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  1. If I were him I would be asking to get sent back to the Rieperbahn.
  2. Chansiri won’t sell the club until he gets something like his money back. Getting within FFP is important in many ways but not regarding potential sale.
  3. Bannan (or how he is used) is A problem. We have plenty of others though.
  4. If you’re incapacitated but still want to see the game for cheap I’m sure Monk will give you a place on the bench. Hopefully you get on for Joey P too.
  5. Tricky one: during the game we need to support the 11 on the pitch. But in this media age it’s probably important that those who want a change make it apparent enough to become news.
  6. If what we get done for is akin to what those 2 have done then yes, I agree. If, however if it for backdating the transaction (which, as far as I am aware the other 2 didn't do) then they are not really comparable.
  7. If we get a deduction and go down as a result (therefore directly DC's fault) what is he likely to do? Get out when he can and take a huge financial hit (unlikely), sell ground to claim a bit back (not many would want to buy anyway as it's unlikely to get planning permission to build on), keep club but wash his hands of it so left to wither and die? Charge us rent on the ground? Really fear a Coventry type scenario myself.
  8. That 100/1 you could get on us to go down when the EFL announced they were charging us looks good value now.
  9. Don’t think we’re overreacting. Been watching us for over 30 years and this is the most disillusioned I have felt, and I expect disappointment by nature. Does feel that the Rubicon has been crossed.
  10. Very sad. but totally understandable to see these posts. As it happened I renewed before the last couple of games but more out of habit than any desire.
  11. I actually thought we’d win at Barnsley. Which made what happened even more annoying.
  12. Disjointed performance in which we are out fought. Probably go ahead in a scrappy first half but most of us will be able to see what is coming a mile away as Luton come back to win 2-1.
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