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  1. Pompey fan mate of mine said ref was losing control before the red. Thought he was awful.
  2. Long trip on a Tuesday night? On sky? We don't win these games, do we?
  3. Is this a case of 'if you owe the bank 500 quid it's your problem, if you owe the bank 5 million quid it's their problem'. Derby owe an eye watering amount purely to HMRC, before any other creditors are involved. If they're wound up nobody gets owt do they? Or at most they get a pittance. This has the hallmarks of a precedent setting decision.
  4. Ridiculous. I don't have that kind of cash spare 3 weeks before Xmas and I won't be the only one. I don't know if im more worried about the implications of this from a financial footing point of view, or more worried that it obviously shows we are being run by clueless individuals. Either way it's worrying to say the least. I won't be renewing this side of Xmas regardless. If the finance option was there I probably would have. Seems strange it's not there.
  5. Oustanding comment. You win today on owlstalk.
  6. Credit to Akinfenwa that I'd forgotten about. At half time he was posing for selfies etc with fans from the North stand. My lad thinks he's a bit of a legend so was delighted to get his pic with him. Also noticed he had a long chat with Bannan at the end, plus a few other players. Proper in depth love in type thing. Same for their keeper, he was hugging people like he'd been doing shots all night.
  7. *you're Sorry, couldn't resist. Ignore the trolls, not worth the effort mate.
  8. It was nippy yesterday but I wasn't too cold. Thermal long John type things, thermal underlayer. Warm socks and waterproof shoes. Decent coat. Wooly hat. No such thing as cold weather, just the wrong clothing.
  9. Every team that comes to Hillsborough knows that they can waste as much time as they want. They did it from the kick off yesterday, absolutely blatant. Got worse when they were winning. Kicking the ball away and no punishment. Take forever on a throw in and steal 10 yards every time, no punishment. Ironically, cos they'd done it and got away with it, when we took forever on the throw in before we scored the ref couldn't really pull us up on it. Evans showed every team how to play at S6. We'll see performances like yesterday from every team I'm afraid.
  10. I preferred the points return from the Bolton match. The one where we were garbage but still won. I don't want to be the best team mot to get promoted ta, no prizes for that title. If we win, I'm happy. Draw I'm less happy, especially as we were winning. Lose and I'm sad.
  11. I wonder if there are reasons why Theo is on the bench? Reasons that haven't been communicated to the fans for some reason or another. Like something the gaffer knows about and has spoken to him and decided the bench is the best place at the moment. Or has he just plucked the names out of a hat which is what some posters seem to think he's done? Let DM manage, I'll do my bit and support.
  12. Can't say I've really heard of him so wasn't sure what to expect in this thread. As soon as I saw he'd collapsed I was obviously concerned. Then I knew it'd go a bit vax/antivax which is fine with me. What I wasn't prepared for though is that I'd learn a new word. Sequela/sequelae. Every day is a school day when Scram is in town, that boy is elevating us all. I even googled it to get the pronunciation and confirm the definition. Can't wait to drop that bad boy into conversation. Nowt better than a bit of sesquipedalian loquaciousness on a Friday.
  13. The day I stop caring about them is the day I'll knock it all on the 'ead I reckon. Its about rivalry at the end of the day. Us against them. Our tribe versus their tribe. It's primal. They hate us, we hate them. We rise above it all when it matters, see the response to Fleck and his health the other night, but deep down we know that the 2 club city rivalry is what makes football in Sheffield special. Just move the thread to the non swfc football section so it doesn't clutter up matchday. God forbid it takes people's attention away from yet another thread about Bannan or DM.
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