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  1. Sean Clare

    Great performance one of our own chant makes me cringe though.
  2. Adam Reach

    needs a song.
  3. Pelupessy

    Thought he was very good. After Joao he was my man of the match
  4. Does he have to pay the bribe back?
  5. Swansea Tickets

    Got mine now, think there must have been a delay in them updating the website. You sorted?
  6. Swansea Tickets

    Nice one. will try again. Got a season ticket but waiting for a friend who hasn't. I've got them registered as family or friend but they're not showing when I go to purchase tickets.
  7. Swansea Tickets

    Can't buy either, log in and option to buy is greyed out
  8. Thought they were quite loud to be honest.
  9. Sam Winnall

    Oh definitely yeah. 6 millions is over the top. Id have thought 3 to 3.5 but prices are a bit mental aren't they. Leon Clarke would probably be going for 5 to 6 if he was a bit younger. Scary times.
  10. Sam Winnall

    No, I was awake and saw him be our top scorer in league one and show some promising attributes of which it was obvious could be developed further with good coaching. I also saw Dave Jones not give him a run of games to pick up the pace of the championship. Obviously his off field problems were of his own making but it was plain to see to anyone who knew anything about football that he was a promising player.
  11. Sam Winnall

    Me too
  12. Safety notice

    Terrorists, chuffin part timers. Where were they when we were playing Yeovil on a freezing cold Tuesday night?