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  1. They've been wanting to do it since the Semi report was published.
  2. First goal I can clearly remember, was because of the utter madness when he scored, I'd gone into the ground for the last ten minutes as a kid,when the gates were opened prior to the end of the game. I was 9, but had been attending since I was 4 years old. 27th April 1974 ken Knighton against Bolton - Last minute winner.
  3. So.... what else is there to say ? We can either support rhe club or what ? Throw blame now the horse has bolted ? I'd prefer to get behind the club.
  4. Ahhh. And you are so important to the club, that only your word is law or correct. So you reply in your condescending, know it all manner. Forgive me. You obviously own the club. And to say, you're a tad quick off the mark is an understatement. Did I say that the club had been run well ? No. I said.... Support the club.... too many Owls talk jobsworths who..for some reason believe they have an " in " at the club. Go away and wallow in your own self importance. I... will support the club through this crap. Not chomp at the bit to attack the obvious flaws within it when the going gets really tough. Yes... complain...I do..and did prior to Bruce being brought in about the cancer that was doyen etc.... But this is serious stuff... and the fans need to get behind the club now.... not try and score cheap forum... look at me..Billy big balls points.. by smugly enjoying the demise.
  5. Can't believe people on here aren't rallying against the EFL... but supporting them Phook the EFL, Up The Owls
  6. Laughable All the other clubs, bent to the core.... and they hit us. They, The Council and SYP won't be happy till they burn the ground down.
  7. Deadwood throughout the squad and if we don't change this squad this season, we'll be playing in League one the year after next, rather than even attempting to hit the playoffs
  8. Had to dash to parents...0 -1 no reception...got reception on home drive... 2 -1... got in 2 - 2 WTF !!!!!
  9. But we never do. Weve a player scamming us out of cash that could be spent on new blood... and rather than sack him and get rid, we say he's a nice bloke.
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