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  1. Contrast the acquisitions of Borner and Harris for fizz all with fact we have Rhodes and Fessi on the bench being paid £50k a week between them. We need more outgoings to make the squad more sustainable.
  2. Has Jos come back? Pretty dire so far with too many players crapping their pants when facing towards the opposition goal.
  3. We were effective at this against the Dingles. Fingers crossed for more of the same.
  4. I'm shocked by that stat about only 2 defeats at home midweek since 2018. For some reason it feels like we always play awful for midweek games.
  5. We’ve been poor. Not tested them anywhere near enough
  6. He’s done a terrific job on a limited budget. What they lack in quality they make up for with guts and heart- as you’d expect from a Millwall side. We have far more quality but unless we match them for desire it could be a tough game.
  7. Sheff Wed manager Paul Sturrock: "I think that is about the eighth position Bullen has played in this season. "Everyone else get excited when someone else goes in goal but often they are rarely tested. "Now we are down to the bare bones again so I may have to have a word with my chairman. Good to see some things never change!
  8. Totally delusional. He does realise rival clubs will just retaliate and hit owls fans hard?
  9. As long as you can afford to get to games mate that is all that matters.
  10. The i'm alright Jack brigade out in force today. Really hope they never find themselves on hard times where they can't afford to watch their club.
  11. The concourse at Loftus Road is absurdly tight- with only one exit. Funny how the SAG haven't shut that stand down.
  12. Probably. All part of our short termist, money up front approach. Problem is it creates issues and ill- feeling further down the line.
  13. Considering we've clocked up over £50 million of losses in the last few years I would say it's a drop in the ocean. And yet DC is oblivious to the fact it will do long term damage to our support. I think it's clear his mindset is "I'm putting millions in, so you need to pay top whack in return". It's really not on, and doesn't work like that.
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