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  1. They’ll be in the bottom 3 by end of October.
  2. It just feels a bit flat at the moment. They’ve got loads of people on there who just have zero personality. Matt Murray, Pulis etc. Whereas Radio 5 just has WUM’s, except for the likes of Pat Nevin, who actually has a bit of intellect about him. Really miss the likes of Graham Taylor and Jimmy Armfield on there too.
  3. VAR is utter poo . Absolutely destroying the game. As are the dipshit rule makers and the absurd goalkeeper penalty rule.
  4. We’ve played two fancied sides and taken 4 points. Don’t see how anyone can argue with that. Most importantly we aren’t conceding goals. If we’re to stay up then that will be key.
  5. Can imagine Eddie Howe’s availability will be in the back of the mind of the owners.
  6. Just a yo yo club zzzzzzz Why I wanted Brentford up there. Them and Fulham will be down again this season ad nauseam.
  7. Forest starting this season badly. Hangover from their play off debacle.
  8. He’s got Covid and can’t get rid of it, he’s a piggy.... Get well soon, Colin.
  9. They’re not exactly in sparkling form. Won 3 of their last 12 league games, stretching back to the end of last season. Long may it continue.
  10. I think end of October should deffo be our target to be in positive territory. By then we’ll have played Luton, Rotherham and Wycombe.
  11. Great result. Settle the nerves. I actually think no fans in the ground could be a huge blessing in disguise whilst we are trying to claw back points. No fans to make things jittery in the last ten mins.
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