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  1. We are incapable of playing two good halves. And when you’ve always got a wee wee tail up in your locker then we are going to keep having moments like this
  2. So funny seeing so many crap sides think they’re Man City by fannying around with it at the back.
  3. Feel like we must have drawn a lot of those. But an impressive statistic nonetheless.
  4. That is actually a remarkable statistic, especially when you consider that the atmosphere at home games is usually pretty flat and the truly enjoyable performances few and far between. Somehow the players seem to enjoy playing at S6. I'm at a loss to explain it to be honest.
  5. Shocked me how many in this thread think otherwise. We’ve got an aging team and will recoup nothing on the players that have cost us a fortune. How will we fund a new side next year under FFP restrictions? Now compare that to Brentford’s approach. Its alright calling Brentford tinpot but so are Bournemouth, Brighton, Burnley and the pigs. All of whom are miles ahead of us.
  6. As oppose to Wednesday’s approach of selling no one and ending up in the FFP poo? Absolutely. Brentford have made over £50m in transfer fees in the last 5 years. Money which has allowed them to operate with a competitive budget. It’s a long term strategy which has meant they have continued to progress despite managers leaving. We have zero strategy. Think it’s time some of our fans opened their eyes rather than be dismissive about “3rd division teams”.
  7. That 9 million figure is very misleading. London is huge but how many football clubs do they compete with? There are Fulham, Chelsea and QPR in West London alone. For me Brentford are the exemplary, sustainable football club. Buying young players, selling for a profit, steadily improving against a long term strategy. With the new ground on the way I think they could be a good bet for promotion in the next couple of years. I would love for us to be more like them.
  8. We don’t do anything any more. Kids for a quid, bring a mate etc There just seems to be no creative thinking at the club right now. Like we are just ticking over. It’s no wonder that apathy is being expressed in the ground.
  9. The section to the left of the away end was very good IMO. Better than anything we’ve got.
  10. Agreed. I was impressed with Hull, and Derby are usually decent too. We should try something but at the moment the club seems fairly rudderless.
  11. Because DC has fizzed up the finances and we’re more likely to be in league 1 next season. Dom was utter class today. But sadly he will likely be sacrificed at the alter of FFP.
  12. We need to try something new. The match day experience has gone very stale. Certainly time we explored a singing section. Loads of clubs have tried it and on the whole they’ve been effective.
  13. Should have smashed us Dawson barely had a save to make.
  14. And throws. Makes you wonder what we practice
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