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  1. Adam Reach

  2. Clean language viewing

    I sit on the halfway line on the south and could probably count on one hand the amount of times I’ve heard bad language. And those expletives were predominately directed towards Alan Irvine, and quite rightly.
  3. Safe standing

    You looked in a bad way mate! Hope it’s not too sore today. Was even worse after the second goal, bloke behind me got his leg trapped in the seat in front. Its clear fans want to stand at games and it’s about time we kicked on with making it as safe as possible.
  4. Safe standing

    Was in the away end at Leeds today and quite a few fellow fans had to be attended to by paramedics due to surges in the crowd when we scored. Absurd that the scousers continue to object to safe standing when the current situation is way more dangerous. For those who were hurt, including the bloke with blood streaming from a cut near his eye, hope the result was at least a consolation.
  5. Were we this big a bunch of ******* prior to the Kirkland incident? This anxiety about Leeds seems to stem from that match. As I say, been to ER every year since that game and never once seen any trouble.
  6. I don’t think we can use being poo as an excuse for not turning out for a local derby. The Dingles charged similar prices and we still took 4,000 there.
  7. We can make excuses but it’s a wee wee poor turnout. Feels like a fear factor has developed re. Leeds away. I go every year and have never had any issues. The fact it’s just up the road also makes it one of the cheapest away days despite the rip off ticket prices to sit in their dump of a ground.
  8. Almen Abdi returns to training

    He’s pathetic. flipping eye injury?
  9. Back to one game a week

    One reason why I’m totally back the West Ham fans yesterday. Football fans are finally getting sick of having their clubs milked by spivs who don’t give a poo about the supporters. Anyone denouncing what they did yesterday is part of the problem.
  10. Dross Jos

    Astonished that 26,000 still turn up. We’ve been consistently dreadful to watch for nearly 2 years now. Zero entertainment factor.
  11. Sheffield Wednesday 1 : 1 Bolton OMDT

    So unprofessional it’s embarrassing.
  12. Positivity + support for Jos

    The international break could be huge if we get stuffed by Leeds.
  13. Neil Harris and Alex Neil.

    Harris is a ‘Wall legend. He’d only leave them for a big PL job.
  14. Couple of observations

    After Carlos we were crying out for a Nigel Pearson type to kick and scream our way out of trouble. Sadly, DC has made it plain he doesn’t want that type of gather, he wants a suck up he can control. Sadly I think it will take Jos to flop before the penny drops.