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  1. Big differences: firstly you can’t be relegated in the NFL, secondly you get first pick of the next crop of college graduates if you are the worst team. Suppose the nearest equivalent here would be weaker teams in the championship getting first pick on players released from the big boys’ academies.
  2. I can perhaps see that..the attributes without the belief / mentality.
  3. Which is why I found today so depressing. I thought that we at least had a team of battlers now... seemingly not.
  4. Wednesday fans are no worse than most fans of ‘big-ish’ clubs in terms of getting restless at poor performances. Teams who are punching above their weight will obviously have more patient fans as they’re happy to be on a generally upward trajectory.
  5. The reasonable pigs (an oxymoron I know) think he’ll eventually play a bit further forward. Personally, I can see him being a very good player (as the price tag would suggest). Unlikely it will be at them though as if they go down he’ll be sold, and if he’s good he’ll be sold.
  6. Again, fair enough. If pigs go down this season he’ll go to another premier league club in my opinion.
  7. Fair enough. From what I have seen he plays with his head up (sounds basic but lots don’t), has the physical attributes and is composed. Bigger clubs were interested in him, I get the impression they were happy for pigs to get him, use it as an audition, then buy him from then if he passes it.
  8. The goal at Arsenal was open play I think. Didn’t watch it tonight (not paying to watch them) but hear Berge looked decent. Unlike others on here I can see him being a decent player unfortunately.
  9. There’s a couple of obscure Marks it people want an extension task...
  10. I feel the need to distance myself from the ‘Chris’s’ atrocity, so I must stress this was sent to me, rather than made by myself.
  11. Then one of the Bournemouth players elbowed someone. Seems a lot of needle in this one for some reason.
  12. Yes, I lived in Sharrow at the time so was a quick walk down. Hendon’s free kick was jammy as flip but funny. Think it came off that helmet Curtis Woodhouse, who later that night was scrapping with Wednesday fans in wortley. Blades were fuming as I walked past them (incognito). Grunting about lucky Wednesday...
  13. I remember the derbies in 2001-2002. Both 0-0 and with barely a shot between either side
  14. I usually take a bit of an interest in this fixture as it’s a decent rivalry, just not the same with no fans. I know a couple of Forest fans and obviously they’re big more fussed but even they confess it’s not been the same build up, or even fixture.
  15. The darkest picture is always the correct one.
  16. They’ll be claiming they held off the German Spring Offensive and broke the Hindenburg Line through overlapping centre halves next.
  17. He went for reasonable money I thought. Yes, could have got more for him in the Wembley season but made sense to keep him at the time.
  18. Hopefully using all their luck up as Forest should have scored a couple this half.
  19. They want B teams in the EFL, instead they’ll have a PL squad and a European squad.
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