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  1. THIS ! Bloke took the pi55 and showed utter contempt for the chairman, employees, players and fans in the way he did it
  2. 10m ? ??? GO FECK YOURSELF SPURS !!!! MR is getting wise to all you phookers now,
  3. Lets stop the wondering why And just say HE'S A (UNT !!!!!
  4. God no please, please, I beg you.... delete this topic. I'll pay you.
  5. Nice to see the koonts emoji has disappeared too. Erase the tvvat from any records
  6. Phook him and his mates. Wouldn't waste my pi55 on the koont if he was on fire. Absolute coward of a man.
  7. Hope he's a complete disaster and Ashley has to sell up for far less than he wants, Hopefully then, a new manager, and a new owner comes in and Newcastle fans get the proper success they deserve. Let's face it, they've suffered under that pile of 5heite for far too long. Been bled dry.
  8. I thought Rhodes was going to cry, the fact that he'd scored.
  9. That's a well written point or two. On the other hand, Ashley's taking the pi55 out of Bruce and he's only there as a cheap stop gap until he flogs the club and a new gaffer is brought in. Bruce might be there 4 months and then he's sacked. At the end of the day. If Bruce was good enough...... he'd already be in the prem
  10. Absolutely DC bent over backwards to help him, gave him all the time he needed. And what does he do ? Takes the pi55 out of us. Bruce doesn't give a t0ss about us, never did. Paycheque pension thanks ta...oh... and screw your club and the fans.
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