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  1. Shocking foul to give away by Palmer No need at all
  2. Wind behind us, we'll be over hitting balls all second half now
  3. He doesn't know his best formation or starting 11 yet though, once he finds the best formation, then he can start on finding the best 11. Hopefully by the end of the season!
  4. Ah there he is, another poster who's racked up thousands of posts being offensive to other posters. You call it twaddle, yet it's actually happened this season. Wrong again.
  5. He's better than Palmer across the back four, in all positions. He's much better than Dunkley. More athletic, better in the tackle, far better distribution of the ball, i'd say dunkley has better positioning but uroghide would catch up on that as soon as he was given a run of games in one position. He would allow us to push Hutchinson forward in to holding midfield, when Moore picks that formation out of the hat he's far more competent as the left sided CB than palmer or dunkley in either a 3 or a 5 agree he's not as good as Hunt at RB, but if we'd kept him and not signed Hunt he would have been good enough and we'd have saved a few grand a week on wages Added to that, he'd be the youngest player in the back 4 and we'd still be developing him with the intention of him becoming a solid performer for us or selling him on for some profit. he would have learnt a lot from the likes of Iorfa, hunt, palmer and hutch about being a solid pro. All that said, i don't think it was the best for him to stay, celtic and their infrastructure is far better than ours especially for a player looking to develop. I'd have really liked him to stay as he's young, very athletic, not shy of a challenge and with the right players around him and decent coaching i think he could have gone on to be a great player for us.
  6. We signed players of lesser quality and paid them more money than shaw and uroghide wanted. Uroghide it seems didn't want to stay, but you can understand why, considering the owner is once again playing games with the clubs finances, wasn't paying players on time most of last season and is generally destroying the club. You'd have to question the sanity of anyone who would choose us over celtic. No idea what you're claiming regards drama created by the players though, they went about their business, despite all the above issues and left quietly. Uroghide walks in to the current back 4, no way does dunkley play ahead of him and he's far better than palmer. Shaw is exactly the type of player we are crying out for at the moment, full of energy and can drive the ball forward. A younger and more raw version of Luongo, without the constant injuries. Funny how we have so many fans so eager to jump on a couple of young lads backs with the 'i told you so' and 'they've ruined their careers'. Even worse that so many on this thread genuinely want them to fail.
  7. 0742


    Wilder has ko'd so many people with one punch, i can't recall one fighter that AJ has laid out with a single blow. I also don't know anyone who thinks AJ has more power than Wilder either! AJ usually wins by multiple punches going unanswered against decent fighters, not a single blow. Even Martin and Breazale were able to get back up, the later was disposed of in 1 round against Wilder. AJ won't be able to get that many shots off on Fury in succession and seemingly he doesn't have the one punch ko power like Wilder does. Fury to beat AJ is what every pundit i've heard predict so far after their last fight anyway. AJ should take on Wilder next, i'd salivate at that fight. Leave Usyk and Fury to fight for the undisputed and then the winners face each other, although i think it would be fury vs wilder again.
  8. 0742


    What do you see in AJ's arsenal that makes you think he has a chance against Fury?
  9. No, there you go again. Once again, throwing out insults, trying to label people. You should block yourself from posting after games when we lose. The way you post isn't acceptable.
  10. There's a whole thread in Dressing room, about how people on here interact with each other. Rather than just address the point, provide some evidence to the contrary, you open with an insult. What is wrong with you. I get you're upset about the result, but it seems to be after every game you're like this, starting multiple threads of anger and looking for arguments. Chill the FÚCK out. And quit trying to lay in to everyone.
  11. Nah not having this at all. First one was a decent save, pushed it out at pace, incoming player picked up the loose ball. Second one it comes over the defenders heads, a keeper wouldn't come to collect that ball
  12. His comments to the press this week told you everything you need to know about him. Absolutely shocking, saying they should be getting a slap from their bosses for getting it wrong about him getting sacked. Newcastle are 2nd bottom and he's gloating about keeping his job an extra fee weeks. Cannot wait for him to be sacked and see his glum face moping about.
  13. Watching Wednesday without Adeniran is like watching p0rn that never gets past the kissing scene. All promise and no penetration.
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