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  1. Well that was a sobering call. Chesterfield fan for 65 years but knows this will be his last season as he has a terminal illness. Hoping to be the one taking the ball to the centre circle at last home game. Heartbreaking really and regardless of what you think of Chesterfield, their fans or owners and staff you've got to feel for the bloke. Puts it into perspective as they say.
  2. I heaped praise on him in person. He looked bemused. My son heaped praise on his son when he set him up for a goal.
  3. Hastily arranged from what I heard so what they put on was great. The main things being playing on the pitch and the treasure hunt. Stuff in car park was a bit meh but seeing my lad score goals on the hallowed turf was all that mattered to me and him. Easter holidays are gonna be out of sync between Sheffield and the rest of the region next year too. Sheffield Schools were off so no complaints about the date from me. Last week could have seen a better turn out but the short time between deciding to do it and putting it on would have been even shorter.
  4. #SWFC Fun Day Today!

    He is. His team won easily tbh. Almost like it was fixed
  5. #SWFC Fun Day Today!

    Having failed to book my lad on to play I've been up for the world's worst dad award this week. Convinced him to go down with his boots etc on the off chance. Managed to get on for an hour. Scored 2 and played in Att Chansiri's team. Set each other up for goals and got on really well, says he's a really nice kid. What a day. Well done SWFC.
  6. #SWFC 150th Anniversary Fun Day

    Didn't manage to book the little un onto playing on the pitch so not going. Proper let him down.
  7. Anyone who left early

    There'll be loads on in a bit justifying leaving early, adds time to a 3 hour journey, had to go to work, had to get back for family etc. But not everyone who leaves early has a goorld reason. Some just like to be home a bit earlier. We never leave early and today is why. Would have hated to have missed those 2 goals.
  8. Obligatory Ref's a clown thread

    7 minutes was ridiculous. The challenge on Fox was shocking. He was a typical ref really.
  9. We offer a contract, player says he wants more, we say no. Impasse. Player leaves or signs. Either way, why play that player if he won't commit? OK, it puts him in the shop window, but is he really going to give 100%?
  10. Deadline Extended

    Ffs, could have waited til payday to do it. Ah well.
  11. Last 24 hours for season tickets

    Just renewed for me and the little un. His was 75 quid more as he's no longer in the U11 category. Personally I'd be happier if U17 season tickets were all 75quid but meh, it's his birthday present sorted. This season has been rubbish on the pitch but he loves it and I love it regardless. We're there together, next to 2 lifelong friends who I went to school with and surrounded by a decent bunch of folks. All friendly, none too negative and they all just love the Wednesday like us. Plus it's a reight view. What else are you doing every other Saturday that beats being at Hillsborough? Nowt.
  12. Well done Wednesday.

    2 poor teams. We took our chances. Season over so dunt matter. Well done for coming on though, guess you've got more about yourself than many think. We have had a shocking season with pretty much a first team out injured and have managed to do the double over you. I'd be worried about that going forward.
  13. I Could Watch This All Night Long...

    Looking at that I'm amazed no foul was given. Maybe the ref was a bit unsighted with the snow or thought the defender slipped. Personally it doesn't look a foul, just strength in a 'man's game' job, but I've watched refs give fouls against Atdhe for that all season. Every time. So glad this one didn't.
  14. I was worried it'd be abandoned at 1 nil up, would have summed our season up pretty much. Quite a few games were played in bad conditions yesterday, quite like it when that happens. Adds a bit of spice and fun to proceedings.
  15. Does wilder always ramble on like this? Been on for ages. Taking all the credit for the team kicking on.