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  1. For me, that's the opposite of why I like football. There is no point going for me if it doesn't matter to me what the score is.
  2. I get that it's nice to have a few drinks during the afternoon but I can just do that at the pub. For me, I need to care about one of the teams to be able to enjoy it, so going to watch non league doesn't interest me in the slightest.
  3. Think it's because OD are at the top of their game and the phonics, Kasabian etc aren't. Despite both still getting number 1 albums and selling out arenas.
  4. I'm tempted if the phonics are on again. Class last time
  5. I was possibly overdoing it slightly looking at the likes of Rodgers, Bielsa etc, fair point. I just think that it can be a hard job to change how a team players in a short space of time whilst maintaining their premier league status. They had a lot of issues last season in finishing off changes, but their general play was good, even when they were near the bottom. I never thought that they were going to go down. I don't think that he has spent a fortune, and even when they lose against the big teams, they always seem to put up a fight. He just comes across to me as a manager that could step into a bigger job and do well. He also did a fantastic job in Sweden.
  6. What do you think of Daniel Farke scram? Do you think the fact that they cannot remotely compete is down to how the club is run and his hands are severely tied when he gets to the premier league, or do you think that he should do better despite this and at least make them a bit more competitive?
  7. Yeah, definitely. Burnley would be screwed without him.
  8. Brighton doing very well. Said it last season and I still believe it, Graham Potter is the best manager outside of the 'top 4'. I think he's outstanding.
  9. It's a great album. Mich prefer it to lost in the dream
  10. Probably right based on the rules but I'm getting bored of it now.
  11. Yep. I imagine chairman speak and stories of how he acted won't have gone down well.
  12. I agree with you, the team definitely look to him for everything. I don't know if he demands it, the manager demands it or they do it as the safe option.
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