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  1. We got 0 points. That's all that matters now. How we played today means only that we are given some hope that things can improve. But I've seen hope in our eyes at S6 for far too many years. And hope has got us nowhere. We have been that poor recently, that merely looking like an organised team has people wetting themselves with excitement I don't care how we get em, but we need to start picking up wins. We lost. We got nothing. That's all that matters.
  2. We lost - zero points - playing well means nothing at the bottom. Only points. Pulis made a disasterous substitution which put the team under immediate pressure, rather than go on pressuring. He gave em a get out of jail card and 200 quid. bad management that. And we need to start picking up 3 points, anyway we can.
  3. Absolutely - We've both seen us in far to many relegation to know that... especially the " we'll never go down " We need to start winning.... Not one, two, but at least three games on the trot.
  4. Just unbelievable. The substitutions killed every attacking option we had. Just ruined the shape of the team.
  5. Sick of seeing us play without a keeper that instills any confidence
  6. Don't want em to be They'll lash out and kick one of our players, and our lad will be sent off
  7. Usually, i'd say it was a fan overreaction, but the decisions this game don't even border on questionable... they are BENT
  8. God no... it's the trip from Lynn to Norwich that's a ball ache.
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