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  1. New season. Same old set of scrubbers. Will prove hard to match last season’s exploits so this one may be a bit of an anti climax. I don’t know what to expect, but hopefully more records will tumble along the way, although I doubt Norris McWhirter’s boys will be as busy as they were last season.
  2. Izzy Brown has re-signed on a 40 year contract. Sorry, didn’t mean to frighten you. It’s Jaden Brown from Udders.
  3. "Buying tickets for Sheffield Wednesday is not like buying them for a normal club".
  4. Well said. As you say, it's not Chansiri on the phone when you call. If however by some chance he did do one of those "back to the floor" sessions and was on the phones, well.......
  5. Well done Tom Daley. The Olympic gold has been a long time coming but its richly deserved. And can't forget Matty Lee either as his partner. They were both brilliant.
  6. BDTBL - Back to Division Two Bumhole Lane. ( although shouldn’t laugh as we’re in division three but never mind).
  7. What happened to nasty little Kaiserslautern? I remember they’d dropped into the third division a while back iirc. Where are they now?
  8. It’s a shame many of those kits are lumbered with sponsors like Channers and Napoleons and bloody Azerbaijan. Could never vote for those as the best one no matter how nice the kit underneath might have been.
  9. Couldn't agree more with the OP. What's he on about by the way?
  10. I thought a little bit of Leo Sayer as well.
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