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  1. Dunno about that, but he certainly has potential. But a team built around Iorfa, Uroghide, Dele-Bashiru, Penney & Shaw would be a very good starting point for Moore.
  2. "Significant six figure compensation" paid for a new head coach. Yet thousands are still waiting for their refund. I know this won't be a popular opinion, I know we needed a new coach in, but this does reek of chansiri and the club once again not caring about the fans.
  3. Our accounts are going to be hotter than the sun. Outgoings cells will be full of ######## on the excel copy.
  4. I'm honestly gutted to read stuff like this, as it means chansiri is here to stay.
  5. That is by far one of the most disturbing things i've ever seen. And i've been to La Chambre on singles night.
  6. Westwood Iorfa Lees Dunkely Penney Luongo Bannan/Hutch Windass Brown Reach Marriott Some attacking intent there at least, but think brown and windass would be an issue in terms of support, so could possibly drop bannan for hutch to add more protection for the defence. Luongo driving forward with the ball as a box to box midfielder
  7. Bit of a weird comment. I don't know the bloke to decide whether i like him or not, but i do know i don't like the slow, cumbersome, lack of intensity game he plays. I also don't like the fact he doesn't really excel in any position. And let's be honest, all footballers are mercenaries, they will play wherever they are paid the most. Reach is no different.
  8. i can't ever imagine being happy or wishing we were relegated for a few quid. i'd rather not be able to afford to go to the games than have the money and have to watch us in league one. very strange
  9. Adam Reach is a poor man's Chris Sedgwick. I reckon Sedgwick could be wheeled out of retirement and still show more intent than Reach, maybe.
  10. i'd love him gone. he doesn't play the type of football i enjoy and earns way too much for a league one club. i also think he's the type of player who is just a bit of a mercenary.
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