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  1. Bruce has made numerous public comments about the teams injury record, and he's notoriously a manager for whom trust seems to be a big deal. I think it's fairly obvious that Palmer will get a decent renewal, in terms of both money and contract length, and Matias will be on his bike.
  2. Antonio's no slouch don't get me wrong but I don't know if he was quite the same fit or role. Helan spent a lot of time at left back. Again, not really the same forward outball. In all 3 cases you're talking about 3, 4, 5 years on without replacing a single one of them. I genuinely think you can pin the Huddersfield play off defeat on our lack of a player with that sort of genuine pace just as much as you can pin Wembley on the lack of any battle or experience in the middle. That we've never addressed either since is a joke.
  3. We've not addressed it since JJ left. It's utterly ridiculous and it does cost us games.
  4. An American sports system wouldn’t work unless you restructured the entire game and closed it off to the rest of world football. The NHL and NFL are closed shops and the way the college system feeds players into them isnt realistic for football. As for our Premier League aspirations? Chelsea are a super club. There are another 5 like them. Nobody else matters. Everyone else is disposable. The rest of the league is garbage and a waste of time. Only 7 teams in the league have a goal difference over 0 and more than half the division is competing every year only for the sake of still being there. That should give every team in the Championship hope that they can go up and stay up, while also raising the question why should anybody bother or care.
  5. It’s the FA Cup, and in that situation today we were the underdog looking to cause a cupset. As fans of the smaller club you don’t want to be patronised but I think it’s only fair you expect your share of the coverage. You are - or should be - the reason that games on telly in the first place. The Beebs problem is that they’re second class citizens compared to Sky and BT, and so any opportunity to get “The Big 6” on BBC1, they’re going to take it. And the coverage becomes all about them. Honestly for what worth it is listening to Lawro and his baffling, clueless comments about individual players he has no clue about, I’d be OK with them saying nothing.
  6. I think the more time passes the more ridiculous the whole thing is. Some of it is delusional. Some of it is contradictory. Some of it is just straight up b*llocks.
  7. We were once touting £10m-£15m for FF and now we'd be lucky if someone offered us £3m. Different stages of their career and different players admittedly but same song and dance. We can hold onto whatever delusional aspirations we want, or we can cash in and lift some weight off the clubs shoulders while we can. If the club is in such a mess and the Chairman needs help to the extent that he's dropping 10pm "drunk texts" half way through January then we should snap anyone's hands off for £10m.
  8. Yeah. I mean I’m not going to be the one to trawl through his statements from 2015, but I’m pretty sure tonight’s claim that he came to invest in Championship survival is demonstrably false. Remember before Bullen won 4 games and we appointed Bruce when we all thought the man had no idea what he was doing and is just whinging it..?
  9. “Many people have suggested that I invested the amount of money I did – and continue to do – in order to achieve promotion to the Premier League. But this is not correct. I invested these sums to stay in the Championship, to ensure we would have the best chance of avoiding relegation.” This feels like a weird, wholly inaccurate u-turn. Im sorry, but Chansiri did not spend £40m to buy this football club and invest another £30m (or whatever it is) over 3 years for the sake of keeping it in the league.
  10. This was always a weird thing to say. If Milan means he did enough due dillegence to not flog us to an obvious fly by night pirate, then I believe him. However he also wanted/needed to sell the club, and make no mistake that was his priority. It’s literally impossible that Milan could ever guarantee things wouldn’t go sour with a new owner 3 years later.
  11. A very good Championship player and at the time an excellent signing for us. Just a shame about the injuries. It happens. We'd be absolutely insane to renew his contract at this point or stop him going somewhere like the MLS.
  12. Villa are hysterical. £20m to them. If they want to bury themselves in an FFP hole without any care or regard for anything at all then we might as well let them bail us out of ours.
  13. Yep. Tough 3 years of Championship football, Villa? Try 20. And throw in a couple of years of League One in between. Not succeeding at Aston Villa isn't the end of the line for someone with as much experience as Bruce. Just like it won't be the end of the line for the much younger, trendier, cavalier man who'se there now, with a reputation for playing some of the best football in the division, who currently has Villa.. 10th with 6 wins from his 14 games so far. The only plan at Villa is to throw as much money at it as they can until enough of it sticks that they eventually just brute force their way back up, even at the expense of their tax bills. As for Stan Collymore, there's a reason he works for Talksport - the station of thick, ignorant hot takes and opinions for morons.
  14. He’s comfortably the best manager available to us at this point. Without checking any stats, I’d say he’s probably the safest, most proven pair of Championship hands there is behind Warnock. I’m not going to allow the opinions of Aston Villa fans to influence this; a club whose sole strategy to Championship life has been to try and brute force their way past everyone else in the division financially and expect that alone to work. A club who couldn’t pay their tax bill in the summer and will allegedly “qualify” for an FFP bumming in the summer that just spent £7m on a goalkeeper. Hope they get humped by Leeds today and I don’t say that often.
  15. Nah yes, after 20 years of garbage this all must be about having a divine right..
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