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  1. " As a result the EFL are charging Sheffield Wednesday under FFP. Cos it's just not fair.
  2. Never mind, they can find a smaller house off three weeks wages. Many people out there losing Jobs that won't be able to do that. Living nightmare ?? Nawwww, A living nightmare is REALLY having nothing. There are many out there that might be placed in that situation. Lets stop fawning over these players. Wish them all the best and hope it all works out for them.... but nightmare ?
  3. Just want to see this club wrecker disappear.
  4. No, it's because they've played sheite for thousands of pounds per week and are taking the pi55
  5. Absolutely spot on We live in a society with a generation of " everyone's a winner !! " who wail and bawl when they lose. Many of these pampered players haven't a clue about the real world, nor the ability to accept a loss hurts and get back up and try harder. They put more effort in to visiting the tattooist to look hard and tough, than having the balls to accept they have played crap and to do better next time. It's all a blame game.... IT'S THE FANS FAULT !!!! 80LL0CKS !!!!! Grow some and try harder and play better.
  6. Sat and had a few beers with him at the hotel he was stopping at while he played for Oxford... I was staying on business and we had decent chat. Nice fella.
  7. I think much is made of what he said. Lets face it, he has to be a yes man to work at s6 There's only one boss there. But Lee Bullen has given more than most to the club. And that should never be forgotten.
  8. Shock horror. Fans expect Club to win. WTF !!!!??? NO !! we don't, we expect our players to get huge wages and try maybe once a season to put a bit of effort in !! Usually before contract renewal talks !! We prefer inept performances and couldn't give F*** attitudes 111 Win ? What do you think we are like Semedo
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