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  1. So they are playing Chair just sitting behind Samuel eh.
  2. At this rate Barnsley could end up in the playoffs.
  3. No Wednesday curtains, that's poor.
  4. Is it them where you bought your ticket from a building in the old Pond Street and where they were lined up on match days with the Coach number on the front.
  5. yeah i remember going to that game, we were very short on any type of glory so to me anyway as a sprog ( you Don't hear that phrase anymore either)it was like winning the FA cup final. I never understood how the competition worked though did three teams get a bye into the semi finals, with a prelim round? UTO.
  6. where's terrorists when you want em to stop BBC carping on about a cough and a snuffle.
  7. Could'nt this have been put in the excited thread.
  8. Even Barnsley have managed 3 wins on the bounce, summat we seem incapable of doing.
  9. Sheffield Wednesday, ruining Saturday's since 1867.
  10. As Luongo finished his rescinded 3 match red card injury ban.
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