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  1. All that money in the game and we are still having to flog Wembley to pay for pitches for kids. Something has gone seriously wrong somewhere. In a way, football has mirrored the way we have been taught to act for last 30 years- greed, greed, greed whilst the social fabric is chipped away.
  2. owls maniac

    On This Day 25 Years Ago !

    Too right. Imagine joining that early 90’s side and then finishing your Wednesday career as partner to Danny Maddox
  3. owls maniac

    Todays attendance at #SWFC

    Apparently we have one already. Not that you’d notice.
  4. owls maniac

    Todays attendance at #SWFC

    I follow Daniel taylor on twitter who is a forest fan and their comms team have done a superb job of reconnecting with the fans over the summer. Obviously it helps when you are splashing the cash, but we aren’t doing anything to stem the decline in attendances.
  5. owls maniac

    Todays attendance at #SWFC

    Forest did this last season. Contacted everyone who hadn’t renewed over the last few years and offered them two free tickets to a match to get them hooked again. They got 27,000 yesterday against Reading.
  6. owls maniac

    Another pathetic manager

    Until DC steps back then we will continue to make these bizarre appointments.
  7. owls maniac

    Joey Pelupessy

    Only playing each week because he’s Jos’s boy.
  8. owls maniac

    Joey Pelupessy

    He’s crap
  9. Fletcher missed 3 sitters today
  10. Possibly because Joey is Jos’s signing.
  11. owls maniac

    Let’s try Mr Chansiri’s way

    We are no different from any other club. No set of fans just blindly cheers and sings whilst watching poo . In the same way that every club has abusive fans on social media. Fair play though, he’s got all the gullible supporters on social media pooing themselves that he’s going to leave.
  12. owls maniac

    Guilt tripping the fans?

    As Sheffield Dave said, he’s trying to divide and conquer the fan base. I’ve never heard any abuse of him in the ground and if he gets that sensitive about stuff written online then he’s in the wrong job. Fact is he’s done a crap job and yet he can’t grasp why he should be the subject of criticism. Totally deluded.
  13. owls maniac

    Operation Blame the Fans

    His mismanagement of the club will see us back in the lower leagues
  14. owls maniac

    Last time we played Hull at home

    How good does a packed Kop look? That second from Hirst would be blown up for high foot nowadays.
  15. owls maniac

    Hope this fella's going toneet

    They were terrific entertainment. Joe Ashton being heckled during his annual rant was always an amusing one.