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  1. Team For Burton

    You just ooze class
  2. Whilst its a.) mathematically possible and b.) 50-1 for us to go up, get £10 on and enjoy the second half of the season
  3. One of the best managers we've had, ran out of steam this year. Thanks for everything CC good luck for the future
  4. A Bristol City view

    You sound fun
  5. I don't think starting with 10 players is gonna help
  6. Injuries

    nope, most of our players are fit and we also have a few who have continual issues.
  7. Abdi

    You think Reach is an average player?
  8. Steve Evans.

    Are you on glue
  9. The fat f++k likes his hooligans despite the fact he's just a pr1ck chicken poo