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  1. Great result that. Ronnie is a total talisman.
  2. Lose the next 2 games, which is probably likely, and he could be on thin ice.
  3. Well that was a shocking 60 mins. If Moore can't get us playing to "put it right" after last week then i'm starting to worry if he can at all. Two tough games coming up now.
  4. For once don't think you can blame DC. He has backed DM handsomely.
  5. Problem has been finding a decent manager who will work for DC.
  6. Underwhelming second half. We still aren't properly working the goalkeeper.
  7. Need to get in at half time now and go again. If we can't score more than one at home against Shrewsbury its gonna be a long season
  8. Urgh another goal and this is done. Always vulnerable to a sucker punch
  9. Yeah against Forest wasnt it? Time for a new taker now.
  10. Whoever goes there must know it’s not a long term project and they will get the boot if they aren’t doing it after 12 months. They’ve got through nearly 30 managers in 20 years FFS.
  11. He’d be mad to tbh. Forest seem a bit of a basket case at the moment.
  12. Forest lose again surely Hughton out the door tomorrow? Wonder if Wilder will be tempted.
  13. Newcastle won’t go anywhere (except back to the Championship) whilst Ashley is at the club. And to say how much they complain, what have they actually done to get rid of him? If Bruce can keep them ticking over mid table until Ashley calls it a day then frankly that’s as good as it’s probably going to get.
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