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  1. I'm an eternal pessimist, which has proved useful over the years supporting Wednesday. It's finally going to catch up with us this weekend.
  2. You forgot that Derby are on a horrendous run and that we are just the team to play when such a run needs to be ended….
  3. I've ordered mine. Supposedly being delivered tomorrow. Will be great to relive what was a fabulous season in our history, and will give me something happy to look back on if all goes as I think it will on Saturday. If only the current crop of players (and owners/"advisors") would read it they'd know what this club is capable of.
  4. I’m afraid Akinfenwa has played a blinder. He’s only gone and grabbed a quadruple hat trick to help the Chairboys to an unlikely 23-0 win. Sorry to be the bearer of bad tidings.
  5. I thought exactly the same. And I’m still hoping it is a joke, but I wouldn’t bet against it.
  6. When he reads that, DC won’t be trusting Biggsy or The Star any more. He’ll be adding them to ze list.
  7. I’ve got an arable feeling he’ll be off somewhere else.
  8. “That’s all very well, but where are we ranked for customer engagement?”
  9. Knowing our luck it would get lost in the post and not turn up till September.
  10. I disagree. Imagine the pile-up of Bentleys outside the ground as the players all stop to read the banner. Airbags going off everywhere. They may save lives but would still cause enough friction injuries to wipe an entire team out.
  11. It has to be an error. Why are Swansea in there too? They’re in the bloody playoffs! Maybe if I look at the promotion odds checkers, we will be odds on favourites on there, as a result of the SkyBet office junior believing what he’d heard from Chansiri.
  12. I like it. He’s certainly done nothing but D-value the club since he bought it.
  13. A win for Rotherham tonight 1-0. This will represent cut number 999 of the season with the final and lethal 1000th to be carved into the sad decaying cadaver of this club on Saturday lunchtime.
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