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  1. Big clubs will just buy feeder clubs abroad, or set them up here. Where there’s a will (and enough cash) there is always a way.
  2. Presumably no away fans even if they’re in a lower covid tier.
  3. Unlikely, but would be good if Fulham can get 3 points tonight.
  4. I can’t be the only one who sees them as a foreshadowing of what we might become.
  5. Reminded me of Gary Cahill and that Hull player who never played again due to it.
  6. Gone a bit under the radar, but it’s tomorrow, shortly after 7. Would usually want a big away day, but that’s pretty immaterial now I suppose.
  7. Re the Wilder v Klopp thing, Wilder said Klopp was talking ‘b0llocks’ about the sub thing the other week, hence Klopp singling Wilder out I suppose.
  8. Saw a tweet a while back saying that, if I was stranded on a desert island with Andy hinchcliffe and a pork pie, I’d eat hinchcliffe and talk to the pork pie.
  9. Leeds are a decent team, but my god they have an awful collection of haircuts on show.
  10. Had £10 on the scrubbers tonight. Hoping to be £10 down later. Matters not really as wife would only spend it anyway.
  11. I remember going into Suggs in the Frechgate in Doncaster after the 93 finals and blowing my nose on a pair of Arsenal shorts
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