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  1. That book and film could have ended up being called The Damned Wednesday instead.... A great film that by the way, watched it again the other night. Michael Sheen had Cloughie to perfection.
  2. Pig fixtures out. Looks like we'll be away boxing day as well as first day of season.
  3. Absolutely perfect delivery. As shown at Wembley v the Grunts.
  4. It was Michael Moles. That's why we never signed him. Unreliable.
  5. Well a Borner is a good place to start for a rampant session I suppose.
  6. That’ll be the atmosphere at the England game tonight when that lot get started.
  7. No, but interestingly, or not, Chris Lines has recently signed for them.
  8. That is why we aren't signing anyone. They've all been duped into contracts they can't get out of due to an invalid expiry date. Maybe. Ffs
  9. And that cap. Dsquared? Is that when two taxis turn up at the same time?
  10. It's all been transplanted onto Bannan and Fletcher's heads.
  11. Stewart Downing? He'd be right up our street. FFS.
  12. Well Carlos had some hair brained ideas at time so maybe it's true.
  13. Don't usually like to side with Derby but Morris is spot on with what he's said there.
  14. Mrs Bonvin will claim she knew that all along.
  15. And don't let on to Mrs Bonvin that I was wrong. I'd never hear the last of it.
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