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  1. Same. We need some good to come out of this season.
  2. Aye was Moore that passed the ball to the Sunderland player to score.
  3. Sunderland have far greater resources than Wycombe. There’s more chance Wycombe will drop off next season than Sunderland would have. And who knows. Sunderland were a few points off automatic when Johnson got sacked.
  4. Well that’s nonsense. I’m not a hooligan and I hate the way the police treat the majority of fans like they are criminals, including the constant filming of supporters etc. There is an idiotic minority but sadly they will be used to roll out draconian measures.
  5. It’s so annoying because you will get anti football tails like police chief Mark Roberts saying “I told you we can’t trust football fans to behave”, and that will impact all of us.
  6. Don’t blame him. Doubt many people would keep cool with some fool sticking his fingers in your face.
  7. Agreed. I’m sure they must know that 99% of football supporters would love nothing more than to see them relegate the scrubbers from West Yorkshire.
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