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  1. Ever the pessimist

    Sky live games

  2. Ever the pessimist

    Van Aken

    Really?! He dived in horribly for their goal if I remember rightly. Hope he comes good but even before that pig game he looked very dodgy defensively. Which, as a defender, is an issue.
  3. Ever the pessimist

    Latest farce on Westwood

    Disgusting.... using the noun 'practice' when it should be the verb 'practise'.
  4. Ever the pessimist

    Squad photo

    The Josef Fritzl of chairmanship.
  5. Ever the pessimist

    Squad photo

    Can’t be from the summer if Hector and Onomah are on it.
  6. Ever the pessimist

    Luton tickets

  7. Ever the pessimist

    Luton tickets

    For a 3rd round cup game against a lower division, non-local team I think £15 is overpriced. Honestly. I am paying £5 more to go to the Hawthorns for a league game a week before.
  8. Ever the pessimist

    53 tickets sold for Swansea

    Blades will now be saying for years about how we took 53 to Swansea.
  9. Ever the pessimist

    Luton tickets

    Odd question - just think it slightly overpriced given the noon kick off against lower league opponents, although I concede both clubs have to agree to pricing so it may have been out of hands. I sit row 45 of North Stand so am one of the displaced by sounds of it.
  10. Ever the pessimist

    Luton tickets

    https://www.swfc.co.uk/news/2018/december/ticket-details-owls-v-luton/ £12 for season ticket holders, £15 for those without. Deary me. Also - it mentions the North Stand Lower?
  11. Ever the pessimist

    Sky Sports whispers

    Yes. Didn't we sign Tudgay and Burton in time to play on New Year's Day 2006?
  12. Ever the pessimist

    Jos in charge until the end of the season

    They're selling Jos baubles in the club shop. He's here for the long haul.
  13. Ever the pessimist

    Fans Forum - Change of venue

    Part of me wonders whether there is something big to announce: new investment / ground sale or some such.
  14. Ever the pessimist

    Our fault again

    To be fair he does say it’s down to the players to give fans something to cheer about and there wouldn’t be boos if they were playing well.
  15. Ever the pessimist


    True. But I genuinely can't imagine Spurs have any expectation of him ever being a first team player for them so providing someone is contributing to his wages I doubt they are too fussed.