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  1. Good player. His autobiography is a decent read in these hoisebound times too.
  2. I wouldn't normally say much positive about those from S2 but Alan Kelly was phenomenal that day. Still wasn't enough though
  3. They’ve done that old trick of running from one side of the picture to the other as the ancient camera was panning round slowly. If you look closely, half of them appear at both ends. Or perhaps not...
  4. Bloated? Are you referring to BFR? Anyway, it may have been a large squad but there certainly were some gems in amongst them.
  5. FFS. Have another look at your post mate. Would you want to be treated by a footballer if you ended up in hospital. Thought not. As others have said on here, direct your anger towards those openly and arrogantly defying what we've all been asked to do.
  6. Newcastle is owned by Mike Ashley though who wanted to raise the prices at his Sports Direct stores to take advantage of his decision that they were eessential shops. Spiv. Shouldn't be surprised really.
  7. Some of the questions brought to mind a typical afternoon on Owlstalk, circa 4.50pm. As for the one about knowing anyone who's taken part in football violence, what was the name of that poster offering people out via the medium of Owlstalk towards the end of Carlos's time here?
  8. Agree with you. Some people are ignoring politicians, medical experts and others. Maybe they'll believe a footballer. Maybe this will finally sink in with some people. God knows what it's going to take to make some people out there sit up and realise so Kadeem's message can't do any harm can it? It's quite raw at the minute as we've lost someone close just this morning to this disease.
  9. Mine was against Forest. We lost of course. 3-2 but I think we brought it back from 3-0. Can’t remember when exactly, probably late 80’s.
  10. Never disappointed me either. Especially with this.
  11. The game against Hull where he got four goals. One of my best memories of a Wednesday game.
  12. Those two numpties from Preston getting sent off for fighting with each other.....
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