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  1. The fans will he I think. It’s the nutty chairman he has to worry about.
  2. It’s time social media companies got to grips with this. Too many nameless profiles where people can spout vile abuse with no recourse.
  3. How long for that boring two hat to come on and call for the job to go "Sir Jamie Coppinger"?
  4. Should have been done 2 weeks ago before Brum and Luton. I am glad he is here before Toytown but it does smack of too little too late by DC.
  5. Missed the boat. Guarantee Ipswich will be above us next season.
  6. Time they stopped showing the Man Utd games against the big sides. Snore 0-0 draws every time.
  7. Neil you gonna get involved with the trust at all? You’ve got great knowledge about how to effectively get the message across.
  8. Awful news. I recall him having surgery for a brain tumour about 20 years ago when he was manager at West Ham. I’m assuming it must have come back, which is desperately bad luck. RIP Glenn
  9. He’s been utter poo for years and yet still gets a gig every week. That’s the problem, there is no accountability. The league needs to seriously invest in bringing through decent officials because the current batch are garbage.
  10. I say that I don’t but the fact is I do, deeply. That’s why I’m on this forum on a Saturday night. Im absolutely livid with Chansiri.
  11. Can we get a fund set up on here to put money towards an anti Chansiri PR stunt? I need to feel like I’m doing something.
  12. It’s not fair on him at all. It’s our basket case of a Chairman who has gone awol and left the youth team coach in charge for a relegation scrap.
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