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  1. Must admit I was thinking mental health issues were behind it. Then DC mentioned him and said the other players would be asked or something. It all seems a bit odd. If he's not playing because of a bad attitude, whilst picking up his pay check then he joins jos on my list of people whose faces I wouldn't pișș on if their eyebrows or moustaches were on fire.
  2. Steve Bruce took a week, To give ourselves a squeak, We had some rust so we had to purchase some oil, From front to the back, He's fixed all the cracks, We're Sheffield Wednesday, We're on our way back.
  3. I like it. Sums it up perfectly whilst making no sense whatsoever.
  4. Said on Saturday that Blackburn looked small compared to some teams. Especially their defenders. I wouldn't say we were in the land of the giants territory but we've definitely added some height which is good. So, height, pace, organisation off the ball and hard work. I reckon that's the secret to this league. Add in a wild card like FF on his day and a few wonder goals from Reach and thats a top 6 position most seasons.
  5. This is our biggest game of the season so far. Plenty of people looking beyond this one though which is dangerous. I was thinking the other day they seem to draw a lot, seeing it confirmed doesn't surprise me. Other than the fact I was right that is, not used to that in our house. They're on a good unbeaten run though so it won't be easy. If we win this one then it will build more confidence. Lose it and we lose a bit of momentum. A draw means relying on other results going our way. Hopefully we go there with the attitude to hit them hard from the off then see what happens. Nick an early goal then get tight and work hard. Perfect away performance required here. Nowt fancy, just win any way we can.
  6. I'll enjoy the England game, trundle down to that London Saturday to join the anti brexit vote with my mates and daughter, son's footy semi final Sunday weather permitting. A nice weekend for there to be no Wednesday match if I'm honest. Bit annoying that I'll miss the pokemon go community day but hopefully I'll catch a few down London way. Abut yeah, hate international breaks.
  7. I was a bit giddy when I got home and posted in this thread. I've calmed down a bit and I'm still giddy. The more I think it's not gonna happen the more it looks possible. I think in gonna open a bottle of wine a d see what I think once I've finished it.
  8. Great again today. Summat has clicked with him and it's fantastic to see it. Hope it continues. Look at this photo and tell me he doesn't deserve a song.
  9. It weird, but everyone feels the same I bet. Don't want to get carried away but also want to believe. Trying to play it down but thinking what if...? Not wanting to talk about it as if it's gonna happen in case you jinx it and look daft then blame yourself. At 2 nil we were looking at the live table. Kicked myself for it when they scored. Was great to be able to look again though at 3 1.
  10. Aye, I reckon we're pretty much safe now. 1 more win should do it.
  11. Thought this was dave Allen's new formation.
  12. Aye, fully agree. Let's forget all the crap that's gone on, put it behind us and look forward as one. All Wednesday.
  13. Leeds today in the 2nd half looked beatable. First half they were good but can't finish. All in all though they were pathetic and I'm fuming with em the useless bellends.
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