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  1. Are they still upset by that Fire starting in a Kitchen.
  2. 5k, 10k, 20k, 35k a week and as fans we are brain washed into thinking its washers they are being paid in. Footballs ridiculous and these are only 3rd & 4th rate players we are talking about. All dragged out of our say £500/ wk pay packets. If it wer'nt for Wednesday i'd leave em all to it. But thats what they rely on i suppose dumb loyalty.
  3. He'll have a few more grey hairs since then.
  4. Don't press reset instead of calculate when you get near the end. Duh.
  5. Yeah he was stood more or less next to me. I assumed it was something to do with the fire bomb as i did'nt notice him in the 1st half and he was'nt doing anything to warrant being carted off that i noted in the 2nd half. Stewards just came up and asked him if they could have a word and he sheepishly trudged off with no arguements or owt.
  6. Winnall is no where near ready to start. Saying he was a bit leggy last night was being very kind to him. Nuihu did'nt do much wrong last night to be fair to him and even though he's no where good enough but with our predicament with forwards i would start him again. Bl00dy typical that Joao's injured when this could have been his opportunity to have strung a few games together and maybe got some consistency to his game.
  7. Yeah, was looking at the Beehive pub, is that ok for a prematch drink.
  8. Oh and when Mick Prendergast scored a goal.
  9. He's got to have something to beat it with. Or whats the point in having a stick. (Apart from a walking aid)
  10. What a waste of a season it looks like being. The Division is that bad this season we've only needed to do a little bit more to have been in the thick of it. Even if we could have traded the recent run of draws evenly for wins and losses would have had us there or there abouts. Jos what was the thinking.
  11. We'll do the total opposite. Managers and tactics, they never think like a fan.
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