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  1. Hopefully a weight off for him, such a strong person to do this. The phrase 'if you can see it, you can be it' is also incredibly important. There will be lots of young people who might have been put off going into the game because they didn't have anyone to help pave the way. Top man.
  2. He's probably not done it because he wants people to be bothered one way or another. It's probably because he was sick of hiding it and it will have been impact on his happiness / mental health. And to help future young players do the same
  3. I thought hinchcliffe was class. Can’t help getting injured
  4. Yep and none of them have worked. We are still crap
  5. Given how low we were not too long ago, I think he's done a brilliant job. Those in the game who know what he has to do will appreciate that. The job that he did at Donny was really good too.
  6. I've said it all along, when Moore leaves, it will be for a better job. Hope he stays
  7. They should take their passport off them, then we don't have to put up with them on holiday
  8. That's not true. We also aren't talking about history. We are talking about the present
  9. Most of the people having go at Rob would be moaning that journalists don't ask the questions that fans want answering when it comes to their own club
  10. No, I definitely didn't. I never really got the clamour for him. As I remember it, most on here did want him. He's a mardy arse scouse gobshyte
  11. : Amazing. I just read that and heard his voice in my head saying it.
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