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  1. 18 ... 36 ? Either way.... he ripped us off. Sell at a decent price and tell Norwich to go do themselves
  2. WHATTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTT ???? But second team is Schalke !!
  3. Well, he models himself on Jordan Rhodes........ Contactless
  4. Well .....we are struggling to serve the pies at half time.... who knows ? Got to be a better job than the one he moved to
  5. Quality wee wee take - What's the problem ?
  6. Hector showing can't be phooked Fernando how it's done
  7. Season was over for some of them in pre season. Time to get rid of the hangers on, they couldn't even be phooked today
  8. Season ending like it was for the first part. And please, Fernando.... GO.... leave us. We've carried you the past two years, and you've given us.... nothing.
  9. Come On Wednesday.... at least give it a go. You owe it to the fans for the times this season when you couldn't give a t055
  10. The CEO that left was atrocious. Of course there were many on here that kissed the CEO's ar5e, but little if anything was achieved. And how much did that cost us ?
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