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  1. I thought it was good up to penalty miss, North stand mob were pretty loud. The penalty miss deflated everyone and we just knew what was coming, especially playing a team we've never beaten before at home in league.
  2. Same here, I doubt it would work, I'm certain we would be wanting him back after one game never mind six. We should be counting ourselves very lucky that we've still got him at this level.
  3. I know he missed penalty but Bannan was our best player for me. They were all excellent early in game but some were dreadful second half, other thing that stood out was that some players looked absolutely knackered last 20 minutes. Our goalkeeper needs to stop dropping these clangers he's dropped in last 2 games.
  4. Screenshot your own and send it to him to use, I'm pretty certain they won't study them that much.
  5. Derby fans are being robbed already. £37 for a ticket when they go there in a couple of week.
  6. I remember both sets of fans singing it, 1-1 draw when Bannan scored a cracking goal and they equalised late on through Darren Bent. It was just after final whistle when we was singing it. Both teams looked certain for play offs.
  7. We played at Wigan first game of season a couple of years ago. Not a memorable game though as we lost 3-2.
  8. I think this will comfortably make general sale, probably won't sell out being midweek plus we can receive more tickets if these go.
  9. 442 left in block V2 other V block is sold out, 45 left in E block.
  10. V2 just gone on sale. They were only odd seats left in other block.
  11. I'll be getting 3 tickets in 10am sales in morning. I just hope Rotherham Owls are running a bus.
  12. It was 6+ years ago when really bad, 2015 onwards its been very good. I recall our pitch being very poor in early 80s, I think it suited Howard Wilkinson's style of football though.
  13. Just looked it up, we beat Shrewsbury 2-1 at home in League cup in late 80s. The 3-0 win might have been in Full Members/Simod cup unless I dreamed it up.
  14. I mentioned our poor record against Shrewsbury yesterday, always lost 1-0 or drew 0-0 at home. I do remember beating them in a cup game at Hillsborough 3-0 in 1990s.
  15. Because very few travel on Inter City Owl nowadays, most fans prefer to travel much earlier by other means so they can have a few drinks pre match. Wednesdayite is favoured over ICO, they usually run 2 buses, they did yesterday.
  16. It states on ticket details that a driving license or passport is required to be shown at turnstile, what happens with those who don't have either?
  17. I felt hard done by listening for free on Radio Sheffield FM yesterday.
  18. A lot of supporters are staying overnight, some arrived yesterday, they will have spent a fortune. Me and Mrs Bradowl stayed at Morecambe for 2 nights when we played em. Hotel including breakfast £200 Beer, food and rides. £150 Match ticket £20 (She didn't go) Fuel £20
  19. I'm guessing Bolton will have taken a few down there, not all allocation but over 1,000. Be interesting to know how late arrivals went on.
  20. Same here, glad I decided to give this a miss. Only listening on radio but it sounded pathetic.
  21. My brother is called Kevin and comes out with things like this, it's not you is it Kevin?
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