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  1. Not really interested at all, will be when we can get back to watch it.
  2. I don't really get the point. He has always had the ability to make saves like this and has done in the past, Dawson has too. The issue is the tendency to let daisy cutters from 30 yard squirm under him. Dawson experiences similar issues.
  3. oh ffs. Makes things really difficult. All these reds could end up costings us big time
  4. Posted something similar the other week, really enjoy watching them. Seems like a great bloke as well. Can't believe some of the rides he goes on even before training. He's a machine.
  5. Showed his true colours. Seriously bitter bloke.
  6. Cant stand klopp or wilder. Both all jokey and everyone's best mate until they lose
  7. Cant believe fans are backing a player who has continuously let us down over an experienced manager that knows football inside out.
  8. He got Bamford scoring a hatrick in the premiership. Coach of the year for me.
  9. We are acting like the unpopular kid that didnt get invited to the party and pretending that we would rather stay in and play world of warcraft anyway.
  10. What a career. Played for most of the biggest clubs in the world
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