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  1. It was still the right thing for us to do and I'm proud of our club for doing it.
  2. Last two occasions he took charge he looked stressed to death and admitted that he couldn't wait to hand back control. This worries me
  3. No thanks. The stress on his face was clear to see on both occasions that he took charge and he admitted how relieved he was when he could go back to being a coach.
  4. Top 3 Alex Neill Paul cook Lee Johnson Avoid Zola Pullis O'Neill
  5. Probably the promotion season under Megson and Jones. GM had the opportunity to look at the squad towards the end of the previous season, cleared out a load of deadwood and we knew that they would have a good pre-season fitness wise. Kit was beautiful too.
  6. But he'll be able to walk away with a good pay off and also be able to say that he was only sacked because it was due to the new owner wanting to bring his own man in.
  7. Newcastle fans dont want him. That's worrying as it will make Ashley more likely to go for it
  8. Might be that if the away kit is available then the kids will want it as they want something now and don't want to wait. Then when the home kit comes out they want that too. They might not be as bothered about the away kit if they already have the home one. Or maybe he's just a bit mental when it comes to shirt releases.
  9. You would think that all the managers weve had recently would have seen that and replaced him with one of these 'Sunday league' players then wouldn't you?
  10. Me too. I'd rather Winnall went
  11. Haha damn auto correct. I'm sure torri is a decent player too
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