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  1. And we need to ensure that we don't have to play any of these teams because we will stop their horrendous run if they are on one.
  2. Thought the baseball caps would have already been reduced the minute Pulis got the boot.
  3. Rambo apparently wants to stay next season amid rumours of interest from West Ham... they might sneak into the Champions League next Eason and they want butterfingers in goal? I can’t see it myself (which is incidentally what Rambo probably says when shots are flying towards him).
  4. The old ground needs so much spending on it to get it anywhere near. I’d agree Yorkshire needs a stadium in the World Cup but I’d even expect Leeds to Chuck loadsamoney at Elland Road and that would be the one chosen. Would be really sad, as the buzz round the city for Euro 96 was incredible and I’d love to see that again.
  5. Do you mind having a look on Google to see what the score is tomorrow against Rotherham. I’m wondering whether I need bother buying a pass or not.
  6. If only matches were only 80 minutes long, we’d probably have got promoted last season.
  7. Sad news. A good guy from the good days of football. A true character who loved the game, which fed through to how he covered it on TV. The modern game misses guys like the Saint
  8. If only Big Ron had loved his commute to Sheffield.
  9. If he becomes a legend, we’ve already got a street named after him in Sheffield. Sorted.
  10. I know they are desperate to play back in their home city again, but you do wonder given how small their crowds are how they’ll be able to afford it and whether it would just be a white elephant. Would need to be incredibly well promoted for the heritage centre to be a success too. Hope they can do it.
  11. Optimistically but probably not realistically (ie they get no more points and those fourth bottom and above win all their games) I think we are talking 4 more games. As above though, this would take an incredibly unlikely combination of results though (I’m not talking about the pigs not getting any more points - that may well happen... I’m referring to the other teams).
  12. Well I’m surprised and pleased by this appointment. It makes a change to get a manager “on the way up” rather than one plummeting downwards towards a final payday. At least I hope DM continues to be on the up after we’ve done with him.... I also hope it is a sign of a change of approach from DC. Past performance from him isn’t promising though but I’ll try and focus on the positives on what is a rare good news day at S6 nowadays.
  13. They'll struggle to get into the champions league next year at this rate.
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