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  1. I was only 14, and really starting to love football. The World Cup in 1986 was the first time I saw what the game unfortunately could also be all about. I’ve just seen the article on the news and it made me reyt angry mad again.
  2. I’d expect exactly the same for us if anything happened to Chris Greenacre.
  3. The WC quarter final in 1986 summed him up perfectly. Brilliant and flawed in equal measure.
  4. My money is on Westwood in a Santa hat for December’s picture.
  5. The way things have been going lately, I’d have believed you if you’d said we hadn’t won since 2007 full stop. As for the game, we are due a win down there. It would be as surprising as our win against Cardiff this season, so I’m not expecting owt but you never know.....
  6. Nice chap. You could argue though that the team itself is a bit of a car crash this season anyway, so this thick blunt has already got his wish.
  7. Is that a cryptic reference to their achievement in the premier league this season?
  8. He has a point though. Actually, that’s all he has.
  9. I knew they’d said they had a point to prove this season, but what I didn’t realise was that it was to prove how shït they are.
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