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  1. Did I say he was the Antichrist? Are you a journalist? Seems to be a degree of exaggeration in your words.. I'd say... As I have.. That he's crap...and is a major contributing cause to our demise. And yes.... Relegation.. Our financial demise.. Our inability to do business correctly..... I could go on. Some staff members may like him.. I'm a fan... And most of us don't like him. UTO
  2. Going round in circles now. We are relegated and I don't believe paxos any good. That's about it. Chansiri out! Paxo out!
  3. No... I'm not dismissing the points... Most...as I said are probably true....again .as said..we only have that article as proof on most of the he said..she said..So why say that .... All I'm saying is that in my view... Which I'm allowed, it is a forum after all. Is that paxo isn't the angel and a good advisor that's being said.. Based upon the evidence of BOTTOM of the league and the evidence stated by a forum member. He's crap in my view and many others.
  4. No.... I'm basing it on our relegation. You asked me why he's evil... Any fella that has a snarl at a kid fan is evil in my book. He's ruined our club but being the only real advisor in one of the worst episodes in our existence.. You keep defending him.. I've no problem with it.
  5. Exactly... He probably doesn't even know we are down.
  6. I'm going on a statement from one of the fellas on here about the way he treated his kid.. I'll have to find that.
  7. And I can hear his thoughts? Seriously fellas..convince me.. Just how fantastic Paxo is.. You clearly think it.
  8. Like I need specific names... Not sources.. So... Even if all his advice was fantastic.... Premiership planning.. Give me reasons why he didn't force them through.... And wouldn't you say he was a failure if he couldn't?
  9. Couldnt edit in time.., is ignored.... Will now see what chansiris statement is.
  10. I'm basing mine not on an article.. But on results. It's a results industry. His advice isn't good.. And... If his advice isn't ignored.. It is his responsibility to affirm his inflated position in the football world, by bringing chansiri round to his ideas.. He really can't be that good if he can't. Stupid as chansiri is. The qualification of my stance is the league table.. Our financial mess. Our standing in the game..... The article, though true in most cases I am sure.. Is no greater than what I see in paxos failure. UTO
  11. Change mine and tell me just how he's benefited this club?
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