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  1. The Di Canio and Carbone pizza one was a lot worse :)
  2. I like the look of Connor Gallagher at wba, on loan from Chelsea. I
  3. Des Walker should have played more, definitely. How players like John Scales got called up to friendlies etc around Euro 96 is criminal. Pressman should have made some squads. Hard to argue that he should have been starting but certainly deserved to make some friendly squads.
  4. Why is it somehow easier to rebuild by going down? Never got that.
  5. Totally agree. Said the same in the Reach thread. We are struggling for form and confidence, so keep it simple.
  6. I don't think that there is a lack of effort at all.
  7. Hutchinson came back and played well in defence. Steadied it, organised and we got some better results. He then got moved in to midfield. It has happened with him a lot in his Wednesday career. He gets moved to midfield because we don't have any better options.
  8. Why is the gulf that big that a professional woman’s team would bet batterer by a men’s under 18 side? Is it due to physical differences? Or technical ability?
  9. If so hopefully Ian Brown gets bottled off stage
  10. Your money, your choice. No issue with that at all. I think that a lot of people could have done with the money due to what is happening in the world at the moment. Also, i might have considered not claiming my refund if the chairman had genuinely tried to run the club properly and needed help. Or if he generally treated fans as if we were all in it together rather than just having a go at fans all the time implying that we are hurting the club.
  11. We are in a mess, results nosediving. I'd keep it simple and try Reach on the left wing and Harris on the right. Rhodes and Patterson up front.
  12. Listening to the new Mogwai album, really enjoying it.
  13. They should replace him with Shearer's boot.
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