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  1. Ever the pessimist

    Sold out

    If it's only the top tier at QPR it could genuinely be sold out - remember there is a decent number of London Owls to add to those who go home and away.
  2. Ever the pessimist

    Sold out

    Yes - think it was. Maybe even slightly more.
  3. Ever the pessimist

    The talk of moving to Weedon Street...

    That’s those plans weedon then.
  4. Ever the pessimist

    Birmingham away details

    In fact - just bought Sheffield - Derby then Derby - Brum and saved £15. Well worth doing.
  5. Ever the pessimist

    Birmingham away details

    How much have you found train tickets for? Looking at £46 I think unless I am mistaken.
  6. Ever the pessimist

    Sheffield, city of students

    If / when United end up under Chinese ownership they will aggressively target the huge numbers of Chinese students here.
  7. Ever the pessimist

    Maintaining a top six position

    Fixed it for you.
  8. Ever the pessimist

    Gary Hooper

    He’ll end up back in Scotland, probably back at Celtic.
  9. Ever the pessimist

    Gary Hooper

    Can you do a James Shield one - comparing dem Blades to AC Milan of the 80s or something?
  10. Ever the pessimist

    Almen Abdi

    Was he even a crock when he signed? Or was it CC not really wanting him and, after trying to play him out of position to accommodate him, then sidelining him - at which point he got injured?
  11. Ever the pessimist

    Almen Abdi

    Mentioned in another thread but I have heard that he has been very impressive in training - the other players have been amazed at the things he is capable of. Cue a breakdown in the U23 match.
  12. Ever the pessimist

    Lee johnson

    Not seen anything conclusive about the offside - but LJ's comments sound like the stuff managers come out with when under pressure. They have started reasonably by the looks of it but maybe he knows that pressure to deliver an improvement on the last couple of seasons is on.
  13. Ever the pessimist


    Hector the enormous erector.
  14. Ever the pessimist

    Any news on Bannan injury

    Joking aside I have heard today from a first team player that in training Abdi is very impressive at the moment. Also Lee’s knee seems to be mending well and he is in full training.
  15. Ever the pessimist

    Almen Abdi

    More chance of plaiting wee wee.