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  1. Said this before, but the youth players will play a significant part. They will be in the first team and our success next season may very well depend on how many of them prove to be up to it. I expect almost all out of contract to go, and for a couple still in contract to follow them if there's any genuine interest. We need 10-15 players and it's delusional to think they will come from new signings. To be honest I'm not even sure if it's a good idea that they do, given how scatterbrained and garbage last summers recruitment was. I can see 3-4 new signings for cheap or f
  2. Thats why I said “clubs like”. He’s obviously done a good job with them hasn’t he, and there are others still in the league doing right by their clubs in the same way.
  3. Charlton players.. oh no. By some distance the most tedious, joyless bunch of misery's going. Hope he's not someone they like and want to keep or we'll never hear the end of it.
  4. I honestly can't cope with a summer of reading this sort of guff to be honest. We've been hearing lazy platitudes about what the club should be based on its size and support base for 21 years, since we got relegated from the Premier League. 21 years! Peterborough's chairman is another of those you seem to see and hear from quite a bit, like Andy Holt at Accrington, for their astute observations, intelligence and approach to running their clubs successfully. In other words, the complete f*cking opposite of our current reality. I'd love to hear Darragh's assessment of our promotion
  5. We might as well have appointed Warnock this season. Best case scenario he'd have done his usual good work and kept us up. Worst case he would have made good on that famous quote about ruining us on purpose - but nobody would have noticed.
  6. Imagine being last in the ground thinking Chris Wilders Blades were heading to Europe, and the next time you’re paying £40 to watch Paul Heckingbottom’s long since already relegated side against Burnley. Life comes at you fast.
  7. We haven’t got any money. We won’t be carrying 2 good players for every position. The back up for most positions will be the youth team. In terms of quality, yes we should sign Hunt, no question. I just can’t see it.
  8. The writing has been on the wall for this for ages. That we would ever be able to just go out and take our pick of the better lower league players or attract good talent has seemed delusional for a while. I’ve said it before and I’ll keep on saying it until proven otherwise - we had better hope these youth players we’ve given contracts to are good enough, because they’re going to be in the first team and we’ll absolutely be relying on them to be.
  9. “Hopeful” of being able to do any business.. for gods sake. Good job we’ve only got 12 players.
  10. I think the biggest thing I've learned from watching Wednesday for 30 years is that people just like watching good, winning football. I don't think the level matters, regardless what anyone with a recent taste of the Prem tells you (ahem) or the hangers on at Chelsea, Man U/City, Liverpool etc tell you. People just want to be happy with a winning team. I've been miserable as sin about relegation and have been vocal on here that I think the club is in huge trouble next year. BUT if Moore can put together some decent football with a few new signings and bring some excitin
  11. It's always difficult telling people how to spend their money or demand where they don't spend it, and that's not something I'll be doing. It's a personal choice, but I've made mine. Chansiri isn't getting a penny out of me. A lot of reasons behind it, but the primary one is that I find his attitude towards the fans to be absolutely repulsive - a view I've held from a couple of months after he bought the club (box holders farce) and has only been strengthened since. His view of supporters is that they bail him out and endlessly funnel money into propping up his failures and shortco
  12. Worth remembering however that "clubs struggling with financial problems" includes ourselves. It depends on the players you want. I've no doubt we could go out and sign up 10 players to fill shirts if we wanted to as soon as the contracts expire. Are they the right players at the right price? Are we filling positions of need with the quality required? We didn't last pre-season and ended up with Marriot, Brown and Kachunga. I think we need to dial into the mindset that this is a full rebuild. And quite frankly we need to get it right. Involving youth in that process isn
  13. We have a threadbare squad and it's wise to expect some to leave yet. I really do think our ability to sink or swim next season will depend on how many of the youth players people are talking about are genuinely ready. I'm not expecting us to sign 7-8 new first team ready players. In reality I think there will be 2-3 permanent signings, maybe another 2-3 loans, and the rest of the squad will be made up of youth players.
  14. Goalkeeping situation summarises the whole club. It's a mess of our own making that we've backed ourselves into not being able to change. The Westwood situation and his availability has been a farce, whatever the reasons. In the interim we've chopped and changed between 2 young goalkeepers who we can't decide between as the number 1, played when they perhaps shouldn't and generally made a mess of their confidence and progression. What we need is a new goalkeeper who arrives at the club as the defacto number 1 to replace Westwood, allowing 1 or both of Dawson and Wildsm
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