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  1. Agree. I thought it actually started off okay but went downhill very very fast
  2. Atmosphere crap. I thought it would be really good following Covid. I thought that people would be happy to be back and would enjoy themselves a bit more
  3. Serves us reyt for ending up in league one
  4. It’s never been. people always say that when we lose a few. Usually the same people that say you can’t get promotion by ‘playing football’ in this league
  5. Saw the theatre production and didn’t really enjoy it at all.
  6. He makes lots of errors. We knew that before we signed him. No surprise that this is what we are now seeing.
  7. We are such a joyless bunch. no football for 18 months yet even at the first game back the atmosphere was flat. just enjoy it. It’ll sort itself out
  8. Gregory is such a poor striker. Depressing that this type of signing is where we are again
  9. Not the issue at all. Most teams play with one central striker these days. if we had our away some of the chances in the first half then we wouldn’t even be mentioning it
  10. Yep. Said it the other week. I don’t know why people were banging on about us having a great squad. Most of us knew nothing about them a couple of months ago
  11. Weird how donny fans werent chuffed to bits when he left then
  12. What’s stranger? The steward watching the match or fans watching the steward?
  13. Gregory is a poor player but Moore not having a pot to p in means we end up with those types of players
  14. 2 of the 3 had just come back from injury and the other has only just joined
  15. He’s slightly better than the Dawson and wildsmith. but Leeds fans said that he made a lot of errors after they watched him week in week out.
  16. Is there fanbase big enough to attract more fans to the ground though?
  17. I don't think he played any games for us. Might have been on the bench maybe.
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