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  1. He’s done now. Flopped in last 2 jobs. And to think some want him at S6.
  2. Zzzzzz yeah let’s sack Moore and replace him with a dinosaur who is clearly way past his best. Next time we need a young manager who has actually won summat. Lowe for me.
  3. Increasingly clear Ole is out of his depth. Unfortunately the fuckwits off the pitch don’t have a clue what to do and more worried about flogging shirts in the states and Instagram followers. Contrast with Chelsea who punted Lampard the moment they realised he was a loser.
  4. If you knew people who had died from it or suffer from the stigma every day then maybe you’d think twice about just flippantly bringing it up to presumably have a pop at Donny. Grow up.
  5. Very odd. Even if it was true, that’s not something to mock or use to do Donny down.
  6. Can’t see Ranieri last the season. Fulham brought him in for the same job and flopped.
  7. I don’t think Lazenby is too bad tbf considering he wasn’t an actor. Apparently he was an absolute nightmare off camera though, hence why he wasn’t asked back.
  8. England Wednesday Its like every way we turn we are subjected to drab, boring football.
  9. You’ve pretty much said yourself the league is poo , so why are we getting worried about adapting to these teams? Let’s assert ourselves more. 1-0 must be the most common score line at S6 for the last 3 years- it’s boring as fizz.
  10. I think we all just want to see a few cohesive performances. His Donny side played decent football, so it’s bizarre how he seems to be so negative here. The problem he has is that the fans are turning, so if we have another bad run of results and continue to play terribly then patience will quickly snap.
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