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  1. Leeds have had 35 shots. And scored 1 goal. Against 10 men for most of the game.
  2. A draw would be enough but they can’t even seem to do that.......
  3. Some good points there Milord. If Norwich can do it so can we next season. Up the Owls, and don’t put the flip flops on just yet please......
  4. If you mean the last match of next season, you may be right.....
  5. I thought that. Some tremendous names in their side. I may well grow myself a Faysal Bettache next Movember.
  6. According to Trevor Francis in his new autobiography we were never going to sign Eric anyway. Article in the Stir today which I managed to find amid all the obvious distress caused by the Blunt’s exploits yesterday. https://www.thestar.co.uk/sport/football/sheffield-wednesday/latest-owls-news/sheffield-wednesday-it-s-just-a-myth-trevor-francis-gives-his-side-of-the-story-on-why-eric-cantona-did-not-sign-for-the-owls-in-1992-1-9710104
  7. Hope we win today. Barmy to think otherwise. Up the Owls.
  8. He's probably edited the reference on the site himself.
  9. QPR a sleeping giant? Have they ever even been awake? Unless you count a few years in the seventies with Stan Bowles eat al which was probably more akin to sleepwalking in the grand scheme of things.
  10. Absolutely, just imagine what the average Blunt poster can do with the valuable time he’s saved by typing sum rather than some. Doing that over the course of a lifetime that might create enough time for throwing one whole shoe.
  11. No dilemma at all. Even to think so would put us on a level with the blunts. It's the sort of thing they'd consider a dilemma but not us.
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