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  1. Fans need to respond like Man Utd fans did last week and force Kroenke to sell to the Spotify guy. Another greedy Yank ******** who has been utterly useless
  2. So we are likely gonna have a Super Cup final between the two Manchester clubs....in Belfast. What could go wrong?
  3. The Forest game was April 1995. He was sacked at the end of the season, no?
  4. Villa have applied to host it. Do UEFA have sufficient common sense to move it? They probably don’t want to ******** off Erdogan.
  5. It’s the octopus attached to the back of his head I’m more worried about. Not sure saying nothing is the best approach either.
  6. An owner that doesn’t take money out would be a start. The club makes so much money itself that it doesn’t need a benefactor. There is zero prospect of it becoming an Everton or Newcastle simply because MUFC is in a different universe in terms of financial clout. The Glazer ownership has cost the club over a billion quid. In the meantime, their cross city rivals have surpassed them on nearly every front. The parasites quite simply have to go.
  7. Was the game that gave us this belter from Stevie Howard
  8. Was it the last day in 1994/95 under Tricky when we could technically have gone down?
  9. Didn’t we have to get a result against Boro to stay up in 2013?
  10. I never understand fans like yourself. Why are you so eager to talk down other groups of fans from standing up to these parasite owners? If Man Utd fans get every home game abandoned for the next 6 months you don’t think that will have had an impact on anything? Every fan base in the country should be applauding what happened yesterday because it showed us that in numbers it’s the supporters who make this game work or not.
  11. a busted tripod. Oh the humanity! There were 10,000 fans at OT yesterday, of course you were going to get some idiots. I’m not condoning their behaviour and especially what happened to the copper. But some of the Helen Lovejoy responses are absurd and exactly why poo owners take root.
  12. Jamie Carragher btw is spot on here. Some of the takes from the pundits have been laughably off the mark. About time they got called out for the clueless amateurs they are. If they are gonna get paid for their input at least do some basic research.
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