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  1. SWFC today is a different entity to 1989. There is probably less than a handful of people still employed by the club who were employed back then. And none of these people will have had any power back then. How can todays iteration of the club be held responsible? Mackrell has been convicted and fined. I don't know who the directors etc were back then and what they did, likewise suits at the FA. Will they be prosecuted? Chansiri cannot be held responsible. I have wondered in the past as to what the reaction would be should he reach out to the victims families and offer some form of reperation out of his own personal fortune, purely as a humanitarian gesture of goodwill in an attempt to build mutual respect and trust.
  2. Spent the day at Hillsborough yesterday for a tournament. Surrounded by Owls and blades. Every single owls fan said for that money he could go. Every blade tried the wind up only to be silenced by the answer. He doesn't play every game. He sulks and moans a lot. He refused to play for us. He is brilliant on his day, but those days aren't as regular as they should or could be. If anyone wants to give us 14million for him then we should snap their whole arm off, never mind their hands. And that includes the pigs. So what if he plays well for them and helps them stay up. If their money helps us improve then as Wednesday fans we should be happy. Their success or failure doesn't define us. This story was put out there by the pigs I reckon to try and get us wound up. Not read the whole thread but I'm willing to bet there's more saying sell him then rather than getting wound up.
  3. When we're on holiday in France we go and watch Lorient if they're at home. So we support them financially as well as emotionally. Son gets a shirt each season and we enjoy the game standing with their ultras, even if we don't know any of the words. They're a friendly bunch too once they realised why we were there and who we supported back home. Don't support any other team, but want other teams to lose, so some would say that's supporting the teams they play. The only team I want to see win every week is Wednesday though.
  4. No new cards, use last year's. Saves the club paying out to send more out.
  5. If true then we won't get him unless Bruce can weave his magic. Whatever we offer Chelsea and Hector, Fulham can blow out of the water without even thinking about it. They will get more next season in failure payments than we are allowed to lose over 3 seasons. We are at a massive disadvantage. Our best hope is to unearth a gem or 2, cos any decent player on our radar can be 'stolen' by teams like Fulham.
  6. Ffs. Every fan that voted for him has just increased his transfer fee. Schoolboy error.
  7. Obviously hasn't shown enough in training for Bruce. He won't have been on big wages so if Bruce says he can go then he wasn't up to the job.
  8. Last season the Leeds owner was making noises about it being unfair in this league. Gone quiet this season with them being in and around the top 2 until they bottled it. I expect he will be complaining again soon if they don't go up via the playoffs. I'm sure there are a lot of clubs that want to spend more and can sustain it. The 39 million quid over 3 seasons figure is ridiculous when you see that a relegated club gets that amount or so in the first season, just given to them for failure. Add in the fact that player values and wages have skyrocketed and that figure looks pathetic. There has to be a better system than this.
  9. All this talk of must sign him and all that is OK until we find out what Chelsea want for him. If we can't afford him then there's 3 teams coming down with 90 million quids worth of parachute money to spend. Plus 3 that go up and the rest of the teams in the 'lower' prem. Don't get me wrong, I want him back, but the reality may be that we can't afford him.
  10. 9 million quid. I hope one day we get an explanation. Just to put it into context, if 18,000 of us had bought a club 1867 thingy at 500 quid that would have funded Abdi. Wonder why they didn't use that as an advertising angle?
  11. Serval leaving? That puts a big cat amongst the pigeons.
  12. So it could be 100 grand. And Norwich have earned the best part of 200 million by going up. Whoop de shagging whoo.
  13. I honestly don't care who goes. The only one who I would be a bit torn over is bannan purely because he has given 100% to this club in every way. The rest of em, I'm not really bothered about as long as we replace em with someone who can play plenty of games. Time for a major clear out and rebuild. We can do it in a season, other teams will have.
  14. I always remember this rule, especially when I'm planning a feisty heist with my weird beige foreign neighbour who weighs more than me.
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