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  1. What you are actually saying is they will be mathematically relegated within the next 12 games.
  2. As its miracles we want, he's our man.
  3. At least the points deduction is looking irrelevant. Take that EFL. Does that count.
  4. I think Wycombe have finally read that letter from that Blunt.
  5. Jigsaw should have been of Jordan Rhodes, he goes to pieces in the box.
  6. Got that on the front of my house in stainless steel.
  7. Particularly that performance at Toytown.
  8. So they are playing Chair just sitting behind Samuel eh.
  9. At this rate Barnsley could end up in the playoffs.
  10. No Wednesday curtains, that's poor.
  11. Is it them where you bought your ticket from a building in the old Pond Street and where they were lined up on match days with the Coach number on the front.
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