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  1. latemodelchild

    Chairman’s statement

    So if he launches another 1867 thing and people take it up, think on this. Every 20 thousand pounds raised pays almen abdis wages for 1 week. I'm not buying it that the only answer to our problem is for us to pay more. Any money raised is a sticking plaster over a body that's had 20 minutes in with a hungry lion.
  2. Sweet jesus that chance at the end. No idea how that stayed out.
  3. latemodelchild

    Stop the blame game.

    I've seen plenty of threads and posts blaming and criticising the players and club from the very poster who is now telling us not to blame people. It's human nature to blame others. The players either aren't good enough any more or don't care. Either way that's where the blame lies. Players on the pitch.
  4. Been saying for a while now that all a team has to do to beat us is let us have the ball. Eventually we will give it to them and they can waltz through and score. Should they wish to put in some effort then try and give us a throw in, that will speed up the process of them getting the ball back. We are absolutely atrocious all over the park at the moment. I fear for any team that can't beat us.
  5. latemodelchild

    Can’t wait

    I honestly couldn't give a flying fock at a rolling donut whether any of this current squad leave. I reckon the only one I'd be a bit sad about would be Bannan. And that would probably be for about half an hour max.
  6. latemodelchild

    If you are going to change it....change it

    Was Bullen in the dug out today?
  7. latemodelchild

    Hull City 3 : 0 The Wednesday OMDT

    That 1 win in 7 or 8 or whatever against us is a depressing one. 1 fricking game and everything would have been so different. God I hate Hull. The team and the place. I hate their rugby loving ways and I hate their fans with that stupid mauled by the tigers crap. Hope we smash em today.
  8. latemodelchild


    While we're doing graphs I've just seen this one. No idea if it shows us in a good light or not but folks on here love a graph. The headline from it was all about Leeds and how they are on sky more than any other club in the country but are bottom of the league for % of income. It seems they're being lauded as fans for putting so much in, I guess we are too.
  9. latemodelchild

    Owl burns Madine shirt

    James shield isn't even a blades fan which makes his articles even stranger. Must be getting some proper inside track info or thats what he's aiming for. The pig that madine punched can't be happy. Imagine if you'd called your kid Madine though as you were massive Wednesday fans and he was banging em in for fun, then a few years later he goes to prison then signs for the pigs.
  10. latemodelchild

    CHELSEA AWAY - Fa Cup 4th round draw.

    So if we beat Luton it's a payday. Or is it? Will we actually make that much? 42k but not sure what they charge for tickets. Whatever it is though we might as well try our best to get there.
  11. latemodelchild

    Added time

    Ref was poor. Gave them everything and us next to nothing. Winnall was hacked down and got nowt. Really fed up with refs at S6.
  12. latemodelchild

    Police presence today

    Should have been a Monday night match I reckon.
  13. Huge amount of coppers. Have Luton got a bit of a reputation? Seemed well over the top.
  14. latemodelchild

    SWFC v SUFC Moved

    Wonder why it was more expensive at S6 than the stain? Do they need extra coppers for the same set of fans?
  15. latemodelchild

    SWFC v SUFC Moved

    This post from this poster confirmed it before I saw the official post from the club. One of the few genuine itk people on here is King Monkey.