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  1. They’ve been given an extension to Tuesday now.
  2. Preston are one of those teams I have no feelings about, positive or negative. They always strike me as a very bland team. Anyway, my predictions have all been wrong so far this season, and hopefully I’ll continue today because I’m going for a 2-0 win for PNE.
  3. Well they're struggling to do that as well if you can believe the Stir website today, listing the 32 current unsolved murders across SY. Full marks to our police force with regards to this as well.
  4. Sad news. 40 really is no age. Just shows no-one knows what's round the corner. I hope he looked back on his career with justified pride. RIP Junior.
  5. Gary Neville might regard Leeds as rivals but I bet there are 70 odd thousand fans of the club who never give Leeds United a second thought as they go about their business quite happily. It really wouldn't matter to them if they never played you ever again. And don't try and claim otherwise.
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