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  1. Not like fans to overreact. They will probably go up again next season.
  2. 11 defeats in those 14 games though Would they accept that from any other manager? Definitely feels like a not wanting to shoot Bambi kind of scenario.
  3. Ranieri is a busted flush now. Amazed he keeps getting premier league gigs. Feels like the owners are hesitating to pull the trigger because of his pedigree. Although that might change after this result.
  4. Hope they bring him back for the interview stage to savage the contestants.
  5. What is the boys team’s obsession with turds?
  6. Agreed. Need 3 or 4 wins now to get some momentum. Lose next week and we are back to square one.
  7. Ultimately United have had a much more successful last 20 years, so no surprise the gap has closed.
  8. It’s back! Starting Thursday A real favourite amongst owlstalkers Here is this years line up: https://www.bbc.co.uk/mediacentre/mediapacks/the-apprentice-candidates-series-16-2022
  9. He really is daft. He doesn’t have a scooby what he’s doing and is holding the club back enormously.
  10. True, but in the moment I was so annoyed with the result and then that ******** that I just wanted to get out the ground. On reflection I probably should have gone to a steward. I called him out when he said it so I hope he immediately recognised he was out of order. He called DM a black see you next Tuesday.
  11. Because I wanted to get out of the ground rather than get in a spat with some racist ******** who will just deny it anyway. I’ll take a look at the anonymous reporting website.
  12. The bloke called Moore a black c word. I’ve honestly no idea what you’re babbling on about. As for my profile pic, it’s totally absurd that you’d think I’d endorse racism because I like a fictional character.
  13. I’ve never heard a murmur against DC at games. We are far far too happy to accept our lot.
  14. Was a middle aged bloke. I was halfway down the aisle on the way out when I heard it. Told him to pack it in and he just babbled something about Moore not coming over to the fans. poo like that on top of a crap result just makes me question why I go.
  15. Chansiri can’t make a good managerial appointment, is anyone confident if he gets rid of Moore than he will get the next one right?
  16. Fans were rightly very pissed off today. However that doesn’t excuse racist abuse directed towards DM from the bigoted nobhead behind me. I really hope a bad run of results doesn’t lead to lobbers like this coming out of the woodwork.
  17. Not this nonsense again. Players should be paid, end of.
  18. We genuinely make scoring a goal look the hardest thing in the world
  19. It’s not just on the pitch, we seem to be stagnating in every other area off field. Where have we really improved over the last 5 years under Chansiri? Better fan experience, better facilities, better engagement? We’re a shell club and our owner doesn’t have a clue what to do with us.
  20. Think Rydz’s head has gone now slightly. Massive chance missed there and now Wright has the throw.
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