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  1. Wolves: general advice

    As above - the subway (not an American sandwich franchise) near the ground can be a bit unpleasant. Think their idiots used to go by the name 'Subway Army' for a while such was the notoriety of the place.
  2. Pudil

    Better in the air that I gave him credit for. Recall one absolutely towering header in the first half against their big lad up front.
  3. Jack Hunt injured AGAIN!

    The way he was beating the turf immediately afterwards suggests he knows it’s a bad one.
  4. That Noise

    Thought it was some sort of early warning for nuclear apocalypse.
  5. What stopped us?

    The clubs are sadly typical of a parochial, self deprecating attitude which, although quite endearing at times, is ultimately self defeating. It's about to happen again the mayoral elections - the winner will be someone who openly doesn't want a 'Sheffield City Region' at all - but a Leeds centric deal instead.
  6. Daily star today

    He has improved hugely this last 18 months. Strangely seemed to get better during Hull’s struggles last season and has grown into a confident, If somewhat ungainly, ball playing centre half.
  7. Left Back

    Narrow the pitch as much as possible.
  8. Hull City

    I am genuinely a bit worried: used to be able to handle my ale but obviously a year off will have affected that. Going to have to take it steady!
  9. Hull City

    I am looking forward to it as it coincides with the end of my year’s alcohol abstinence.
  10. No - selling them for big money to fund a title challenge. Piece of p1ss this football lark.
  11. #SWFC Fun Day Today!

    Sorry to hear about having to keep the away shirt. Hope it didn’t spoil an otherwise brilliant day.
  12. #SWFC Fun Day Today!

    On a related note I heard from someone within the club that Katrien has been a breath of fresh air so far and been really impressive. Long may it continue.
  13. #SWFC Fun Day Today!

    Yeah, my two kids played and enjoyed it. Would have stayed for the zorb football and the fans v staff game but kids were freezing by then.
  14. JOS OUT

    Have to admit I would prefer a new guy installed shortly after the Norwich game. I feel a bit for him but just don’t get the sense he is the man to guide us through potentially choppy waters.
  15. #SWFC Fun Day Today!

    Both mine are playing on the pitch in the morning which should be great. I hope there is more on to do afterwards too - the treasure hunt clashes with their playing session.