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  1. Pablo Bonvin

    Not quite in the top 5 yet.

    I've heard it's going to be BBC policy from Friday night only to show the top 3. Let's wait and see.....
  2. Pablo Bonvin

    Not quite in the top 5 yet.

    Bet they include us when they show the bottom 19 though.
  3. Pablo Bonvin

    New song !

    Indeed. sky have actually done us a favour by moving the match to Friday; one day fewer to cope with mad threads.
  4. Alan Irvine there describing how close he was to being a good manager.
  5. Don’t forget Man Utd on that Boxing Day. The list goes on. And on....
  6. Come on, how many times have Wednesday thrown a 3-0 lead away?
  7. Calpol tastes like Jagermeister, or is it the other way round. Either way, don’t give Jagermeister to your kids by the way.
  8. Pablo Bonvin

    Atdhe on the new £50 note

    When’s the new £20 note coming out?
  9. I have a daily ritual. I read the format of the Nations League, hoping that it’ll sink in. I still haven’t a flipping clue, but I think in summary it’s the only way Scotland could ever qualify for something (although they are even throwing that little nugget of an opportunity away). Come on England anyway I suppose.
  10. Pablo Bonvin

    Last season's away shirt

    I'd love to see Dani bare..
  11. Pablo Bonvin

    Football Heaven 2018 - 2019

    Who gave it to you?
  12. Pablo Bonvin

    "Top of the league, yeah?"

    Wtf? That's it. Terminate his loan forthwith! What a waste of time HITC is. In really hope we don't see a meltdown over this......
  13. Pablo Bonvin

    While we were at Olive Grove or Bramall Lane

    I’m ashamed to say that my genuine first thought here was “I can’t remember a pub called Duchess of Norfolk on Herries Road”. Then I read it again. It’s been a long life.
  14. Thought this was the long awaited follow up to Spitting Image's 80s "classic" Chicken Song.