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  1. Thankfully they have retained out of the blue, but I agree that it’s a shame to lose the classifieds just to squeeze in some bland interview with one of the PL managers. People can find that content on their phones just as easily as the scores, so why not retain some tradition?
  2. So basically the club (or rather, the chairman) acted vindictively against its own fans. Goodo.
  3. Surely if no book they could have just given them an invite to hospitality in the directors box or something?
  4. Why would you leave S6 and playing in front of the best fans in the league every week to go to a shithole like Blackpool, probably on similar money, and likely to be down the bottom of the division?
  5. The one constant is the inept parasite owners and their clueless sycophants in the boardroom. Constant changing of managers, no clear strategy, Darren Fletcher as Director of Football, the whole farce with Ragnick. Until they fizz off and take with them the suits who are only focussed on flogging shirts to tourists then the club will just keep getting worse and worse.
  6. Can’t begrudge them it really. They had a torrid time before they moved into that new stadium.
  7. Weird when you think we beat them in that play off semi final. Since that game they’ve not looked back and we’ve…well.
  8. They looked way off where they were last season. Where has the money they got for Twine gone?
  9. Some of the play at the back has been dreadful. Needlessly putting ourselves under pressure.
  10. Can’t blame the training ground pitch on this one. Just bad luck
  11. I agree with Carlton. It’s cringey as fizz and proves yet again that Terry is a total narcissist.
  12. All of them ran their blood to water. We've got the indian sign over the germans now
  13. Agreed. No place in a football stadium
  14. Different kind of crowd to the men innit.
  15. Interesting about the stadium. Just surprised they haven’t attracted some wealthy investor from Leeds or something. Big ground in one of the fastest growing cities in the UK. Surely they could hold their own at Championship level if they were run properly. They have been outside that league since 2004!
  16. Still no idea how Bradford continue to struggle in L2. Always felt like they have massive potential. Bradford is almost as big as Sheffield. Surely their resources are miles ahead of 90% of clubs in that league.
  17. We will score a lot of goals at home again this season.
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