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  1. Is that what they mean by Spursy? Was like watching Wednesday. Sort of.
  2. I think you'll find it's a battling point by wilders brave passionate underpaid heroes. They should have had all 3 and if it wasn't for Fulham spending so much money they would have.
  3. Mitrovic was brilliant today for the pigs. Missed a pen, gave them a pen then missed 2 free headers in injury time. No doubt radio pig will be creaming themselves over this brave draw.
  4. Probably a potential injury like a strain that needs a late fitness test. Speaking to a couple of mates yesterday who were bemoaning their luck with injuries. To give em their due they acknowledged how ridiculously lucky they'd been as far as fitness goes over the last 3 seasons or so. Shows how much difference a settled team makes though.
  5. Can honestly say I've never wanted Fulham to win a game before now. Really want em to tomorrow.
  6. He had thoughts and he verbalised them. He may have held some back but he may not have. He could have been thinking about his tea. Or a nice pair of boobs he once saw. Those are the thoughts he should hold back so well done Garry.
  7. All I'm looking for at the moment is to be better than 3 teams. Stay up. That's all. Mid table would be brilliant. Playoffs an absolute dream.
  8. Everyone knew we were going to throw it away at the end, we all said it was coming. We were all bricking it when 6 minutes went up, there was only gonna be one outcome. Sheffield Wednesday, confounding fans since 1867.
  9. Have you been watching us for the last season and a bit? If it carries on I'll be building up a retirement fund Also, it's a bit of a win win insurance thing. We'd all pay a quid to ensure a Wednesday win, this would be a bit like doing that wouldn't it? Cheers for the info. Surprised its around 4 to 1,was expecting it to be worse. I've also heard some apps /companies don't allow in play bets after 80 mins. Not sure thats right though.
  10. Was going to say I look forward to seeing him play one day, once he's fought for his place and is fit. Hopefully before the end of the season. If we've not already been relegated by then it'll be a bonus of sorts I guess.
  11. I'm seriously thinking about opening a betting account and purely putting my money on our opponents scoring every time we score first, or a bet on them scoring if its nil nil after 80 minutes. I know nowt about betting at all. If I put a quid on each time do you reckon I'd make owt? Is this a viable thing to do and if so, which betting app is decent?
  12. Whatever the reasons for our shocking home form last season I don't think we can place any blame on the fans. Poor with us there, poor when we're not. This season has seen a continuation of that. Maybe we should look at the players for the reason? I know loads of fans blame Monk, and I can see why, but it's the players that threw away the points at the end of games constantly last season. OK, we had bad luck with injuries against qpr so mitigating circumstances and all that, but again we threw away points. There's summat wrong with our team, whatever it is, it's not the fans.
  13. Well they won't be getting 15 quid off me for a game between 2 teams who I don't support. My sky sports package cost about 17 quid a month. As if I'm paying that again for 1 match. Also, when was this idea conceived? Only heard about it recently. Seems odd that Newcastle v man u is box office, I'd have thought that would have been one of the games picked for broadcast anyway.
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