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  1. More like Blueballs with all this Dildo talk
  2. You're a bit touchy ? Of course they do... but the chairman and club being a disaster is also a reason for them wanting away.
  3. I haven't time to be honest, there are plenty of players that have joined other clubs because the chairmans a ******** like ours over the years. And plenty of reasons why players have left.
  4. Thought we'd finally signed the 2022 answer to Roland Nilsson
  5. I appreciate that, and i agree with what you say re football in general for clubs that are financially unable to compete at any level without scrapping and begging. I think my reply was generalising about chansiri, and the mess he has left us in, for what could be ( without urgent intervention ) many many years.
  6. I'd agree if we were in the championship pushing for promotion. But we're a bang average league 1 side hanging on to the hope of keeping up with the top 6. We just needed another steady and experienced head to help us maintain that hope.
  7. We're a mediocre team in League 1 with a nut job chairman and two gold elephants sitting outside the entrance and a " Thank You " banner still flying. After all chansiri and paxo did to destroy the club. That's not Derby's fault.
  8. I think even players have their limits, and chansiri is without doubt one of the worst chairmans in Britain.
  9. Club being renamed Chan Shitty Song.... No one likes us, not even the players
  10. As said by @sw1867and liked by yourself, the reason we are in this position in the first place is because of chansiri.
  11. It's because the clubs run like a bag of sheite by a clueless chairman. chansiri out!!!!
  12. I know that it looks like theres buildng work going on where Vere r.d is. the houses there were completed in 1901
  13. See what happens for the next three games.... How many times this season have we won then all is good.....until the next few draws and defeats. Plymouth never turned up and we played a lot better. UTO
  14. Wtf is going on. Went for a pee.... And.. Wtf.. Lol Yessssss
  15. I said that against Norwich once..... And it was four... And...... Yep...
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