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  1. Its a decent comment, but i have no sympathy for him whatsoever. An absolute bottler, and we can't work on " If's " in football. It's a results business, and hes added next to nothing to that and fleeced us blind. I don't think he has the bottle for any league in the UK and the mention of the MLS is probably his only chance.
  2. Sorry... it can only be. " S'pose it weren't ta bad " With a nonchalant sniff at the end........ followed by a long wailing teeth gnashing sound.
  3. Credit to em !! Cracking family !! proper fans !!! even the Yorkie was fed up !! If you read this QPR vlogger .... Nice one. Credit where credits due.
  4. Rhodes has taken the club for fools. given nothing other than a hospital photo op. Will go down in our history as one of the worst signings ever to fleece the club dry.
  5. Lol.. same here, but i think you get my meaning.... 3 - 0 away and all that.
  6. I'd have to disagree there, we were shocking first half against Preston, we could have been three down. I don't think anyone could disagree with that one.
  7. A superb performance that, again, proved many wrong, including myself. Let's hope we can take this forward for the last few games and then onto next season. It'll give us hope. Because this is the first sign we have seen in a long time.
  8. Stalling and backtracking ? Are you for real ? Seriously ? is this all you have to do during a match ? Analyse other peoples posts and make up your own mind what they mean ? Good luck with all that Anyhow, great win I was wrong about his team selection, as were many others on here today UTO !
  9. Only concern is that we don't do a post forest again....... This happens and then we dip.
  10. Proved me wrong ! He's certainly been crap the past few months ! he's proved me and many others wrong !! But credit to him, and yes, it does make you think ? Why not the past few weeks !!!!!???
  11. Btw... we are winning 3 - 0 So whats the last line then ?? Good grief.
  12. Just so so so sorry Wednesday !!!! Proved me and many others wrong today !!! Fantastic performance !!
  13. Worrying with only 2... iwas about to say !!!!!!!!! GET INNNNNNNNNN !!!!!
  14. I think if we go on to secure all 3 today, we can let him sit the rest of the season out.
  15. Lets disect that shall we ? 11 behind the ball..... refers to the fact that we had no attackers and were going for the point The last minute refers to monks inability to make substitutions correctly And the betting in Asia... is..because Asia the biggest betting area and we were talking about the odds !!!!!! Who made you and casbah the thought police ??
  16. Absolute crap You think what you want to think you smartarse
  17. Have you actually read the thread ? Have you seen other odds being mentioned ? You're reading far too much into it. Go back to watching Miss marple.
  18. what a load of crap... you think what you want to think you plank.... i was referring to the team selection and every other sod was talking about the current odds too. If you bet, you know Asia is the place to lay a bet... you can bet on anything.
  19. That's right mate, they are already looking a little board
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