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  1. All details in Snoots OMDT from Midnight Friday......
  2. I thought it was the make of paint we are using to spruce up the kop.
  3. Just a bag of nerves at the moment....please please please........win (and other results go for us)
  4. I bet in 1 second both my legs will fall off. Aright your on!!!! ONE!!! ohhh thats a pound an harf of potatoes i already lost today
  5. Cheers Snoots. Always a good post. I think today is a "must win"...... Can we apply for the Super league if we lose?
  6. They had a old woman called Ethel, She and her husband pushed by me and as she got towards them they started chanting her name....Reminded me of Sammy.
  7. If the 6 get kicked out of the PL will this mean 6 teams get a bump up? Although i guess they will still apply relegation to the teams in the drop zone just to pish us off.
  8. Van Aken up front for last 20 when we are trying to claw back a goal or 2
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