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  1. True. But the EFL is directly influenced by parachute payments and, with them seemingly here to stay, the EFL needs to adapt its rules if it wants to have a equitable competition.
  2. If DC (and his wife, the new owner) are long gone during the 15 years (minimum) lifespan of these. Would a new owner be duty bound to honour them?
  3. If they decided to relegate / deduct so many points it made relegation likely, but didn't actually make their decision public and apply the sanction until it suited them then fans would have a real reason to accuse the EFL of mis-selling a product: anyone buying a ticket for an important game of football when there had already been a decision to effectively invalidate the efforts of one of the teams would be rightfully p1ssed off.
  4. They should take their parachute payments off them. Bet they won’t though.
  5. If Bournemouth go down this year will the EFL act on their FFP breach from their promotion season?
  6. That would be typical Wednesday. Finally get up, start on -12.
  7. He’s in Sheffield currently. Apparently.
  8. As Scram says, aside from him being a cap end, he’s not good enough for that Leeds team. If they had a half decent striker they would be home and hosed. Scrubbers
  9. First reply! Going tomorrow but against my better judgment. Hate going to Leeds at the best of times - always feel like Homer vs New York. Meh.
  10. Wigan is now confirmed for the following Tuesday apparently.
  11. Really? They got my hopes up when saying it looked like it was merely a hyper-extension. Bugger.
  12. People did see the way he made a right mess of a chance 6 yards out against Cardiff, yes?
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