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  1. Both got injured just after signing pal ! - forget em
  2. The look at the end that says " I'm gonna be on youtube for years "
  3. None - phook em. Up The Owls No mercy this season, No " Well they're a good team " " We respect em " namby pamby rounduns
  4. Alllll we areeee sayyyyingggggg issss nooooo lasssssst minnnnnnnnnuuuttte gooooooals ( for them )
  5. And the award to the years best rather worrying topic goes tooooo!!!
  6. We should cover up the presto sign with a phookin red cross
  7. I think therein lies our current faults. We chop and change the formation too often.
  8. Exactly. All we want is a win and to not concede in the last minutes to lose points. Wonder what Jack Charlton would have thought about all this 80llox today?
  9. See above definition , how ironic. Crock doesn't mean any particular length of injury. Just injury. So by your own admition. Two games, is actually crocked.
  10. then you'd be right, it's as soon as he or she is injured. crocked /krɒkt/ adjective 1. INFORMAL•BRITISH (especially of a sports player) unable to play or perform due to injury. "he replaced the crocked captain early in the game"
  11. Oh, i agree, and i hope he has a stormer. I'm just working on our bloody luck with injuries the past few seasons.
  12. We have that great advisor Paxo to lead us out of the myre. Stop worrying !!
  13. Sweepstake on how many minutes into the season he's crocked and sidelined tapping the badge
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