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  1. Not a fan of Borner. I love his attitude but I don't see him as a good defender at all.
  2. The 2-2 with the pigs although I wasn't at the match, I was at the beamback at Hillsborough.
  3. Actually yes that's right. I dont remember it as well as I initially thought
  4. Yeah remember that one. Think it was after we scored a pen and the ref ordered a re-take which we then missed
  5. Had a great left foot and worked hard too and was very consistent. He would comfortably be our best player now and I think we missed him when we sold him
  6. Mark Pembridge. Thought he was a very good player and was surprised to find years later that not many people liked him.
  7. Yes, lots. I thought he was very good in his first season.
  8. Liked him as a player. Loved that whole squad, they really seemed to love playing for us. He seems to have made a very good start to his managerial career
  9. this is up there, not just cos of results but everything else
  10. We'll never be able to start agian properly until stuffing man is out of the club. Doesn't matter who our manager is.
  11. luckily for dc, most of the fans seem to take the bait and blame the managers
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