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  1. Watched Finding JC earlier. Such an excellent film. The standard of football documentaries seems to be getting better every year. Jack comes across as such a larger than life figure. What a truly awful disease dementia is. The poor bloke had no recollection of how loved he was in Ireland.
  2. Hadn’t actually heard of the Everton one. It’s got superb reviews on Amazon, will check it out.
  3. Just seen the score. Christ on a bike. Be a long time since ze Germans conceded 6.
  4. Neither of them are. People still saying they should be loaned out and get games under their belts. They aren’t championship goalkeepers.
  5. I’m sorry but we’ve seen enough now to know that Dawson and Wildsmith ain’t up to it at this level. If we want to stay up then we can’t have biscuit arm keepers who aren’t going to marshall their defence. Tone knows what he’s doing.
  6. Weird how the strong old school managers like Bruce and Pulis bring him in and then the wet lettuces like Monk and Jos bomb him out. Lad clearly has a big personality, need a big one to handle him.
  7. These kind of celeb takeovers never seem to work out. I’d say very high
  8. Southgate showing once again why he was a failed club manager.
  9. That the laws of this country are so non existent about protecting the heritage of our national sport is absolutely shameful. We have had successive governments who simply do not get football, or fail to understand for a moment the enormous role clubs play in society. Don't know how this ******** sleeps at night.
  10. Which is why Gareth needs to let them loose. Absurd we played Denmark twice and Iceland and managed one goal. Should be blowing these sides away. Hopefully last night is a return to form.
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