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    Not good enough

    Sadly, if we survive this year....and to be honest, if we keep nicking the odd game and getting these draws, we will be o.k. Sadly, I can see use making no changes next year, we are in the financial crap and I fear next year will be a full blown relegation battle. We are utterly done. Shot our bolt the first two seasons and got taken by Doyen et al. Survival is our only hope for the next five years.
  2. quinnssweetshop

    Serious question

    Looking forward to the 2025 season too then !!!
  3. Given expectation, Squad and Wage bill. Has to be the worst season I have seen from a Wednesday side.... And that's 50 years watching
  4. They've been taking the p155 out of the fans all season.
  5. Thousands per week for turning up and running around like donkeys
  6. Yep, careful mate, there are some on here that'd neg you for that. So lets say it again for them.... HE'S BEEN UTTER SHEITE TODAY !!!!!
  7. The ref was a tad anti English
  8. We're starting to talk about personal crap now....shows just how sheite this game is. Situation normal.
  9. had three ribs broken and a punctured lung playing in Scotland for the services many moons ago...... and the ref waved play on
  10. They could stamp on our heads and they'd stay on the pitch with this ref
  11. Absolutely spot on No team spirit since then... not a jot
  12. No ,mate, you'd be right about the fact they are premier league standard https://www.footballwebpages.co.uk/isthmian-football-league-premier-division
  13. Get hector off the pitch utter liability
  14. Ohhh I sayyyyyy !!! Gerrin ya booger !!!
  15. Come on Wednesday !! get a grip !!
  16. A team full of couldn't give a phooks
  17. Players shouldn't get paid for this sheite
  18. quinnssweetshop

    Jordan Rhodes Class Act!

    nice, but so are many things the footballers do in their own spare time.. Nothing negative about what he did here, but lets not make him a saint. he was a let down as a footballer.
  19. The " superstars " ( uses term lightly ) need to take a good look at themselves. Robbing a wage and not doing the job. Can't be ar5ed.
  20. quinnssweetshop

    Wednesday - V Reading OMDT

    Come on Wednesday !! We should be mullering these !!!