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  1. Adthe Nuhiu Stats, Facts and Figures...

    You're right that we need to reduce the numbers. I just don't agree Nuhiu is or should be the one for the chop. I doubt Winnall will play for us again. I think Fletcher would be off if we could find a club to take on his wages, and I think FFP will force our hand on actively shopping Rhodes around. I'd also figure Atdhe would be comfortably the lowest wage earner of that lot, while also being arguably our closest thing to a genuinely different option. I actually don't see the sense in letting him go.
  2. Adthe Nuhiu Stats, Facts and Figures...

    He's the only one of our senior out of contract players I'd give a new contract at the end of the season. Infact I'd have him around for as long as we're a Championship club. Say what you want about Nuhiu - and people frequently do - but he clearly understands his role in the squad, is never going to upset the apple cart, doesn't command big wages, seems immensely popular off the field and never gives less than his all on it. He remains a unique player at this level that still causes problems for other teams and he's been an absolute warrior during difficult times this year. We could allow him to walk for nothing but I think we'd regret it. Much like I think it's typical that we've badly missed Semedo's infectious enthusiasm, experience and professionalism in the one season where we've probably needed him at this level, as soon as we decide to get rid. People will say we need to do better and they might be right from a pure ability standpoint. But we've tried assembling an expensive collection of "better" forwards than Nuhiu and I'd get rid of a couple of those sooner than I would him.
  3. Did they swallow it? Moving to the Olympic Stadium has had a weird air about it from the moment they announced they were doing it. I'm not sure most West Ham fans truly wanted it. The end of Upton Park was one step below being an event of national mourning and there's been an air of disconnect and discontent in the new place since they moved in. There's been talk of feeling "lost" and thinking that putting some claret and blue paint around the place would make it feel like home for the entire time they've played there. Some fans will have been convinced of the project as time went on by talk of trading Upton Park for better and more successful football, but Gold, Sullivan and Brady's spectacular failure to deliver that just further strengthens my point regarding the justifiable frustration the fans must be feeling. Like most neutrals I'm no great lover of West Ham specifically (beyond how much they still get under our neighbours skin just by existing), but they're undeniably a "proper" football club and I think their grievances are ones many fans from many clubs are also voicing at various levels of noise; including us. I see the media's continued failure to acknowledge the wider issue as an attack on fans of all clubs, not just West Ham.
  4. I sympathise with West Hams fans entirely. What are supporters supposed to do when they reach boiling point? When they say they've had enough? Modern football has cornered and demonised huge groups of traditional football supporters and fair play to West Ham fans for standing up to it. They've had the heart and soul of their club ripped out. Taken out of their home to rent an athletics stadium so they can fit a few more London day trippers in.
  5. No Almen Abdi today

    Now you've said that I think it's Phil Scott I was thinking of. We've had that many crocked parasites over the years it's hard to keep track.
  6. No Almen Abdi today

    This generations Scott Oakes and Simon Donnelly.
  7. Massive? Really?

    I don't even think "massive" was anything to do with United, was It? Infact I seem to recall it having more to do with Charlton. I recall there being a period in League One where we couldn't go a week without a fan of some club or another registering on here to tell us how not massive we were, with Charlton being one of the weirdest offenders. Pigs picked up on it because.. Well, of course they did. They've never had an original thought in their history.
  8. Short sighted thinking. Sheffield Wednesday in a nutshell, really. Infact that's Sheffield in a nutshell isn't it. Got to give it to both Wednesday and United, we're both reflections of the city. Lets see who has a better career over the next 20 years, George Hirst or Sheffield Wednesday.
  9. Can only score against what's infront of you. Why do we reserve this attitude of "you've only played youth games so you can't play for the first team" for Hirst? Its insane. We are DESPERATE for players to come in and give us fresh impetus. Clare has come in and given us the only real positive energy in the team right now. Why are we holding Hirst at arms length over this ridiculous flapping about him only having scored at youth level before? This will cost Sheffield Wednesday both in the long and short term.
  10. "if he wasn't David's lad" is becoming a meme on here. It's absolute drivel. Remove the name if you want to, and if it makes you feel better. Lets look at it independently. We have a young English striker who has scored goals at a fantastic rate at every single level he has played at throughout his development, including several levels of the English national side set up. We are a second division team that struggles for goals, is on utterly dismal form and faces the very real prospect of relegation. Other players called up from the same youth system have come in and looked promising, contributing with fine performances and even the odd goal in trying to help the team. The way this situation has been handled by the club is f*cking disgraceful. Chansiri likes to talk about business when it comes to fleecing fans for the disgustingly priced, exploitive ticket and merchandise. Maybe he should stop running it like a two-bit, mickey mouse operation in every other way then.
  11. The Injuries

