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  1. This is honestly why I would be OK if the entire football structure collapses and we have to start again in some form. Greed, greed, greed. F*ck you, I got mine. Where's our slice of the cash. All this during an unprecedented global pandemic which is taking lives.
  2. The geopolitical fallout from this will be life changing. I said in an earlier post that this was probably the worlds most seismic event since WW2 and I think there will be broadly similar political repercussions from this. You would hope that the international efforts required to quash this, would shine fresh light on the need for co-operation and peace over isolation and nationalism; especially with climate change still needing to be addressed. In reality I suspect things will entrench even deeper in the opposite direction.
  3. This is a global event that none of us have ever experienced before. Other than those precious few who can still remember WW2, I’m not sure if anybody alive today will have experienced anything as seismic as this, in terms of global reach, impact or potential threat to our way of life? 9/11 is the only one that even comes close in my lifetime and even then I think we’re already past that, with the worse believed to be on the way. The season should be cancelled. When and whether we can/should give Liverpool a title parade should literally be the last thing the county is thinking about right now.
  4. You people are frightening. To who exactly are you trying to point score or impress with these opinions?
  5. And? Since then we’ve lost 5-0 twice, won 2 in 14, lost to just about everybody in the relegation shakeup, have seen inept garbage performance after inept garbage performance, and have played our way into an expected 12 deduction putting us in the bottom 3. How much cache does being 3rd at Christmas buy for you? Will you remember that when we’re in League One?
  6. Started following in the early 90’s, so the worst times for me were obviously the relegations to League One and almost losing the club to the HMRC. I don’t know what’s worse between now and then. The players are objectively a higher standard, although I consider the current application, attitude and work rate to be f*cking disgusting and think they’re a lying, arrogant, pathetic bunch of spineless c*nts. On balance I guess I’d rather watch Michael Reddy and Brian Barry-Murphy. What I’ll also add is that I cared more back then. It doesn’t feel like my club at the minute. I feel like my patience, my time, my enthusiasm, has been stretched to such a degree that it’s just numb these days. And I don’t know if it’ll ever come back. That’s been a rapid regression over a relatively short space of time, and all during Chansiri’s ownership. I enjoyed going more, went more, spent more time talking and thinking about the club, and loved the club more when we were actually, REALLY crap. The current Sheffield Wednesday feels like it’s rubbing my face in it and taking the f*cking p*ss out of me.
  7. Footballers might be a bit stupid, on the whole, but they know they’re a damn sight less stupid than half the halfwits who follow them and cheer them on. Bannan can come out and apologise because he knows full well that it buys him favour, time and excuses amongst a high percentage of our fans, who won’t ask questions or critique him if he says what they want to hear. Likewise, a bit of a showy celebration after a 95th minute winner can seemingly convince people that fundamental problems with this teams commitment and application since August aren’t actually a problem.
  8. I'm legitimately surprised there are 5 of those 14 games that weren't losses. Sure doesn't feel like it.
  9. I have but didn't connect the dots. It's been a f*cking tiresome day hasn't it!
  10. If you thought I was being serious, then you must have.
  11. Look at the performances. Look at the types of games we've been losing. The type of goals we've been conceding. The timing of the goals we've been conceding. Going into half times completely sunk and out of sight at 3 goals down. Last minute collapses. The basic, fundamental errors this team is making week in week out. The same players not being picked because they're trouble. The same players still ending up being picked even though they're a waste of time. For one manager. Then the next. For years. This is the most suspicious group of footballers I've ever had the misfortune to watch. I'm absolutely convinced they've downed tools as a group. Maybe not everybody, but as a collective enough have to make the whole thing utterly impossible. Calling it "match fixing" just puts an arbitrary label on it that won't ever be proven. Just look at what you're seeing, listen to what you're hearing.
  12. Perhaps we should do the reverse of what people suggested Rangers should have done. Re-start in Scotland. Anyone fancy Elgin away?
  13. Monk is the one person I’m still hesitant to shout about. However his interviews, team selection and general shambling malaise suggest he’s totally out of ideas. He said it himself today; he’s never felt this in his career. At that point, it’s not about wanting him to be sacked. He SHOULD step down himself and resign. Unless of course he isn’t actually that bothered and is simply here for the money and the payout. The players have made it perfectly clear they are. Monk has the power to prove he isn’t by walking away, but almost certainly won’t. Between them, all parties involved will take their cash to the bank while the club gets relegated.
  14. Also a special shout out to all the f*cking morons who shouted “LOOK AT HOW MUCH THIS MEANS, who said they don’t care?!” after we somehow scraped past Charlton with a last minute winner. This group aren’t playing for the manager. They aren’t playing for the shirt. They aren’t playing for their wages. They aren’t playing for you. Again. For the third. F*cking. Time. Spineless bunch of robbing c*nts.
  15. I’m starting to find it difficult to find the words to sum up how much I loathe this team. The club is f*cking dead on its arse. Finished.
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