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  1. Again to reiterate. 1st choice for 4th tier Exeter City (who finished with less points then us) Is a million miles from 1st choice for Sheffield Wednesday
  2. I hoped we'd be in for him if we went up. No chance in league 1, and at this level too much of an injury risk against output for us
  3. I don't think the divison will be as strong. MK set to lose Darling, Twine and their manager Plymouths best CM wants to go, and they lost their best asset mid season (Lowe) If Wycombe don't go up, I think they'll be mid table Derby in a potential embargo Barnsley are a bit of a mess right now Peterborough are always decent at this level Pompey and Ipswich will be better I think. Overall I would hope with a good recruitment done early we will be pushing the top 2
  4. I'd love us to have Smithies and then Ingram or Blackman as his competitors. Think for league 1 that would be good cover in GK, and at a lower cost then BPF and Wildsmith were last season.
  5. Being number 1 for Wednesday is do far removed from being number 1 for Exeter at a level below ( and getting less points then us) that it's unreal
  6. Lumley not wanted at Boro Smithies set to be on a free, still only 32 Blackman set to be released Matt Ingram available on a free Some decent keepers who won't cost the earth
  7. It's is against the law. If you have one and a ticket to the game you will be arrested and charged
  8. The fizz? Why bring that up with a comment about the game in which they booed. Bizarre
  9. I'll add a few more too GK - Adam Davies (Dem Blavges); Matt Ingram (Hull); Jamal Blackman (Huddersfield), Alex Smithies RWB - Kane Wilson (Forest Green, 14 assists this year just gone in L2, only 22); CB - Elliot Moore (Oxford United, 6ft 4, only 25), Harlee Dean, Jack Tucker (Gillingham) CM - Dominic Ball (QPR) AM - George Honeyman (Hull); Yan Dhanda (Swansea), Holland (West Ham) ST - John Marquis ( Lincoln), Okenabehrie (Doncaster)
  10. I agree. 58 yesr old David mcgoldrick would be perfect for us Mr chansiri
  11. Roy's comments about Edwards He looks his age these days. Time to stay home Roy me thinks
  12. There are some poo topics created by some people
  13. Fuming at the pompey, Plymouth and Burton games. We won by more then 1 goal. Moore Out
  14. Won't they be under an embargo/constraints same as we were for 3 years?
  15. Not really relevant to what I said but cool. More a point about if you change what you want or how you want to get there all the time you'll never progress
  16. If you change your style of play, your recruitment model and players every year with no direction from above you will underperform for 20 years+ and maybe even slide down the divisions... Oh...
  17. You're not sure if you'd have left a team promoted to the third tier for the first time to go to a much bigger team who are a promotion favourite to go back to the top tier from the second tier. Even if it all goes wrong he'll get a massive pay off and little damage to his reputation and walk into a L1 job at worst. Win-win for Edwards
  18. Erm yea... They missed some chances which would have killed the game. Haaland is incredible, think this will be the final piece for them. Would love them to get Bellingham too or he'll end up at Man Utd or Chelsea which wouldn't be as beneficial for England imo
  19. He'll have had a clause in his contract so his wages came down 20-30% when relegated, and probably another 5% upon failure to gain promotion
  20. You mean like the 3 they put together in the past month to go above Leeds?
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