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  1. markg

    Morgan Fox

    He was playing worse than Fox
  2. markg


    Not a massive fan of Winnall as a footballer to be honest, his second touch is always a tackle but he does seem to know where the net is based on his record at previous club. Might be time to give him a go.
  3. markg

    The Star: Boyd's Turnaround

    Footballer playing better after being played in his correct position.
  4. markg

    Van aaken off

    Such a shame that we spent money on him and had none left for venancio
  5. markg

    Kicking the back of your seat

    Yes, that's the way to go. Just stand up. When they ask you to sit down just say your back hurts and it's worse when the kid is kicking your chair.
  6. markg


    Totally agree with that. Got negged for saying it loads. Out wide he had license to roam whilst we still had a solid midfield two.
  7. markg


    Joey has been decent for a while now.
  8. markg


    Played well against Swansea and West Brom. Definite potential
  9. markg

    Sad picture

    Hutchinson would have given him a lift
  10. markg

    Sad picture

    It’s too sad.
  11. Agree but waterfront is a much better tune to walk out to. Better than the Rev gurning his face off to the marmite advert. He’ll be annoyed that we haven’t merged with United yet as he wanted
  12. markg

    Anyone see John McClure on Calendar

    He still want us to merge with the blades?
  13. markg

    Almen Abdi

    Yep, she likely had her lawyers head on. Do legal fees affect FFP :)