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  1. I listened to both our commentaries this week. The quality of Talksport's coverage of anything outside the Premier League is trash tier, and even then they're mostly interested in winding up Spurs and Man U fans. They barely knew any of the players positions, nevermind where they're apparently imminently heading.
  2. sheffield_dave

    I’m f*cking p*ssed off

    We keep running into this don't we. Never a good sign. I've moaned before on here that Wednesday fans don't know when to let go. We enter a mass panic whenever players are linked away, where for other clubs it's just a normal part of following the team. Maybe this is why. We frequently let players go - rightly so because of diminishing involvement - yet find ourselves bemoaning about never replacing them whether it's a few weeks, a few months or even full seasons later. Semedo is a big one. We all knew he wasn't good enough for a promotion push and nobody really complained too loudly about him leaving. Fast forward 12 months and suddenly we're shrugging our shoulders and looking around for help from anybody who could provide that same experience and calm stability around the place, as everybody seems to be setting their mind to just staying in the division; a job I think he might still have done for us more than some in this team. It honestly goes back. Did we ever replace Jermaine Johnson? Have we had anybody in any position at the club with his raw, explosive pace since he left? Why not? It's been years. Would Jeremy Helan be at least some sort of solution to our current "issue" with wingbacks? I'm not pining for those players as individuals to come back. But we lose qualities and attributes and just don't replace them, and it's honestly been happening for years. Lost pace not replaced. Lost experience and leadership not replaced. No wonder we sh*t ourselves about players leaving.
  3. sheffield_dave

    I’m f*cking p*ssed off

    I think it’s always important to keep these sort of anecdotes in mind. Owlstalk isn’t the entire fanbase and I think it’s easy to pass “us” off as an echo chamber. The issues we moan about don’t just effect Owlstalk users. Many of the most effected by the policy changes under DC’s tenure, either because they can’t afford it or can’t justify affording it, don’t post here.
  4. sheffield_dave

    I’m f*cking p*ssed off

    I think the Westwood situation and the current defence are interlinked. Dawson and Wildsmith are both good goalkeepers with immense potential. Arguably both should be playing somewhere for somebody. Dawson was the difference between a 2-0 defeat against a good side today and a complete hammering. But given the current state of our defence, Westwood’s experience and ability to communicate and organise is missed. Its catch 22. We do right by the young lads to give them game time, but risk massively letting them down by giving them an impossible task after ignoring the shambolic state of our ever changing, unsettled and inexperienced/out of position/low quality back line.
  5. sheffield_dave

    I’m f*cking p*ssed off

    Do you disagree with any of the content of the opening post, or any of the other criticisms of the Chairman that have been made over the last 12-18 months, on the basis that we lost at Wembley?
  6. sheffield_dave

    I’m f*cking p*ssed off

    Trust me mate I always keep such times in mind when considering the clubs current situation. Ive tried to be careful with my words there with that in mind. I’m not suggesting it’s worse. But it’s bad. In different ways. And in terms of my personal connection to this football club, I don’t actually know if it’s any better. I feel really disconnected right now. I’ve never felt less interested in this football club than I do right now and that’s something that’s been building for a while, not necessarily connected to what’s on the pitch. And in some ways I do feel that is more so than the Allen and following years of limbo.
  7. sheffield_dave

    I’m f*cking p*ssed off

    Honestly if I’d read someone else post this I’d be the same - had a good laugh at someone hammering away at their phone with a big fat swollen head absolutely apoplectic. Then the depressing realisation of what’s put kicks in.
  8. sheffield_dave

    Perspective needed - no need to freak out yet

    With due respect, that we are at this point and how we have got to it, while continuing to be financially exploited to watch the most expensive football in the division, is why people are annoyed. Saying “once the fans accept it” sounds like asking people to just quietly ignore the failings of the rest of the club while accepting how bad it’s all become. And, of course, to shut up and put up whilst funding it. I get what you’re saying but it’s more complex than that. Today’s frustration isn’t just because we lost 2-0 to a very good side.
  9. sheffield_dave

    I’m f*cking p*ssed off

    There is a sizeable portion of our fanbase that is prepared to accept absolutely anything - other than criticism of the Chairman - on the basis that we had a day out 3 seasons ago. That we lost. Its a losers mentality, and I think it’s incredibly dangerous for the football club. I wonder when it will end. For how many years that credit will last. Will people still be thanking the Chairman for that 1-0 defeat if we go down?
  10. Jos in or out.. what’s going on with the formations.. embargoes.. wages.. iFollow.. price of going.. memberships.. What a f*cking mess. Right now this football club is absolutely garbage and the experience of supporting it is trash. The football is crap. We have no identity. We’ve got a manager with all the personality of a pile of socks who doesn’t know what he’s doing week to week. We are sleep walking to absolute disaster. The players look confused and dejected. A promising bunch of young players are being thrown in at the deep end left to sink or swim in what’s going to quickly turn into incredibly toxic circumstances. The mood around the place stinks. The Chairman doesn’t know what he’s doing, dismisses fans concerns at every opportunity and is quite happy to play divide and conquer with the fanbase, while shrugging off genuine supporter concerns with vague tales of abuse or threats. We’ve p*ssed money up the wall on dross, continue to watch talent either being wasted on the field or nowhere near it for whatever reason. Scattergun recruitment, no strategy, a team with no heart or spine or identity. No plan. No clue. And don’t let this weeks news that we are out of an embargo fool you - the club is f*cked every which way off the field. This is a short term reprieve that maybe - MAYBE - allows us offer a new contract or bring in a kid on loan. But at least we’ve still got the fans. For now. Somehow. After £90 memberships (backtracked on), cutting off Radio Sheffield, £99 replica shirts, up to £49 a chuck to watch this failing football club shamble on week in week out for a dwindling, near on non-existent walk up supporter base. Hey.. at least we got a day out at Wembley. And if as we sit now in 2018 with the state the club is in, and you still think that day out was something to cheer or be grateful for, you’re a f*cking loser. Never felt more more disconnected from this club. It’s never had less of an identity or less to feel proud about.
  11. Brentford are a good side, but other than that our opening 5 fixtures are about as “favourable” a run of 5 games as you can ever hope to have in this division. We currently sit on 1 point from 3 of them. Anything less than 6 points from the next 2 and it’s a walk that represents a sleepwalk to relegation unless there’s major changes.
  12. sheffield_dave

    The Jos Luhukay IN/OUT manager thread

    We are in a relegation fight season. Inspired by the fight of this manager to take it on? Reckon the players are?
  13. I’m glad you said that. I was telling someone at work about that today and immediately second guessed myself if I’d heard it right.
  14. Let’s not go nuts. Just a new contract for Bannan and a new f*cking centre back.
  15. Listened to the game via TS2 last night. Hope they’ve climbed out of Sunderland’s arse in time for Sunday.