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  1. I don't blame him. Monk and players want a good kick up ass. Wigan wanted it more than us, showed far more passion and desire second half.
  2. On OS it says games are 3rd 4th and 5th which is a Thursday, out of 8 games I guess BBC will have 2 and BT Sports 2. Chelsea v Liverpool, Derby v Man Utd, Portsmouth v Arsenal along with our game will be 4 I reckon.
  3. Incredible how many times Derby and Man Utd have drawn each other in past few years.
  4. I'm sure Leeds had 4,500 earlier this season, if we can sort out shenanigans in North stand the capacity should be well over 30,000, think we had 34,000 v Arsenal so anything near this figure would make it highest attendance in Sheffield this season.
  5. I've never missed a match because of School, missed loads of school because of going to match though. Many years ago but didn't do me any harm, I bet loads of old boys and girls on here did same.
  6. Kids need to get the priorities right, Wednesday first School second.
  7. We've drawn one of best teams in world at home and some folks still moan.
  8. Absolutely no chance, £20 adult season ticket holders and £25 non season ticket holders and a tenner for kids. And that's just on kop.
  9. This is not first time I've heard this today, nailed on. Out of all glamour ties I don't want Man City, especially away, been there enough times since they built new stadium.
  10. Most of the midweek games are re-arranged fixtures that should have taken place Saturday, this is probably reason sky can't show em via red button.
  11. Yes, Tommy Tynan with a cracking equaliser for us, Everton were on a good run, beating Coventry 6-1 in previous game, we gave them a tough game and it looked like going to a replay until 2 late goals for them.
  12. So at some point this year the name Wednesday in sporting terms is officially 200 years old. Being Cricket I'm guessing it will be Spring or early summer. The Wednesday Cricket Club was a cricket club founded in 1820 which became one of the pre-eminent cricket clubs in the Sheffield area. The Wednesday club was the direct forerunner of Sheffield Wednesday Football Club. The club was reformed in 2011 and has risen from Section 7 in the Mansfield District League to Section 2 in 2017. It's midweek side play in Division A of the Sheffield Alliance Midweek League in 2018 having won Division B in 2017.
  13. I feel sorry for the Birmingham fans, travelling hundreds of yards for a replay after travelling hundreds of yards for first game.
  14. Seemed far more than 25,802 present, this was when you could lift kids over turnstiles so possibly another couple of thousand on top, Dad very rarely paid for me on North stand. No wonder we nearly went bankrupt.
  15. I bet Fulham fans wished they hadn't bothered.
  16. Depends which clubs, Newcastle got 52,000 against Oxford yesterday, more than some of there premier league games, West Ham got 59,000 against West Brom.
  17. Yep FA Cup, went 2-0 up with about 20 mins left, in them days they was no live commentary, all we had was radio Sheffield going over to ground about 3 or 4 times each half for a quick update, after reporting we had gone 2-0 in front, next time they went over we were losing 3-2, my Dad picked radio up and threw it straight at wall.
  18. 3,000ish v 1,400ish Tbf they played Millwall so they will have been scared to go.
  19. Some lads fill out late, time yet. Bannan is hardly a giant on pitch and we don't find much wrong with him.
  20. Born in Sheffield, seems to have been around for ages but still only 19, I remember him starting against Sunderland in league cup but got taken off at half time.
  21. Which midweek is the 5th round taking place? Odds on that I'll be working an afternoon shift.
  22. Definitely as an impact on game when coming off bench, just like Nuhui does.
  23. Faultless up to that goal at end, I couldn't stop thinking about Newcastle's comeback at Everton when it happened though.
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