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  1. I wonder what he would make of the dressing room right now.
  2. i'm up a fair bit this season from backing our opponents once they've gone ahead in games. No way could i have a bet on Saturday though, nerves will be a mess as it is!
  3. I really can't stand the Sheffield Star website. Trying to read that article is like being on LSD with everything popping up. I really like Joe's writing's on all things Wednesday, i'd prefer it if he had is own Patreon or blog!
  4. You can, they're weak and frail so don't fight back.
  5. So Luongo who hasn't done anything decent this season and has missed most of it through injury, is going to be our saviour?! Yeah seems about right.
  6. Leccy bill for the undersoil heating.
  7. We would have done worse than Hull, because they have genuine business people running the club. Huge losses, holding on to high earners, no structure to the club, no foundations to build on. The demise would have been spectacular. Or maybe, we'd have got lucky and TUF would have then seen us as worth being associated with and they'd have ploughed the coin in.
  8. Not really no, i don't think they care much for what fans think or how they act. Those days are long gone, especially in football. Players care about how much they get paid, how many likes they get on instagram, what sponsors they have, what famous artists they can be pictured with, how many women they can bang. But no, they don't care if the fans of the club they play for take part in a protest vote. To even suggest so is comical.
  9. Imagine professional footballers, languishing 2nd bottom in the league, being upset at the fans protest vote against their abject performances this season. "we lost because the fans didn't vote seriously in the player of the season competition" fück sake.
  10. Always available Covers decent ground every match Can knock a decent cross in, when he's got space and time to do so Decent first touch and can pick a pass out Very one footed Not the quickest player Not great in the tackle Goes missing too often in games Not great when the team needs to dig in Poor at tracking back when played left wing Doesn't excel in any position so gets moved around too often He'd really benefit from being given one position, having a solid left back behind him and a solid midfield pairing at the side of him
  11. The thing is, we really don't deserve this. The fans of this club turn up, with one of the best attendances outside the premier, we pay the highest prices for tickets, we put up with a sub standard commercial offering, late shirts, highest prices exec boxes plus the many other failings. Yet we sit and do sweet FA. Chansiri has it easy with us, we're so apathetic to what he's done to the club, the awful things he's said about fans, the lies (actual fücking bare faced lies!!), the asset stripping and reputation tarnishing vitriol that spews from this cretin's mouth and his cronies at
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