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  1. Can't buy a win at the minute so how's about a novelty Carlos twenty quid note, whichever way you crumple it, it reads, " we're fooked "
  2. JOKE PRICE This season just gets worse UTO ( because the rest of it is going to pot )
  3. O.k Carlos you f..ing bright spark... it started with HULL.... why haven't you got a grip of it yet ? eh ?
  4. Biggest bullshitter to ever talk himself into a job. Time to get rid
  5. Is that it then?

    Mid table, if we are lucky. That's the truth. We just aren't good enough under this manager. but, as always UTO !!
  6. some people on here

    So the turgid dire awful gutless clueless matches that have become a regular feature of our season don't count then ? How the hell a bloke can change a team the way he has is unreal. Carlos lost his bottle against Hull, and has never regained it.
  7. Sheffield Wednesday Team for Saturday

    Let's be honest. We have no idea. Carlos has destroyed any recognisable attribute to each and everyone of the team ( goalies aside ) We are all trying to pick an 11 based upon how they used to play Not since this idiot has destroyed them. Hoopers one of the few that comes out of this with any credit at the moment. No idea... just hope we have one of the " few " games where we play well. But, expect a dire first half, a decent second half start and then to either cling on for a loss or cling on for a point or win with backs to the wall the last thirty minutes..
  8. Next home game for top 6

    no need for that, anyone with any sense can see the truth when it its them, and I think most of us are seeing that now.
  9. Next home game for top 6

    Bang on !
  10. Either the pudding was laced or you're still pissed up from last night. Lets be honest, current form is relegation form, not promotion. That's one reason, that trumps all your five
  11. I Finally Lost Confidence In Carlos Today

    Lost faith in him a long time ago. his inability to motivate this team is beyond doubt his biggest failure. Add to that, team selection, in game restructuring and PR and he's a complete failure. His recent press conferences have been laughable. he's got to go, he's collecting a large pay cheque for making decisions any of us could make Pre match WTF comments are the norm re team selection. Unbelievable Carlos !!
  12. New Kit - Potential Release Clue

    That'll be fine for the Falkland islands supporters branch then
  13. Referees are killing us.

    Porker !!!
  14. Referees are killing us.

    Hopefully John will be playing next week instead of this spineless lot