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  1. Pablo Bonvin

    Here's how #SWFC lineup today..

    Thought he'd gone to Bristol City. And what no Andy McCulloch?
  2. Pablo Bonvin

    Had some bad news last night

    Let me have a try. 1. Some dogs 2. Some cats 3. Some foxes 4. Some mice Have I passed?
  3. And in other breaking news, the sun rose this morning and is expected to set again later today.
  4. Pablo Bonvin

    Transfer embargo (sort of) confirmed

    Bet Burnley fans would rather have Westwood than Calamity Hart though.....
  5. Pablo Bonvin

    Transfer embargo (sort of) confirmed

    Just seen that Joe Hart is having medical at Burnley so presume that means Westwood won’t be going there at least.
  6. The Lord certainly could write for radio. How about a deal with the BBC? Oh, then again........
  7. Pablo Bonvin

    U23s at Corby Town tonight

    Our number 13 - didn’t know he’d signed for us? Well done to the boys by the way. Good win.
  8. Pablo Bonvin

    #SWFC 2018/19 - It's nearly time...

    Is half a wednesdayite a true fan? UTO, even the small ones.
  9. Pablo Bonvin

    Cowboy Ed Sheeran

    Sunderland have got Big Bob the Psychic Pig for their predictions. Reminds me of someone. https://inews.co.uk/sport/football/big-bob-the-psychic-pig-sunderland/
  10. His initials are AA. He keeps breaking down. Coincidence?
  11. Pablo Bonvin

    World cup 2030 England

    And 2030 will be the centenary of the world cup so fully expect Uruguay and it's co-bidders to get it anyway.
  12. Pablo Bonvin

    Were Chesterfield Formed Before Us?

    Did they have a cake though?