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  1. Referenced in the match day thread that he has said he would work well with fletcher given the chance. I gave that short shrift but fair play today!
  2. Rhodes has commented that he has rarely played alongside Fletcher and it would suit him. Now is his chance. Personally I have given up hope for him. Just a shadow of his former self... offers a token gesture of pressuring defenders, little movement at all.
  3. I fear a good towsing today. They’re one of those teams for whom occasionally it will click and they’ll score a hatful. With our luck today they’ll be Brazil, next week Yeovil.
  4. With all our spare millions to spend we would be daft not to buy barely proven strikers for inflated prices.
  5. When he makes his token effort to close down opposing defender he looks like a camp air steward pushing the trolley down the aisle.
  6. They'll form one the minute we go down to third division - then make it a closed shop with bottom two divisions becoming regional leagues.
  7. If, and with us it’s a big if, we stay in and around the playoffs the pressure on the EFL to make their decision re points will grow and grow. Can’t think of many times a points deduction was given during the season to a team realistically chasing promotion/ playoffs. The higher end of the potential deduction would be warmly welcomed by practically every team as it would directly benefit their own playoff / survival hopes.
  8. In Euro 2016, and recently at a Portuguese league game, they were only selling alcohol free beer. Amazingly they seemed to be doing a roaring trade too.
  9. Them putting money on a bet is not damaging the welfare of the club though.
  10. Immediately after we were charged I put £5 on at 100/1 with Skybet. Presumably a few others did too as they then took us off the market about half an hour later, before putting us back on at a much lower price. If the worst happens then I get £500. If it doesn't then I'll just about absorb losing the £5.
  11. Basically they’re a very well run canal boat. We’re the Costa Concordia.
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