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  1. How the foook has this paid out..we finished 12th
  2. I stuck £40 on QPR just in case.... And they've both paid out. WTF
  3. Back QPR separately for a WIN WIN WIN WIN scenario
  4. William Hill have never offered me a cash in, stuck £100 on them at 4-1... We need a point dont we to guarantee top 11?
  5. As long as we finish top half, I'm putting the £500 winnings on promotion. I'll literally be a millionaire at this rate in 14 seasons booooom
  6. Whereas if we go up, we could let Norwich keep him
  7. Will Hill not offering a cash out, so gottta hold tight for £500 They are offering me £30 for Brighton to get relegated but I have £75 on them at 8-1 so foook dat
  8. The game is 60 minutes in chillax yourself pal
  9. Mistakes we're making would be punished by a decent team
  10. It ain't over yet. Bristol lose on sat, boro play hull so any result is good for us.... We just gotta win and then its 3 points
  11. Terrible start to the 2nd half
  12. Bristol City are away to Villa and us and have Derby still to go + a loss on the last day at Millwall = 3 more points for them and they finish on 68 pts Lets give Villa 5th We therefore need 69 points = 10 points from last 5 Leeds 1 Norwich 1 BCFC 3 Preston has to be 3 QPR 3 We're fooookin laughin
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