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  1. The merest mention of CC and we’re already up to 10 pages. If nothing else, possibly the most divisive character we’ve had at the club for years, if not ever. I likened him before to being the Brexit of the football manager world. No doubt we will still be talking about him in 20 years....
  2. For at least 10 years (after we've been promoted to the premier league of course).
  3. We're not allowed to mention Uber. Competition for D Taxis you see.
  4. We’re both wrong. It’s the new autonomous Rotherham Owls coach driver.
  5. Or.... Maybe it’s the new design of supporter invented by SAG to facilitate leaving via Leppings Lane.
  6. I’d settle for making full-time better at the minute.....
  7. After Saturday I'm thinking "Why does it always rain on me"?
  8. And weren't Newcastle the only team below us in the league before that match? If not they weren't much above us.....
  9. And Kalvin Philips (thought we didn’t deserve to win last week) got sent off. Even perfecter.
  10. Me too. Went a couple of years ago. Loved it, and Cape Town was just fantastic. I bet the Owls are loving it out there. Hope we can get a performance today to match the England cricket team’s and make them enjoy it even more.
  11. Never fails to make me smile. That's why I'm always watching repeats on TV...
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