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  1. Take Alexanderson out of that team and our current side would beat them.
  2. Westwood and Palmer are the only out of contract players I'd keep. I'd keep Lee if it's on some sort of heavily reduced contract based on how much he actually plays. Maybe with an option to convert it back to a proper deal on his previous terms if he's available for a % of games in the first half of the season. The type of contract I'm not sure even exists and which he almost certainly wouldn't take even if it did. Fantasy land stuff, which means with a heavy heart he's probably gone. I'd be actively shopping FF.
  3. I wonder why Steve is choosing to make a song and dance about this now - with his team currently outside the play-offs and outsiders to win them even if they sneak in - rather than in August when clubs were starting the season on an even keel (and when we specifically didn't/couldn't sign anybody) It's almost like he's panicking about the sustainability of his club without the Premiership teet to suck.. Same attitude and school of thought as Phil Gartside at Bolton with his closed shop rhetoric while they were up there. Sucks for the fans but honestly, who cares. I'm utterly bored of the "it'd be terrible to see clubs go" line and actively think it's about time some of them did if there's any hope of fixing the game. Sounds like Gibson is seeing what's happened at Bolton and is having some sleepless nights about it. Good.
  4. JJ was the master of this long before Nuhiu. We just couldn't do anything about it because when JJ went "New Contract Mode" he became head and shoulders our most important player.. usually in relegation battles.. and there was no chance we could replace him back then. We should be above sudden flourishes of form now. A new contract for Matias shouldn't be under any consideration at the club.
  5. That you can think of individual games that might be the difference between us making the top 6 or not is one hell of an indicator of the job Bruce has done. Ultimately Jos was such a disaster that chucking points away against West Brom, Norwich etc shouldn’t mean anything. He’s dragged us into a position where we can now look at those games and consider them costly.
  6. People need to consider our overall situation before writing off players like Penney. Our days of carrying 2 first team calibre/ready players for every position are over. Penney is young, versatile and naturally left footed - which makes him worth sticking with. We're probably going to need players like Penney, who we know can come in, give their all and do a job in rounding out a full Championship squad, while we spend any little money we do have on areas of greater importance than left back. Can see him becoming similar to Palmer's role for us. Maligned and written off by plenty, but a useful and committed player who might grind himself out a bigger role if he gets the chances to develop and learn.
  7. It's about time people grew up and stopped being stood there fiddling with handfuls of change. Good move by the club. Get rid of the pocket fumblers.
  8. Hillsborough has two stands that would need knocking down and rebuilding in order to meet "modern standards", one of which is literally built onto a pile of mud. The North would require huge redevelopment of the areas behind and around the stand. There are big questions around parking and accessibility, and it sits on a piece of land that has been severely flooded within our lifetime. And - as much as people don't like hearing it - the name of our stadium is regularly followed immediately by the word "Disaster" in much of the public eye. We're also seeing Bramall Lane selected more for various levels of international football. Whatever you think about womens football, Bramall Lane will be hosting international football this year. And do you think they'll sit still on redevelopment if they get promoted? Are people happy about that while they sit and point at our plans that weren't realistic for a World Cup that never happened? Leaving Hillsborough will be a horrible, gut wrenching day, but I think it's absolutely delusional to think the club shouldn't consider moving or that Hillsborough will be our home forever. It's possible to be both emotionally attached to Hillsborough and hate the idea of leaving it, while also recognising that almost all logic points to us being better off if we moved.
  9. Which personally I think is part of the problem.
  10. Bruce has made numerous public comments about the teams injury record, and he's notoriously a manager for whom trust seems to be a big deal. I think it's fairly obvious that Palmer will get a decent renewal, in terms of both money and contract length, and Matias will be on his bike.
  11. Antonio's no slouch don't get me wrong but I don't know if he was quite the same fit or role. Helan spent a lot of time at left back. Again, not really the same forward outball. In all 3 cases you're talking about 3, 4, 5 years on without replacing a single one of them. I genuinely think you can pin the Huddersfield play off defeat on our lack of a player with that sort of genuine pace just as much as you can pin Wembley on the lack of any battle or experience in the middle. That we've never addressed either since is a joke.
  12. We've not addressed it since JJ left. It's utterly ridiculous and it does cost us games.
  13. An American sports system wouldn’t work unless you restructured the entire game and closed it off to the rest of world football. The NHL and NFL are closed shops and the way the college system feeds players into them isnt realistic for football. As for our Premier League aspirations? Chelsea are a super club. There are another 5 like them. Nobody else matters. Everyone else is disposable. The rest of the league is garbage and a waste of time. Only 7 teams in the league have a goal difference over 0 and more than half the division is competing every year only for the sake of still being there. That should give every team in the Championship hope that they can go up and stay up, while also raising the question why should anybody bother or care.
  14. It’s the FA Cup, and in that situation today we were the underdog looking to cause a cupset. As fans of the smaller club you don’t want to be patronised but I think it’s only fair you expect your share of the coverage. You are - or should be - the reason that games on telly in the first place. The Beebs problem is that they’re second class citizens compared to Sky and BT, and so any opportunity to get “The Big 6” on BBC1, they’re going to take it. And the coverage becomes all about them. Honestly for what worth it is listening to Lawro and his baffling, clueless comments about individual players he has no clue about, I’d be OK with them saying nothing.
  15. I think the more time passes the more ridiculous the whole thing is. Some of it is delusional. Some of it is contradictory. Some of it is just straight up b*llocks.
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