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  1. Glasses -yes, but bang in the middle of the photo. Actually behind and just to the right of a guy in a red shirt and next to a lad in a blue cap. I am wearing a Wednesday shirt.
  2. Match day already. with the games coming thick and fast the results will be all over the place... why not a win for us then?
  3. You remember Warhurst as if it was yesterday......
  4. I will be watching on the ipad as our lass wants to catchup on bake-off and then watch I'm a celebrity....which ones Dec again????
  5. There are plenty of us "look-a-likes" in this shot. I also played like him!!!!!!!! (in my dreams anyway)
  6. Now we have read the OMDT we just wait......... Weather is OK in Cumbria for a change...
  7. I did send the ticket office an email last week and received a reply stating reasons for the delay and attaching a link to the SWFC website. The current reason they say is because 55% wanted their money back and so it takes time, and a new ticket system was the original delay. We'll be allowed back in before I get my rebate at this rate....Can I change my request for ticket vouchers???
  8. and Reading at home on 2nd December1945 ko
  9. Can you get a Reda Johnson one as well?
  10. I enjoyed the 3-3 up here a couple of seasons ago when Bruce was in-charge.....one of my more local grounds is PNE.
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