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  1. Getting mullered by Cambridge We're getting mullered by Cambridge. Mullered by Cambridge Weeeeeere getting mullered by Cammmmmmmbridge.
  2. It's worse... The clubs also at greater risk of going under atm
  3. Come on Wednesday.. Stop making fools of yourselves and try FFS.
  4. Magic things called telephones mate. Tbh... It's just a wild throw based on previous comments from Carlos about chansiri jr. It's that bad this season, any kind of idea has to be thrown into the mix at just how bad this is.
  5. It's laughable. Once again.... No credible manager would do that, so again... Who is picking the team. Chansiri jr?
  6. Bannans job also... He gets paid enough... Doesn't give a throw
  7. I wait for the result but... Good grief, something has to change.
  8. Week in.. Week out. Weak morale. That's the managers job.
  9. Again... Is Moore picking the side or a chansiri. ?
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