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  1. latemodelchild

    Linesmen/ Assistant refs

    Nah, I've criticised refs even when we win. I'm an equal opportunity criticiser and I take offence that you're suggesting otherwise. All refs are as useless as each other. It's 2018, you can't single refs out.
  2. latemodelchild


    From where I was on the north it looked like a coming together with a possible arm raised. Having seen it again it's bordering on an assault. I said last night the ref was useless and nothing I've seen since is leading me to change my mind. Disgraceful.
  3. latemodelchild

    My Balanced View

    We did OK 1st half but Boro always knew that if the pressed us we'd make a mistake and they'd capitalise. We also knew that. Tom Lees should have his wages and match fee docked and given to a charity this week. Absolutely pathetic what he did. Thorniley as bad with letting the ball bounce which led to their goal. Pathetic and the 1st thing you're taught not to do as a defender. How anyone can accept that is beyond me. We didn't try as hard as them. We didn't fight for the ball hard enough and we dithered in defence. We were slow to attack which meant they had plenty of time to get all their hardworking giants back into position. Anyone who thinks that side can finish top 6 is insane. Far too many players who aren't good enough, don't care enough or both. Pains me to say it too cos I'm a proper happy clapper. I've reevaluated my expectations now to mid table and praying to a god I don't believe in that the pigs fooook up.
  4. latemodelchild


    Pathetic again. We've had 2 yellow cards in the last 2 games for time wasting, nothing given tonight. Time wasting and a sub during the added time not really given back. Not seen elbow but looks like it was a mistake by ref. Just seen the scrum and thats ridiculous, never been a foul against us. Every week we get em and every week they fooook us.
  5. latemodelchild

    Premier league 2

    We don't need a Premier league 2. Waht we need is a more equitable spread of the money generated by football and TV rights. More money filtered down the pyramid and more money spent at grass roots level by the FA. More money spent on coaches and training facilities for young players and more accessible ways into coaching. Make football coaching and running these centres a viable job. Make football a community asset. Use the vast amount of cash to make some benefit for many instead of all benefit for a few. Bring in rules that level the playing field a bit for clubs, getting rid of or allowing equitable spending to, parachute payments would be a start. Root and branch reform needed simultaneously, give us a sport we can be proud of.
  6. latemodelchild

    "Top of the league, yeah?"

    He's finished in my eyes now. He could score in every game between now and the end of the season before leading us to promotion and I will never ever forgive him for this. Ever. I'm fewmin.
  7. Cry me a river. Its the same for us with our star studded team of internationals so get over it.
  8. latemodelchild

    While we were at Olive Grove or Bramall Lane

    5 of the main drivers behind the project were called Archibald. During construction they were known as the 5 Archies, and over time that got changed slightly the way language often does. I love how names evolve, really interesting.
  9. latemodelchild

    That Referee

    Apologies, looks like it was penney that played it forward or deflected it forward. So now I'm saying it was handball and the ref let it go because he was determined to stop us winning.
  10. latemodelchild

    Credit to Reach's fair play

    Someone got booked for that fair play too. I'd have loved it if he'd tried to take advantage and score, purely to see what the ref would have done. I reckon he was determined that we wouldn't win so I want to know how he would have justified disallowing our goal.
  11. latemodelchild

    That Referee

    I thought the ball just hit penney on the way through. Will watch it again soon. Oops.
  12. latemodelchild

    That Referee

    He was offside when the ball was played forward so it does not matter that it hit Penney. Still think it was too long compared to what gets added on normally. I've seen plenty of games where there's been multiple subs and goals and there hasn't been that long. He added on a lot to give them a chance to equalise. Nothing will convince me otherwise.
  13. latemodelchild

    Credit where its due

    I don't blame Jos for the WBA debacle, there were 4 players out there who could have fouled or even tackled their lad. None of em did. Jos isn't to blame for that unless he's totally responsible for us being 2 up as well. Can't have it both ways. The players are to blame and praise for both. We did well yesterday. Ground out a win at a place where we haven't won for 7 visits. Regardless of how bad we looked in the first half we got a win. They didn't score as many as us. Thats football and all that matters to me.
  14. latemodelchild

    A Bristol City view....

    Click the big owlstalk logo and it takes you to an index of various different sections. There's plenty to go at. Non swfc is bottom of the top half, you'll see. Be warned though, once you start looking in other sections you can get proper lost in threads. Some really good ones.
  15. latemodelchild

    That Referee

    Yeah I know, but 7 initially. No way was there 7 minutes extra to be played. No way was he in an onside position when the ball was initially played. No way, no chance. He was miles offside when the ball was played.