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  1. Horrible hearing him talking about the abuse he got from Wednesday fans
  2. And totally incorrect. Had another very solid game on Saturday after moving position mid way through the game. Takes a very decent player to be able to do that. I also take issue with using the argument that he hasn't been involved in a promotion winning team as an argument against him. If that were the case, then Gary Madine was a better player than Gary Hooper. Steven Guivarch is also a better player than George Best because he won a world cup
  3. Weird that after all the managers we've had that none of them have wanted to get rid of Palmer then.
  4. Depends what you enjoy I guess. I personally much prefer teams like Man City to high temp end to end games.
  5. Glad we got the own but that picture isn’t frozen at the right point
  6. How dare DM win a game of football. You know how much some of our fans hate that
  7. We were very good first half last week. Only got a point. Early on, it's about doing what you need to do to get a win, especially away from home.
  8. Moore got it right today. Conceded 3 at home last week. This week we keep a clean sheet. And we win. Well done DM
  9. Was thinking exactly the same when I was listening to that podcast.
  10. If I had a quid for everyone you’ve achieved something, I’d be as rich and successful as you are.
  11. Yep, heard the same. And it was mentioned a lot on the behind the scenes podcast the Warne did
  12. Smith might have played loads for Rotherham but he was very often carrying a knock and had to manage his way through the season
  13. Hope not, unless it's a drastic wage cut. A league one shouldn't need to be paying silly wages
  14. Not fussed on either based on what their wage would probably be. I might be in the minority but I was't that blown away by Dean when he was here. I thought he was good but I think that we are looking back and remember him being better than he was. Out of the two I think that Hector is a better player but he hasn't kicked a ball for ages
  15. Random post, but I stumbled across this on YouTube. Really enjoyed it. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=e_t_uC2lN6I&t=560s
  16. Agree with Wednesday Jack. Don't go if you want to hear stories about his time at Wednesday. He mentioned us even less than Paolo Di Canio did during his talks.
  17. People don't like people having fun. They automatically think that they are bad news and arrogant. I mean, look at the stick Jesse Lingaard gets because he likes dancing.
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