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  1. They’ve been making a gesture for the last 12 weeks.
  2. Ronaldo often does to be fair: after flooding in Madeira he paid for remaking villages and funding of hospitals.
  3. Italy are suggesting their season can restart on May 2
  4. Definitely Rudi. That centre half who went to Charlton and then Brum. Reach (obvs) Rhodes Beswetherwick Barry-Murphy
  5. Went paddle boarding at Victoria Quays. Gym. Pub.
  6. Absolutely this. The big boys can cope as gate money is a drop in their financial ocean. Lower down, gate money becomes essential.
  7. Might pop over to this on Friday seeing as we are having a few weeks (minimum) off matches.
  8. Think they are hoping they can delay long enough to mean Easter holidays take schools out of the equation.
  9. They'll not postpone / play behind closed doors unless told to by PHE / the government.
  10. Just that the link said we were in the 'exponential zone' as of 5/3 so should have been doubling every day since then. I do like the fact there is an advert for funeral directors next to that running total.
  11. Genuine question - have, like that link suggests will have happened, our confirmed cases doubled every day over the last week?
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