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  1. Ever the pessimist

    The shadow of The Blades

    After our match yesterday a Rotherham fan drove past and shouted ‘United are winning 2-0 ha ha’. Weird.
  2. Ever the pessimist

    Man of the match - Millwall (A)

    Hector. Stood out a mile above anyone. Thought they were there for the taking second half.
  3. Ever the pessimist

    Miwaw v SWFC on red button and Ifollow

    Wonder if it’s anything to do with the ‘Devil’s Doorbell’
  4. Ever the pessimist

    Middlewood Road

    Think the point is there are obviously restrictions on what he can spend on recruitment, but not on infrastructure: improvements to the training ground will theoretically improve the first team too in the long run. Likewise ground improvements should be free from FFP and could improve revenue streams.
  5. Ever the pessimist

    Pig game Tickets

    It won't sell out.
  6. Ever the pessimist

    Sometimes Adam! You just got to kick it...

    Yep, I know all kinds of need.
  7. Ever the pessimist

    Press Conference at 9am?!

    If any of our jobs involved running then that may be a vaguely relevant suggestion.
  8. Ever the pessimist

    Press Conference at 9am?!

    I was going to say 'breaks down in training' but from memory Hooper's injuries have been during matches!
  9. Ever the pessimist

    Press Conference at 9am?!

    Gary, if you are reading, I am truly sorry. It was wrong of me to assume you would come back overweight as you have done following injuries throughout your career. It was also wrong of me to suggest our appalling run with injuries is anything to do with the club itself rather than implausibly bad luck. I look forward to seeing you back on the pitch in a Wednesday shirt.
  10. Ever the pessimist

    Press Conference at 9am?!

  11. Ever the pessimist


    Surely they are readily available from the club still?
  12. Ever the pessimist

    Any chance...

  13. Ever the pessimist

    What the f**k is happening here

    I have seen one on Ecclesall road with Wednesday and United badges on display.
  14. Ever the pessimist

    Bruce says squad needs trimming down

    You would hope that there is a kind of conversation with the authorities about it - us demonstrating the large savings on wages being met with an understanding that, within reason, decent wages can then be invested on new players.