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  1. We are chronic for giving away free kicks in dangerous areas. Good point, but so painful in the circumstances.
  2. This league is very average. If worst comes to worst and we have an embargo I’d still fancy Bruce to fashion a side that will at least have us mid table. Plus unlike Jos, I think Bruce can get the message across to the fans about our parameters. Let’s be right, our fans only started hounding Jos until a month before he went, and it wasn’t exactly open rebellion.
  3. Possession seems to have been our problem for a few years now. We can be so jittery and sloppy in surrendering the ball, which in turn puts us under pressure.
  4. This season can’t end soon enough. Nothing to play for now, just dead games.
  5. That is an absolutely diabolical result from Leeds. You don’t lose to ten man Wigan when automatic promotion is in sight. Genuinely think they’ve blown it now because they are almost certainly going to drop points against either Brentford or Villa. Jammy flipping pigs
  6. Meh. We were never gonna make play offs. Might as well fizz the pigs over.
  7. I hear that. Ground packed, some great goals and the excitement of the play offs to come. Would love that again next season.
  8. Depends if he wants to be part of the Steve Bruce revolution. He could easily go off to China in 12 months time.
  9. Then that’s his choice. But we’d be bonkers to offer same deal to a player who has played 3 games in 12 months. He has a dreadful injury record and is his 30’s. If he wants to go off and play in a pub league abroad then that’s his call, but we have to safeguard the clubs finances in these tricky FFP times.
  10. One year deal with a 30% pay cut. Think that would be about right.
  11. MON is way past it. Not had a solid league record in many a year.
  12. Villa game could be so costly. But there have been other games we should have won which over a season all add up. This run has been terrific but we need to be more consistent and clinical to make the step up.
  13. Fair play to the players and Bruce. Who would have imagined in December that come April we would be in the hunt for the play offs? Let’s give the man the summer and go again.
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