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  1. At this point I’m not sure it matters. He’s been complicit and clearly played his part in trying to engineer a situation that absolutely screws us over and does the best for himself, all in favour of joining a club whose fans don’t want anything to do with him. He could end up staying and take us up. He can still go and f*ck himself, for me.
  2. I think they’re bang on with it yeah. Bruce’s reputation in football stinks at the minute. I think his record in the Championship has exempted him from being as toxic as McLaren and Pardew, but after Villa and stitching us up, I think he’s going to struggle when he inevitably gets binned off by Ashley. Newcastle is absolutely his last shot at the Prem - or should be.
  3. Would taking an injunction out against Bruce impact our ability to replace him? Im not greatly familiar with how it turned out at Palace. Im a petty man. We’ll have that month back the spineless snake took from us.
  4. How many games at Newcastle until his big red stress eye blows up and he looks like a baboons arse? I’ll say 4. F*ck him. Cretin.
  5. There's quite a lot of this going on it seems. I'd imagine circumstances make the timing of announcing things a little more "creative" and weird this year than you'd normally expect.
  6. I remember the BBC crowned it the UK's sporting capital or something a couple of years ago. That freak title win and Gary Linekar have a f*cking lot to answer for. What else is there? A rugby team?
  7. Why? Because the Premier League club turned up waving its wee pipe and its money around? If a club values its young talent then it reserves the right to protect said talent as one of its assets. The issue of the 1 year on the contract was between SWFC and George Hirst. The issue here is that there is a system in place where the Premier League club in this example is able to circumvent rules and payments, to sign the player for one of its owned clubs in a foreign country where the same rules and payments aren't applicable, then transfer the player "in house" to the Premier League club a year later. I suggest you strap on your big boy pants and try and understand that latter point if you want to discuss the issue on here, instead of this patronising b*llocks that we should have accepted whatever pocket change Leicester threw at us because you think that's how football works.
  8. Hah. As I say, I have mixed views. But I can see the logic here. I’m convinced Bruce did most of his homework for this job at Wembley which is a damning but predictable statement on our business since. He’s come in and immediately identified our need for fullbacks and pace, addressing both within a day of being here in January and continuing to do so this summer. Some steel in the middle is the third major one, and I personally trust Bruce to identify the right man. As I say, an available fit for a specific problem.
  9. Mixed views, but I don’t hate it. This team has had a soft underbelly for years. Other than pace, our lack of ability to get hold of a game in the middle of the park (when Hutch isn’t playing) has probably been the number one complaint since Wembley. This feels like a logical and attainable solution to a very specific problem.
  10. I'd be more excited if it wasn't for the fact we constantly go through this same song and dance. It's Abdi now, was McGugan before, who is the next crock we can't wait to shift because we gave him some sort of outrageous contract? As for worst ever signings, I still think relative to our finances and position at the time that Francis Jeffers takes the cake. £750k wasn't it, at a time where we barely seemed to have £7.50 to keep the leccy on. And he was garbage.
  11. It really is. This is easily the most I've trusted a Wednesday manager in probably over 20 years. Maybe since when Big Ron came in for the SOS job in 98 (?). What an absolute shame he's here for what seems like testing times for the club in general. What indication have you seen or heard that we'll ever see Van Aken again? Perhaps we should be doing a little more reading between the lines on some of the players already here with who Bruce wants.
  12. It's a reflection of the market. The riches of the Premier League have had a warped side effect that it's strengthened the bargaining position of the selling clubs. Manchester United are a good example. They've so far managed a winger from Swansea and a right back from Palace who has only played 1 season of first team football. That used to be the sort of bread and butter business they'd have sewn up by the first weekend in June before proceeding to their bigger targets. That business now sets them back £65m and about 4-5 weeks of negotiating with a Championship club and Crystal Palace. Arsenal are currently struggling to get a left back out of the SPL. Championship clubs can stick a £30m price tag on a player and not only do so with a straight face, but reasonably expect someone to actually pay it. It's bonkers and not at all sustainable. We are now in a "Premier League 2" scenario in all but name.
  13. The lack of pace in this squad has been our downfall for years. I think there is a remarkably obvious example of your exact point there in the home semi final against Huddersfield. Sometimes you just need a release valve. Someone who can just bolt after it and get you 50 yards up and out of your own 20 yard line. As daft as it sounds, I think if we had Jermaine Johnson - or someone of the same ilk - to bring on for the last 20 minutes of that Huddersfield game then we win it and go into a final against Reading. Even if Harris is a one trick pony, it's one trick we've missed for four years and in my opinion has probably cost us promotion.
  14. Ah yes, for the chance to get absolutely mullered by a City XI. If a competition only becomes exciting/relevant once you get to the semi's or final, and hope you don't lose a first leg 7-0 first, then it's not worth bothering with.
  15. We are past the point of needing to put this competition out of its misery. A waste of everybody's time.
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