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  1. I have heard that the Rotherham Owls can arrange quite a polite coach.
  2. I bet he can't put a Rowntrees Fruit Pastille in his mouth without chewing it.
  3. Short and to the point! So. The Lee Chapman/Glenn Whelan derby is here. I'm glad Stoke have shaken off their bad start. That means were in with a chance tonight now that there are no hoodoos to be broken. Up the Owls.
  4. The sad thing is, I really don't know if you're pulling our legs or not. Absolutely anything is possible with SYP/SAG/council......
  5. Good thread Milord. Welcome back to you and welcome back to the football too. Cardiff will be tough. Looking at the stats they haven't beaten us for ages, we haven't won there for ages, so you'd have to think a 0-0 draw is on the cards especially as it's one of those occasions to climb the table that we normally mess up. But what do I know. Up the Owls.
  6. The SAG/council/police will no doubt be hoping that the locals will jump on their bandwagon and blame the club for making this happen.
  7. So they'll be playing Chesterfield in a couple of seasons then?
  8. I often do that, it’s the only way I can win an argument in my house.
  9. They can all afford two grand over that end of town.
  10. If your partner was just about to orgasm, why would she be thinking to phone you from wherever she is?
  11. ..... Maundy Thursday, Shįtstorm Friday.....
  12. Not so good for Adam Reach then, but plenty of room for his belly to hang out I suppose..
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