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  1. When did we last win 4 on the bounce? Was it at the start of that season with Pleat where we were top of the league???
  2. The way we’ve been playing lately, we could name ourselves the Chalfonts Sports Club.
  3. If it’s not a north south thing, we’ll get Gillingham away. If they do split it, we’ll get Bolton away. No FA cup magic I’m afraid.
  4. That was my failed defence argument when I went before the judge.
  5. Thought he'd have arrived by Dumbo jet. Ffs.
  6. 5-0 win today. Andy Booth hat trick. Got a good feeling about today.
  7. Look at all the Newcastle fans and their celebrations following the takeover. Seems they're prepared to turn a blind eye to things as long as someone is chucking money at the club. I'm not saying that's right but I suspect the same would happen with us.
  8. "That's exactly what I've got in mind for Att".
  9. Possibly not at the price DC would probably be asking though.
  10. Oh please for the sake of Jesus, Mary and the wee donkey, please please let us start winning games also that we don’t have to have threads like this. Is this what it’s come to?
  11. Thanks Milord. Made me titter. Well, this is what football is all about eh? A trip to Mansfield on a rainy Tuesday to see their third stream team put one over us. What an absolute time to be alive.
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