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  1. Sir Bobby's reaction at the end. Classy gent.
  2. Really like him. Seems to always get some sort of ball into the box.
  3. best striker we've had since we were in the premier league
  4. Beattie was very good striker, if he is happy to coach our strikers it would be daft not to take him on. He seems to have improved the strikers be warned with at previous clubs.
  5. As a manager I agree but given the off field stuff I'd rather we have gone for someone else. We have had long enough
  6. Fair enough, I think some and people shouldn't be accused of being sexist if they arent. There is definitely an undertone of he game being validated because men approve of it in many cases, including he bbc I feel.
  7. I didnt want him based on the off forms problems. I'm sure he will do well though
  8. I think you're second paragraph could explain why some people may be offended. Almost like some are saying that womens football is acceptable because some blokes have okayed it as they 'dont have a problem with it' That is problem and attitude that women have to put up with in many areas of life.
  9. Think there was more to it than that. Google gary monk agent
  10. Where your laptop gone Where ya laptop gone
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