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  1. Players started pointing into the crowd, noticing a supporter had presumably collapsed. Defib then brought out. they’re ok. If so, probably quite lucky to be sat at the front.
  2. To be fair, Byker Grove used to be mental in the 90s. Always some drama going off.
  3. Sheffield has some of the most deprived areas in the country. Granted that doesn’t necessarily equate to being ‘rough’ but it’s often linked.
  4. I seem to be in the minority that hope this works out well for them. Just because hearing the other clubs squeal about it all makes me very happy.
  5. As I’m typing this, Gary Neville is on saying how some of the lesser players at MUFC were vital to their success as they were reliable and solid. If we are not going to run away with the division (we’re not!) then we need some steady Eddies who will stand up and be counted.
  6. We just seemed to think it was job done. Great chance for 3-0 but we acted like a pizza cup game. Then, when they get a goal back we weren’t able to react. That’s not only the gaffer, but needing leaders on the pitch who the rest will respond to.
  7. Think we may be having a couple at Tooting - that's where we will be getting off the tube.
  8. Nice trip to York’s new ground would be my preference.
  9. Correct….. It’s Kings Cross for the Newcastle train.
  10. No chance he would have been charged in time for him to be out by full time.
  11. Lee made football look easy by doing the things you’re coached to do from day one: touch, pass, move. Loved watching him.
  12. Att seems pleased that Bruce likely to get sacked.
  13. I'm not suggesting they will be happy, but in relative terms they are in a significantly better place than we are.
  14. If the Saudis are serious then it will mean another club who are realistically targeting the Champions League. 4 places nowhere near satisfies the clubs who are bankrolled with the hope of reaching it. Eventually this will lead to further clamour for a new European tournament / league.
  15. I often point at that game as an example of how players clearly were not happy under a manager. I think I am right in saying that a few mystery niggles cleared up as soon as Pleat left, then a few more by the time Ron returned. Amazing how often that happens when a new manager comes in.
  16. Two of us hoping to go, we can get one ticket now, but other not until Wednesday. I think we get the one we can, but that feels like kicking him off the raft…
  17. He’s apparently ahead of schedule. Although I agree that the likelihood of a relapse dampens any enthusiasm for that news.
  18. Didn’t help that our CMs were not able to come deep and collect a ball to feet, without turning into trouble. Only really Bannan can do that, but he’s been misused of late.
  19. Allied to the fact Hutch is now better at the back, I think Iorfa is notably less convincing when alongside Dunkley than when with Hutch.
  20. I have it on good authority that he was hoping to play yesterday but made the call that his injury was not recovered enough. Same authority says Luongo back earlier than hoped, and that BPF has an injured thumb that he had a scan on before yesterday’s match, probably should not have played.
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