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  1. sheffield_dave

    BREAKING - George Hirst Gone

    Not like Leicester to act like a backdoor sh*thouse is it. At least it's another football club they're shafting this time rather than the local ambulance services.
  2. I logged onto Owlstalk and opened this thread with the specific intention of seeing when we were playing United. I forgot Rotherham were even in this division again until I looked at that. A "derby", give me a break.
  3. sheffield_dave

    According to reports in Portugal...

    Other than paranoia and assumptions, is there any reason people are flapping about Fessi? I've been away so may have legit missed something. If we're looking for players with a bit more pace and trickery to play either side of a front 3 then this makes sense. And it's only a loan. I could see this lad, Fessi, Joao and Matias competing for 2 such spots with Hooper, Nuhiu and Fletcher representing our options for the other more central role. If we're not going to be playing with wingers or wide midfielders then you can probably factor Wallace into this as well. If we can shift Rhodes and Winnall as well then to bring in a loan after losing 3 players doesn't give cause for concern about FF.
  4. sheffield_dave

    The Modou Sougou Effect.

    Scoring in that Reading game is the only thing I remember him doing. That was one of the worst games of football I've ever witnessed at any level. Anybody who thought those two sides would make the next two play-off finals would have been taken out back and shot. In hindsight maybe that's what happened to Sougou.
  5. sheffield_dave

    SKY pundits predicted league table.........

    What favours us this season is that there are gaps to fill in the top 6. There isn't an obvious Champion calibre team like Wolves. There isn't a media appointed "best team in the league" like Fulham. Villa and Derby are both expected to suffer after failing this year and are already making noises to that effect. I also don't think anybody coming up this year will be as disruptive as United or Millwall were, nor do I fancy Stoke or Swansea. West Brom will probably do OK and I'd back them for a top 6 slot but apart from that.. It's going to be a scramble (as it always is) but there's opportunities this year that we are as well placed as anyone to fill.
  6. sheffield_dave

    Matias wants to stay..

    At the end of the day nobody really has a choice do they. 12 months from now he won't be here regardless. Nobody is going to pay us money for him in that time, so all we can do is hope he's another player that Jos can bring something out of. Given our recent flexibility in terms of formations and that we've found other players and roles that suit better under Jos than they did under Carlos, I'm intrigued to see what happens but will keep my expectations in check.
  7. sheffield_dave

    Chris Sedgwick

    It sounds like a segment off Athletico Mince.
  8. sheffield_dave


    It's been happening for years but it's almost like Wednesday fans have a constant fear about players leaving. You always see it. "What if he does well for whoever we sell him to!" or panicking about depth. If we sell Winnall it still leaves us with 6 players vying for 2 positions - maybe 3 if we assume FF will freely roam in the final third alongside a front 2 - of which pretty much any combination of them could be deemed good enough for the top 6. Sod Winnall.
  9. sheffield_dave


    Or we just get rid of Winnall who won't get in the team anyway? Upfront is the one area of the team where we can afford to be as choosy as we want to be. Joao, Hooper, Forrestieri and Nuhiu is a frightening lineup for this level and that doesn't include Fletcher or Rhodes. He wants to go, teams will want him and he'll fetch some cash. Get rid.
  10. sheffield_dave

    Chris Sedgwick

    Jesus.. This is definitely the weirdest sh*t I'll read today.
  11. Jon Beswetherwick was tactically substituted after 15 minutes because he was getting torn to pieces by Grimsby Towns right winger. Chris Carr played one game, during which he sliced a volley into his own net at home to QPR. Who was that player who came on, and instantly with his first touch allowed a throw in to roll off his shin and back out of play? It's one of those 3.
  12. sheffield_dave

    Westwood interview

    I don't think there will be a fire sale, but Westwood is actually in quite a unique position for us. He fits every bill. He's a high earner, who clubs will actively want to sign, who can command a decent transfer fee, who isn't getting any younger, who has two players in his position who are also highly rated and some think deserve to be starting anyway, which means we don't have to immediately go back into the market to replace him with any money we fetch in.. He's literally the only player in the squad you can say that about. With everybody else there's an asterix, be it over injuries or if other clubs would be bothered about signing them etc.
  13. sheffield_dave

    #SWFC don't need to go mad.

    Venancio plus two quality, clearly first team signings would be enough for me. 1x combative central midfielder 1x right wing back The former I think we've needed for the entire time Chansiri has been here, and I think we need to seriously bolster the midfield. I wouldn't be convinced that we should even factor Hutchinson or Lee into proceedings too much until both are proven fit. A right wing back with similar energy to Reach would go a hell of a long way for us. I think we are more than comfortable at the back and upfront if we can keep players fit.
  14. I agree, sort of, but don't think Honeyman means we won't sign a more combative presence as well. Bannan Pelupessey Honeyman Hutchinson New "Beast" Signing 5 into 3, jobs a good 'un. Not sure we'll see Lee again. Isn't he about ready for the knackers yard?
  15. sheffield_dave

    Westwood in demand?

    Westwood is an excellent goalkeeper but he represents a perfect storm for us; - 33 years old - Can still command a fee - A decent earner - Will have active interest in signing him and therefore is realistic to sell (unlike Abdi, Fletcher etc) - Replacement(s) already at the club without needing to go straight back out and spend If our aim over the summer is to reduce the size, age and expense of our squad - while minimising a quality drain - then unfortunately Westwood is near or at the top of the list of players we need to look to sell. And that really is unfortunate but.. hey.. this is the reality we've got ourselves into.