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  1. I'll be happy with a point, I'll be estatic with a win, probably do a jig all the way along Blackpool prom tomorrow night if we win.
  2. Some event going off in Portsmouth this weekend. https://www.portsmouthfc.co.uk/news/2019/july/rotherham-match-postponed/
  3. My son has an account on here but hasn't posted for years, regularly reads posts, he thinks most of us are thick.
  4. There players will have had a good rest, Bury game off other night and Saturday's game at Portsmouth is also off.
  5. There's a chance we might get a few more tickets, all depends on there ticket sales, they might give us a block or two in East stand.
  6. They also reckon if game was at Hillsborough tickets would be costing £35-£40 Not in a million years would we have charged that for a 2nd round EFL cup game, it was only £5-£10 for Bury game, probably would have been £15 adults fiver kids.
  7. We're not. We rarely don't take a coach.
  8. Mail, Sun, Mirror, Express they're all same, headline would be...... 30 years on and Hillsborough Stadium Crushing Problems Continue. They don't let truth get in way of big headline.
  9. Those who council claim to have complained only complained because they most likely want to enter and exit via West end of stadium, probably in hope that SAG might listen and let us use that end. I think they (council/sag) have completely got wrong end of stick and think fans were complaining because they were feeling unsafe.
  10. Remember him scoring loads of goals at junior and reserve level but only made a couple of first team appearances, scored loads of goals when he joined Bristol Rovers and Nottingham Forest. R I P Junior Agogo, no age 40.
  11. Probably reason they appointed Jos.
  12. This comment has been mentioned on millers mad forum, I guess they didn't take note of our allocation, they're saying its 2,400 when it was 2,552.
  13. Slipped to 4th in table 1 point off top tonight, back to doom and gloom.
  14. I'm sure there is grants available for doing revamps on your stadium.
  15. Just watching Fulham go 1-0 up v Millwall, stand behind goal has got Fulham fans in one half and Millwall in other with a line of stewards between fans, anyone who knows that stand will know that all supporters enter and exit together going out on to one road at side of ground, you can't exit at other end unless you can swim Thames, that stand holds around 7,000.
  16. I always thought that was called cheese wedge. Then it was dole corner when unemployed were allowed to sit there with reduced priced tickets. Wasn't a great success that idea.
  17. Toy town fans have been on football heaven phone in tonight complaining about price of tickets.
  18. Starting with tonights game Leeds are putting away fans in upper part of South East corner where away fans use to sit/stand many years ago. Leeds fans will continue to be able to sit in front section.
  19. One or two millers fans saying on there forum that we might get a couple of blocks in there East stand if ticket sales don't go too well in home areas. They put em on sale at 5 o'clock last night and they had sold 2,400 by this afternoon.
  20. Kop might be sooner than you think, last night when I went to toilet at half time via passage under bit where Tango stands there was a smartly dressed woman that was talking to someone on phone using what looked like hands free drivers use and I'm sure she was on about crowded concourse near toilets where people stand having a fag.
  21. Nah they'll stop access completely and force everyone to sit on kop or South stand.
  22. Harris for me, terrific second half. Fletcher, Borner and Fox all had good games too.
  23. When Tom Lees made that bad back pass during first half someone behind us was blaming Fox.
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