.
  5. Football today - Utter 80LL0CKS !!! Killed by the SCNTU in the EFL who are in the pockets of the Prem. Somehow they'll work a way to give us a 20 point deduction, cos they Fkin hate us.
  6. Hope you've had a really happy Sunday, Live long and be happy
  7. Bannan's been chucking such good bloody balls in the past few games, they'll be sending him to a p0rn company on a months loan !!
  8. Was a firm Clangers and Potty time follower....none of that sheite
  9. It's Derby away.... just going on past performances and the way we are playing in this one. We live in hope. UTO
  10. Just facing reality mate, been watching em for 50 years and sadly, draws don't get us climbing tables.
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