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  1. I thought the run-in was just the last games, these are classed 'walkovers against sh1testers'
  2. Also, if you think about it, if they would have started on -12 too, we would be above them
  3. Great plan to make tonight bearable - smash £250 on a Wednesday = £625. There will be no other result.
  4. "Love' maybe right 'Weirdo' precisely right
  5. You would carry him?? Don't you have a car. What a world we live in
  6. Are you asking random people on this forum if anyone knows how much money Chris Waddle has got in the bank? Its £890,000 so off you pop
  7. How long did it take to come up with your username sheffwed1 ?
  8. Thought it was still that Portuguese guy and we still had Hooper up front and we were vying with Brighton for promotion and Viv Anderson and time lapses and all that
  9. One of the worst comments on the internet ever
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