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  1. We have had a good start, there is a positivity not seen in the team for a long time. That can only be a good thing. Let's hope there is some consistancy. That's what we have needed for a long time. Team spirit and consistancy. My fear is what happens if we start losing a few games. Will all that positivity disappear, not only from the fans, but also on the pitch. Anyhow, as always UTO !!!
  2. It's easy to understand, stay off the beer. footballs expensive to watch, the players get paid a lot of money to do a job well.
  3. You are going down this rather sad route that you went down a week or so ago with someone else. You seem to thrive on argument, and clearly believe you are intellectually better than others. I'd stand back and take a look at what you're posting. You refer back once again to me ( or anyone else for that matter ) showing you Monk out posts ? .....I never wanted him here in the first place. And...as i stated, quite clearly.... Very clearly. You take his WHOLE record. The good, the bad and the ugly. Not just a few high or low points. So, what I, and many people on here have also done, is look at his record..... And what we do now, isthe same again. We will evaluate him and his team when there are sufficient games played. We cannot evaluate a manager on one game alone.
  4. His record during his entire tenure was the worst in the past 15 years. That's bad enough. Please, don't come the whole high and mighty, fountain of all wisdom. You aren't There is nothing to correct. Over his games in charge. As a whole. He was dire. Makes absolutely no difference where we started or what position we held, it's where we finished. You don't have to use bold to try and back up your words. We can all read.
  5. One real game We also beat Leeds last season too.... how did it pan out after that eh ? He goes 40 odd games with a shocking record and you say we are too quick to judge him. He wins one real game and you say he's a world beater lets hope we manage some consistency, that's all i ask for. Good start though.
  6. Well, we already know he has no balls after the hudders game
  7. Lets not be hasty eh ? Great to see him on the score sheet and I for one will be delighted to see him become something like his former self. One Game, lets see some consistency, and some of us may believe you. UTO
  8. Fantastic Job Wednesday !! All round a great performance.
  9. If he scores 30, and we stay up, i'll forgive him
  10. Variation in movement...... Beattie obviously paying off already.... Thumbs to fingers result!!!!!
  12. Stick with this " dreamteam " ( failures all , all here because they are Monks yes men ) And we are doomed to relegation. We have a squad that is threadbare and whilst they may be able to puff their chests out and twitterwhitter away. NEED TO PROVE IT ON THE PITCH. Even without the points deduction i'd be saying with this squad... lower end. Up the Owls, as S36 Owl says, if we finish just out of the relegation slots, it will be like winning the league.
  13. Funny.... If you can't see what an unmitigated disaster and wage stealer Rhodes has been for the club then you're blind pal. He plodded through that game, was out of shape and could do with losing more than a few pounds.
  14. Quite strange, because all he did was plod around and when he went back to try and help, he gave the ball a way a number of times. All we could see was what was on youtube, unless you were at the match ? So what you talk of, you wouldn't have sen because the camera was following the ball, not what Rhodes was doing off it. He's crap. He's bled us dry and given nothing.
  15. Appreciate the news testicles to another player that bled us dry and laughed at the fans. Injured my arse
  16. He's not tough enough for league one or two.... the defenders would just have to whisper ...boooo...in his ear and he'd be off the pitch.
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