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  1. quinnssweetshop

    Must read

    beggers belief why the hell we ( sorry... Doyan ) hired him he clearly doesn't give a fiddlers and is just taking the pension money. All this 8ollock5 about the youth...what a load of crap...we can't even keep them here.
  2. quinnssweetshop

    Must read

    So the moral of the story is. Don't eat fruit or drink fruit juice it'll phook your performance right up !!
  3. quinnssweetshop

    Half season tickets

    Absolutely It's a case of feed the family or pay 40 quid for what is at the moment, dross. There has to be some entertainment value, blind loyalty doesn't cut it when there's mouths to feed. On one end you have student discount, on the other oap... the person in the middle, that you really want to keep is the supporter that stayed loyal after the student years. But the club, as in many things, gives them the royal fist up the jacksy
  4. quinnssweetshop

    Half season tickets

    That's shocking. What the hell's happened to us ?
  5. quinnssweetshop

    Anyway.. about this cup run we're going on..

    Of course.... he will be installing the " Jos cardboard cut out " to lead the team. Not only will this be cheaper The tactics will be better and if the wind blows, it'll be way more animated than the real thing.
  6. quinnssweetshop


    I raised my concerns when he was appointed. Didn't get drunk at Wembley. I was driving and was totally pissed off with the way we played that day. but, unless you're something akin to Nostradamus, then no one knew what was going to happen then. Im calling carlos a coont because of the 5hite we find ourselves in now his absurd methods have come to light after he phooked off and ruined Swansea.
  7. quinnssweetshop


    Sooner have a club that's stable and not phooked up than achieve what we did with him.... NOTHING... not a single honour and all that cash spunked
  8. quinnssweetshop


    Can the mods delete this thread please, I'm sick of hearing about carlos the coont
  9. quinnssweetshop

    The Best Thing They Ever Did

    Michael Palin !!!!
  10. quinnssweetshop

    The Best Thing They Ever Did

    The Romans !! crucifixion !!! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8EI7p2p1QJI
  11. It'll all come together once people sort out their offshore bank accounts.
  12. quinnssweetshop

    Sorry about this...

    Hooper and Winnall will turn up with their boots, then we'll be told they got injured opening a bag of crisps. Abdi will be all set to take a place alongside FF and a lunar eclipse will blind them both and that'll be that, We'll play with 9 men and park the bus... a trusted and tried method, that'll get us the promotion that DC promised us and charges us for !! UTO !
  13. Apply for manager mate, because Jos hasn't half a clue compared to you.
  14. You're making weak excuses up for him. I do appreciate what you are saying, but the side is not devoid of talent. Look at FF's last outage, we played some decent football and rose to 6th. So that counters that argument. His recent team selection and tactics have been abysmal.. Shocking, and it makes you wonder, why the hell is he doing it ?
  15. Can't really remember the last time there was a chant that went Defend, defend, defend, defend defend !!!! Atrocious football being played. Sure enough, had we drawn the previous 4 games before the sty game, then there's a valid shout for ensuring survival. But we didn't. What's unbelievable is that for some strange reason, he's quit with all attacking intent. it's like doctor Jekyll and Mr Hyde with him... same players, different tactics. Who in their right mind, goes from an attacking top 6 style of play, to one, where we are just not interested in getting over the half way line ?