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  1. Formation

    Ff was at right back for much of the first half
  2. Westwood in demand?

    As much as I think Wildsmith has done a good job i would still prefer us to get an experienced keeper in if Westwood goes. I still think that Wildsmith has a lot of mistakes in him and I wouldn't be comfortable with him in the big, high pressure games.
  3. I don't. Totally unforgivable
  4. Daily star today

    5m. Don't understand why the sum that Maguire may go far links with Lees at all
  5. Liverpool person on trial just for a change. etc....
  6. Sunderland tho..

    Hope they go down and glad that we’ve put a nail in the coffin. I stopped two Sunderland fans from weeing in someone’s garden when we played them earlier in the season. The older bloke with his son said ‘just go in that garden, it’s not like we will be playing them again anytime soon’ damn right you won’t you scummy Newcastle wanna be
  7. Richard Hawley

    Richard hawley is pretty commercialised really.
  8. Backs up what I thought. I could never remember him being prolific but I always assumed my mind was playing tricks on me.
  9. Dave and Who

    Who the fizz is Dave
  10. Home shirt out at beginning of the season. Crazy
  11. Our Highest Paid Player

    55kpw then