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  1. owls maniac

    Westwood interview

    We have to be pragmatic here. A very easy way to get a million off the wage bill and potentially bank a million or so in transfer fees. For a club on the brink of a transfer embargo it’s a no brainier- especially when we have two excellent young keepers as back up.
  2. owls maniac

    Clare rejected us??

    If a club like Villa come in for him, and can offer far bigger wages, what do you expect the club to do? Break the budget to keep a kid with 5 championship appearances?
  3. owls maniac

    Fernando Forestieri

    He is our talisman. We would be utterly bonkers to sell him unless we are talking silly silly money. Everyone lifts their game when he is in the side.
  4. Good news. Sensible contract length also.
  5. owls maniac

    Anyone remember this guy

    Believe he scored against England at the 2002 World Cup.
  6. owls maniac

    Blast from the past - Marc Degryse

    Can’t stand listening to the curb crawling two hat when he’s on 5 Live.
  7. Some great goals in that game. Cant watch matches from that season without getting a little sad about how flipping close we were
  8. owls maniac

    Ross Wallace - Premature Exit

    Right decision. Some fans get far too emotionally attached to players.
  9. owls maniac

    A season that could have been.

    If Carlos hadn’t been in charge on day 1 then who knows how it would have turned out.
  10. Reading at home on the last day. Theyre gonna go up.
  11. I don’t like Wolves. There I’ve said said it. Team we always seem to struggle against in a shithole town. This may be motivated by jealousy
  12. They have the small matter of a first team game tomorrow.
  13. owls maniac

    Sheffield Varsity Final

    Hope DC is sending the soap dodgers the bill.