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Championship Thread

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1 hour ago, vulva said:

Made for Wilder that job. They’d be mad to go down the John Terry route. 


Yep. Bigger club and good for his CV and ego if he can get them out of it. There's a bit of needle between Forest and Dem Blades as well which will be fun when they play this year.


Plenty for him to stick his beak into at Forest as well with their ownership. Do they still do their transfers by committee? He will love his divide and conquer from the working men's club act there. 

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Forest fan mate of mine reckons problem is right through the club and that Cooper is favourite although Wilder has been mentioned. I think if they are that bad then Wilder would be the kind of manager they need but surely his ego means he's hanging on for a Prem job not the Championship

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