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  1. sheffield_dave


    I don't think Joao has been helped by our lack of consistency upfront over the years. Nobody seems to have held down a pairing or partnership for long before rotation and/or injuries mix things up again. We're still waiting for players to come back who will complicate the issue again. He is however an undeniable threat. Thing is with Joao is he's one of those players who will attract interest if he goes on a run. Has got all the tools, just needs sustained success. With the transfer market the way it is now, letting Joao leave on a free would have been absolutely insane. 6 months of consistent Championship football or a handful of good games in the top flight - should we ever get there - rockets players value nowadays. I still believe Joao will leave here for a profit rather than for a loss or on a free.
  2. sheffield_dave

    World cup bid 2030

    This will probably get downvoted to hell, but the only way Sheffield will host World Cup football is if the City modernises itself and builds a top class facility for both clubs. The idea of modernising Hillsborough or Bramall Lane to compete with the other northern cities and clubs that haven't stood still for 20 years is a non-starter. Too much work, both to the grounds themselves and the surrounding areas. You also have two football clubs who I think would be receptive to it for perhaps the first time ever. We all know McCabe's property background, and I don't think taking control of the ground to lease back to United was an accident, especially not with all the other development going on down there. For our part, there's been a quiet level of speculation about our long term future at Hillsborough since Chansiri took over. Unless something dramatic happens, the idea of either club putting together a convincing case to host WC football at Hillsborough or Bramall Lane is pie in the sky stuff. It needs to be a Sheffield effort, where there's obvious leverage for us to host it. As I say though, it requires a level of modernisation and co-operation I don't expect from this City or its clubs. But it does make sense.
  3. sheffield_dave

    Man City at home 2002...

    Are you thinking of Hull at home in League One? They brought a ridiculous amount and I don’t think we expected it. Remember them still filtering into the ground all through the first half. They filled at least both tiers and the corner, and I seem to recall at least the end strip of seats of the North being segregated off as further overspill. Can’t remember if it was needed or not?
  4. sheffield_dave

    10 Games In...

    Exceeding expectations. In the conversation at the right end of the league. Raised my fair share of question marks about Jos and some of them I stand by, but credit where it’s due. Decent start that gives us something to build on.
  5. sheffield_dave

    Holte End

    No, I don’t want a closed shop. I want the big teams back. The novelty of watching smaller clubs go up and give it a shot wore off years ago. I think the product - because that’s what it is - is better if it’s got more of the big clubs in it. And some of them haven’t been in it for 20 years. It’s time for the balance to change again.
  6. sheffield_dave

    Holte End

    Firstly, I'm a neutral observer of the Premier League until such time as we are in it, and therefore my only interest in the division is as a product I find interesting to watch and follow. I'm not interested in sentimental sh*t, stories or merit. I want to see the biggest and best clubs in the country competing. I wouldn't watch much of what Sky serve up as a "Super Sunday" if it was going on in my back garden. Secondly, "there on merit". You sure about that? Does your version of "there on merit" include Bournemouth's breach of FFP the season they went up? As I alluded to, I'm not even a particular fan of Villa and I can't stand a single thing about Leeds, but I'll stand by the Premier League being a better competition and more interesting to me as a viewer with them (and others, including us) in it instead of some of the dross that's been there since.
  7. sheffield_dave

    Holte End

    It’s a weird one with Villa. On one hand, f*ck em. Tried to throw money at it and swing their weight about with no strategy or respect for the league and it’s backfired. Tough. On the other.. look at the f*cking state of the Premiership. Huddersfield vs Bournemouth and Cardiff vs Fulham. Enough is enough. I’m about ready even for Leeds to go up (as long as we aren’t too long waiting to follow).
  8. First year I'll give you - with the caveat that you can argue getting to Wembley and losing, while then proceeding to address none of the reasons why we lost, doesn't constitute "success". Winds me up when people say we had a good second year. An unbeaten run down the stretch to get us into the play-offs (and above the previous years points total, admittedly) hides the fact that for large parts of that season the football was dreadful, people weren't happy and for most of the season it genuinely felt "different".. not right.. like a regression in many ways. There were massive question marks throughout the second season over tactics, positions that still weren't properly addressed, players coming in and not contributing, the direction and identity of the team.. Then we utterly surrendered the play-offs. Rolled the dice with a high risk gameplan for the first leg that didn't pay off with a gutless non-display during the second. Carlos' tenure for me is quite simple. Some good, some bad, lots and lots of confusion, frustration and question marks that arguably still effect us approaching a year after he's gone.
  9. sheffield_dave

    Matt Penney

    He's young, English, naturally left footed, is a defender who seems equally happy to get up and down to attack, can take a set piece.. Expecting him to be flawless at this stage is missing the point. He's 6-12 months of first team Championship football away from being worth serious coin, even if he's not played perfect every week. If he was at United I think there would already be rumours about Prem interest. They have a pedigree of bringing players through that we don't (yet), only takes a couple of high profile sales and players kicking on to change that perception.
  10. sheffield_dave

    BREAKING: Sheffield Wednesday agree BBC commentary deal

    Yes, and? What's your point? Tell you what, I'm a lot less miserable than I would have been if I'd paid for a years subscription that I now don't need because the club have climbed down from an already questionable decision, leaving me out of pocket again as a result of this clubs "business" strategy.
  11. sheffield_dave

    BREAKING: Sheffield Wednesday agree BBC commentary deal

    "Deal". Right. There's absolutely no chance the BBC will have come to us with the begging bowl to offer us more money than any of the other clubs. So at best we've got the same deal, but also potentially less. How does the iFollow work payment wise? Has anyone paid an annual sub for this on the basis of not having Radio Sheffield?
  12. If you plan on giving a player only 15 minutes you don’t start him. No manager plans for first half substitutions. Dont know where that rumour has come from but what nonsense.
  13. sheffield_dave

    What is the furthest out..

    I was going to say his volley at home to Coventry but this might be further out.
  14. sheffield_dave

    Pete McKee Kop Banner

    I like McKee’s stuff but not Goo Designs. Either way, it’s brilliant to see local artists (whatever their trade) embraced by the club. I always find Sheffield to be a bit insular with its own produce (not intended as a bad thing either) so I think it’s fun to see the club embrace more of this stuff. Especially in the face of some of the other decisions the club has made over the last few years.
  15. Genuinely flattered but I'm far more eloquent on here (and that's saying summat). Particularly keeping "need to not be confrontational" in mind.. How have these meetings gone down in the past? Are they legitimately worthwhile in terms of directly influencing changes that have actually happened around the place?