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  1. Re. ‘Why do people not like Liverpool’… I know social media brings out the idiots, but this is the kind of tripe that a disproportionate amount of Liverpool fans seem to believe.
  2. Some of the interviews with Burnley players and fans did seem to imply it was time for a change. However, keeping him until the season’s end may have led to the old ‘mutual consent’ and saved them a few quid compensation.
  3. My Leeds supporting colleague says they’ll sell Raphina, but that he’s massively overrated anyway.
  4. Milan win their first title in 11 years. Pleased Fiorentina are back in Europe. On another Italian note, I’ll hold my hands up and say I was wrong to doubt Tammy Abraham. He’s done brilliantly.
  5. Exactly this. Hence the big two also wanting the super league.
  6. You recently said you’re a good analyst but a rubbish tipster. Think that’s been apparent these last couple of weeks
  7. For me, their insufferable fans and media coverage. Plus the ‘it means more’ and other suggestions that they’re somehow more deserving than all other fan bases. Example: yesterday some clown wasn’t having it that the Spion Kop was a name for many large terraces (not to mention a hill in South Africa). It’s their spiritual home and all others are trying to copy.
  8. In my example, it’d cause a huge controversy in my place of work, quite likely to spread to communities from our catchment area, and either cost me my job or at the least make it very uncomfortable for me.
  9. So is the F word… doesn’t stop it always autocorrecting to duck.
  10. How come autocorrect kicks in to overwrite perfectly legitimate, intentionally chosen words, but not ‘gand’? Ffs.
  11. Old cliche, usually about the match in general, but someone posed the question yesterday about which individual performance was the most polarised from half to half. Can we think of any examples of players going from hero to villain (or vice versa) within one game? Wednesday or otherwise.
  12. You’re preaching to the choir (maybe not the best metaphor in this case). But, take my case, I’m not going to tell any students that their religion is backwards and intolerant. You can probably imagine how that would end….
  13. Yes, fair enough. It can however be weaponised against people. It’s a tripwire that can be very damaging.
  14. Interesting the seeming wriggle room that covid losses afford though… bet DC will see an opening there
  15. They’ll be hoping for a West Ham / pigs style pay off.
  16. It’s a delicate one, as nobody wants to suggest someone’s religious beliefs are archaic, even if they are as intolerant as this. At school we obviously have LGBT posters and groups etc. For a while they kept getting ripped down by certain students who objected on grounds of religion. Thankfully they got a bit sick of bothering when they were replaced by more and more posters every time.
  17. Obviously that’s true. And we both have some idiots in our ranks. I will point out though that my sister in law, without any loyalty to either Sheffield side, worked at Debenhams on The Moor years ago… she said they had a saying ‘Wednesday fans will buy their clothes, United fans will steal them’
  18. When you get that big and commercially successful it’s inevitable that someone sizeable will take up the reins. Even Barcelona, apparently bankrupt, not even changed owners, will be splashing the cash this summer.
  19. Oh… also be prepared for ‘doesn’t matter unless you’re a child anyway’ and, ‘they’ve never been late under DC’ comments.
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