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  1. I'd sooner he be realistic and say " We know there may be a points deduction...so we are going to fight until the last minute of every game to preserve any lead we have........ not bottle out like we have most of the season ....relegation is a distinct possibility.... lets make sure we stay up ... we owe the fans that "
  2. Needs to concentrate on taking a walk.... rather than laughing through a game he thinks he's won. Takin the pi55.... he should realise he's phooking useless and concentrate on the game. When you've gone a season without a defeat...then you've earned the right to take the pi55 This blokes a phooking joke himself Phook off monk !!! Phook off Monk !!! You useless Phooker !!!!!!!
  3. I'm actually laughing.... I don't know why...but I'm laughing.... It is so precictable to be a joke.
  4. I know the forums been updated.... but... the messages say we have scored..... where do I send the fault log to ?
  5. At least we are heading for the Auto spots !!!! Relegation... of course. !!!!
  6. Can't see us winning another game this season with this clown in charge
  7. He'll go all out now and ask FF to go RWB, really go for it. This ( And I use the term very very lightly ) Manager..... Shouldn't even be allowed back into the s6 area
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