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  1. They’ve been making a gesture for the last 12 weeks.
  2. Ronaldo often does to be fair: after flooding in Madeira he paid for remaking villages and funding of hospitals.
  3. Italy are suggesting their season can restart on May 2
  4. Definitely Rudi. That centre half who went to Charlton and then Brum. Reach (obvs) Rhodes Beswetherwick Barry-Murphy
  5. Went paddle boarding at Victoria Quays. Gym. Pub.
  6. Absolutely this. The big boys can cope as gate money is a drop in their financial ocean. Lower down, gate money becomes essential.
  7. Might pop over to this on Friday seeing as we are having a few weeks (minimum) off matches.
  8. Think they are hoping they can delay long enough to mean Easter holidays take schools out of the equation.
  9. They'll not postpone / play behind closed doors unless told to by PHE / the government.
  10. Just that the link said we were in the 'exponential zone' as of 5/3 so should have been doubling every day since then. I do like the fact there is an advert for funeral directors next to that running total.
  11. Genuine question - have, like that link suggests will have happened, our confirmed cases doubled every day over the last week?
  12. BBC still think restricting public gatherings is unlikely.
  13. I am fully supportive of him. I might go down there with chiropractor leaflets tomorrow as most of them seem to have spinal problems.
  14. That advice is probably for those mere mortals who would not be tested (or at least, not immediately). Their players have been promptly tested and given the all clear. Be interested to know exactly how close contact he came to with the players. Either he was not particularly close, so the negative results would be expected, or it's not as virulent as people would have you believe. Or, I suppose he could have contracted it after he met their players.
  15. I think a test would show if you were infected even if asymptotic. If they show as negative now they will still be on Saturday (unless they get it from another source in the interim).
  16. Yep. Lewis Buxton really came good in the end.
  17. Arsenal Pigs Bournemouth Chelsea Man United Crystal Palace (although Hodgson never actually played a competitive game) Villa Newcastle
  18. Ironic that there’s a grammatical error in the title of a thread about intelligence.
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