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  1. quinnssweetshop

    Fresh Fan Investment: New Share Offer

    Appreciate he's shelled out some money. Thanks Chairman. But you haven't done it for the love of the club. You've done it for your own ego, and the hope of minting on a return to the Prem. The fans, however, have shelled out a larger percentage, per income, than you ever will.... and all we ask for is a little decent football to cheer. No reward other than that. How many more times are the fans going to be fleeced, and rewarded with abject failure and bad management decisions ?
  2. quinnssweetshop

    Well done Wednesday

    And so onto Chelseas 5th team
  3. quinnssweetshop

    Hull City 3 : 0 The Wednesday OMDT

    Rather rubbish pile of poop, but the players don't give a fizz, haven't all season.
  4. quinnssweetshop

    Hull City 3 : 0 The Wednesday OMDT

    and try having a shot.... it helps
  5. quinnssweetshop

    Hull City 3 : 0 The Wednesday OMDT

    Quite frankly disorganised sheite
  6. quinnssweetshop

    Hull City 3 : 0 The Wednesday OMDT

    Lucky to be still in it Awful UTO !
  7. quinnssweetshop


    Not really He didn't take it fact Bloke bottled out, sooner we offload him fully, the better.
  8. quinnssweetshop


    Based on the fact he's a professional striker that normally takes penalties and cared more about his former club than the one he was supposed to be playing for. An abject bottling wrapped in kids gloves pile of crap for this club.
  9. quinnssweetshop


    I really don't understand it. There's all the HOPE that somehow he'll somehow " come good " if a team changes a system around him. That's been done, and his record is CRAP the past two and a half seasons 19 goals. That's it. Paid as a out and out striker
  10. quinnssweetshop


    Boo Hoo !! Boo hooo !! I can't take a penalty !! booo hooo !! WTF !! A professional striker refusing to take a penalty for the club that pays him thousands a week. He lost even the most ardent supporters that day. Good riddance to the has been, lived on his name and never wanted him here in the first place. As so correctly said above. Boro must have laughed their socks off.
  11. quinnssweetshop

    FA Cup Semi Final v Brighton 1983

    I can't watch the semi final win over the pigs, I'll never look at it..... Was supposed to go with my mate ( He was a Newcastle fan, but was coming with me for the game ) and travelling down the day before from Lossiemouth. Scotrail went on strike, so we never made it. Paul went out that night and I stayed in sulking like buggery. Paul died that night in a car crash, cracking young lad, great sportsman and Scotland rugby colts player.
  12. quinnssweetshop

    FA Cup Semi Final v Brighton 1983

    Quality day out, crap result. In the Park Hotel minibus on an M1 rammed with fans going down. Pub on Holloway next to KFC, made to climb flagpole outside boozer to tie our flag on it " because I was in the forces " Pissed as a tw@t and still can't remember the game. But can remember waving to all the coaches on Holloway that were passing. And some bloke with us, eating a full KFC bucket on his own outside the Pub... quality day
  13. quinnssweetshop


    Pity to see such a great player have these injuries...but once you're done, you're done. best he club sell up, if not to just recover the medical costs
  14. quinnssweetshop

    Lookman deal done....wow

    So did Francis Jeffers !!
  15. quinnssweetshop


    Hack-Abusi OUT !!!