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  1. We didn’t replace him..now what would we do with someone like him now....
  2. Great post as usual Snoots. Had a chat with Private Frazier, but he didn’t say much. He muttered the same word over and over again... Anyway I think we will do what we always do and get a win when no one expects it...except me of course......
  3. Phew...thats a relief...this means we are safe...Thank the lord!!!!!
  4. tuppense ha'penney for the young 'uns
  5. Great post Snoots... My Donny mate was cursing me on Monday about stealing their manager until I pointed out their recent form and said they were nailed on for a win (which they did last night). So now our turn to get the benefit of a change at the helm.... Got to be a win tonight otherwise....dread to think..
  6. a good read as ever Snoots. I can't see us getting anything tonight based on the last 2 performances... One of the the losing streaks will end tonight...lets hope it is ours..
  7. Great post Snoots.. Nervous, naaaa Just need to pop to the loo again.......
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