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  1. Live on twitter now

    Co op do some salt and vinegar ones, best of range or summat. Ridiculous amount of flavour, actually makes you sweat a bit if you get a good pack. A mouthful of those then some Cadbury dairy milk is a culinary delight. Sounds wrong but try it.
  2. Penalties

    Penalty all day long if it had been in our box.
  3. :-(

    What the actual f00k did Carlos say to em at half time? We came out looking like we hadn't just battered em for 45 minutes. Totally different team. Yes, we could have been playing against 10 men after hammills 2 footer, yes the ref gave them soft fouls and ignored their players pushing and holding. But if we could put the ball in the net more these things wouldn't matter. I can't see him turning it round cos I don't think he knows what's wrong. He can go for me, I'm not sure it could be worse whoever we have in charge. As for not going etc. We'll be there Tuesday supporting em cos the time at the game with my lad is worth it even when we're crap.
  4. E-Cash Payments At Hillsborough Today

    The queue at the kiosk will be smaller than the queue for the top up machine so that's a bonus.
  5. Yeah he tried both. The small fits but looks too small. He's happy to wait. Though I've just shown him the 150th one so he wants that too.
  6. Not a huge queue, maybe should have done my research first though as my lad needed medium youth size which wasn't delivered. Small too small and large too large. Ironically enough. More in this week so will just wait for it. Quality seems good and it looks nice in long sleeve I reckon.
  7. Having seen this and fletchers then I'm in the all refs are bent camp. 2 very similar incidents. Add it to last week's shocker and I'm struggling to stay sane.
  8. Referees

    I'm agreeing with this now. Trouble is, it means we are crap and the refs are against us. Both issues are causing us problems. Both issues are to blame for our current situation.
  9. Referees

    You know what? Feck it, sounds like fletcher just been ignored for a pen too. We're getting shafted by referees and there is nothing we can do about it.
  10. Referees

    And when I've seen that one I'll pass comment. As it stands excuses are being made for poor play. I highly doubt there is a concerted effort by the refereeing community to cause us problems. Good teams don't rely on luck from the ref. They make them inconsequential.
  11. Derby County vs Sheffield Wednesday - OMDT

    This is painful at the moment. Clueless on and off the pitch. Pigs doing well. This season just continues to wee wee me off.
  12. Referees

    Just seen it, ref got it right. The players and manager are the problem, not the refs.
  13. Referees

    Did Loovens play the ball? If not it's a red card and a penalty. If he did it's a yellow and a penalty. Either way if he's fouled him the ref has to give a penalty. As I type this hooper just been brought down in box from behind but no penalty given.
  14. Penalty

    9The handball was in no way a genuine attempt to legally play the ball so should have enough been a red in my eyes. How about if he hadn't handballed it, but had kicked one of our players in the face deliberately? Would that have been just a yellow cos we scored? Or if he'd punched him? As for the penalty claim, looked nailed on to me from the tv angle. Ref must have seen there was no contact and Lee simulated the contact in an attempt to con him into giving us a penalty. I'm fuming with Lee for trying this because he had a clear sight of goal. Our players need to start trying to score rather than trying to get penalties.