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  1. I was always of the opinion to sell him if we could get a decent fee but having seen us last season without him I have totally changed my mind. I think I underrated him.
  2. I rated him, sorry to see him go. He wasn't perfect but for what we paid for him I thought that he was a pretty consistent performer.
  3. He didn’t score that many for us in the top league did he ?
  4. Hopefully he goes on to ha e the same pathetic top flight goals return as his old man
  5. Still not a fan of 3 at the back. Yeah it leaves a ‘spare’ man but usually that spare man is one that the opposition don’t mind having a lot of possession of the ball.
  6. markg

    ricky Moat update

    Gazza will be there with his fishing rod soon. That's great news, hope all goes well. I remember reading the original thread on here a while back.
  7. So you get injured at work and it takes you a while to recover. They can then just get rid of you? That’s pretty bad
  8. So your not an expert in employment law either?
  9. markg

    Preslav Borukov

    We’ve dropped a right borukov
  10. markg

    Simple chant for big Dave

    Yep. Hate how disrespectful our fans are. You have to question how they were brought up.
  11. markg

    Jay Bothroyd

    Not a looker is he?
  12. Finally changed the title of the thread, about time.
  13. Better than being totally disrespectful and calling him dave