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  1. Sod the match. I’m off to Morrison’s for some sweetcorn.
  2. It’s just come to me. If they decide to do one of those fly on the wall documentaries about us for Netflix or whoever, well I’ve got the perfect title. The Fortnight Saga. Watch this space.
  3. Does everything at this club have to take two weeks to happen?
  4. Well the match day section is a bit gloomy with the looming hearing verdict so I don't blame you for keeping away!
  5. Morning everyone. So we arrive at Wednesday, day umpteen of the hearing. Will today be the day? I’m going for a verdict being announced over the tannoy at half time tonight. Or, they may just be waiting to use the first sensible suggestion that comes along on this thread because they can’t think of one themselves. Enjoy your day everybody.
  6. I’ve just worked out the latest veiled message in his latest tweet. He refers to QPR, but that doesn’t in fact relate to the hoop-clad London club. No, it stands for Quite a Positive Result, relating presumably to the hearing. Off to bed now. I can sleep easy now. FFS.
  7. Wish he could tell us how our club is faring.....
  8. Omar Google, just been released by Cardiff. Could he do a job for us?
  9. If we swapped sponsors to D Taxis that theme would fit in perfectly.
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