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  1. Since Xmas, most of the squad have been pretty poor. I doubt 2 months in lock down will have improved their attitudes, especially as it looks like a lot of em won't get a renewal due to further financial problems. We might not need a points deduction to go down. Actually, if we're relegated they can relegated us via points deduction, genius 😂
  2. The Barnsley tickets that are donated to the NHS, how's that work? Will they be given out as free tickets next season or the money from em donated? Seems like that option is in there as emotional blackmail too.
  3. Got into this the other week on twitter. At first I wanted a refund, no if or buts, money back. I see what players earn, often whilst not playing, and it irks me. My 2 season tickets have to be budgeted for carefully. They're a source of argument sometimes. They don't cover half a day's wages for a player. When I look at it like that, players not playing winds me up no end. I went down the Almen Abdi annoyance route again. I was in a bad mood though. Once I'd discussed it a bit I realised there are other employees etc and softened to the idea that if other offers were out there I'd look at em and weigh em up. One thing I do know, if we'd been in the top 2 then more people would be happy to forego the money from this season. We were so bad post Xmas that I think many people will want a refund based on how abject we were. Anyway, not been on here in a while and just wanted to say I hope everyone is well.
  4. Did the Sheffield 10k the other year with him when they were raising money. Ran the whole way with him and at the end when I said he could kick on to get a better time he said no, we started together we finish together. He was as knackered as me though I reckon. Proper nice bloke. A true Wednesday Fan through and through who lived the dream we all have or had.
  5. I was confident about it all til I read this. We're going out of business in the last minute of the final hearing aren't we?
  6. Took son to Leeds to play football, a small crowd of parents saw Sheffield Boys U13 draw 2 2 in a game where they were the better team. Then went for a 10k run as part of my training for the upcoming Sheffield half marathon that could well be cancelled. Started watching Breaking Bad in the evening as I reckon we'll be needing some box sets to binge soon and everyone says it's worth watching.
  7. I'm with Beholder on this one. I'm a known catastrophiser anyway so my Mrs is doing some of her classic eye rolling but I honestly think we'll look back on this few days and regret not being more proactive. BTW, my Mrs suffers from asthma and this could kill her if she gets it. She's taking no steps to be careful and getting annoyed at me for over reacting. Women eh?
  8. Bigger picture time, personally I think our government is under playing this. We've seen other countries with similar infection rates getting to a point where they are in full lock down. Why don't we lock down now and try to lower the rate? That would save more lives surely. Remember the little Lord dude from shrek? 'Some of you may die but that's a price I'm willing to pay.' On the football front, not sure if we'll bother tomorrow. Little un says he's a bit wary of attending so it's under discussion. The club have had our money, the players don't need or care about our support at the moment obviously so we might give it a miss. Personally I think all games should be off and we should be taking it all more seriously. Arteta and Hudson Odoi testing positive could force the Premier league's hand. If it does it'd be insane to carry on with other league games.
  9. Would make no sense whatsoever for this game to go ahead. Their owner met with the arsenal players 13 days ago. When it transpired he had tested positive they went into self isolation. Forest players should have done the same, I assume they have. There's no way they'll be out of an isolation period by Saturday as it was last Friday that he was there. If this game goes ahead forest won't have a team. Here's where I make a comment about us playing against no players and managing to only lose 1 nil as though that has never been said before. Having said that, forest will be gutted, guaranteed 3 points for them that they're going to have to wait for.
  10. Reading the story about arsenal players it says they came into contact with him 13 days ago, they've been told to self isolate and expect to be back in for training on Friday. He was in contact with the forest players less than 13 days ago so surely they'll be self isolating too for 14 days.
  11. How do we pronounce his name? So we can get it right when we're chanting for him to leave.
  12. This is looking like another great afternoon. Seriously worried about the future.
  13. I have it on good authority that Derby, having changed their name from Frank lampards Derby County to Wayne Rooneys Derby County are considering a further change. EFL board member Mel Morris's Derby County should be up and running in time for the impartial verdict from the EFL board.
  14. Yep, loads of our fans didn't turn up on Wednesday night for one reason or another. The reasons have been explained and discussed on here numerous times. Those of us that went supported the club financially and vocally for the whole game. We have a hardcore support of about 20k. We have a floating support of similar. We have a passing support of about the same. So 60k or so that we can tap into when the going is good. The going isn't good at the moment so the 20k was made up of hardcore and floating supporters the other night. Many season ticket holders, rest potg regulars. Add in some first timers cos it was man City and that's you're makeup I reckon. Not sure what point I'm making but it all just tumbled out.
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