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  1. So has anyone actually explained why we are playing tomorrow night?
  2. latemodelchild

    Anyone up for this one?

    In absolute awe of Trev and Di.
  3. latemodelchild

    Anyone up for this one?

    Just been for my 3rd run since I signed up. 50 quid to go to hit my 150 target. Set my actual target higher though. This holiday lark is great, early morning run and a swim to get the old body going is just what the doctor ordered. Cheers for putting this out there. https://uk.virginmoneygiving.com/TristanYeardley
  4. latemodelchild

    Had some bad news last night

    I had a similar situation. During an argument she said I loved Sheffield Wednesday more than her. I told her I loved Sheffield united more than her.
  5. latemodelchild

    Anyone up for this one?

    That's my understanding of it. If I get more info today I'll let you know.
  6. latemodelchild

    Anyone up for this one?

    Thank you so much. This is what Wednesday is all about, you're a star.
  7. latemodelchild

    Anyone up for this one?

    Once you'd waded through the usual suspects saying DC did this that and the other it'd be a pretty eye opening thread.
  8. latemodelchild

    Anyone up for this one?

    Still one of the most insane things I've ever heard. I just laughed so much cos I was scared if I didn't I'd cry.
  9. latemodelchild

    Anyone up for this one?

    John Pearson just emailed. He's gonna sort me out with links etc tomorrow so full steam ahead. I'm spending most of tomorrow on a B road in France ironically so will update when I can.
  10. latemodelchild

    Heres summat radical

    Add in a sweetener for next season's season tickets or summat. Make the prices in the stands a quid or so more than a season ticket works out at. Lower lepp at kop prices, Upper lepp the same. Let's get people in. Advertise it, push it and just come out and appeal to the Wednesday family to come back to S6. Where's the downside?
  11. latemodelchild

    Anyone up for this one?

    That looks like the swfc page for it. Having looked at it, it mentions a pin in your original post. Looks like if I get 150 quid and donate to the swfc bit they give me a pin code that I then use to get an entry place. I don't mind paying the entry etc if I miss out, my only worry was that I'd get folks sponsorship then not get a place. As it stands I'm thinking get some sponsors in cos worst case scenario is that I pay myself in. I've also emailed JP.
  12. latemodelchild

    Anyone up for this one?

    Aaaaaggggjjjjjhhjj, I can't register for the run. Now panicking that it's filled up. That'll teach me to be all proactive. Links seem to go to dead pages.
  13. latemodelchild

    Anyone up for this one?

    Right. Back from the lake and page set up. Just realised the run is the day after my birthday, there's a sacrifice if ever I saw one. https://uk.virginmoneygiving.com/TristanYeardley That should be the link to my page. As I said, if I don't get the 150 before all the places go I'll still do the run and donate etc. Cheers guys, best start doing some running.
  14. latemodelchild

    Anyone up for this one?

    I'm gonna do this. Currently on holiday, Sat at a café by a lake having coffee and crepes. Internet a bit dodgy but once I get back to the house I'll set up my page and put a link on. Knowing my luck I'll take too long to get 150 quid but if that happens I'll do it anyway without the shirt etc, money will go to the same place.
  15. Having been on twitter and here last night for the best part of 5 hours I finally fell asleep in tbe French heat. It wasn't a good sleep and I'm exhausted this morning. I wish I'd just read this summary now cos it's more positive than the bile and abuse i waded through last night, both from our fans and fans of other clubs. In fact the only positive, supportive comments I saw last night came from Leeds fans who sympathised with us. I too am a bit baffled over the money stuff. We need to bring in more money yet bring in hardly any revenue from boxes and corporate. Unless that whole side of things was running at a loss then I don't get why the prices are so high. Likewise the BBC deal. We seem to be turning money away whilst asking tbe ordinary fan to pay more, even though what the ordinary fans pay doesn't even cover the wages of the back room staff. I'd love him to get it right and see us promoted. I'm not convinced he will at the moment, but I'd never personally insult him or his family. I may criticise his decisions but personal insults and threats are so far beyond the pail that it makes me ashamed to call these people Wednesday. We are in a bit of a mess. We need to find the best way out of it as a team and as a family.