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  1. I think that he's a very good manager. He has done a good job at club level at pretty much every team he has been at
  2. Never got the daft comments that Moore is ‘too nice’. I’m sure he is a nice bloke and he normally looks calm but I can definitely imagine him being tough when he needs to be. He was a leader at all of his other clubs as a player and didn’t take any crap on the pitch. You don’t be like that if you are ‘too nice’
  3. Love how Cantona only regrets that he didn't kick him again
  4. Not sure about him either way really but I don't fully understand the negative football argument against him. His Preston team weren't great to watch as he need to find a way of being competitive with a rubbish budget. His Norwich team played some very good football
  5. appearing on the bill or being in the sugababes
  6. I’m sure our hilarious fans can just call him Dave or something
  7. Yep. They’ll be a yard act to follow
  8. I think that they are mostly crap and the ones that aren’t are always injured
  9. New manager will look at the squad, decide he needs to do things his way and want to replace players, then find their is no money to do so in such a short space of time. Or, he will be allowed to replace them, then we have issues with not being able to pay them then the cycle starts again
  10. For a few week or two maybe then it would be the same old problems
  11. Yep. Like last time when we signed trade, Sedgwick, Morrison etc
  12. They aren’t very good. Said not in the other thread, Oxford have a better team than us. Id they were to sell their first 11 then they would make a hell of a lot more money than we would.
  13. What are the chances of the ball machine picking the same side two games running?
  14. Hope that doesn't mean that Burnley will recall BPF
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