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  1. Irvine had some weird vendetta against Heffernan and would never start him. This despite him being quite a prolific scorer in that division in the past. Anyone remember the Owlstalk campaign to get him the POTM award despite the fact he had not featured in order to make a point? In the end he wasn't very good.
  2. We were all over the moon when we signed the likes of Clinton and Teale. On paper they were big names, but soon became apparent that they were all largely past their best and didn't have the fire in their belly to turn us around. God knows what we were paying them. At least the following season wasn't too bad.
  3. I’m not naive enough to expect results or entertainment every week. But football is in the entertainment industry, and I can probably count on one hand the number of entertaining games at Hillsborough in the last 4 years. Don’t think I’m asking a lot for an improvement on that.
  4. Absolutely. 4 years of turgid poo . Is it any wonder that the support can’t be arsed anymore? Especially when we are paying top dollar to watch said turgid poo . A huge re think on our approach is needed.
  5. They don’t. But it worries me just how many fans excuse his bad decisions because of these mystery ‘advisers’. If he’s that oblivious to things then that should set alarm bells ringing anyway.
  6. It’s a fair point. Good owners in English football can be counted on one hand. And I have often thought that at least with DC I don’t feel like he will fizz us over in the way others like the lobbers at Hull have. But I do think we are arriving at a point where his net impact on the club is a negative one.
  7. We’re like a battered wife. So used to being treated like poo and let down that we let him off time and time again because he insists he loves us.
  8. Advisers Advisers Advisers. He’s the owner. The buck stops with him. Time we as fans actually held him to account, rather than letting it slide because he’s apparently just Paxo’s puppet.
  9. Why do you and many others keep giving him the benefit of the doubt about advisers. He’s been here 5 years now. If he’s not worked out for himself by now that he’s made a catalogue of bad decisions then it’s not the advisers who are to blame, its him.
  10. Come on. The atmosphere has been non existent all season. Can’t tell me it wasn’t boring even when scraping past Luton.
  11. We aren’t set up to be successful. As you say, how can you be when you have so many threats hanging over the club. Our season could be ended tomorrow if the EFL rule against us. It’s not conducive to us progressing, and that is entirely within DC’s control.
  12. Totally agree. And he’ll be the last person to recognise this. I don’t doubt that his heart is in the right place, but ultimately he doesn’t have a clue what he’s doing. And it’s starting to cause serious damage to the fabric of the club.
  13. It was tug when they were in league one. The problem is our dire football. I count one season of entertaining football at home in the last 20. No wonder the atmosphere is shot.
  14. Playing him up front on his own and then launching the ball up when he is second favorite to win it every time is mental. But I agree. He’s lightweight and offers next to nothing. Him and Jordan need to go ASAP.
  15. Westwood and Hutch need to go at the end of this season. Bannan still is one of our best players on his day, but I agree, we have to be less reliant.
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