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  1. Well if they looked around Derby’s training ground then ours, they had a shock.
  2. I’ll only start to believe when The Star deny it.
  3. You appear to be rambling on like an old man sat in a bus station that smells of digestives and shouts at pigeons.
  4. We will have none of that. Family club. Potty mouth.
  5. As a publication the Sheffield Star is right up there with Smash Hits. Used to be a decent paper with good content but the standard has plummeted in the last 10 to 15 years. And the website is like having diarrhea and only having a rubber band to pick the lock on the toilet door.
  6. It’s because of deals like those 3 that we have to offer deals like the one to NML.
  7. He’s been a free agent for 6 months. He’s clearly damaged goods and we took a short term punt. It could have gone either way. It might still. Some people need to step away from the cookie jar and understand why a short term deal for us at that time made perfect business sense. People can’t complain the club is run poorly and also complain at what on the face of it was the right thing to do at that time.
  8. On the face of it the club haven’t done well here, but they can’t win. There are threads on here about the club giving long term contracts to aging players, and how it’s knackered is in the past. NML looks a good player, but, he’s had 1 1/2 decent games. Had he not scored and played well on Saturday this thread would look very different. Fine margins.
  9. Does anyone know what time on Saturday?
  10. Gregory did it for 3 years. Agree though, not a great journey.
  11. We’ve won 4-2. Can we put the titanic disappointment of not getting a pie to one side for at least a couple of hours. If everyone sticks together, we will get through this.
  12. Wealthy people borrow money because they value liquidity. For the last 10 to 15 years borrowing money has made wealthy people very wealthy.
  13. Thought Palmer had an excellent game. Gregory is the key man in this team. Has been an excellent signing.
  14. Multi billionaire arrives at Hillsborough to seal the deal but gets turned away on the South Stand bridge by Abigail, the 23 year old steward from Wincobank, on a mission to rid the world of Covid. Typical Wednesday chapter 5464.
  15. In made one up once, got read out on Radio Sheffield, and Redknapp denied it the following on Sky Sports.
  16. Tbh, I think it’s an excellent signing. Proven at this level, knows the league and weakens a key relegation rival. Would also score a bag full in the Championship if they went down. And £25m is nothing is todays football world.
  17. We don’t know what deal the lad is on. And what we will receive. Lower league clubs like us get shat on by bigger clubs. It’s what happens. We need to do the same to clubs below us.
  18. Balderdash. We are a League 1 club. We are where we are and if Premier League clubs come knocking for any of our players then they leave, irrespective of anyones vision.
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