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  1. Wonder if his new club spell his name correctly?
  2. Thought this referred to how long Mrs Bonvin talks for on average before I can get a word in.
  3. I don't remember getting her name to be honest. My tracking and tracing abilities are as good as the government's.😉
  4. When I clicked on it I got a message from Katie saying she'd sent me some photos asking if I remembered her. Decided I'd better close the page.....
  5. Great post as ever Milord, and I’m so glad you’ve survived that audacious attempt to oust you earlier in the week. I have gone for a 0-0 on Super 6 today, but I’m truly hopeless at that so expect a goal fest everyone. Up the Owls. Goulty out!
  6. I really thought megging was going to be a new term involving our ginger haired ex boss. So relieved it isn't......
  7. Well, it’s Fulham next up then. What are our chances everyone?
  8. They’ll get a big wedge from Ramsdale’s sell on clause from Bournemouth though don’t forget. Oh, hang on a minute...
  9. Thanks Owlsman. You can do the OMDTs from now on. Much less chance of upsetting any newbies with a lesson like that. Bravo. You forgot Lisa Stansfield by the way. Which is probably not a bad thing to do.
  10. Send Lady Snoots round to sort him out. She’s a real grown up from how you’ve described her.
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