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  1. ..makes a note of last line in his little blue book . UTO.
  2. I remember our last trip to Toytown.....haha. Hard luck...if you do owt, which I doubt, who yer going to sing to? UTO.
  3. Got to be 6..the hole is starting to get deeper now. UTO.
  4. Haha...Amazon...bad boys....it’s only a foookin wireless. 3-0 Wednesday. UTO.
  5. Hello....that attendance....I'm sure I went to one against Bournemouth...might have been a cup game, and it was a lot less than that....nowt to brag about I know, but I'm starting to wonder if it was a dream :-)....night game I think. UTO.
  6. Well, another one to add to the list of haters . UTO.
  7. Wooo hooo...keep thi knickers on headmaster....issue...hahaha. UTO.
  8. Well, what a let down for my mate....and what a bit of a cnt...we were certain he would support 'Sheffield'. UTO.
  9. Who does Seb Coe support....just asking for a mate...UTO.
  10. Watching em all. Tenner is a bit steep, seven would be my bid. I like Pearson, can’t beat having totally biased nuts commentary in lieu of being there. UTO.
  11. Ha..which was what Mr C said...sorry lost in thread. . UTO.
  12. I think if you are at the game and reasonably close you see stuff you just can’t on tv coverage...off the ball antics etc. It’s starting to do my head in sat at home watching it, it’s just not reyt...as they say. UTO.
  13. ..replays yesterday were lousy...inappropriate and over the top of ongoing play. UTO.
  14. 3-0 Wednesday....starting to miss the pre-match passive smoking quite badly. UTO.
  15. We are going to be paying top dollar cash (by our standards), for a striker who isn’t doing it? UTO.
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