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  1. Pre match I did predict a 1-0 defeat, even Diame scoring the only goal. They were a stronger team. The galling thing though, is that we didn’t even make it a real contest.
  2. Agreed. The red outline on the badge makes it a ‘no’ from me.
  3. I’d watch it but I’ll watch a video of my childhood sweetheart getting rifled by a bloke I hate instead. It’ll be less painful.
  4. Although young and therefore with time to improve, I would be stunned if he ever played in the premier league.
  5. Said earlier - Wilder should definitely use this as a pretext to walk. That way he will be portrayed as being hard done by, rather than overseeing the season they've had.
  6. My kids don’t watch us when we’re on TV, whereas it used to be a big deal for me and my brothers when we were on at comparable ages. Always imagined my lad especially would sit with me and watch us, either at the ground or on TV. Can’t get him off the sodding computer though
  7. I was thinking about the early 90s and genuinely started wondering whether I had made some Faustian pact at some point: a few years of happiness (not just football) in return for eternal misery.
  8. Even when people are wanting to spend money there isn’t the stock available. I know for a fact that the SWFC ladies teams have been trying to buy £15k worth of kits, training wear, coaches’ jackets etc for 2 years now... the club have never had the stock to fulfill the order.
  9. I think dislike for him was totally rational after 1992..
  10. I think he will actually... as soon as I ridiculed him earlier I thought ‘he’ll probably get the winner tonight now’
  11. Southampton look totally shot at the moment - can see pigs winning that one. Tonight? Villa are hot and cold, hopefully they're on their A game.
  12. Surely LIverpool will be activating their buy back clause for Brewster...
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