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  1. Shame fulham and west brom will likely be so poor. Burnley too if they dont give dyche a bit of cash
  2. Any fan that condones abusive language towards female stewards is scum and it boils my blood knowing that I might sit near them.
  3. He was my first thought. He stood out like a sore thumb amongst the crap that he played with.
  4. Heard a couple of weeks ago that Brewster would be signing for them. Shame
  5. Hopefully beattie can help him. Sometimes only small tweaks are needed with strikers. I remember Shearer saying that Bobby Robson turned his form round in about 10 minutes. Beattie himself had a dry spell before glen hoddle came in at Southanpton and told him that he had lots some of the good habits he had developed etc.
  6. Horrible that he couldnt get a proper send off with fans in the ground. Met him a couple of times through work, he genuinely came across as a good bloke
  7. No, I do agree with you but I think that the club are keeping silent on this because they dont want to encourage more questions about last seasons refunds. It hasn't been handled well
  8. Didn't realise that. I'll cling on to that 🙂
  9. Hope I'm wrong but I think that they can stay as solid at the back. No reason why not if they are well organised and everyone knows their role. Burnley have managed to do it for a while
  10. They are pretty close to signing Brewster, would probably be a good signing unfortunately. Looked promising for Swansea and has a bit of pace which is what they seem to lack up front.
  11. So he has signed for Watford basically
  12. If they released that statement I'd just think 'you've said nothing so what's the point, what about my money for last season that finished ages ago' I think that's why they haven't said anything
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