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  1. Trouble is, once its in people's heads that we can't hold onto leads it becomes a self fulfilling prophecy. I said just before they equalised that I didn't think we'd hold on. Could feel it in my water.
  2. Really really hope there's a photo of the chutney in the ground today, happy smile on its lid enjoying a day out at the match. Really hope there isn't a photo of the chutney outside the ground having been denied access, sad faced like in the star when a kid gets sent home from school for having their hair coloured or summat.
  3. A single jar smuggling caper should be easier to pull off. Bit of misdirection of any stewards in the area and trundle through with it in a coat pocket. The key is to bowl up to the gate with confidence, act as if you own the place and saunter through. I assume the handover has been arranged? Plenty of quiet spots on the south where gentlemen can facilitate a transaction I'm told.
  4. Fine for what offence? As long as the vehicle isn't causing an obstruction then what can they do? If you're parked illegally then you deserve a fine. Park in a no parking zone you deserve a fine. I'll be honest, I haven't read the star article cos it's blocked, but where are they going to clamp down?
  5. Unless you're on penistone Road that is, where the cycle lane is part of the pavement. If people are parking illegally then they should expect a ticket. Is parking on a kerb illegal? Are they targeting specific streets here where its a serious problem, or is this actually just another way to wind up Wednesday fans? I don't imagine united fans can park wherever they like round their ground.
  6. The whole league is inconsistent. Up to today we had scored more points than anyone since Monk took over.
  7. Kind of glad I'm listening on the radio and not watching by the sound of our corners. 10 or so with nothing to show for it. I'm still not over Potter in the puddle so my flashbacks would be extreme.
  8. Well, England lost and Sheffield boys won. That means the Wednesday result could go either way.
  9. The dodgy uncle and the Ferris Bueller stuff have both made my day already. Exceptional work young man. Hate Blackburn. Then again I hate every team we play. Got a particularly bad feeling about today though and I'm not sure why. We may scrape a draw and everyone round us will win. We may lose and everyone round us will win. For some reason though I just don't see us winning. Last night I fancied us, this morning doom and gloom beset my outlook. Don't worry though, this post has no bearing whatsoever on the result. Let's just hope I'm wrong.
  10. It'd be nice to win the rugby but I'd rather Wednesday won. Having said that my lad has a match Saturday morning against Rotherham boys, I'd rather he won than we won the rugby. So yeah, Wednesday win, Sheffield boys win over a rugby win.
  11. So, as annoying as it was yesterday having to exit via penistone Road etc there wasn't any trouble from what I've seen. So Syp have policed a big game with no issues. It seems a bit sledgehammer to crack a nut still, worse when there's the same restrictions in place for a handful of away fans, but it worked. I assume we will now see this every game. Hopefully super tram dont withdraw trams for every game as well.
  12. This season is going to be won and lost on consistency. We are 2 points off 11th and 3 points off the top I think. What we have to do is not get carried away at either end of the scale. A few wins on the bounce will have us up there, a few losses will have us down there. At the moment we are rolling along nicely. I'm gonna enjoy the moment and not stress about looking up or down. That can come after Xmas.
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