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  1. Sounds like its "Premier Pig's return Ticket"
  2. Not due then till 2022, so lump on a win at Derby then int 3rd division.
  3. And to think without the 6 point deduction there would have still been a chance of relegation and with the 6 point deduction there's still a chance of survival. Work that one out.
  4. Managers/ coaches seem to want to make it look that way even at the detriment of their own careers. As above completely bonkers.
  5. What you are actually saying is they will be mathematically relegated within the next 12 games.
  6. As its miracles we want, he's our man.
  7. At least the points deduction is looking irrelevant. Take that EFL. Does that count.
  8. I think Wycombe have finally read that letter from that Blunt.
  9. Jigsaw should have been of Jordan Rhodes, he goes to pieces in the box.
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