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  1. Keith Andrews

    And as has been said before, a lot of this stuff isn't new. People have been pointing to really quite obvious flaws in this team for 18 months.
  2. We need to be told

    If it makes you feel any better I don't really know what my point was either, just realised reading the thread that t'ole Jordan was another link to Blackburn and thought it'd make a nice pic!
  3. Yes but.. wait for it.. "He's a nice guy"
  4. Boyd and the Wednesday mystery

    100% Again, it's just low standards. Settling for anything and getting nothing as a result, just because it's not quite as bad as it was then. As fans I think we have been asked to contribute enough to be able to expect more in return than merely to exist at a slightly higher standard than when we almost went bust.
  5. Boyd and the Wednesday mystery

    I think you grossly underestimate the impact 27,000 fans (or 27,000 paying customers, if it helps to look at it that way) can have on those who set the direction of the club. Put it this way, I'm immensley glad we don't have 27,000 who are happy with the way this team has been playing, with the results we've been getting or are happy to be 15th after 21 matches in our third attempt at a promotion season. I think it's important for us as fans to hold the club to a higher set of standards than the likes of Finlux_Cup are happy to blindly accept, and thankfully these people are a minority.
  6. Boyd and the Wednesday mystery

    Knee jerk "15th in the league and 10 points off the play-offs - this is GREAT!!" People like you are why this club will never win anything and never go anywhere. Happy for crippling mediocrity. Happy to look back on two failed campaigns because you had a nice day out. Absolute moron.
  7. Boyd and the Wednesday mystery

    Two play-off failures and now 15th in December, 10 points off the top 6. We've achieved nothing and won nothing, but I'm glad you had a lovely day out at Wembley and enjoyed the experience of those 2 play-off games against Huddersfield. You'll not be getting the play-offs again under Carlos so best cherish such precious memories, boy.
  8. Boyd and the Wednesday mystery

    Hilarious, but as has been stated a number of times in the thread by myself and others, this isn't all to do with the injury is it, and people aren't just referring to the period where has been injured. And, lets face it, it's not just Boyd is it. Melo ended up with his own meme because nobody had a f*cking clue where he was.
  9. Boyd and the Wednesday mystery

    2 things; - You missed my follow up post where I qualified this a bit. There were definitely rumblings of something not looking or feeling right about Boyd before he was injured. I distinctly recall it feeling a bit "Same song and dance" before he became perpetually injured. There are players here - GOOD players - who have looked utterly lost before falling down an injury black hole and this just feels the same again. - My post said the coaching is garbage and I stand by that. I absolutely include stuff like fitness and conditioning in that. I don't think we are fit enough, I don't think we prepare properly and I don't think this repeated problem of losing players to long term injury, that sometimes roll on and on without update, is a coincidence.
  10. Boyd and the Wednesday mystery

    People were looking at Boyd, how he was playing and how he fits into the team before he was injured. A bit like a metaphor for the last 18 months under Carlos actually. Lots of question marks and wondering what the crack is before the sh*t actually hits the fan.
  11. Boyd and the Wednesday mystery

    What's the mystery? The manager is a clown and the coaching is garbage. The list of players who have come here with pedigree elsewhere and done absolutely nothing is frightening. Boyd played 36 matches in the Premier League LAST SEASON, comes here and is a total non entity.
  12. Should we sell Jordan Rhodes?

    To me the idea of selling Rhodes should be absolutely off the table until he's had a good run in a team with fresh management, fresh ideas and maybe a fresh couple of players around him. A player with a scoring pedigree at this level as good as his is an immediate selling point of the club to any new manager.
  13. It's absolutely certain to happen...

    I will never actively cheer for Sheffield Wednesday to lose a football game. But I'm also not going to be precious or apply some silly sentimental b*llocks about my feelings if we do. The simple, cold hard, inescapable fact is that a loss to Wolves followed by the sacking of Carlos, is VASTLY more important to our season than beating Wolves is. It's not up for debate. It just is. The man has to go.
  14. Awful Conditioning

    The cheek of talking about a silly season while comparing fans on here to blokes earning 20 grand a week to be professional athletes.