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  1. I suspect a letter to the FA is already on its way from across the city. Let me tell you.....
  2. I’m going to have a sleepless night with frigging sweets going round my head. Oh well, I’m off to have a Cadbury’s Twirl Barrett for supper....
  3. I’m not so keen on Greg Toffifee though....
  4. I always loved Cadbury’s Cara-Mel Sterland.
  5. Pablo Bonvin

    The shadow of The Blades

    Looks like Class of 91 is a bit forgetful. Personally I could never bring myself even to pretend I was a pig fan, even in jest. Karma would catch up with me at some stage.
  6. Two important league games to go first before we face the dark side. I’d hope we are planning for those more than what happens two weeks away.
  7. Pablo Bonvin

    Forestieri Red Card

    Just read that Celtic player has been sent off after for excessive celebration after scoring last minute winner today as well. It’s all a bit silly.
  8. Pablo Bonvin

    Any fan videos of the goal?

    Ok. Maybe embarrassed was a bit strong but I'm utterly depressed to be honest that we find ourselves in such a place that we have to go to 100 minutes against Rotherham before scraping an unlikely point.
  9. Pablo Bonvin

    Any fan videos of the goal?

    Good to see, but it’s all a little disappointing, even embarrassing dare I say, that it’s come to this, resorting to celebrating like this with a late equaliser against Rotherham. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t like the Minipigs one little bit, and it was lovely to spoil their cup final, but.... Anyway, Up the Owls.
  10. Excellent thread milord. Not sure if it might even be your best ever. If not, it’s certainly in the top one, as some wise man once said. Hope we keep,our record against the Minipigs going. There aren’t many teams for whom we seem to be a bogey team, as it’s usually the other way round. Any idea what kit we will be wearing today by the way? I presume the blue and white and the obsidian kits will clash with theirs, and If we wear yellow the ref might think he’s at an old Watford match so I really don’t know. Up the Owls anyway. 1-0, Nuhiu winner. Maybe.
  11. Pablo Bonvin

    Bruce on Rovrum..

    Alan Stubbs? SID. JAMES. PIPE.
  12. Pablo Bonvin

    Bruce on Rovrum..

    I wouldn't imagine Rovrum have their own fan site. Precious few people there have got electricity never mind computers.
  13. I like the Sheffield theme. This seems to have a look of Phil Oakey, circa 1982 about it.
  14. I like the home and away logo idea but we need a third one so we don't clash with Millwall.