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Community Answers

  1. He’s probably right in the sense that it would help elite clubs and their younger players, but absolutely wrong if he thinks it’s a good idea for English football in general.
  2. Think you're being optimistic that our bad spell comes as far down the line as Christmas.
  3. Kind of related: I don’t think it helps when managers say how tired their players are / will be in a forthcoming game. Kind of becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy.
  4. Sorry, I meant Hunt. And having just watched it back, not sure it was a foul after all. Other than that, I stand by my initial statement.
  5. Said before, Moore made some questionable selections last season, that got glossed over for understandable reasons. This year there’s no mitigating factors.
  6. Reckon he’s the one who ‘coerced’ the EFL to block the stadium sale, as referenced in the statement?
  7. Never particularly liked Derby (mainly as we tend to do terribly against them) but this is terrible for them. Hope they find their way back onto an even keel ASAP.
  8. They'll get battered by Leeds tonight. I heard Bruce saying that 'of course I want better players coming in' in a press conference the other day. Great vote of confidence in his current ones that!
  9. To get the 22.50 train from Wigan? That’s over an hour after the game is due to finish.
  10. 22.50 from Wigan to Victoria. Dash / taxi to Picadilly, back in Sheffield by 00.40. Not for me on a school night to be honest, but just about possible.
  11. If pigs aren’t interested in him, it’s more than likely the fact he likes bad mouthing his owners. Like Simon Jordan said, potential employers notice that kind of thing.
  12. They learned the hard way though, almost going bust not so long back.
  13. It's do-able if you don't mind getting back to Sheffield at 00.40
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