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  1. To be fair, there is no consistent team (l**ds and west brom both haven't won in 5), its a battle to be the least inconsistent
  2. We're only 3-1 to win in-play. Bookies know we'll do it
  3. The sense of bewildered and confused happiness on here is funny af
  4. we would need at least 15 points from those
  5. Are you having a row with yourself
  6. well, according to the bookies, Forest are losing today + Charlton will lose + Preston or Bristol slip up - we will 100% win 3-0 (that is a fact) and thats us in the playoffs for the break. Thank you, good night and god bless
  7. I can never utter the words "I would settle for a draw" firstly because you can't and secondly because if you could "settle for a draw" imagine being 3-0 up with a minute to go and then the draw gods make it so, "3-3 you twaaat" I will settle for a 0-4 thank you and top of the league by the weekend
  8. You have unfortunately messed up a really easy joke there
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