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  1. Hope we sign him. Really liked him.
  2. Thought batty was a very good player. Never understood the stick be got.
  3. Think the pigs were after him for ages when he was at Chesterfield
  4. Huge fan of Charlie Austin but hed be way out of our league.
  5. He would just get pressed quickly and play would break down. It happened a lot to semedo and it's why he had to go and he had played midfield before.
  6. No reputable player comes to sign as a reserve. They sign to b a member of the squad pushing for a first team place you need more than 11 players. You also need squad members that push the first team and for that you need players who back their own ability. I don't see this signing automatically meaning that we wont sign hector or any other quality centre half
  7. Says on the website that Fletcher, Rhodes and Tommy Spurr have all had it done. Must be something about the stress of playing for us :)
  8. I think that most younger lads are these days. They, generally speaking, seem more image conscious these days and I worry for them. Must be hard for a footballer when their image is plastered everywhere if they have a bit of a complex about it. Mine started going late twenties too and it bothered me at first but there are worse things in the world. :)
  9. Ffs. Bet he got the number of fletcher. Wouldn't mind it mi sen
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