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  1. quinnssweetshop

    Club's Best Moment

    Wise words indeed !! UTO !!
  2. quinnssweetshop

    Club's Best Moment

    Given the question, we could go back to the 30's etc. but we have to look at the modern game. Given I'm now 53 it saddens me that all we have is one Trophy - So it has to be that for me. SHERIDANNNNNNN !!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  3. quinnssweetshop

    One person to blame tonight.

    For once I agree, the players need to stop going through the motions on a weekday, they clearly do not give a to55 sometimes.
  4. Sir ! You are a wise man
  5. I think it's the manner in which he's doing it. As some say, some ex managers have class. He has none. NOTHING is ever his fault.
  6. Can we create a separate area of the forum called " Club Wrecker " and have all the posts about this self obsessed waste of space put there, in size 4 font ? Don't know how he gets away with it
  7. quinnssweetshop

    Where to start?

    Well, it's getting crazy in this place having to justify every phooking post because people need an " explanation "
  8. quinnssweetshop

    Where to start?

    Did I say that we had ? try understanding English. Did I say OUR continual losses ? Did I hell. Why should I spend my time explaining to you, when you can't understand basic English. Rather than you get on your bloody high horse. But for those that don't understand, all I'm saying is there is NOTHING to be worried about at the moment. It's when a team loses continually.... THAT'S when we should be worried. UTO
  9. quinnssweetshop

    Where to start?

    neither were Huddersfield, but so long as we keep grinding results out. That's good.... it's continual losses that worry me.
  10. That's a good point, other than the woeful fast asleep start, that's a well earned draw.
  12. Come on Wednesday !!!!
  14. Finest response on here all season !!!
  15. Come on Wednesday !!!!!!