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  1. Fair enough. Was basing my assertion on his shoot out performances in Arsenal’s subsequent cup winners cup campaign
  2. Probably live on muck hub at 3.30 am from a Thai brothel. Not sure on date though.
  3. I would have preferred to have lost on penalties if only as it would have been a first and probably remembered more as unfortunate. Seaman was a decent penalty saver so imagine we would have lost. The Bright miss should have gone down in history alongside the ‘and smith must score’ for Brighton a decade earlier.
  4. Police are the biggest football ‘firm’ still going.
  5. Jody Morris (previously their youth team coach) is currently Lampard’s assistant. Him coming to Chelsea as assistant would make sense.
  6. I am calling Blackburn away first game of the season.
  7. Good point - the fixtures do often tend to reverse, with us and pigs playing against two paired teams (for example Forest and Derby). For anyone bothered they could see when pigs are playing Chelsea, Villa, Watford.... as we could well be playing Fulham, Birmingham and Luton those dates.
  8. That’ll be on the honours board: in premier league for the first VAR season.
  9. Yep. So, although I doubt there is anything in the ‘leak’ the fact pigs have requested to be away first will probably mean we are away in our opener the week before.
  10. Guardian, judge, FA probably don’t care either way about Wednesday. The Star are a bit of a weathervane: whoever is on top the tend to champion. Also think pigs reporters are more blinkered than ours ( kind of like the fan bases in general).
  11. Coventry have had enough awful things happen to them. Don’t kick them when they’re down.
  12. Twas I. Think someone looked at Cambridge’s schedule though and seemed to suggest theirs is already full.
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