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  1. He played well. Not well enough to justify dazzling yellow boots though.
  2. It’s amazing how often stories linking players / managers with moves come out in the run up to games between the 2 clubs involved.
  3. Birmingham are smaller than their local rivals of Villa, Wolves and WBA. Likewise, Fulham are less of a club than QPR. Norwich should be in there.
  4. We’re full of confidence, sold out away end... will lose a poor game 1-0.
  5. Need keeper shirts to be released - daughter is pestering me every bleeding day about them.
  6. When they say ‘initial allocation’ it usually means there is more available if necessary.
  7. He was disastrous. But I still don’t fully believe he unilaterally decided to freeze out KW and SH. Surely he wasn’t that stupid/ stubborn?
  8. The draw for second round is after tonight’s Leeds game apparently.
  9. It’s scandalous and, as with our current ground issues, needs a decent investigative journalist with a decent platform to fully expose everything.
  10. They held them in the ‘forecourt’ then decided to stand aside when 1000s of Wednesday fans were still on leppings Lane. I am not one for conspiracy theories but have thought for a long time SYP are more than happy to give fans enough rope to hang themselves with, and in doing so justify their own actions.
  11. True. Perhaps it’s more accurate that it’s perverse how such money can be recycled amongst the rich while the same sums would be so needed by those further down the food chain.
  12. Remember all the PL teams giving money to the outgoing PL chairman recently? Wouldn’t that have been perfect for Bury?
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