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  1. latemodelchild

    BREAKING - George Hirst Gone

    Ffs, now there's a story I've got to trawl back and read? This is the problem with dipping into match day, you need to be here all the time or it's a nightmare.
  2. latemodelchild

    BREAKING - George Hirst Gone

    Hahaha. Maybe you should let him.
  3. latemodelchild

    BREAKING - George Hirst Gone

    Cheers. I knew I wouldn't be far wrong. Personally I think it stinks. He's gone now though so I'm not gonna waste any energy moaning or wishing him ill. May he live in interesting times is all I'll say for him.
  4. latemodelchild

    BREAKING - George Hirst Gone

    Not read all 54 pages but I'm assuming there's a split on here with most posters saying it's out of order from the Hirsts and a few saying it's not because we don't know the full story but also failing to tell the full story. If it's any different and someone wants to do a round up I'll reward them with upvotes and praise.
  5. We are already paying more I think. I'd rather sell players who are stealing a wage like abdi
  6. latemodelchild

    What price would you pay?

    I want us to win games and get promoted. I honestly don't care how we do it. Short of cheating that is. I want to celebrate a promotion with my family and mates. I want us to play the big prem teams. That means we have to win. You get nowt for pretty football that doesn't get results.
  7. latemodelchild

    Nice Words

    Not sure if it still does but Sheffield had the highest number of graduates who stayed on to live in the city. People do fall in love with it. Met loads of folks who've spent time here and would love to live here full time but for work issues. It's got loads going for it, desperately needs a forward looking council though.
  8. latemodelchild

    Safe standing to be debated in Parliament

    I'm all for it. However, I think too many people will be against it and not for footballimg reasons. Owners may be against it for financial reasons, the families of the 96 may be against it as it could be seen as a return to the bad old days (not actually sure on the stance of particular groups to be honest so happy to be educated). Political pressure may come in to it, do they understand what is being debated or are they living in the past? Many fans don't want to stand, those that do should be given the opportunity, but any poll or vote on whether its wanted or not would be tricky. It wouldn't mean all standing but some would see it that way. As for it happening at Hillsborough, I'm of the opinion that the day after it's installed at anfield we should put it in. Should Liverpool fc not want to but we do then as a club we should meet with representatives to find out their objections and take it from there. At the end of the day people died in our ground. It wasn't because of standing per se but it will always be an emotional subject.
  9. What the absolute foooooook am I listening to here?
  10. Well that was a sobering call. Chesterfield fan for 65 years but knows this will be his last season as he has a terminal illness. Hoping to be the one taking the ball to the centre circle at last home game. Heartbreaking really and regardless of what you think of Chesterfield, their fans or owners and staff you've got to feel for the bloke. Puts it into perspective as they say.
  11. I heaped praise on him in person. He looked bemused. My son heaped praise on his son when he set him up for a goal.
  12. Hastily arranged from what I heard so what they put on was great. The main things being playing on the pitch and the treasure hunt. Stuff in car park was a bit meh but seeing my lad score goals on the hallowed turf was all that mattered to me and him. Easter holidays are gonna be out of sync between Sheffield and the rest of the region next year too. Sheffield Schools were off so no complaints about the date from me. Last week could have seen a better turn out but the short time between deciding to do it and putting it on would have been even shorter.
  13. latemodelchild

    #SWFC Fun Day Today!

    He is. His team won easily tbh. Almost like it was fixed
  14. latemodelchild

    #SWFC Fun Day Today!

    Having failed to book my lad on to play I've been up for the world's worst dad award this week. Convinced him to go down with his boots etc on the off chance. Managed to get on for an hour. Scored 2 and played in Att Chansiri's team. Set each other up for goals and got on really well, says he's a really nice kid. What a day. Well done SWFC.
  15. latemodelchild

    #SWFC 150th Anniversary Fun Day

    Didn't manage to book the little un onto playing on the pitch so not going. Proper let him down.