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  1. The strength of the EFL is unique in world football. The German second tier has some seriously big clubs in it but that’s the closest in the world, and doesn’t have the overall strength of the EFL’s 3 divisions. Pep doesn’t understand it and can’t be bothered by it. It’s a waste of his time and these clubs would happily pillage what they can from it and have done with.
  2. The lack of respect is frightening. There’s clubs at this level who have won what he’s spent the best part of a billion quid failing to do at City. Maybe he should concentrate on not looking like a bit of a fraud instead of sh*te like this.
  3. This was genuinely one of the first things I hoped would be sorted when Chansiri arrived, and it's beyond irritating that not only has it been ignored, but we've since slipped back to the pre-Chansiri acceptance/expectation that nobody can be bothered to sort it. It's been said, but Fanatics are an enormous international organisation who also cover all the major American leagues. However you can look at a more relevant example like The Terrace. The club already have some sort of working relationship with The Terrace, but they put the club to shame in both stock availability and user experience. It's 2021. 2-3 of the right Owlstalk members could probably have a more functional online setup than Wednesday this afternoon.
  4. Excited for this. Loved Jackass so much. The trailer hit in some quite heavy and unexpected ways. Lots of nostalgia for those guys and I'm expecting this to be funny but also quite warming and sad in some respects. Will miss Bam too, but some of the video's he published himself from the time he got axed from the film were an excruciating watch and he's clearly in no fit state to be involved. The rest of the cast have conquered their own demons and it's not right for anybody to have Bam around if he's not on the same page. Bam needs help.. although perhaps he's now at the point where he's had quite a lot of it and needs to start helping himself too.
  5. I found the last 18 months extremely testing. Covid football was horrendous and Wednesday specifically was an aggressively miserable experience. I have been less optimistic about this clubs future in the last year than I was in the final hour before the HMRC nearly had us wound up. Despite actively trying to distance myself from football though I always got dragged back in. There will never, ever be a time where I don’t care about the results or care about what the club is upto.
  6. I don't disagree, nor do I think it's the EFL's responsibility to hold clubs hands, but is there a middle ground between that and offering any support to clubs beyond just points deductions? The way the EFL position themselves on these issues just makes it sound like they are sitting there waiting to pick a new target. It was us last year. It's Derby this. It's been Forest, Birmingham, Luton, Wigan etc in years gone by. As a governing body, do they ever learn anything? What lessons are they taking about the sustainability of their leagues? Or are they just handing out the punishments when things go wrong? Satisfied for the credibility of their league to be determined by asterisks across 3 divisions? The boundaries of rules and cheating are also only set by the environment the leagues operate in. I think they reflect a flawed and broken system, an unfair system, a system that doesn't work for the majority of the league members, a system warped by the Premier League and that unfairly favours those most recently members of it. Like I said above, the EFL are just a cog in a larger machine which I don't think is working, is sustainable or healthy for the game. You can use whatever words you want to describe the likes of Morris and Chansiri.. some might say incompetent, others might say cheats.. but either way I think they're relatively small fry in what's a vastly bigger problem. A problem I think is being masked over and ignored as people fall over to fight things like the ESL.
  7. I do think there's a tendency to downplay Ronaldo's current game just to try and make a point that he's not as good as he used to be. Goalscorers of Ronaldo's calibre don't just happen. Some of the most highly regarded strikers in the history of the game have been praised for the same "right place right time" mentality that Ronaldo plays with now. Ronaldo has turned himself into that player through the course of his 30's. How many pure goalscoring centre forwards would you pick from the modern game above Ronaldo? Lewa and Kane are the other two I can think of, and they're players who have dedicated their careers to that role. Tap in's, penalties.. it doesn't matter. That almost unrivalled ability to stick the ball in the net is why he's in the team. It's not a common commodity and Ronaldo's ability to carry on doing it, to change his game, to have that longevity, is part of why people think he's the greatest.
  8. More questions about what their actual purpose is here and who they actually serve or care about. I don't like Derby and don't have a lot of time for some of the fluffy "got to feel for the fans" chatter, but there's no question who the "enemy" is here and it isn't clubs like Wednesday & Derby. The EFL is simply a cog in a machine that isn't working. The status quo that was "saved" by defeating the European Super League plans remains as rotten to the core as the ESL was.
  9. 2 promotions in 3 years with a 9th placed finish in the Premier League. A reputation for getting the most out of players on relatively limited resources (in the football league) and playing attractive football.. Whatever happened at United, he must have really sh*t his pot.
  10. Depends. I don’t see Owlstalk as being much different to the pub or chatting at work etc. People have always talked about the games. And at the risk of sounding utterly ridiculous, I do think generally the level of chat about games on here is fairly good. Most people are fair and reasonable and know what they’d like to see without rambling on about stats like xG or made up positions. Twitter is a cess pit. I’m convinced 95% of replies to any one thing on Twitter are by people who have never stepped into a stadium before. And of them, half will support another team anyway and the other half will be bots and not actually exist. Awful.
  11. Said this before, but you don’t get to sign 14 new players and then expect everything to click in a month or two. That run we had at the start of the season was the outlier, and on balance our points total & league position are probably about right so far. I don’t expect us to have a proper handle on what this team is truly made of until November, and form will probably be up and down until then. That said.. we can’t afford to put runs of 3-4 games together without picking up points at any stage of the season. Our return from the last 3 games isn’t good enough and the pressure will be on to start winning ASAP. Two tough away games coming up.. and we’ve played ourself into needing to win both of them, ideally. I don’t really want to hear about “good point on the road” etc.. we need results and we need to pick up the slack.
  12. There was over an hours worth of football left to play when he missed. If we are only capable of playing for 23 minutes (and it looks like we might be) then we’re in big trouble (which we are)
  13. Agree. People have lives and other commitments. City probably don't have the support base to rely on filling a 50,000+ stadium for every game regardless. It might be the one area where the historical difference between them and United remains the most apparent (and might always be). If you're a Man City fan who has to pick and choose their games for whatever reason, I'm not sure you pick the midweek CL game either. These CL group games at City always look super flat to me in terms of atmosphere.
  14. Taribo West on a free transfer, the greatest signing in the history of the sport. Think that may have been a later version though?
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