    Again, also agree.
  12. The Injuries

    Those mentioning recruitment, I agree with you. I might not have specifically said It, but my point about having £20m worth of players available to still produce this, even in the event of an injury crisis, is not a good thing or any sort of positive to our recruitment. I also think it's worth bearing in mind the low bar I stated in terms of remaining "competitive" in this league, and I stand by it. We have survived and gone about our business at this level before with less than what we lined up with tonight. It's not good enough, that team isn't good enough and individual players are no longer good enough. But I stand by tonight's starting line-up had enough about it to at least compete for the points. Somewhere along the line be it players not putting their all in, or poor performance from the managerial team, this isn't all about the injuries anymore. Instead, everyone has apparently just given up.
  13. The Injuries

    I posted something similar in the line up threads earlier, so I apologise if I'm repeating myself. This season has been an absolute disaster and the injuries have been insurmountable, of that there's no question. I actually fancied us to finish outside the top 6 this year before a ball was even kicked, but the injuries made it (or even a top half finish) a total impossibility. However, we've pretty much spent ourselves into an FFP corner for the "luxury" of being able to field a competitive team in this league even with such ridiculous injuries, so at a certain point it ceases to be an excuse. Tonight's team is a perfect example. Wildsmith - Lead to believe is one of two highly rated young keepers. It's a luxury position for us Palmer - 162 appearances for us, almost all at Championship level Tom Lees - best defender at the club. Probably second highest value assets behind FF. Glenn Loovens - Club captain. Years of experience, including Champions League Morgan Fox - Sh*t and shouldn't be here. Bizzare signing. George Boyd - Bags of experience. Played almost every game in the Prem last year. David Jones - Captained teams to promotions at this level and played in Prem Jacob Butterfield - Woeful. Half of one of the worst transfers in our recent history Adam Reach - £5m player Jordan Rhodes - £10m player. THE Championship forward of the last decade. Had scored more goals than Aguero in the 5 years before we signed him. Atdhe Nuhiu - Is what he is, but has generally served us well in the Championship for many years Bench - at least another £5m+ between Joao, Pelupussey, Abdi and Pudil Prior to Chansiri arriving, that's more experience, proven quality and sheer money in transfers and wages than we've had in the preceding 15 years. I wonder what Mick McCarthy would do to be able to have £20m worth of players still available to him in a squad? And his club captain playing. And a player with the scoring pedigree of Rhodes. Fox and Butterfield are garbage. Boyd and Reach are generally a bit out of position. Loovens legs have gone. Its not our first team and we are low on confidence. All true. But why the F*CK are we THIS bad? That team should be able to compete at Championship level. And I don't mean push for the play-offs or even the top half. I mean compete. Not finish games with 0 shots on target. Not p*ss about with it at the back like a kids team. PUT SOME F*CKING EFFORT IN. I mean the absolute BASELINE minimum of being able to compete in the division. It's utter garbage. Absolute garbage. The Injuries excuse has to stop. We have an injury "crisis" that still allows us to field some of our most experienced and expensive players in 20 years for what had become a must win game at home to Ipswich Town. And they cant show up for it. The whole thing stinks. Absolutely stinks. And we can carry on hiding behind excuses and self pity while we patch ourselves up for League One. What's left should be better and everybody involved with delivering it is failing.
  14. Another awful line up

    I agree, and I'm not saying this is a good team by any stretch. It obviously isn't, there are glaring gaps and some are out of position or being asked to do jobs they can't do. But other than our fully fit first team over the last 2 and a half years, tonight's line-up is still the most expensively assembled and experienced starting 11 we've had since we got relegated from the Prem. If the transfer fees are justified, if the wages are being truly "earnt", if the experience comes through.. then that starting line-up SHOULD be able to go into a home game against Ipswich town and get some sort of result. And it should be able to against Bolton. I don't know if it's the players or the coaching and management why we can't feel more confident in that starting 11, but either way I'm f*cking sick of making excuses for it. We need to start picking up 3 points and I expect that team and this manager to do something the f*ck about it.
  15. Another awful line up

    I mean.. There is at least £15m worth of players, the club captain, our best defender and one of our highest value assets, our summer signing who started almost every game in the Prem a year ago, experience of promotions from this league, a supposedly highly rated young goalkeeper.. Yes it's not our first team but I'm sick of hearing excuses. If the team is set up and right and the players are on it there's enough there to be competitive in this league. About time some sorted themselves the f*ck out.