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  1. I weirdly quite enjoyed last night - typical championship affair, lots of effort and application if a little short on quality. We started on the front foot which is so pleasing to see after near catatonic openings over previous years. I also think Stoke will start moving up the table - they beat Fulham on saturday and will go on a decent run between now and Christmas.
  2. That's how I read it too. Therefore as we have not allowed a transportation company to tell us how to conduct our business they are withdrawing their services! Surely if the police wanted a reduced away allocation they can demand it - sounds like they want Stagecoach to do their work for them! What allocation have Leeds been given by the way?
  3. There’s a private party in there tomorrow. Not sure if it’s the whole venue though.
  4. He doesn’t have the instinct or the movement of a striker: I recall making a specific effort to watch him in a cup replay (Macclesfield?) at Hillsborough, to the extent I moved ends of the north to be closer. His first touch and aerial work was ok (unless he gave away a foul, which he does a lot although often unfairly judged in my opinion), but we had a lot of the ball out wide and he was never on the move in the box. If the ball was not directly to him he was not getting it. No attacking the front/ back post. Always behind his marker.
  5. Late to the thread, read most recent pages and not seen the following mentioned but apologies if was discussed before... I heard he was quite verbally, indeed sexually verbal (if that makes sense) to a female steward at Hillsborough.
  6. Genuinely not sure it is. Maybe as I work with teenagers but most people I speak to have a blind optimism about their club. Apart from Wednesday fans of course.
  7. And that bloody win opened the door for pigs to go up.
  8. Princess Avenue was good a couple of years ago - selection of pubs / bars and mix of both home and visiting fans.
  9. How many right arms do you have? Or do you mean you would have given someone else's?
  10. Apparently Wednesday have now taken the image in question down.
  11. Everton will play a strong team. They did at Lincoln in the previous round.
  12. Start luongo, Bates and Nuhiu for Lee, Iorfa and Fletcher. At a push give hutch a rest too. Other than that same as Saturday.
  13. I got the old crest about 15 years ago from the place opposite Park Hotel. Looking in the mirror next day I realised it said 1887 rather than 1867. They reluctantly amended it, badly, and I eventually got that feline one off Ecclesall road to do a better job. Still not great though.
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