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  1. I still can't believe we lost to a poor Millwall side last night.
  2. Reactions.

    He could play Bullen and Andy Rhodes, and some folk would still find some way of agreeing and trying to put some logic behind it. FFS almost everyone of us who travelled down last night new as soon as we heard the team that we'd more or less conceded the game. It was there for the taking, Millwall were shocking and no surprise we had two really good chances after the Subs came on. Talk about not wanting to win a match, that summed it up last night.
  3. If it wer'nt for the OAP's tonights showing would av been sparse. I got on the coach and thought it was a SAGA trip to Eastbourne or summat. You av to admire em they are the die hards.
  4. Thanks for all that, but whats their predictions then.
  5. West stand upper

    Away fans should be in bottom tier regardless. Why give em any advantage crowd wise, we're supposed to be the home team.
  6. The only campaigning they need to do is on the pitch.
  7. If it means that it gives the young uns an opportunity and they take it and prove their worth, then this season would have not been a total waste.
  8. Forest ieri Gump. Complete with leg brace.
  9. Holby City./ Casualty. take your pick
  10. FOUNDED IN 1866? as an offshoot of the S.W.Cricket Club.
  11. Who'd buy owt wi that awful badge on. Looks summat like what should be stitched on a captains blazer.