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  1. Used to love regularly bug really bored of it now. It's just fans having a go at other fans. The pelupessy thing annoyed me in particular. It's a forum for discussion. Someone rings up to discuss his performance and he gets hammered for it despite not being over the top. Make a point we've lost and he is a scapegoat. Make the point when we've won he he's a boo boy.
  2. Nice that Pelupessy won the same prize. He just decided to stay.
  3. Really liked him. Tough as owt. I remember Duncan Ferguson bouncing off him. Best memory is of being a 14 year old kid and we saw him in the club shop before a cup match against Stockport. He signed by ticket and them scored a header in the match. Remember being nervous about approaching him. He was on his phone and saw me looking nervously towards him. I clearly remember him saying will call you back and came right over to me and talked for a while. Came across as a real gent. The day they've signed my ticket was the day after my grandad passed away. Has always stuck in my mind.
  4. Happy with the line up. Shame no joao to give a different option from the bench
  5. Westwood Iorfa Less Hector Palmer Reach Hutchinson Bannan Aarons Forestieiri Fletcher
  6. Good that it's actually quite tough this month. Between Fletcher, Hutchinson and Palmer for me
  7. Wonder how long before the play as you play brigade come out. Has a player ever agreed to this? Ever?
  8. Maybe aarons but fox and palmer should not be dropped. We shouldn't change a defence that is finally keeping clean sheets. We were all fuming when Jos kept doing that.
  9. Numerous managers pick Nuhiu and a few haven't picked Winnall. They can't all be wrong.
  10. Fox has been fine lately. To say that he isn't championship standard is crazy as he is performing consistently in a championship side. Whether he is of the quality required for a championship team pushing for promotion is another question. In that respect he is no worse than many of our other players where there is question marks over whether they are good enough.
  11. Good on him. I wouldn't expect anything else as Dion Dublin seems like a decent person.
  12. Yep. And you've said it all along to be fair.
  13. Not a fan of him to be honest, wouldn't mind if he left.
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