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  1. Just as well games are being played behind closed doors because I think Spurs fans would be getting very restless. Fantastic new stadium, sold the vision that it would propel them to the next level, and yet it looks like they could now miss out on Europe altogether next season. Going for Jose is increasingly looking like a desperate mistake by Levy.
  2. Awful. Kane needs to get a transfer this season. Going nowhere fast.
  3. Hope you’re right. Strike me as one of those sides that huff and puff but can’t quite get the goal.
  4. I think this has been overlooked. Monk has come into a club loaded with over paid players who aren't interested, owned by an interfering chairman who has shot the finances to the extent that we face a 12 point deduction, and all without so much as bringing an Assistant Manager in. Think it's time some of our fans got real and recognised that we aren't some sexy piece of ass but rather a bloated carcass in need of serious work.
  5. Robbery if we don’t get a win here. Been by far the better side.
  6. Need to keep going. These aren’t a decent side and we’re more than capable of getting another goal.
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