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Community Answers

  1. Pigs are saying it’s because we get bigger allocations in league one… ignoring the fact they often don’t sell out, and that there’s some tiny allocations in our division that we could have sold out many times over.
  2. If we were guaranteed to win, and finish above them, then yes. I’m old enough to remember the top flight derbies in the 90s. We had such a superior team but did poorly. They were horrible.
  3. Not trying to be argumentative, but the top teams can get far in the cup without putting their best teams out. I remember losing at city 2-1with a late goal. Was devastated, but almost consoled by the fact City had to bring David Silva etc on.
  4. Not my interpretation. They can get to final without playing their top teams.
  5. That’s the worst thing for me. If the big boys want to disrespect it, that’s one thing, but the fact they still end up winning it against one another shows how far it’s gone from a tournament that 20 odd teams could realistically aim to win.
  6. Pleased that’s there’s no other top flight games on, but why not a 3pm kick off?
  7. On a related note… remember when they went down in 94? Francis thought out PA guy was disrespectful in laughing about pigs going down. Apparently to the extent the guy lost his job. Other way round, they’d have a statue of the bloke.
  8. Politely disagree. I teach at a school that’s not strongly one team or another, but wealthy parents happy to take their kids where they want. It may seem anathema to us but there’s a floating support who can be swayed to the better / more accessible team.
  9. Nearly gave this a neg, as almost entirely disagree. However it’s true that the other club takes inspiration / motivation. Wilder says he used our premier league attempts to spur his team on. Anecdotally, I think it spurs pigs more than us. Rightly or wrongly our fans tend to be less parochial.
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