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  1. Some quality mushrooms grow in the peak district !
  2. Play a decent game week in week out and you'll be a legend at this club.
  3. We'd do better with no keeper and an extra forward....... oh...wait.
  4. So maybe less than the wages he'll have been paid since he's been hanging around waiting..... chansiri - what a complete tool
  5. PR department earning their bourbon creams today
  6. Sadly, it seems like there's a small minority of fans that prefer to be in his company sucking his ******** than thinking about fans losing cash because of this utter phookwit. You'd have thought by now that he would have learnt... And these backside kissers too. He's learnt NOTHING and doesn't give a sheite about the fans.
  7. How's about the toy dolls and Nellie the Elephant packed her trunk and said goodbye to the circus.. Very fitting Chansiri Out !!! Out!! Out!!!
  8. After chansiris latest rant at the fans we may as well pay to slag the scumbag off
  9. Which specific fan group betrayed the fans.? Name and Shame the ar5e kissers
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