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  1. Nowhere near as bad as Rhodes. I thought that Jonk was very good in his first season at least, I enjoyed watching him.
  2. I always think that FF and Nuhiu link up well together.
  3. Doesn't matter how good the acoustics are if people aren't signing because they aren't excited about what's happening on the pitch.
  4. I think 20 years of nonjope has finally got to many
  5. Hope it isnt. We will have limited funds and we need to strengthen other areas more urgently I think
  6. Played some great football from that position in his first season
  7. Exactly. I dislike United as much as anyone but they got their rewards by not being afraid and attacking teams at this level. Piggy Wilder never seemed happy with a draw.
  8. If you attack teams in the championship you get rewarded. Sick of us employing negative managers.
  9. I'd take a Wednesday point over rugby win to be honest
  10. I cant remember the last bad game that fox had
  11. Like him at centre half and midfield. Just a quality player.
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