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  1. Mr C has to get this " family " ethos kicked into touch and be Fkin ruthless
  2. Like listening to the posts from the other time. Bullen realised he wasn't up to it himself...lets hope he realises again.
  3. This is the frustrating thing...its why we get fed up...we can see our best game plan. ..its not rocket science.
  4. Come on... thats woke us all up.. !!!! Come on Wednesday
  5. Bullen proved last time. He has no ability under pressure.
  6. Mr C needs to stop treating the football club like a family. And get rid of the deadwood.
  7. 1 chance against Preston and we were subdued for much of the 1st half. We must be watching a different game. I suppose it's down to expectations. I just expect better than that 1st half. As do many others. But UTO Let's hope it all changes.
  8. Not embarrassed. .. we just need to play much better. Not rocket science.
  9. There's a few that'd disagree.. maybe a close call..Yes. .but ha d on heart..can you say we were that inpressive. Its one excuse after another. Bullens game plan does not lend itself to this team. Hes using the same tactics he did before. It doesnt work with this lot. Lets hope he gives em a right kick up the backside and changes it round. UTO
  10. If we'd played half as well as we know we can..... we would be winning easily. Just another take.
  11. We are playing crap... we were lucky the last game against Luton... This one and the Millwall game...we were hardly in it.
  12. Bullens scared to lose and in doing so plays straight into an opponents hands. We aren't strong enough in defence. Our attack can destroy if let loose....and Bullen for some reason...allows this for 20 minutes a bloody game. Often too late.
  13. Going much rhe same way as Bullens last stint. Time now to get a manager in. Three very poor displays the past week.
  14. You'd need more than a couple of house demolishing. At least 8
  15. Also as Fulham go third, SSN have sent out a new email this morning.
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