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  1. FAO Neil Swarbrick

    He told Atdhe that Terry got the ball. That's why he did not give afoul. Didn't look that way to me, I'm sure there'll be footage that proves me right or wrong.

    If he was incompetent he wouldnt have given any fouls or would have enough given every foul. That today was blatantly giving villa every advantage he could. 1 foul committed in 96 minutes of football has to be some kind of record. That's not incompetent, that's cheating.
  3. FAO Neil Swarbrick

    Absolutely disgusting. Normally don't like to blame the ref cos it's usually a smokescreen but that today was nothing short of cheating. The foul on Nuhui as he was through was as blatant as you get. Snodgrass threw himself down and was given a free kick every time. Nobody appealed for the penalty, christ knows what that was for. He went and had a cuddle with Bruce at one point and explained everything to Terry. Totally one sided and probably the worst refereeing display I've seen since Darren Deadman played next goal winner pretty much. He was either cheating or inept. Or at best terrified of the Premier league boys. I hope his next poo is a hedgehog.
  4. Sheffield Wednesday - V - Aston Villa OMDT

    Another day another strange game. Not expecting anything from this one, bit like Derby. That turned out to be the most enjoyable game for months. My prediction is there will be no 'halfway house' again today. It'll either be a pasting or a glorious victory. Just can't see it being a bore draw.
  5. Pigs win anyone??

    Glad they lost even though it meant Hull gaining on us. If they were playing against an intergalactic all star team with the future of the human race relying on them winning I still wouldn't want em to win. I'd struggle to decide what scoreline I'd want though. Either lose 8 nil or lose 1 nil in the 90th minute. Tough decision
  6. I went to London with the family. How do I contact him to let him know?
  7. Young George Hirst

    If true, and let's be honest, it could well be, then that's a glimmer of good news in an otherwise sh1tshow of a season. I'm fully aware he will either be injured in the first game he plays or turn out to be completely out of his depth. But the little but of a boost him signing would bring is probably worth it.
  8. So sad. RIP fella. Condolences to all who loved you.
  9. Today’s Officials

    Glad they missed the shove by Pudil. Other than that they were decent by the looks of it.
  10. Down in London for the weekend so me and the little un are gonna find a pub in Peckham hopefully. Not overly confident if I'm being honest but owt could happen. Almost a free hit really, Carlos won't have a clue what half our team are capable of so maybe we'll catch em on the hop.
  11. 5 minutes

    I know it didn't matter in the end, but where did that come from? 4 subs and a goal is 2 and a half mins. The trainers weren't on once. Derby did more time wasting in the 1st half than we did the whole game. I had flashbacks to Darren Deadman. Utterly ridiculous and totally inconsistent when you look at some of the matches we've had at S6 recently.
  12. Sean Clare first league start

    He wanted to be involved in everything. Free kicks, showing for throw ins, always available and willing to run at players. When we made the double sub at the end he was going round talking to players and encouraging em. He's a kid who has no fear. He was up against some decent players last night, ex prem players who know their stuff and he looked like he belonged. They clattered him at the end and he shrugged it off, he'll know why they did it and he rammed it back down their throats. Overall it was a fantastic debut.
  13. BBC stats

    They don't reflect how I felt the game went. 18 shots for them is odd, I remember a few but Wildsmith didn't need to do much for the first hour, then made 3 decent saves. They blasted a few over, we did the same. Possession wise was pretty even. We were the better team and they knew it with how mardy they got, culminating in one of em clattering Clare at the end after he'd run em ragged for 90 minutes on his debut. That must have irked em.
  14. How you feeling tonight?

    I'd forgotten what it felt like. Add in some valentines day 'celebrations' first thing and there'll be some happy Wednesdayites around today.
  15. Band tonight

    Best thing about em last night was that I couldn't hear em. For me they've ruined the atmosphere at Hillsborough. Parping over any spontaneous chants for years has led to people staying quiet. They silenced folks then everyone says if it wasn't for them there'd be no noise. They're the reason there's no noise. The fact they were asked to trial a drummer alone for a bit and refused tells you all you need to know about their egos. They ought to bow out and stick with the rhinos. Some out of tune trumpets do not an atmosphere make. Nobody else has copied them. Everyone else laughs at us.