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  1. Derby own goal ...

    It's a Derby, you nancy's. Should we have greeted them with welcome banners?
  2. Those wanting Carlos out

    I think DC will change his view once the fans turn on Carlos. One thing about these owners is that they like to be liked.
  3. Those wanting Carlos out

    Dingle Mick for me. We need some steel.
  4. 150th Anniversary

    To be fair I think that was mainly due to his limited English. Agree though, he needs help big time.
  5. Smokers in the toilet

    Don't begrudge anyone reaching for a drag after that first half.
  6. What will happen next...

    You're an optimist I'll give you that
  7. You utter cowards

    2 goals at home should be enough to win most games. The defending today wouldn't have looked out of place in the Meadowhall league.
  8. Calmed Down Thoughts

    Sheffield Dave on the money as ever.
  9. Wednesday 2 : 4 United - MATCHDAY THREAD

    Parallels to the Huddersfield game are stark. We simply don't turn up for these kind of games.
  10. Wednesday 2 : 4 United - MATCHDAY THREAD

    Once again Carlos can't get us to turn up for the big games
  11. Wednesday 2 : 4 United - MATCHDAY THREAD

    Carlos wants sacking if we can't beat that. It's a league 1 side.
  12. Wednesday 2 : 4 United - MATCHDAY THREAD

    So nice to finally have a settled side.
  13. Wednesday 2 : 4 United - MATCHDAY THREAD

    Just seen the pigs team. If we can't beat that shower of nobodies then there's no hope.
  14. Wednesday 2 : 4 United - MATCHDAY THREAD

    ref had a quiet day then