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  1. I don't think Ramsdale or Berge will be on huge wages though and i'm not sure what bonuses they could have qualified for last season?! Plus, they had to have someone play those positions, so it would have cost them something and the fact they'll make good profit on the fees paid makes them good signings.
  2. Hannover 96 fan checking in. 1-1 draw against Werder yesterday wasn't so bad. Heard we're signing some lemon from a club in Sheffield, hope he's better than the CB who scored an OG yesterday
  3. I can't see who he starts ahead of in the current WBA squad. I know they're looking a bit light up top, but their current team all look far more suited to their new managers style of play than Reach. Not sure reach of the past couple of seasons would have made the starting line up in last seasons Barnsley team. I'd like to see what he can do at a team like Bournemouth with scott parker at the helm.
  4. couple of weeks ago i think i first saw it. he will score a brace, get MoM and then have a stinker of a season!
  5. Very true mate. I can understand the concept, say foe a club playing European football, but anything else is just overcomplicating things. It would be interesting to track what the average price is over the season. That's a better way of deciding whether pricing is reasonable with all these ridiculous categories.
  6. All games should be Cat D, it's league one FFS!
  7. Has any of the usual suspects posted "careful what you wish for" or "Why don't you buy the club if you can do a better job" yet?!
  8. Football is not line any other business In this instance, in comparison to your experience, it's actually correct. In my experience of working with agents and players, it's not anyway.
  9. Again the bit in bold is not how it works. I can't actually see the logic in it either to be honest mate. I mean say a forward comes up who's 5k a week over the supposed set budget, then a right back comes available 5k under budget, what you're suggesting is we'd not sign the forward. From my knowledge, it is overall wage budget that matters, rather than setting specific budgets per position. I don't actually disagree about hunt being a good signing in terms of quality of player, but when we are struggling finance wise I still believe his wages should have been spent elsewhere. We didn't need him.
  10. Yeah, that bit in bold, that's not how it works. A club's wage budget is usually set in stone, what's fluid about it is how it is apportioned, which depends on who's available. Funny that from everything said by Moore we would have never known he was looking for a right back. Guess with minimal funds being available by the owner, as we now have to be sustainable, it makes it even more a strange decision to sign a right back and deplete the budget.
  11. It's ok fella, i'm only attacking your online persona. At any time you can adopt a new one.
  12. haha what an absolute load of testicles. Not even worth engaging with anymore.
  13. The irony! You carry on with your high school level insults and keep looking insecure. Absolute joke of a persona you've tried to create on here!
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