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  1. They used to draw at random from junior season ticket holders as my lad was mascot for a game against Ipswich about 10 years ago at no cost. Obviously stopped doing this now then,
  2. couldn't wish him on a nicer club.
  3. can't wait to be called 'Sheffield' if true.
  4. WAWAW

    Wednesday - V- Rotherham OMDT

    wouldn't play his best cards apparently.
  5. WAWAW

    Is forrestieri injured?

    wonder if he'll wear his Wednesday shin pads when he moves on.
  6. WAWAW

    Bohemian rap DC

    Re jig that one you did a few years ago 'Twas the poo before Christmas' should be quite apt again.
  7. WAWAW

    Shaping up

    Then win the next three to get right back in it.
  8. WAWAW

    Shaping up

    Just to get back to mid table.
  9. I'm sure years ago he used to phone in as a wednesdayite?
  10. WAWAW

    Must read

    "The Blues against the Grub," is that a reference to the Bacon & Egg or is it Dutch for Pigs.??
  11. Boxing Day could finally get put to rest on Friday. I've always enjoyed knowing they've wanted to avenge it for almost 40 years now. If they do get ready cos it ain't going to be pretty.
  12. WAWAW

    home tickets

    If you want to watch Derby, go to the Stain, If you want to watch Wednesday go to Hillsborough. Is that what you are saying.
  13. AH well we got nearly 40 years out of it. It was better when we wer'nt playing em so it extended the agony for em.
  14. yes we've got our equaliser.