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  1. Good point. When Jos arrived I'd spoken to my German mates who said he was useless, of course, I passed on the info on here and was lambasted for it. We all see football differently, sometimes we are right, sometimes we are wrong.... but you shouldn't have people trawl through the site and bring up items unrelated to this particular item. We all want what's best for the club, we all have different ideas of how to get there. We'd all like to think we can pick the lottery numbers, but few of us ever win it.
  2. Couldn't make this up, may as well call us Investigation F.C What a way to run a bloody football club. my whelms off to read law and see if I can help out But, he's our manager now, and i'll support him from the start and judge him on his success here.
  3. The way business is being conducted it'd be a possibility. I suppose I should wait to see whats said about the length of contract... if it is monk and done by dodgty agents, it'll be a 20 year contract with options to inherit the club at the end.
  4. Think theses managers have been given a " get us as high as possible...so I can sell....deal "
  5. I hope not. Good god......... Mid table at best from now on. Another absolutely sheite appointment if it's true...
  6. It's a case of blame deflection for their own phooking failings
  7. They'll look at all three clubs and blame only us. It's nailed on. They phooking hate us. Any possible reason to get at us for the semi disaster they will. Anything to be seen that they are handing out justice, of any kind. Reading ? no chance... Derby... oh no... it's Wayne Rooneys Derby. US ? fizz em, they'll say, lets take em to phooking town.
  8. Perhaps a certain Boro chairman has something to do with this
  9. Pies always are. And on a managerial front.... no to the Cowleys, Rowett and Pulis........ Who then ?
  10. Because there's never any pies at half time !!!
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