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  1. Was sat in a bar on a campsite in France watching ssn. Just left that same bar 20 minutes ago. Creature of habit me.
  2. Can't stand Charlton. The mind the gap season when they came to Hillsborough was one of the worst matches I've ever seen from a cheating time wasting point of view. And I saw forest under Billy Davies. Never liked em since then. That has nowt to do with my opinion that they can do one with their bleating now though. For clarity, can anyone show some proof that the hearing wasn't delayed due to covid? If they can then they definitely don't have a leg to stand on.
  3. I'm hoping GM can create his own squad and be better than what we've watched since Xmas. He inherited the players that let us down, just like the manager in the op. He didn't get a pre season with those players, just like the manager in the op. He is, in effect, a new manager coming in because the decks have been cleared a bit and we need to rebuild. He's got an advantage over a new manager because he's seen who is up to the job and the fight and who isn't. He's seen who can work and play his way and who can't. He will have players identified to work with him. We have scouts etc that will have been looking for players under his instructions. Players who have certain attributes and qualities. A new manager has 6 weeks to do it, Gary Monk has had longer. I honestly don't think a new manager would be the magic wand many hope for.
  4. This is where I am now I reckon. Take the minus 12, we overspent and have been done for it. Take the punishment and move on. Those that make the decisions need to look at where we are and build the best squad possible with what we have. Monk then needs to prove himself. He told us last season that the dressing room was toxic, that we had to get rid of the bad eggs. He has a chance to do that, he started last season it seems. He has a chance to totally reinvent himself and our squad. He blamed his tools last season, now he can forge a new set and put em to use. If Gary Monk is our manager then he gets my support. I'm not convinced the end of last season is a true indicator of what he can do. Put Usain Bolt in high heels and a straitjacket and I reckon I could beat him over 100 metres. Him in his Pumas is a different matter.
  5. Lot less money coming in if we're in league 1. I also think the ffp restrictions are stricter so it's not like DC will get his wish of being able to put more money in. Pigs were down there fir 7 seasons, don't fancy that. Sunderland are a big club struggling down there, didn't even get into the playoffs last season. No guarantee league 1 will start. At the restart of the leagues the teams voted to not play, mainly for financial reasons I assume. No fans equals no income. Clubs could well go to the wall, ne'er mind Admin and start afresh with minus 12. No clubs to play, no league games. No league games no promotions. I know they've set a start date etc but it could all be out of the EFL's hands. I'll stick I think, too risky to twist at the moment for me.
  6. We only have to get it right once. Next season, make sure its not number 12 and we've done well. Summat to celebrate even if it's just relief. I've had more last day survival tears of joy than promotion tears I reckon. We probably all have.
  7. Right, I've had a night to sleep on it and I'm on holiday so not given all of it my full attention but here goes. I'm glad it's next season we lose 12 points and not this. My main concern through all this was that we'd go down. Next season in league 1 and 2 could be a shocker with clubs in trouble right left and centre, can see the whole league being written off somehow and no promotion etc. Which ironically could help us as there'd be no relegation. Its galling that we get the same punishment as Wigan for spending too much considering they've screwed over creditors etc with Admin but that's an issue I have with ffp and parachute payments. The fact relegated teams get a huge advantage as well as being allowed to lose more is ridiculous. The whole playing field isn't level. The 39 million we can lose over 3 years hasn't increased to reflect an increase in contracts and transfer fees that has been driven by parachute payments. Its an absolute disgrace that teams aren't playing to the same rules in the same league. We'll have our season tickets next season, already bought em. We'll celebrate getting to zero. We'll celebrate getting our first positive points. We'll celebrate overtaking the first team, the second team, the 3rd team and every other team we go above. Then we'll celebrate whatever we achieve the same way we celebrate every win. It's what we do innit? If others don't fancy it then don't come, stay home and watch Jeff Stelling, it's your call. I don't want to do that, I like going to the match. I've seen us lower than this, I've gone when the chairman and his mates were sueing fans even though I didn't want to, those fans told us not to boycott. I'll be there at the first possible game and whatever team is out there wearing our blue and white stripes will get my full support as per usual. 12 points. 4 wins. Nowt that.
  8. Look at the covid thread in the dressing room. Makes this look like a brief chat down the dog and duck.
  9. Just to add to the previous Lorient shirts I posted, they've released their 3rd kit. The design is based on the topography of Lorient Harbour. Little un can't decide now between away and 3rd. He's not having both regardless of the hints he's dropping.
  10. I don't mind our new home one and I'll be reserving judgement on the away until I see it in the flesh.
  11. Not Swansea or Cardiff. Welsh teams should play in Welsh leagues. Always irritated me that they're in our leagues, probably means I'm racist or summat but I've always thought it odd. Brentford will be hurting so could see them stacking it. Would rather see them go up than Fulham from a novelty point of view. Not fussed about Fulham. Who am I kidding, I can't stand any other team in the league and they all do my head in in one way or another. Sod em all. I've woken up in a reight grumpy mood about footy today haven't I?
  12. Want villa to drop cos it'll be a problem for the EFL to deal with over ffp when they went up. . Not sure if Bournemouth have been dealt with either from when they went up. Might lead to some changes in our league that are long overdue.
  13. I've heard that too. Seems they want to be associated with us because we're the only establishment in Sheffield that's worse than them at keeping clean sheets.
  14. So we're losing 4 million a month? On what? Loads of big earners have now gone. We've got Rhodes, Bannan, Harris, Iorfa, Lees, Harris plus other younger players who have come through. If our squad is costing over 4million a month then no club can survive surely. Or am I missing summat?
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