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  1. We will get a light dusting of snow. ITK.
  2. Think Boyd should have been a lot quicker to close down Houriane as the ball fell to him. Likewise he and Fox gave Snodgrass too much space for their second.
  3. Trouble in the park

    Throwing haymakers.
  4. Sheffield Wednesday - V - Aston Villa OMDT

    Probably best team we could name.
  5. How busy does it get post match? Thinking of popping in until traffic has dispersed.
  6. Francesco Sannetti scoring a pearler in the last minute of the season, causing fans to believe him to be some sort of messianic character for months to come based on that one consolation goal. Dion Dublin charging at Sibon head first from kick off and sustaining a serious injury.
  7. Sheffield Wednesday - V - Aston Villa OMDT

    Wasn’t that impressed with Villa when they hilariously beat United, although they are obviously a powerful and experienced team. Hopefully Adomah and Grealish are out as reported.
  8. Missed it as was at Monsters of Rock at Donington! Until last season I hadn’t seen us beat Villa in the flesh in my 30+ years of going. I know we have done but I always seemed to miss them or not go away. Edit: sorry I started the thread at the bottom and was referring to the first game of the 96/7 season. Can’t even remember the Feb 95 one.
  9. I don’t usually buy the ‘he is anti Wednesday’ claims but this is unnecessarily negative. We are hardly the first to have a low attendance for a televised cup tie. Wouldn’t necessarily want it that way but James Shield would be writing about how it makes United bigger than Juventus. Howson would be be better using his time investigating the causes of our injuries.
  10. Sheffield Wednesday Injury Update

    Carlos has made Pele’s knob flaccid?
  11. Sam Winnall

    Winnall will join Derby for about 500k after they bottle promotion again.
  12. This press conference has got me very angry

    I would be asking how on earth we sell the concept of standing still.
  13. Leeds v Wednesday

    But apart from those games there are no EFL games on sky that weekend.