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  1. Thank you! Same to you and yours, and everyone else on Owlstalk
  2. Jagielka’s seen them coming hasn’t he. Potter about a bit with the odd cameo that he wouldn’t get anywhere else, all under the guise of helping out “his club” with his experience, on £50k+ per week.
  3. He went for the bold “I’ll just attack everyone for not spending enough and question them as fans as a result” approach. Lets see if it pays off!
  4. I used to know a lad who was quite heavily involved in FC United from the offset. There isn’t and has never been a great desire for FC United to climb the leagues or an expectation of promotions to the football league, as there will have been at a project like Salford for example. The club is built around a community charter and primarily exists to give a couple of thousand fans an alternative to the modern Manchester United experience. A Wednesday alternative (which I’d hope would simply be called The Wednesday Football Club) would love or die based on expectations, I guess. If peop
  5. I think I might just set up a direct debit that siphons off a percentage of my wage every month, say 40%, directly to SWFC, with no expectation of any return or value. I’ll also make clear to Chansiri that I’ll happily throw more in when he decides his personal cash flow can’t manage it all, or when he has to sack another manager and staff after 10 games, or when the contracts he offered need paying. That’s what “fans” and “supporters” are for, isn’t it. Not like all you wretched “customers” who only spend what you want and what you can afford based on what value you’re getting for y
  6. There was discussion on this forum about putting statues up for Mandaric and/or Chansiri just for buying the club. The idea that we are any more or less easy to please than any other fans doesn’t sit right with me. Fans of every club in the country have concerns over ticket prices etc.
  7. This is the worst thing he’s said in his time here, and there’s some stiff competition for that. It’s the embodiment of footballs view that being able to rely on “fans” and “supporters” cash indefinitely based on emotion, is fundamentally different to other businesses where customers won’t pay or will expect refunds for a service or product as shoddy as Sheffield Wednesday currently is. If that’s the distinction he wants to make then so be it. I’ll de-classify myself as a fan in favour of being one of his customers, and will thus be voting with my wallet like I do everywh
  8. It’s important that this is known and that there isn’t a narrative that everybody loved him from the off. I was at one of the first meetings he had with any fans, about the box pricing fiasco, and there were major red flags even from that. He came across as one of the most stubborn men I’ve ever met. It had the feel of “this will either work or badly won’t” even then. You can also trace much of what we are seeing today to right after that final whistle blew at Wembley. We made an absolute pigs ear out of any recruitment or strategy in the summer after Wembley and throug
  9. Moses is extremely far down the list of reasons why we are in the mess we are in. A 30 second look at the front page of this forum will tell you that the rest of the team, management and ownership are being looked at and scrutinised. Players do however have to shoulder responsibility for their own actions. As I said, the fans are desperate to see *something* from this team that shows it’s up for the relegation fight. We’re not seeing it on the pitch. Players laughing and joking with the opposition after they’ve scored is only going to look one way. As my interest in footbal
  10. Liverpool can rely on sheer quality to see them through to Premier League and Champions League trophies. Klopp has won Liverpool the pot they’ve most coveted for 30 years and has therefore secured a lifetime of well wishes at one of the biggest clubs in the world. We are a badly assembled Championship team currently bottom of the league and 7 points adrift of safety. In the absence of just about any quality, we are entirely reliant on a fighting spirit and being competitive enough in games to somehow fight and claw our way to safety. Even if you take Moses’ explanation at
  11. I think we’ll miss him. I think we’ve missed Semedo. I think we’ve missed Jermaine Johnson. Players who were absolutely due to leave in terms of ability, sure, but brought other qualities. For whatever reason this club has had a serious problem (or a complete failure) to replace characters, leaders and players of impact under Chansiri’s ownership. This team feels like an empty vessel and I don’t rate our chances of that improving. Not ideal ahead of a season that looks like it might be an attritional uphill battle from Day 1.
  12. This is honestly why I would be OK if the entire football structure collapses and we have to start again in some form. Greed, greed, greed. F*ck you, I got mine. Where's our slice of the cash. All this during an unprecedented global pandemic which is taking lives.
  13. The geopolitical fallout from this will be life changing. I said in an earlier post that this was probably the worlds most seismic event since WW2 and I think there will be broadly similar political repercussions from this. You would hope that the international efforts required to quash this, would shine fresh light on the need for co-operation and peace over isolation and nationalism; especially with climate change still needing to be addressed. In reality I suspect things will entrench even deeper in the opposite direction.
  14. This is a global event that none of us have ever experienced before. Other than those precious few who can still remember WW2, I’m not sure if anybody alive today will have experienced anything as seismic as this, in terms of global reach, impact or potential threat to our way of life? 9/11 is the only one that even comes close in my lifetime and even then I think we’re already past that, with the worse believed to be on the way. The season should be cancelled. When and whether we can/should give Liverpool a title parade should literally be the last thing the county is thinking ab
  15. You people are frightening. To who exactly are you trying to point score or impress with these opinions?
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