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  1. Minutes Applause

    Social media has precipitated a situation where everyone is in the spotlight and has to be PR savvy or risk the scorn of the masses. Hence why we get all this contrived, grief junky testicles.
  2. Minutes Applause

    What I find a bit weird is the idea it helps those grieving. A load of people clapping who didn’t know your relative from Adam? It’s more than a bit bizarre.
  3. Bragging about averaging 30,000?

    Ask them what the gate was in 1999 vs Port Vale a week before Warnock took over. For those that don’t know- it was 8,900.
  4. Some great passing there. Know it’s only Carlisle but encouraging all the same.
  5. Just got back

    Fooook me, some trek that. Fair play fella. Hope you nipped in the Old Horns to warm you up.