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  1. Incredible how quickly the pendulum of power has swung away from Celtic. Sluggish recruitment means yet again they have come up short in the July qualification games. Can see Rangers romping the league again.
  2. Let’s not get nasty. I’m sure every game he’s tried his best for SWFC.
  3. Who gives a fizz what those bitter West Yorkshire scruffs have to say. Welcome to S6, Bailey.
  4. So we should hurt their fans by hurting our own as well?
  5. That’s him and Dean Smith who were fairly abysmal players for us but have gone on to good things in coaching. Funny old game.
  6. Still looking at nearly £30 walk up on the south to watch us against Accrington. Step in the right direction but could have gone further IMO.
  7. Sounds like the board got fed up of him linking himself with every job going this summer.
  8. As ever I feel sorry for the fans. None of this is their doing.
  9. Doesn’t exactly scream top 4, does it?
  10. Time they abolished joint bids. Getting ridiculous now.
  11. Apparently he is quite widely respected now amongst league owners. The leeds debacle was 20 years ago, we live and learn.
  12. Urgh hope he doesn’t intend to keep it like that all season. Makes the ground look even more dilapidated.
  13. We’re a league 1 club. Why are people surprised that we are picking up QPR rejects? QPR are an infinitely better side than we are right now. We just need players who will do a job in the pub league.
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