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  1. Maybe I've had an alright life all in all, but I genuinely think sat in the stands watching some of this stuff during this period is the most miserable I've ever been about anything.
  2. This is potentially the most exciting managerial move in my time supporting Sheffield Wednesday. Neither a tired name from the merry-go-round, nor an unknown punt, nor a glorified caretaker asked to steady a ship in difficult times. It’s such a weirdly and out of character positive move that I’m having difficulty seeing it come through. Maybe it won’t work out for them here and we’ll be their first wobble (predictably), but at least I’d love to see them given a go. They’d get time here too. Chansiri has been loyal to his staff to a fault previously and still seems to be only just learning to find a balance. I wonder if that may work in our favour compared to recent disloyalty shown by Huddersfield after firing Wagner, and then his replacement 2 games into the season.
  3. I am at the point with this squad where I wouldn’t be upset if anybody left. We’ve got good players I’d rather keep, but upset? Or even particularly bothered? I dunno. So many have question marks above their heads be it ability, motivation, suitability etc. One of the only players in this squad I’d actively go to bat for to defend is Liam Palmer which says a fair bit. Imagine still having any sort of attachment or personal investment in Forrestieri at this point. People do and it blows my mind.
  4. That Sheffield Wednesday fans can look at any opening set of fixtures and declare them as "easy" is absolutely baffling to me. I've been actively watching this club for about 25 years now and can comfortably count the number of memorably good starts on one hand.. with fingers to spare. Generally speaking, any Sheffield Wednesday start to the season has got a win, 2-3 draws and a couple of weird/frustrating defeats written allover it. You can only beat what you play. We've done so 3 times out of 4. And to be honest I think you can make a solid argument for all 3 of the sides we've beaten coming good later in the season. Reading appear to have already started. In general though I don't understand the clamour to name a manager in general, be it Bullen or anyone else. Bullen is the gaffer right now and that appears to be understood and appreciated quite clearly by the players. At least while things are heading in the right direction, why upset the apple cart or make commitments either way?
  5. New Stadium = Soulless bowl is a bit of an English problem, I think. Across Europe there are examples of more traditional new builds or rebuilds that don't just follow a flat pack template. Kaiserslautern, Mainz, FC Koln and Dortmund spring to mind from Germany. Even then I think it's something English clubs seem to be moving away from. On Hillsborough, I am generally in favour of considering options and I fully expect this to become a very real reality as soon as we achieve Premier League football. The direction of travel is heading that way and has been for years. The stadiums age and maintenance was bemoaned when we were skint, the Leppings Lane issue has reared its head even more publicly in recent years (and if you think this will remain "under the carpet" should we ever achieve PL football or play Liverpool regularly, you're mistaken) and we're all aware of the ongoing issues with SAG. That we have to make considerations to rows of terracing, or a river, or a dual carriageway, and people talk about buying up houses and turfing people out when we discuss structural changes to Hillsborough, should tell you everything you need to know. Hillsborough is our home but it's a stadium that causes us problems - whoever you wish to blame for them - and it's naïve to think we'll be in it forever.
  6. Yep. My main memories of the promotion season were that we weren't all that, but seemed to pull results together when we needed to. A run over Christmas/January, beating Hull away when were clinging onto the top 6 etc. Followed by real struggles in the Championship. But he got us up when we needed it. I stand by that I think a third season in League One at that time might have killed the club as we know it, so Cardiff is all that matters.
  7. I actually quite like Barnsley and always want them to do well. They're by an absolute mile the least offensive/weird of our neighbouring clubs. I find this boils their p*ss more than anything else. Love to see it. An odd but harmless bunch. I'm fairly confident of 3 points on Saturday though.
  8. I get the impression that for all intents and purposes the club are a bit over FF. Not officially, obviously, and of course he'll still have a part to play for us. But I think the days of him being indispensable or even a guaranteed starter might be done, and the trust that he can be out there for us week after week as part of a promotion chasing side just isn't there. Reach, Harris, Murphy and O'Dowda would put us in quite a firm position to sell FF at the next opportunity we get to do so without it being all that detrimental to our season.
  9. And other than England and Holland, there’s probably no nation on Earth more prone to wasting generational talent than Portugal! I’m not saying that specific example will happen. I just don’t think it’s beyond all reason that Joao still makes it big somewhere. As I say, he still has time and taken on his side, and I could absolutely see him going to France or Germany in his later 20’s and suddenly banging some goals in. Much stranger things have happened. Either way, it’s stuff we’ll ponder after he inevitably leaves here because I think it’s time for both parties.
  10. From near enough day one I’ve suspected Joao’s career would be moving on from us having done just OK, banging 20+ in a season somewhere in Europe in his mid-to-late 20’s, then ending up in the Premier League for about £30m at somewhere like West Ham or Everton. Still think that could well be on the cards, albeit via another Championship club first by the looks of it. Talented player, with all the attributes and time on his side to still make it big, but as someone said earlier in the thread he’s starting his 5th season with us today and still isn’t an obvious starter for us. Time for everybody to move on.. and probably wonder what the hell happened when he knocks a few in for Portugal at the next World Cup.
  11. And yet I’m supposed to swallow that Wayne Hennessy doesn’t know what a Nazi salute looks like. The games governance in this country isn’t fit for purpose at any level. I hope when the bubble bursts in this country it takes these c*nts with it.
  12. I genuinely think the aggressive levels of negativity around Liam Palmer is one of the weirdest things I've ever seen in my time supporting Sheffield Wednesday, and that's quite the achievement. Local lad. One club man outside of a loan spell. Committed player who'll do whatever job he's asked. Mainstay of a transition from relegation battlers to promotion contenders/hopefuls. International recognition. Approaching 300 appearances at mostly Championship level. Never seems to be banging the managers door down for massive money or transfers away. Give it a f*cking rest.
  13. How much of my post did you not read or understand to wind up at this conclusion?
  14. The Rhodes situation is very simple. Possibly one of the least complicated in the squad at the minute. Rhodes cost us a lot of money to buy and costs us a lot of money to keep, while appearing to be on a downward spiral in terms of his career and form. If a club comes in with a reasonable bid and agrees terms with the player then he'll leave (I suspect only the chairman's definition of "reasonable" is why he's still here now) In the event that that doesn't happen, then we have a striker on our hands with what remains a frightening scoring record at this level, who is too expensive to cast out to the reserves (and who probably doesn't deserve that anyway - Rhodes isn't McGugan). We therefore can't afford to do anything other than give him games, minutes and opportunities. You can also make a secondary argument that we seem to have made changes to the team and brought players in who are better suited to getting the best out of him. Either way - as things stand right now I believe he both will and should play. Perhaps the second point will lead to the first actually happening by the end of this window or in January.
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