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  1. Pigs v Liverpool to decide the title???? Even the thought of that has their board of honours engraver in chief heading down to the lane at lightning speed.
  2. You never know though. If they did do it I'm sure they'd be humble about it, and there's no way the press would go on and on and on and on and on about it till the day we die.
  3. Wins for Man City and Brentford today please. Then I won't give a monkeypox what's happening elsewhere.
  4. We don’t see the full shirt though. They are actually sponsored by the Attercliffe based enterprise “Gimp”.
  5. It’s a sad state of affairs that I can’t tell whether some of these suggestions are serious or not. Carbone? Holloway?
  6. I wouldn’t call them irrelevant…..
  7. But it’s not insignificant. You don’t know what’s going off in peoples lives, how an insult you deem insignificant might push someone over the edge. And don’t come back and say it won’t happen. And why should one aśśhole be allowed to spoil things for others just because that’s how it’s always been? Because I’m just pig sick of people just saying and doing whatever the fizz they want nowadays. If that makes me sensitive, then I’m glad to be sensitive and not one of the morons who seems to be breeding in society. But that’s another debate for another day.
  8. It’s not “rubbish”, it really isn’t.
  9. I don’t mean uproar and meltdown from everyone, just a very vocal few.
  10. That’s a tough one. In some people’s eyes he’s no good, so I think that the first mistake he made if he did come back here would result in uproar and meltdown. So it’s probably best for his own development to stay at Exeter or move somewhere else. Not sure his confidence and general well being could stand being singled out for blame back here, as was the case before. Then we can look for another goalkeeper who may either become the new hero, or the new scapegoat.
  11. I wonder if he slags off his favourite singer on twitter if they release a song he doesn't like, just because they've got a multi million quid recording contract.
  12. Bannan out. Might as well start early.
  13. We’re not all that good at the small occasions either.
  14. Do you know what, you’ve hit the nail on the head there. Absolutely sums it up.
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