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  1. may be not a top one but a very good one.
  2. markg

    The Blavdes best ever chance to avenge BDM

    I think that most people aren't really embarrassed or disappointed by last night. More so that we are now in a position where we are such big under dogs when playing them considering where we were a couple of years ago. It didn't really last very long did it.
  3. markg

    Line up

    Wish this lad was still with us
  4. Only time I’ve ever needed one was during a derby match in Norway. The fjord escort was invaluable
  5. I agree to an extent but it must be hard for a young lad to go against the managers tactics when he has just found himself in the team.
  6. Thought that Jones has always done okay under Jos to be honest. He was the only one imo that did well against Wolves in the cup and was then nowhere to be seen.
  7. markg

    Pelupessy - that's quite enough

    He didn't really. He has flogged off most of the cheap bargains as they weren't good enough.
  8. markg

    Tom Lees

    Our best cb is pudil. Been negged loads for saying it but I still thinking. He does the simple things well
  9. markg


    Had a bad game like everyone else. I won’t judge wether he will make it as a top level player based on that to be honest
  10. I thought we were decent first half too. In a way it makes it more worrying for me that we end up like that after conceding one, it shows how fragile we are
  11. markg

    Time for a poll

    No need for the sarcastic tone is there? I went to qpr and Birmingham so was as frustrated as anyone. I get your point. Mine was that we can blame the manager and even replace him but we will be very quickly back to the same problems
  12. markg

    Time for a poll

    Typical of our fans to waste energy moaning about the manager. He could be doing better but surely he isn't the issue here. Look at our squad and what we are paying for tickets etc.
  13. blaming the wrong person.
  14. markg

    Venancio Back?

    Yeah I rated sasso too, especially in his second season he’d have been great in a back 3 too