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  1. It says kop st share on his bio. Reckon he has a mate who let's him use his season ticket for cup games and when he's got a wedding on?
  2. Gutted Leeds stayed up obviously but that city game was insane in the end. Glad city won.
  3. Most of the reasons have already been listed, but I'll add in that when I was growing up every glory hunter was a Liverpool fan cos the won everything.
  4. For the title? Liverpool. For a cup? Liverpool Random league game? Draw.
  5. Basically that's what will happen cos that's the outcome I don't want
  6. Newcastle, not content with having everyone hate them for their owners, are going to ensure Leeds stay up.
  7. Shame sky aren't doing split screen, gonna be flicking up and down the channels big style. Come on city. Come on Brentford.
  8. That'd be a lot of institutes needed. Personally I'm not fussed about whether people believe or not, each to their own and all that. What does annoy me though is when they try and control other peoples lives based on their beliefs. We're seeing it in America with Roe v Wade at the moment. The comments from Gueye fall into the same category and he's out of order.
  9. Yeah a few years ago I think they sold a training ground or something to the city council or summat for a ridiculously inflated fee that basically bailed em out. That won't be the only help they've had either.
  10. Posts like this really do my head in. Sitting on the fence is just not on
  11. Alexa, show me a post that everyone on Owlstalk agrees with.
  12. I honestly hope it goes completely breasts up for em. Uefa love them though so they'll be fine.
  13. Was just reading this on sky news website. Looks like the point they're making is that psg lose lots of millions every season while other clubs lose less millions every season. Have psg been punished for their losses? Has any team? It does sound like sour grapes on the surface of it.
  14. Shocking attitude and viewpoint to have. I don't care if it offends him or anyone else when I say his religion is archaic, backwards and wrong in my eyes. I will never understand how people put something they have no proof of over actual living people and actual real things.
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