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  1. Bruce and Boyd did well together at Hull. I expect Boyd to feature next season but think if anyone can a tune out of him then Bruce can.
  2. You obviously don't know Fletcher's real first name is Frank.
  3. Think FF and Forestieri have looked good. Maye just the microphones but Dawson does seem more vocal than previously.
  4. I know we have a tendency to be paranoid about commentators / pundits, but I am adding Higginbotham to the list: excited and full of superlatives if Norwich do anything, grudging and monotone if we do. He also loves the pigs.
  5. They’re right... we will be the best side in the championship next season under Steve Bruce.
  6. Did anyone else notice that George Boyd is sponsored by George Boyd Ironmongery?
  7. Didn't want to start a new FFP thread so thought I would put it in here... Watching the Pig game the commentator mentioned Brum having to submit a 'business plan' to the EFL. If this is the case with us I am quite ameliorated: it suggests a case by case view, so hopefully our out of contract players will be taken into account before any punitive measures.
  8. Dudley / Black Country is not in Birmingham.
  9. Strange post. When someone ran on and belted a celebrating Sunderland fan a few years back he was castigated. You seem to be ridiculing people for not breaking the law.
  10. If Aarons doesn’t make it he will play Boyd.
  11. Remember it well. Had an absolute nailed on penalty not given in the last minute. Typical.
  12. Indeed. I fully believe it was being considered. Maybe still is.
  13. He was spouting nonsense on 5live earlier: stating Cardiff got what they deserved without having even watched the game. Comes to something when Robbie Savage has to (correctly) challenge you.
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