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  1. 200 MINUTES!!!

    only If its on target.
  2. If we'd got the point we deserved at Derby we'd have (of) been joint 6th.
  3. Westwood at the end

    I wern't happy either and i had 2-1. Is it weren't or wern't or is it neither.
  4. Black Shorts

    Bet you like that crappy new old badge n'all.
  5. Who pumps up...

    Bit like us fans then.
  6. Our code of chivalry

    Sir Passbackalot.
  7. On a negative note we now need automatic promotion form just to make the play offs.
  8. Yes i love that badge, especially the one on the old Bukta shirt it did'nt need any reference to SWFC underneath it. That monstrosity we've got now looks like something off an old school blazer or we're part of some Yachting Club.
  9. Hillsborough timelapse

    That 80's one is a bit like today's, not a replica shirt in sight.
  10. Pity they didn't do two Sundays on't bounce.
  11. We need to be winning our next 6 to be where we need to be, and then after that we could possibly accept the odd draw in between more wins.
  12. Was expecting it to av been on here already with some of our resident comics, unless i imagined it. (Thats the collinding not our resident comics)