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  1. WTF

    Lookman deal done....wow

    "How has one tweet by a made up bloke managed to make 12 pages?" asks man adding to 12 page thread
  2. WTF

    Race to 6th

    and at 50-1 I am on it no matter how mental that may seem to some
  3. WTF

    Race to 6th

    Do we need to run them past you first? What is the criteria?
  4. As in 'FFS' we'll obviously make the playoffs? There is literally no reason why anyone wouldn't believe we have a chance is there?
  5. WTF

    Add a caption.

    The mass confusion on this thread is amazing
  6. WTF

    Team for Boro

    Well looks like Fessi is out so out for a few weeks so Joao in instead
  7. Bristol city game plan in the bin, they weren't expecting us to play 9 at the back
  8. Hmmm tricky I'll go for tonight's goal of the season
  9. They pretty much battered us. Great result
  10. WTF

    Front 4

    If I were to go for a specific 4 up top I'd go; Hooper + FF
  11. Never been to an autopsy I'm guessin?