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  1. Have you been at the product your username suggests? Relegation won't purge us of anything whilever DC listens to his current advisors. We have seen time and time again mistakes being made and no lessons being learnt. Unless this changes the only way is down.
  2. Lovely to see this. Well done for getting on it and smashing the bookies.
  3. If both teams were in the prem,both teams would average over 30k.
  4. Would love to be able to share your optimism about the last sentence. Nothing I've seen hints at that being the case, it'll just be more of the same. Why would being in a lower division change anything?
  5. At the end of this season I want as many players as possible to leave. Those that go will never be forgiven by me for the pathetic displays over the last season and a half. Every time I see their names mentioned I will sneer at them and curse their very existence. Those that stay have a chance to redeem themselves and I will support them 100%, hopefully from the stands with my son. I will cheer their achievements and quietly mutter about their mistakes as per. I'll speak my mind on here but won't abuse. I won't go on twitter and call them names or vilify the club. Not my style tha
  6. So hard to take real pleasure in this cos of how bad we are. Obviously I'm delighted they're down but robbing me of true joy about it is another thing I'll never forgive our current team and owner for. It will provide an interesting snapshot of fans attitudes though. Compare the social media 'bants' from us last night to them on the day we go down. I'd be betting there's more p taking from their side. Us going down is a good season for them.
  7. I don't want him to leave, I want him to change. I want him to learn from his mistakes. I want him to implement ideas and strategies at the club that will generate income so he doesn't have to shoulder the financial burden himself, which for some reason he is determined to do. I want himto take advice from someone who knows about football clubs and the world they operate in. I'm baffled as to why he won't. He can see that what is happening at the moment isn't good enough, I don't understand why he won't change tack. It makes no sense unless he is deliberately trying to ruin us as a club and lo
  8. Chansiri has the money he says, he lacks the business nous it seems. Bringing someone in who knows what they're doing would make a massive difference.
  9. Great news this. Really like her both as a pundit and a presenter. She's also very attractive which shouldn't matter but let's be honest it's a bonus. She'll get loads of hate from uneducated neanderthals on social media because of who she is. Hopefully she sees the support she will get as well and something will be done about the abuse.
  10. It's not just Barnsley that I'm envious of, it's pretty much every other club that has any sort of competent owner with a plan and respect for the club they own. We were told as fans that our money pays for nothing. Told that we had to have high ticket prices so we could have top quality players. Given the choice between high prices and low prices loads of fans chose high prices and better players, I was one of the few that chose lower prices and academy products. None of us got what we wanted, like brexit really. I want DC to succeed here. I want him to steady us and put plans in
  11. He honestly couldn't be any worse than the garbage who will be playing tonight.
  12. Just seen kick off time. Shows how bothered I am really.
  13. I'm not just saying this for effect, buti honestly didn't know we were playing tonight. Taking the lad to footy training 7.30 til 9 and don't care that I'll miss it. Might put radio Sheff on in the car on the way home to see how many we're losing by before switching back over to absolute radio 90s. Totally lost interest after the last game because I'd got some interest back following the Cardiff game and they just reverted to type. I want this season over and as many players as possible out of our club. 3 1 Wednesday.
  14. Genuine question here. When is the ball classed as being played? Is it when it hits the players foot etc or when it leaves it? Cos in the time it takes to hit his foot, compress slightly then reshape and leave his boot takes time. With the speed that attackers are travelling those fractions of a second can easily be the difference between on and offside. How precise are they with that part of the pass? Id like to know how they determine it because it seems that all the focus is on the receiving player.
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