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  1. The premier leagues plan to be the only league is coming to fruition, probably a little later than they expected, but it's happening. When's our 6 mill due to be paid again ?
  2. Very sad to hear of this. Tiny was always great to us that played football against the turnstiles on the Leppings Lane end.. Love the photo with him next to Jimmy Mullen too... Another great bloke.. RIP Mr Toms
  3. I think @Spookone was joking in all fairness.
  4. But has " HE " done that. The word was that another source paid the players what they were owed. So, what are we to believe ?
  5. Oh dear Another chansiri backside kisser....I've always been constant in my loathing of chansiri since the club started dropping through the floor, and matters we're mentioned re " family " team and management selections " Never wavered from that, never lauded DM as a saviour... Always said wait and see after 25 games.. The decisions being made during the game, are the same astounding decisions and indecisions that were made two years ago. That's all I'm saying.. You keep kissing chansiris backside...
  6. Given all the news we have heard re the chansiri families interference. Just who decides team tactics ? Makes you wonder. Because surely, so many managers cannot get it wrong for so many games, seasons.
  7. Hold on - I totally agree with you. ( Checks pulse ) No, i'm fine.
  8. It is Moore's inability to force change in a game. The tactical decisions being made are appalling and if it continues under the stewardship of a respected professional manager, yet again.... then there are many that will question the chansiri role in team decisions.
  9. Oh Dear.... the eyesight's failing you too with the laughing Sid at the side of what i put, i would have thought someone of your intelligence would have recognized that i was winding you up. A mere jolly jape to detract from the bad result.
  10. Even a clapper like yourself has to be concerned at what we " are not " seeing. It's across the board too. All aspects of the team are not performing as a unit. Moore needs to put a stop to it. We are too one dimensional. Everything runs through Bannan, nullify him and the other teams are laughing at us.
  11. Darren Moore “an opportunity to put it right” “It really does hurt when we lose games, you want to win, compete, perform. The ideal is to win games and play well while doing so, we want both sides of it. We were disappointed with last week but this is an opportunity to put it right“
  12. Hutchinson in the squad.... Just doesn't work... We carry him
  13. Does anyone in this side actually care? Come on Wednesday!!!
  14. Moore needs to earn his pay now.. And Bannan needs to get to work on the players on the pitch.. But Christ on a bike this is bad.
  15. Lol.. I don't get paid Moore's wages mate. He's the " Expert "
  16. Nowt we can do about missed penalties and non offsides.. Part of. The game.. Fact remains we need to score.
  17. Errrrrmmmm..... So far in this second half.. They have. Moore needs to make changes
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