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  1. As I will shortly demonstrate, it is clearly an administrative error, we've already got his shirt printed, ready for the Premier league.
  2. Hang on a minute, since when was being over 50 elderly? I spilled my Horlicks reading that, nurse!
  3. When is this 'moth to a to flame' behaviour going to end. Club's must stop gambling with their very existence to get to the promised land of the premier league. The FA, PL and EFL teally need to get their heads together to find a solution to this mess.
  4. The most depressing thing is the amount of posts on here that end up being a copy/paste of another 51.
  5. I really hope this doesn't end in some ridiculous Thai betting scandal, but then again nothing would suprise me at the moment.
  6. This really feels like it's the beggining of the end. We're all doomed!
  7. At least storage won't be a problem, we've got a massive ball bag ready and waiting, when he's not too busy destroying our wonderful club.
  8. But at least you didn't get the "Crossfire" blisters, 1970s games really were pants.
  9. "Eyes down for a full house, unlucky for some, Dejphon Chansiri!"
  10. Chansiri is in a blind panic I imagine, probably nobody sensible he can turn to for advice, and if there was he'd ignore them. He has no clue, no respect and more importantly no money. His dad's more than likely put him on the naughty step. I wonder how much now he regrets wanting his own football team, about as rewarding as my 'super flight deck'
  11. But can we scrape enough players together for a 5-a-side team?
  12. I do think you have a point, at least partly. I'm not sure what their 'fit and proper' test actually is, looking at the TUG and his miniscule shareholding, and the fact that he had no official position within it I reckon they just ask if you or your dad is loaded, and obviously don't ask anything about football or do the shinola test. Whoever's to blame, the pain will all be over soon, I can feel it in my water.
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