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  1. Owls manager Darren Moore said: “We feel this is a great move for Cameron, he has come back from his injury, he’s fine, he’s well and I look at this as the last part of his rehab. “He needs some game-time, we’ve invested in him, he’s our goalkeeper and we’ll see how he develops there. He’ll go to Exeter and we’ll be checking on him but he’s a fantastic goalkeeper who has been out for a long time and a keeper of his size and stature needs games.” Cut your business losses and sell, already.
  2. More minutes. Hoping Moore will send him out with the first team and give him a run. Patience and time but in the end he'll flourish.
  3. 9/1 9-goals conceded/1-goal scored.
  4. Accounts department getting trained to use Excel. No more calculators, long hand, or abacus.
  5. October return? too far down the road. DM, get on the phone and call every striker whether they're in contract or not.
  6. Wasn't it a first half injury? Fitness level should be best in the first half. Hope strength coaches are documenting progress. https://patient.info/bones-joints-muscles/sports-injuries/hamstring-injuries Tiredness - a footballer is more likely to injure their hamstring in the second half of a match than the first. Overall fitness is important.
  7. Thanks for posting this video. Viewed it and am glad the conversation is well underway amongst the veteran players who have the clout, standing, and voice to improve relations. I must commend the Owlstalk community for the courage to post against blatant racism in (all) sport. We are the change that'll make win the day.
  8. Anybody know their names? Which is which? Is this the preseason kit or the one they're going with? What a summer it's been. UTO.
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