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  1. Obviously all this talk is easy when your playing scunthorpe away. Different proposition when it's arsenal at home.
  2. It's all about the build up play. Plenty of work around the box is needed before you just go rampaging round the back. Their defences will be strong and that can lead to a player being denied or worse, deliberately injured. Patience is the key, you have to slip one in while their attention is elsewhere.
  3. I guess if people want them to talk about uniteds transfer embargo and how close to the wire they went they're going to have to ring up and drive the conversation. They were all over it when it was us, united managed to keep it quiet somehow. The fact its still being kept as quiet as possible leads me to believe radio Sheffield are playing along with em for some reason.
  4. Very rarely can you get in round the back early doors. Hard tackles round the edge of the box soften teams up and leave them susceptible to their defences being penetrated. Once you've opened them up and flooded the box then you can get round the back. A 2 pronged attack usually leads to your goal.
  5. I'd like to see us work hard today. I'd like Monk to stamp his authority straight away and demand huge effort for the whole game from every player. That's the basis for a successful season in this division. Any win will do me, as per.
  6. That away fan path had better be wide enough to accommodate everyone with enough space around them. Fans need a good 3 foot either side at all times.
  7. Like I say, if we do it in moderation and it helps us win games. While ever teams come to Hillsborough and do it, and they all do, we ought to be doing the same. I like it when we score, I like it when we win. I don't care how. I'm shallow like that.
  8. I hope we do in moderation. Neg away but I'm sick of teams doing it to us so want to give some back.
  9. That's interesting. No idea who his sources are but normally when he attributes it to Roger it happens. I think.
  10. The team needs a bit of an overhaul. We have some old and new players that need to gel. A new manager gives everyone a fresh start and I think that's what is needed. It happened with Bruce but now we've gone back to how it was before. Bullen is a nice guy and all but something doesn't quite work for him. No idea what it is but on Saturday we looked like we did under moustache boy. I don't want that. I want someone to come in and give us an identity and style. I want someone to reform our club and become a legend. I don't care who it is, but I think it needs to happen sooner rather than later.
  11. That's another great letter andrewrobinson. Unfortunately yours and many others like it can be ignored/shelved at the moment due to to current legal wranglings. Hopefully once the issue is sorted one way or the other our voices will be heard. I still worry that SAG have a lot of power. Should anything happen after these restrictions were lifted then the club would be in serious trouble. It wouldn't be hard for the police to create an issue at the leppings lane end to justify the restrictions. After all, it seems they already have. Not saying they would mind, that would be crazy talk.
  12. Yeah you're right, all the problems are at S6. Never had coins thrown at me at bramall Lane. Or bottles of pisss. Never been spat on from fans above. Never had to walk through a stone island clad bunch of chavs screaming for Wednesday to show themselves. Both clubs have asshats in their fanbase.
  13. Good letter from CB that. Hopefully it hits home and some things get sorted. I'll not hold my breath though. Got a feeling we are gonna be stuck with this for good. I reckon they want us away from Hillsborough and they reckon DC will build a new stadium if life becomes difficult.
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