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  1. This will form a blueprint for SAG/SYP. If the home fans at Hillsborough leave at half time, the danger of them mixing with away fans will be minimised. It will be item one on their next meeting agenda/teleconference. FFS. For Forest’s Sake.
  2. I took the picture too early. A few minutes later, the guy in the next garage reversed the real Rhodes-mobile out.
  3. Marvellous result. All Rhodes lead to goal, as the saying goes (nearly).
  4. Me too. Don’t know why. Then again, of course I know why.
  5. The dog nearly shat itself when I screamed at the third.
  6. WTF is going on in the background to the first goal?
  7. Yes, according to Wilder, he is indeed full of dough on £40k a week.
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