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  1. No AGM in the Dave Allen era was complete without Joe. RIP
  2. Id like to think that the experience of playing behind closed doors will give way to a greater appreciation from clubs and governing bodies for the supporters. We are what makes football what it is. But I wont hold my breath. I expect it will end up being like nothing ever happened.
  3. Some reasonable answers there from DC. I look forward to the second part where hopefully Doom will ask about the structure of the club and how it is being run day to day.
  4. How we lost that game i'll never know. Ref bottled giving us a blatant pen.
  5. Some very public personal attacks from Wednesdayite. Is it appropriate for presumably one person with access to the twitter account to be making comments like that on behalf of the group? It’s no wonder Wednesday fans are notorious for doing bugger all about their club being perennially mismanaged when fam groups are constantly at each other’s throats.
  6. Really can't see the Tories changing a PM at a time like this. Wouldn't look good at all, regardless of how inept Boris is.
  7. Bugger. Had tickets for this. But it makes sense as there is no way we could complete the domestic season otherwise.
  8. He's got form for asking people who attend the steering group meetings not do disclose things. It's bizarre.
  9. He really is terrible. Just a pearl clutching Helen Lovejoy always ready to jump on the next bandwagon.
  10. Why on earth at a time like this when fans are getting zero communication from the club would you hold a fans meeting with a half a dozen supporters and ask they don’t disclose anything discussed? Like many of DC’s decisions it’s totally illogical.
  11. But could be up against Sunderland, Ipswich and the other sides like Barnsley who are always handy at that level. Relegation would be an absolute disaster.
  12. That’s a cracking bet pal. I have no qualms with fans getting some money back for our players being a disgrace.
  13. I’d fancy us to beat QPR, Preston and Boro if it really came to it. But with a points deduction that would probs still see us down by a few points. What an absolute mess.
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