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  1. Nice to have the OMDT back. Not going today cos we're going away for a few days and timings have conspired against us. No idea why we're playing today, no idea why Bournemouth played yesterday and no idea why it's not on TV. Anyone? Don't really know what to expect tbh. New team and all that, could take time to gel. Then again they could come out all guns blazing and set us off with a bang. Whatever happens, enjoy it if you're going.
  2. I wouldn't risk sainsburys myself. Park on the estate that's the top side of Hillsborough Park and walk through would be my advice. Get there early and you'll be fine. Hope she enjoys it.
  3. Honestly don't mind if BB stays or goes. He's been an excellent servant and I hold nothing against him, I just don't care enough about any of the players we have had recently any more. Sad state of affairs brought on by the last 2 seasons performances and actions. I'm hoping these new guys will rekindle my love for the team a bit.
  4. Expensive to me that. I don't like fishing and can't stand just sitting and doing nowt so to be asked to pay 18 quid for the privelige? You can shove that. If it was 8 quid and more entertaining then I'd think about it, until then I'm not spending a penny on fishing. I'd rather go to Hillsborough for a few quid more. Looks decent value compared to a day's fishing now you mention it.
  5. Be interesting to see if the pigs have to follow the same rules as us as far as fans allowed etc. We're obviously unfairly treated by sag so expect the same type of thing over this.
  6. Glad they're remaking The Golden Girls with a more diverse cast, about time.
  7. Good grief. 30 million quid? If arsenal do that then the pigs will be laughing at them all the way. He dives when the ball is past him and isnt a commanding presence. We need to sign whoever they've got hyping their players up cos he's done a reight job over the years. OK, some of em have gone on to great things but the amount of money they've had for some bang average players is scary.
  8. We were deducted points which directly relegated us. They may also be deducted points that will relegate them, but just in case they don't it seems the punishments they're already receiving will lead to them going down anyway. A few seasons ago didn't Bolton have trouble fielding a side? They put kids out for a few games, lost em and said they couldn't carry on cos it was destroying their futures etc as they weren't up to it. There was also an age thing where they couldn't play and train for so many hours or summat I think. Eventually they got a team of professionals together. Was a right mess and can see Derby being in the same boat. And us.
  9. He's even back dated the Kop loan. Guy's a genius.
  10. Maybe so, my reply was to a comment that I assumed was implying that they aren't better than ours.
  11. They are. Facts is facts, they have better training facilities than us and anyone who thinks otherwise is kidding themselves. Ours are pathetic I'm afraid.
  12. If it was free for season ticket holders and they gave us all a free pizza then I'd go. Saves me cooking tea and gets me out of the house. Anything short of that and I don't think I'll bother ta.
  13. Fully agree. So proud of the team and how they conduct themselves. Ashamed of the scum that abuse the players and cause trouble. I knew it was coming as soon as Saka missed his spot kick and that hurts me. I love football, I just wish doing so didn't mean I was tarred with the same brush as the absolute weapons that it attracts.
  14. Frustrating night. 2nd half in particular we just seemed scared of conceding which, as we know as Wednesday fans, becomes self fulfilling. I'm not gonna single out players for criticism but we all saw who was particularly bad. They'll know that too. It wasn't to be against a decent Italy team who have looked strong since match 1. Penalty takers I have no issue with other than saying I wish they'd scored, which they do too. It breaks my heart that the first thing I thought when each of them missed was how much abuse they're going to get on social media. Anyone who did or does that can f### off for me, I don't want to share anything with those people, they embarrass me and I despise them. Same for the morons before and after the game. Its time for a sea change in mentality for some people cos our society is in danger of being ruined by idiots. This has to come from the top down starting with Boris. That's for another thread in a another section though. What a ride to the final, remember the good stuff from that and look forward to the next one with a young team that has a chance to learn and improve. We were so close, we'll do it eventually I honestly believe.
  15. In Gareth I trust. He's not let me down yet so happy to support whatever he does.
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