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  1. We might only lose 3 nil. Goal difference and all that
  2. If Luongos foot had been on the floor he'd have been carried off on a stretcher with a broken leg. Their player was studs up and out of control. Luongo has swiped for the ball late and possibly caught him. No stamp even though the ref said it was. I hope we appeal. The red card didn't lead to us losing, I reckon we were gonna do that ourselves, but I'd say it led to the 5 nil.
  3. Same price as last season so I'll do the finance thing again. Decent price per game compared to potg. Expensive compared to other clubs but I don't support other clubs.
  4. Unless there was a professor from Manchester in attendance it doesn't count. No action will be taken and no media outlets will report it.
  5. I'll hold my hands up. Last season I was tearing my hair out over him. Charltons 3rd choice fullback. Really thought he wasn't good enough and I picked fault with him. I never booed him though and never slagged him off at the game, not loud enough for him to hear me anyway. He has served me up with a huge portion of humble pie which I'm eating most games. Happily. Today I have held him up as an inspiration to my son in his football. Well done Foxy.
  6. That steward running is quality. Our celebrations are great. What a delightful little video.
  7. Yep, married to a massive Wednesday Fan. Hopefully she'll ask him nicely to come and play for us. Or maybe she'll just tell him and he'll have no choice
  8. Bean will set up another march, this time to the town hall. Fairness in football taxes or summat. Seriously though, I hope they're ordered to pay our costs and it causes uproar. Easy win for DC to waive them, if he doesn't though he wouldn't be blamed as we did nothing wrong. I'd love it if it caused some people some serious problems, love it (in the style of kk)
  9. Good news. Be interesting to see if there's a backlash should they have to pay our costs too. If they do I'd like to know who is responsible for this colossal waste of taxpayers money and what their plan or agenda was. Only downside is that the north might get busier now and the queues for pies will be huge. Or they'll sell out quicker.
  10. They ignored the ref all game. He had no control whatsoever, just like most refs we get at Hillsborough.
  11. Disgraceful decision not to give a red. Our players should have been hounding the ref and threatening their player to stick up for palmer. Don't care if it wouldn't have changed anything, at least it would have shown some fight and spirit. Related note. Var is being roundly criticised and is hated by most. I reckon if we played in a league that had it we'd be better off. That was a red and would have been one. We have penalty decisions turned down every other game that would probably be given. Nowt goes our way though.
  12. Definite red. Out of control, reckless and put Palmers health in danger. Pathetic from the ref. Pathetic from our players nit screaming at him for a red, even if it hadn't have changed anything. Ref was dogger throughout.
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