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  1. Can't see why people want him to stay? He's a next injury waiting to happen..
  2. " Advisor " Still phooked the club up. Whatever he is. Sooner this club sees the back of him proper, the better. Paxo out Chansiri out
  3. The laugh I gave is because the games laughable.. All it takes is one bad tackle.
  4. Been thinking about this all day after posting earlier. Why the heck is Chansiri employing the services of an utter failure? There's no logical reason. None of us would employ someone who single handedly " Advised " the near ruination of the club... And the argument that Chansiri didn't listen has no bearing.. If he couldn't make Chansiri listen then... How can he now? The thought of this " Advisor " setting foot in Hillsborough just goes through me.
  5. A very fair point. We only have the clubs best interests at heart. I'll actually agree to that myself. Unless, it gets stupid re players and results. I do wish however, that stockholm syndrome would disappear from the forum. Lets not forget which two got us in this mess. Last season was better than expected. Let's hope that we push on with as little external " influence " as possible. UP THE OWLS !
  6. Oh Thank you Mr Chansiri..... Oh Thank you.! You're so wonderful Mr Chansiri..... We begin again in leagues one Mr Chansiri... Up to our eyes in debt Mr Chansiri..... don't own our own ground Mr Chansiri.. FFS.... He finally understands that we may have to sell players.... How many years ? And people are thanking him for last season...
  7. Can't wait to see the back of him... Set this club back years. Let Moore concentrate on the club. And you hurry up and sell up Chansiri. Chansiri out.
  8. I'm just stunned i've been labelled amongst the " Happy Clapper " lot. I thought i was amongst the most miserable of barstewrads on here !! Sod it... Paxo Out !!! Chansiri Out !!! I feel better now !!!
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