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  1. I agree with this sentiment. The Sheffield derby in recent years has become VERY toxic. Don’t know if it stems from the fact that we now play them far more often than we used to, but the atmosphere at the games is now quite hostile, as we’ve seen from the missiles thrown at players and fans. Both clubs need to make a concerted effort to tone this down- it’s a game ffs
  2. It will almost certainly be competitive games.
  3. John Terry got 4 games. Suspect FF will get the same.
  4. Judas!! Just kidding, I love Big Ron. Classic Wednesday luck that we have one of our all time greatest managers snatched from us the moment we are on the cusp of taking the first division by storm.
  5. Need to listen to this. Does he mention that time Derek Geary put him in the north stand?
  6. Agree with the last bit. That Chris guy needs to calm down and let the guest speak rather than jumping in all the time. Enjoyable podcast though.
  7. Sustainability regulations lead to clubs selling their most valuable fixed asset. Got to love the football league.
  8. Yes it’s bad but many clubs are in the same boat. Forest have been out of the top flight even longer than us, Leeds not much less. We can’t get too hung up on what has gone before. Let’s focus our efforts on supporting SB to reshape the team and finish next season as high as possible. Let’s be frank, we couldn’t have a better man at the helm right now.
  9. Hopefully that crap performance in front of DC will focus minds for the summer. We need to be ruthless.
  10. Annoying that Hutch has a year left. I love him but it’s ridic now.
  11. Thankfully a lot of the poo aren’t. Matias, Abdi, Jones, Boyd. All need to go.
  12. Matias needs to be first out the door tomorrow
  13. Justice that. Although a truly awful penalty. Just as well we don’t get any
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