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  1. Ever the pessimist

    We lack identity (another MASSIVE RANT)

    Was the embargo kept quiet at the efl’s insistence? Why would they insist on that?
  2. Ever the pessimist

    Lee Hooper Joao Reach - News?

    Are we any clearer as to what Joao’s injury is?
  3. Ever the pessimist

    Are you going to the games this week?

    Yep. And the wolves game too. Might even take the kids if they keep misbehaving.
  4. Ever the pessimist

    4 4 F*cking 2

    We didn’t play 3-5-2 in the early days of Jos, more a 5-3-2 with little to no expectation of the full backs attacking. It got us points at Boro and pigs but when we needed to attack (notably home games in jan / feb) it meant we were impotent and reliant on lung bursting runs from Reach or moments of brilliance from Joao. When safety was more or less guaranteed we changed to 3 up top and were more of a threat, but with a less secure defence. Personally I would go with this again.
  5. Ever the pessimist

    Anyone Remember these?

    Thought this was going to be a thread about centre halves.
  6. Ever the pessimist

    I’m f*cking p*ssed off

    If Westwood has a clean sheet bonus I doubt playing him behind this defence is much of a risk.
  7. Hmmm. I think the questionnaire was disingenuous, if not dishonest. The option we voted for was never really feasible and he would have known that at the time.
  8. Ever the pessimist

    Chansiri’s ‘promotion this season’ plan

    His plan is akin to me running up huge gambling debts and hoping I will win the lottery to repay them all.
  9. Ever the pessimist

    Brentford 2 - 0 #SWFC - Official Matchday Thread

    I am dreading Leeds at home.
  10. Ever the pessimist

    Wolves League Cup 1976

    If anyone has the one at Wolves it was even better.
  11. Ever the pessimist


    Do you have players who are a little too big for their boots? Want any confidence knocked out of them? S6 1SW is for you!
  12. Ever the pessimist

    Wolves League Cup 1976

    It was loads better than the one at Hillsborough a few years later against Watford: it was bang in the top corner about 100mph!
  13. Ever the pessimist

    Your thoughts and memories of this match?

    Wasn’t there - was only 6. But on hearing the score began my first and only time crying about football.
  14. Ever the pessimist

    Wolves League Cup 1976

    Yeah, fa cup replay about 94. Were winning the shootout including Pressman with the best penalty I have ever seen, then conspired to lose with Waddle and Bart-Williams amongst those who missed. We also won one there in 2000 after a dire 0-0.
  15. Ever the pessimist

    Forestieri injured

    No way will Joao be playing.