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  1. Well that's me down to the shop tomorrow to get the lad one. Probably won't bother myself as I'm pretty rotund and don't feel comfortable in footy shirts anymore.
  2. That home kit is beautiful. Black shorts, central blue stripe and stripes on the back. Throw in the details on the stripes and it's a winner. Now they need to get em on sale before next Wednesday so LMC junior can have one for our holiday.
  3. Simon Jordan just been on talkshite defending him. Says its his dream job. Wednesday fans shouldn't be complaining cos Wednesday have had the money and it was us that put the clause in. Also said he can't go into detail but we've been pushing it a bit with regards to how we've been with managers. Says we've had a decent wedge and we're wanting more.
  4. It's worth the crap we go through for the humour on this site sometimes. I remember during the dark days of the care home crew some of the posts were incredible. Elevenerife and the time share one especially. It's why this site started and its what we do best.
  5. Well now it seems like it's done and we're getting a few million, I'm actually not that arsed. Big Ron leaving hurt me, Bruce leaving hasn't. I'm annoyed about it and I hope his next poo is a hedgehog but if we get 4 million that's a decent player or 2 and a manager, or the best part of. I hope we go up and they go down. And I hope we get em at home in the cup and turn em over. That'll do pig.
  6. I hope he's got someone lined up. Is there a list of out of work managers buried in a 90 page thread somewhere?
  7. Disappointed that he's going but still gonna look to next season with optimism, assuming we get an established manager in. If its another no mark from the Dutch 3rd division then I'll not be a happy camper.
  8. Nah, not having that. He'll be getting plenty of money and this story is designed to paint him as not being mercenary. His pay will be enough to tempt him away from us. All this talk about boyhood club etc is garbage. He's going to go there because he'll get a lot of money and be in the Premier league. If his boyhood club was Darlington and the job came up he wouldn't go. I'm annoyed that we've lost him. I now want as much compensation as possible and a new man in place ASAP. Someone with pedigree please, let's pass Bruce and the pigs on the way down next season.
  9. Great to see that this is being brought in. Personally I still think 10 games is too lenient. I'd also like to see them increase the punishments for countries whose fans are guilty of racism in stadiums. Long bans and large fines that go towards education in those countries. It's horrific that in this day and age people still hold these views.
  10. I'll be interested to see how the FA will prove he used racist language considering the courts couldn't and didn't. No one can prove it unless he comes out and admits it. As it stands he didn't do it and if he's found guilty on the basis of one person's word against another then that's a pretty dangerous road to go down.
  11. Ridiculous. Just when I thought things were looking up. A decent manager at the helm and looking forward to next season. Now it looks like we're back to square 1 with a new manager needed and not much time for him to bed in and sort out his team. Add in the players who stayed thinking they're playing under him and you've got some right issues to deal with. FFS.
  12. I know we like to joke that we're massive and all that, but we're not that big of a draw to warrant us being an A+ game are we? Same with leeds really. Both clubs fans are constantly told by others that we aren't famous anymore, we're not that big. Seems odd to me that us 2 are the teams that Blackburn see as the 2 biggest games for them this season. Not looked but do we play them on a significant date? That could explain it. It's cos we travel in numbers I know, be a shame if we only took up a handful of tickets. Big crowds don't get you any points, another fact we're told. So how about we don't go to this one and use it as a test of that theory? If we lose then we'll turn up the game after and we've only missed out on 1 games worth of points. If we win then it proves the theory has no basis so we may as well turn up to the next game as our being there has no effect either way. Its like a science test really.
  13. Don't worry, that doesn't alarm me one bit because I've no idea what it means.
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