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  1. 2 year minimum. He’s a proven L1 manager. It may take 2 years to rebuild the club and go up to the Champ. Still not sure to what extent they’re restricted from summer deals. DM will want and need a minimum of 3 transfer windows to rebuild. After that, another 1 or 2 years depending on results. UTO.
  2. No advantage in believing we’ll lose every single game. Makes it harder. Wed 2 - 1 Swans. Glad to see you back Darren! UTO
  3. Plenty of scorers in that trio. Light up the scoreboard boys! UTO
  4. The Book of Austin? The prophet Austin? Saint Austin? Oh just Charlie.
  5. Saw this on YT. Well done. Good he’s taking on this project. UTO
  6. That was top flight football yesterday. The club has it and then some. Hope to see them humiliate other teams like that. UTO.
  7. The referee just stayed out of everybody’s way. He didn’t want to be a factor in the game. Let the players play. UTO.
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