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    Where's your accent from where's your accent from
  2. Almen Abdi

    Along with Hinchcliffe he also played a good number of games for us in his first season.
  3. Almen Abdi

    Nowhere near. Hinchcliffe actually played quite a lot of games for us in his first season and was very good for us in the premier league
  4. Brentford Tho'

    Hopper would have had a hat trick tonight if he played for Brentford
  5. Westwood though

    I think he always starts the season poorly for his standards. Best to get the mistakes out of his system early doors
  6. #19 for Brentford

    Looked good. Not that massive a discovery, he was playing well for Walsall I think for a good while.
  7. Heard a very similar story about Winnall from someone who knows one of the players. Winnall wasn't a saint by any stretch.
  8. both injured and love money
  9. No Nando

    he's injured his knee again.
  10. What's Happened

    Just a few Saddos on the internet. Your average man one the street or in the pub doesn't sit around whinging about the chuffin commercial side.
  11. Why would a season ticket holder need to buy a ticket?