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  1. WTF

    Front 4

    If I were to go for a specific 4 up top I'd go; Hooper + FF
  2. Never been to an autopsy I'm guessin?
  3. Suns out, its almost the weekend, woohooo - I will have a quick read of this comment.... Now I want to kill myself
  4. WTF

    His name is Atdhe...

    you're not the brightest are you
  5. WTF

    His name is Atdhe...

    Steveger is comfortable insulting our players so we're all good. Great stuff, nice one pal
  6. WTF


    That's not a comparison
  7. WTF

    Team for Millwall

    Ok great shout, no more ticka tacka and also let's get the big man up there, great shout
  8. Can't do the basics. We. Are. Fooooooooked.
  9. WTF

    First 5 Fixtures

    Mathematically can we cement playoffs with 5 straight high-scoring victories? Not sure
  10. WTF


    Far easier to switch to 353 formation
  11. WTF

    Jacob mellis

    you are a dildo
  12. Barely understand this but anyway, Checking to see if we've been linked with any decent players and not only have we not - but then gotta read a pro bastaaad farage comment. Fukdatshit