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  1. That's up to him... But it's half his problem... Not admitting he's wrong.
  2. Certainly not pulling down what they are trying to achieve in anyway whatsoever, but this Chairman, just doesn't care about the fans, it's all a front and bull. it's clear nothing will change regarding a trust, until there's someone ion charge willing to have debate.
  3. Thought i'd do as Admin suggested and look into the trust. Here's a piece from 2018 Certainly is good reading
  4. Absolutely mate. You'd think that given he is an " advisor " we could argue that his advice is absolute sheite and why does Chansiri think it's so good. given the clubs now been screwed.
  5. No, i'm actually fine... All i'm saying is this. If details are to be communicated to the wider fanbase, it'd be great, if the trust would also communicate with that wider fanbase as well. Prior to the meeting, as well as after it. Dont you think ? Surely they would get more people onboard.
  6. Because the words " Wider fanbase " in the statement at the end would suggest otherwise.
  7. What's getting wound up in what i said eh ? All perfectly valid questions. All i asked was what are they going to be asking ? Alittle more in depth than the off the cuff emotional statement. This is the problem..... any of the " fans " they say they represent, ( and they don't ) asks a question, and they are immediately cast as unbelievers !!
  8. So can the trust clarify what will be raised other than a brief statement ? Or is it, like most of these things, a closed shop, where only those ITK are allowed to hear what is said, when in essence and in their own words, all Wednesday fans are represented by them. I think that's why people automatically baulk at these things ( myself included ) maybe that would ease peoples concerns ? UTO
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