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  1. When do the players put the weight of staying up, avoiding relegation, and become local heroes kick in? Screw the manager, his staff and the deduction. They have to rally around each other and commit to playing like champions. UTO.
  2. No business person in their right most mind would drop a penny for this club until it’s in league 1 and the asking price drops like lead. The opportunity for DC to make money on this investment is long gone.
  3. Love GM’s comment on the team website today, “We must make our CAUSE greater than theirs.” UTO.
  4. Sorry. My mistake. Mixed up some names. UTO.
  5. He’s right people. Now more than ever the team needs us to do our part and support. I know it’s not fair the shyte we’ve been handed but those guys are out there busting their tail and made all the more difficult by us not being there. Sunday will be great to read all the awesome posts from you after bagging 6 points. UTO.
  6. What’s the timeframe on Kuchunga’s return? This season or next? Not a joke. UTO.
  7. Quality ain’t cheap. We must be shopping at the wrong shop. UTO.
  8. Inconsistent restrictions? Appear quite uniform in the sports world. Football is punished economically rather severely as is every other sector. Just hits home a little more for me. I’ll get on with it.
  9. Surely Wednesday can sign someone from there. Recruiting team should be on the road immediately. UTO.
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