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  1. Hard to tell. Wednesday do well away but play down to the level of opponents. Tea leaves say WIM 1 - 2 WED. UTO
  2. I don’t expect them to walk the league but to be competitive enough for a playoff spot if not top two. So far, so good but there’s room for improvement. So no walk back to the C’ship. Grind it out until April and be in position for promotion. UTO
  3. There is a point to what OP says. Obviously, PL quality would top any lower league. We have no such quality. Look at Coventry in C’ship. Storming up the table like Richard Branson’s summer ride. Quality trumps the tactics of a team incapable of executing. A PL team can get away with its creativity alone to win out in L1 in spite of any tactics. We’ll need a payload of patience for this season’s team to climb into the top 6. UTO.
  4. Can't work if their hearing is as bad as their eyesight.
  5. What's the lure of owning a sports team? Worst financial investment since the Ford Edsel.
  6. Lucrative contract but will never see a paycheck. DM getting his old band back together for a reunion tour around L1. Come on, Mr. C, make some demands of your employees.
  7. “Surgery typically is an outpatient surgery that requires bracing for about three weeks and crutches for about two to three weeks,” he says. “It also involves a lengthy recovery of about three to four months, but generally, patients can get back to their normal activities at the four to six-month range.” from: https://www.orlandoortho.com/hamstring-injury-and-recovery/#:~:text=“Surgery typically is an outpatient,to six-month range.” DM says in a Yorkshire Live (?) interview he had surgery, is back, and that's all he wants to say about him. Rather terse, I thought.
  8. Oh, and can’t win on home pitch. Waiting for Sunderland and Wigan, otherwise, nothing.
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