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  1. His main contribution for me at the minute is reminding me that Blades fans used to call him “Forresty Hairy”. I’ll need that reminder that they’ll always be a set of weird, humourless freaks when they’re at home to Real Madrid next year.
  2. Can’t disagree with the latter half of your post. You’re right. That said, it remains something people are passionate about. People spend a LOT of money doing it. And - probably more importantly than the money - time. People dedicate their time following this sport, this team, allover and wherever, season in season out and for years. We’ve had worse teams than this and been in worse spots as a club, but I don’t think I’ve ever felt as utterly insulted by a football “team” as this. A group of pathetic, weak, spineless charlatans who I’m utterly convinced have repeatedly downed tools during their time here.
  3. I won't happen, but it would be nice if he resigned and immediately called the players out on it. This is the most pitiful, loathesome Wednesday "team" I've ever seen, and that includes everything from the last 20-25 years.
  4. People are giving far too much of a pass to the players here. This is the most spineless, gutless Sheffield Wednesday team I've ever seen. The idea that this lot will pick up a wage this week makes me feel sick. To a man - I cannot wait to see the back of them. Every single one. F*ck off.
  5. A fair point and I had the same concerns after Wembley. I remember being sat watching that Villa game to start the season and after about 20 minutes thinking something felt “off”. I also recall making the play-offs masking what was actually a pretty poor season, with a notable change in style of how this team played. Huddersfield was the categorical point when Carlos/certain players should have gone, but the signs were absolutely there at Wembley.
  6. Huddersfield in the play-offs. That was the time. The natural cut off point for Carlos and most of this group. As others have alluded to above a lot of fans saw this as soon as the final whistle blew. Chansiri didn’t and we’ve been living with the consequences since. Personally I think almost every problem we have right now ultimately stems from the lack of action after that. It’s a team that’s carried a play-off hangover for 3 years.
  7. I keep seeing this take and it shocks me every time. What are people watching that leads you to say we’re “average”? This is f*cking atrocious.
  8. In all honesty I’m not that interested in seeing FF whatever the position is. I am done with The Fernando Forrestieri Experience, and this constant wait for a spark we’ve not seen for 4 years ahead of the next absence.
  9. Probably has. And for some of these players it’ll be the 3rd manager they’ll have stopped playing for. Says plenty. Rotten bunch. Not a single player currently at SWFC will be missed. Whoever your favourite player is, needs to get gone.
  10. Maybe I've had an alright life all in all, but I genuinely think sat in the stands watching some of this stuff during this period is the most miserable I've ever been about anything.
  11. This is potentially the most exciting managerial move in my time supporting Sheffield Wednesday. Neither a tired name from the merry-go-round, nor an unknown punt, nor a glorified caretaker asked to steady a ship in difficult times. It’s such a weirdly and out of character positive move that I’m having difficulty seeing it come through. Maybe it won’t work out for them here and we’ll be their first wobble (predictably), but at least I’d love to see them given a go. They’d get time here too. Chansiri has been loyal to his staff to a fault previously and still seems to be only just learning to find a balance. I wonder if that may work in our favour compared to recent disloyalty shown by Huddersfield after firing Wagner, and then his replacement 2 games into the season.
  12. I am at the point with this squad where I wouldn’t be upset if anybody left. We’ve got good players I’d rather keep, but upset? Or even particularly bothered? I dunno. So many have question marks above their heads be it ability, motivation, suitability etc. One of the only players in this squad I’d actively go to bat for to defend is Liam Palmer which says a fair bit. Imagine still having any sort of attachment or personal investment in Forrestieri at this point. People do and it blows my mind.
  13. That Sheffield Wednesday fans can look at any opening set of fixtures and declare them as "easy" is absolutely baffling to me. I've been actively watching this club for about 25 years now and can comfortably count the number of memorably good starts on one hand.. with fingers to spare. Generally speaking, any Sheffield Wednesday start to the season has got a win, 2-3 draws and a couple of weird/frustrating defeats written allover it. You can only beat what you play. We've done so 3 times out of 4. And to be honest I think you can make a solid argument for all 3 of the sides we've beaten coming good later in the season. Reading appear to have already started. In general though I don't understand the clamour to name a manager in general, be it Bullen or anyone else. Bullen is the gaffer right now and that appears to be understood and appreciated quite clearly by the players. At least while things are heading in the right direction, why upset the apple cart or make commitments either way?
  14. New Stadium = Soulless bowl is a bit of an English problem, I think. Across Europe there are examples of more traditional new builds or rebuilds that don't just follow a flat pack template. Kaiserslautern, Mainz, FC Koln and Dortmund spring to mind from Germany. Even then I think it's something English clubs seem to be moving away from. On Hillsborough, I am generally in favour of considering options and I fully expect this to become a very real reality as soon as we achieve Premier League football. The direction of travel is heading that way and has been for years. The stadiums age and maintenance was bemoaned when we were skint, the Leppings Lane issue has reared its head even more publicly in recent years (and if you think this will remain "under the carpet" should we ever achieve PL football or play Liverpool regularly, you're mistaken) and we're all aware of the ongoing issues with SAG. That we have to make considerations to rows of terracing, or a river, or a dual carriageway, and people talk about buying up houses and turfing people out when we discuss structural changes to Hillsborough, should tell you everything you need to know. Hillsborough is our home but it's a stadium that causes us problems - whoever you wish to blame for them - and it's naïve to think we'll be in it forever.
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