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  1. Was pretty bad. I can remember him having a brilliant game at home against Bristol Rovers when we battered them 6-0 or 6-1 and I thought we had tuned a corner. Remember Paul Heffernan scoring after a lot had him down as some kind of potential saviour.
  2. I'd go the opposite. Fox delivers good crosses. He has shown great character and determination and is consistent. He also has a good fitness record. Lazaar will be on good money and has hardly played any football.
  3. This is a great point. We need a squad of players with strong character and he has showed he has it. Hasn't hidden under pressure.
  4. Deal. Easy Done very well recently. Not on silly wages I imagine. If we improve that area then fine but he is worth keeping.
  5. I heard he normally buys her bras for xmas D-Cups
  6. Hope he does but cant see it. Dont rate him at all
  7. I'd quite like to see a back 3 of borner hutchinson and iorfa
  8. I remember him well doing well when we played forest away. For some reason all our bad signings play well at forest away, like martias and abdi too.
  9. When I was bored i counted 11 player. 11 players that have let us down for years with theiracknof desire. I think that this is the problem to be honest.
  10. We miss a club culture of not accepting lack of effort and hunger from each other. No matter who we butx we wont progress until we address that
  11. Monk spot on. Players just dont seem hungry enough and don't have that burning desire to succeed.
  12. How many more managers are his set of players going to get sacked before the fans realise that it is the players fault?
  13. Top good for us at the moment
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