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  1. Well that was better than I dared imagine. Very pleased and quite proud of that half. Same again 2nd half and there can't be any complaints. When I say same again I don't mean a 2nd goal for them BTW, more our energy and performance
  2. Really not looking forward to this one having seen the lineups. Might watch til we go 3 down then call it a night.
  3. Well I never knew that was possible. Always thought it was like an indirect free kick type situation where it had to be touched by another player. Doesn't the ref hold his arm up until its touched or something? The ball, not his arm, that would just be weird.
  4. If you owe the bank a 500 pounds you've got a problem. If you a bank 500million pounds they've got a problem.
  5. He got us Into a massive mess financially, told us our gate receipts basically paid for nothing then blamed us for not paying up for stuff like club 1867 and 10 year season tickets. The club has little to no income because of covid etc, same as every other non prem club, but as he says, we pay for nothing. He chose to do away with traditional streams of income such as sponsorship and corporate so he could put his own money in. He could have done both. He could have had companies names plastered all over the place like every other club does and he could have added his name in other areas and in
  6. Blah blah blah. That response is nothing more than lip service that basically says very little from what I can see. Any engagement will be superficial and the bare minimum to shut some people up and tick a box. Meanwhile it's 7 months since the end of last season, 10 months since we've been able to use our season tickets and no refunds have happened. That's before this seasons tickets that were paid for before lockdown/on credit have been talked about. All while we are in a relegation battle with no manager and a squad that's about as balanced as a 3 legged stool in an earthquake. Forgive me i
  7. I don't actually mind em being mardy, it's just klopp winds me up even when he's not being mardy. His smiles always seem fake to means he's proper passive aggressive when he does interviews and things are going against him. I'm fully aware that he could be Mr perfect and my best mate but as he's led Liverpool to the title and some success I hate him. That's the root of it.
  8. Missed all this last night. Sky sports headline this morning is klopp saying its all his fault. He loves to make everything about himself, just like mourinho did at Chelsea. Difference is, klopp tries to be all nicey nicey and friendly until it doesn't go his way then his passive aggressive side comes out and the mardiness kicks in. Mourinho was just arrogant from the start and pulled it off. Seems klopp got mardy at half time too? Good, can't stand him, he's up there in a 2 with wilder on my list of managers I can't stand and love to see stuff go against.
  9. The bloke who chooses harvest my organs and asks them to take his eyes first has got me giggling like a kid here. It shows that deep down we're all the same really, we all have to laugh at stuff that's happening cos if we don't then we'd just have to pack it all up.
  10. Oh my god, that is absolutely amazing. Proper chuckling here. Outstanding.
  11. That predictor table has to be a Wednesday Fan on a windup surely? I know they're all deluded and arrogant but surely that's going too far. It's not even close to being grounded in any sort of reality.
  12. Almost like they revel in stuff like that. I could sort of see it if Fans were present, make it part of the playing of the song in the build up, but just players doing it, many of whom their parents weren't even born when he recorded it,was weird.
  13. Would love man u to win this one. Preferably with a few var decisions against Liverpool so klopp gets to show his true colours again. Mr passive aggressive who can't stand it when it's not all going his way and everyone takes a break from sucking him off. Enjoyed the pigs game, Son is fantastic to watch, proper player.
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