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  1. The solution sadly is...

    The players are grown men. They know the difference between trying and not. I don't know why they didn't commit more to the cause on Sunday but I doubt it was because they were told not to. They did not want to basically. I want to know the reason for that.
  2. At the moment I don't give a monkeys what any of em have to say. My rage is subsiding to be replaced with disappointment and dread for next Sunday. We need a win tomorrow night and a win on Sunday before I'll even think about a positive future. Lose these next 2 and get can go for me. And I'm normally the happiest of clappers. He just can't get players up for big games, 3 so far and come up short. OK, semi against Brighton was good but since then we've lacked any sort of fight.
  3. Now the dust has settled

    Lose both if they play like yesterday.
  4. That Horrible Feeling

    Still struggling to totally blame Carlos. The players choose whether to try or not. He won't have told them to not tackle or put effort in. Spineless to a man. I'm still raging at it.
  5. Battered us?

    We let them destroy us. We had no fight and no energy. Nobody took it to them, we just rolled over. Hooper and Joao ran about a bit but that was about it. We were absolutely garbage. Might as well have out out the under 23s against em.
  6. Carlos on Radio Sheffield

    Didn't see Carlos out there bottling tackles and not closing down. Didn't see Carlos watching their players attack and not challenging. Didn't see Carlos misplacing pass after pass and failing to get 1 decent cross in. The players would be better if they cared. On today's showing they don't. Except maybe hooper who ran around a bit. I am so pissed off.
  7. First half tactics

    Our tactics seemed to be try not to tackle a difficult do your best not to pass forward. We watched their players dance through over and over again. An absolute shitshow which I cannot bring myself to forgive. Hooper ran around a bit and tried. Everyone else watched him when they weren't watching the pigs attack.
  8. Let's be honest

    Yep. Did a perfect job on us and showed the whole division how to beat us on national tv.
  9. Any actual pigs on here?

    Sounds like summat a pig would say.
  10. Leeds Allocation

    Also block exit to leppings lane from north. All out the kop end from both stands in case 2000 pigs decide to kick off.
  11. Leeds Allocation

    Is this definitely right? Only someone on Facebook yesterday was quoting an old article from last season with similar numbers. Should offer them and the pigs what they offer us.
  12. You are the worst pig we've ever had on here. That's quite some achievement considering the utter jebends you've knocked into second place.
  13. Sheffield Football - police costs revealed

    I put sugar on mine.
  14. One complaint

    Hope they sort out the font on the scoreboard soon. Forest match saw a change of size for a few minutes then it was back to the tiny one. Sat in the middle of the north and can't read it even with my distance glasses on. No one round us could either. Hope they never put the light up advert boards on the south, can see em being annoying to look straight at.
  15. Added time tonight

    He let their keeper take as long as he wanted when they were a goal up. As soon as we were he was telling Westwood to get on with it before he'd got the ball back from the ball boy and players were still heading back to halfway. Utter cockwomble.