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  1. January could be huge. Fully expect us to be in contention. If DC can sort us some quality loans it could tip the balance.
  2. I think he’s played admirably considering the stick he’s taken from his own support. Never put in a disastrous performance. Sadly some fans always need a scapegoat. It’s bizarre.
  3. Wonder if any of the boo boys will still admit to heckling Fox at the start of the season when his name was read out. Utter morons. Morgan deserves big credit for never letting his head drop and for doing his talking on the pitch with some good performances.
  4. Don’t think there is much negativity tbh. Think people have largely realistic expectations and although we aren’t playing fantastic we are grinding out the points. I’m happy with that.
  5. No reason why we can’t finish top 6 this season. No side is running away with it. West Brom drew at home to the dingles tonight ffs
  6. Absolute nonsense rule. Game has lost all common sense.
  7. Great performance. Hope the north stand boo boys will finally get behind him now.
  8. I don’t think there is an agenda, I just genuinely think the officials are totally incompetent.
  9. We’re not cute enough to see out scrappy games like that. Mid table finish this season IMO
  10. Tbf we’ve been asking for it this half. Give away so so many fouls.
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