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  1. I'm almost certain that Phil Henson scored our goal. Although not a great performance results did pick up after this, following home game we beat Crystal Palace who were doing well 1-0 in front of 12,000.
  2. This worst performing club in Europe is based against 184 clubs, I'm almost certain there's far more professional European clubs than this.
  3. Rotherham Owls would be a great idea.
  4. Our biggest problem in 74-75 season was that we just couldn't score goals, if you look at results for that season majority of defeats were by odd goal.
  5. Should have been South Barnsley according to some pig fans.
  6. I've been told that tickets were expected to arrive at our ticket office yesterday. An announcement later today or tomorrow I should think about ticket sales.
  7. I would go with these including FA Cup semi finals against Brighton and Everton.
  8. Yeah but most of us would have been moaning hadn't we signed likes of Hooper, Pudil, Forestieri and others when he first come in. Imagine reaction had he said 'well I don't want club overspending so we'll be looking at free transfers, loans and try to bring a few youngsters through.
  9. I don't think they're selling them at discount anymore, a company buys them at discount and then sells them making a small profit on each shirt. Not sure how true this is but its what I was told towards end of last season. This is why all other shirts from previous seasons suddenly disappeared from club shop during last season.
  10. You only had Hunt on loan and that was ages ago. It's Rotherham who usually sign our rejects that are nearing end of their careers. Going back some years with some of these now...... Jimmy Mullen Imre Varadi John Pearson Roger Wylde Tommy Tynan Nigel Jemson Chris Maguire Joe Mattock Probably many more I've forgot about.
  11. Same prices as last season apart from the additional A* games which will probably be Barnsley and Derby along with the first game v Portsmouth. They seems to be fewer midweek home games this season with it starting a week earlier and finishing a week later. Maybe a good time for those that get put off buying a season ticket because they can't make midweek games purchasing one this season.
  12. League Cup was taken seriously by the big clubs in them days, they were no resting players. Probably helped by being fewer games in European football, the European Cup was just for league winners and they were no group stages like today.
  13. After last 24 hours I was expecting us to get Rotherham.
  14. Championship are having a break for World Cup, I guess this will mean extra midweek games during other parts of season. Leagues one, two and National leagues could benefit from no Premier League and Championship games with a few more people through turnstiles.
  15. Not worked out to bad for midweek games, only one home game this side of Christmas, I'm on afternoon shift but I've got an half days holiday left. I go abroad 3 times during season and we've not got a single home game. FA Cup one of weekends but I'm not reight bothered if we get a home draw.
  16. Sky have already announced live fixtures, we're not on, pigs at Watford on Monday night is.
  17. Forest Green at home. What is certain we'll have about 8 midweek games and I'll be on afternoon shift for 6 of em.
  18. Facebook as been fun too. Some were denying that they were coming to us right up to last minute..... they had agreed new contracts with them, no way would they drop a league, they were both signing for Hull City.
  19. They were offered only half that amount by Rotherham.
  20. Scottish Premier League starts same weekend and a couple of games have already been selected. I was expecting 4 EFL games being selected, probably all Championship games.
  21. Away first at Port Vale First home game Shrewsbury Carabeo Cup Blackpool Home Boxing day Burton Away Last Game Bolton Away
  22. I hope you imagined it because if this is type of signings we're looking at our prospects ain't looking good for coming season. We might as well bring Winnall back whilst we're at it.
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