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  1. Groundhog day Deja Vu Here we go again!!!!
  2. Cheered me up Snoots. so we have a team capable of winning, then why not….
  3. Snoots is back, football is back, and the girls can play too…..
  4. I paid up front for a season ticket. 260 mile round trip for every game didn't bother me. The pandemic wasn't the clubs fault. I took the credit option as I understood the financial implications of taking money, which had probably been already spent, out of the club. I would never dream of taking my club to court. My daughter actually owes me more money, but I am not taking her to court either.... Can't wait for Saturday.....as watching Wednesday play is what I want to do.
  5. Was this the one to prevent the Rovrum massive from protesting about us stealing their players?
  6. Is he any good on plastic pitches?
  7. We feature a few times in that video...
  8. Based on the recent lottery for Middlewood Rd they would be busy and couldn't make it!!!!
  9. 13yr old grand-daughter loves it. I have sampled a few of hers....just at over 5 quid a pop is a bit bit steep for myself.
  10. do you think they will sell apple tea in the concourse? Love it.....
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