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  1. Not a single proper midfield general in any of that. Barely a hint of any pace. Nobody you could even say really replaced JJ. 3 fullbacks in 5 years, none of which are still here (although likely a profit on Hunt). 2 centre backs in 5 years, one of which is f*cking bobar. Theres been hundreds and thousands of words written on Owlstalk about what’s gone wrong under Chansiri, but you can throw most of them out and just look at this list. It tells you everything you need to know about aimless, negligent approach to team building over half a decade.
  2. League One will be a complete disaster. By the nature of where it sits in the pyramid, League One is typically made up of good, stable, organised clubs who know their level, cut their cloth accordingly and plan their hopeful progression through the leagues. The other ends of the spectrum are clubs riding high from sometimes successive promotions, or the disaster clubs who just want to brute force their way back up the other way ASAP. The Championship is hard because it’s a great competitive level. League One is hard because it’s a complete f*cking slog. Nothing about this
  3. Our two previous stints in League One were broadly similar. Bad first seasons, got it together in the second. They were also underpinned by our ability to attract good managers for that level, and pull some weight when attracting L1 players. Sturrock’s stock was extremely high and neither Megson nor Jones were dropping to L1 to manage anyone else. What do you think the odds of us attracting a manager with a rising or established stock are now? What about a plan to recruit the right mix of characters, young players and experience for the division? Done well at any of that recently hav
  4. Ipswich and Sunderland!! Get real. Have a look for Bolton in that League One table and that’s where we will be in 2 years.
  5. Some folk need to do themselves a real favour and accept relegation as soon as possible. The club isn’t staying up. It’ll be in League One next season. Start worrying about whether there will be a club left this time next year to complete a 46 game League One season.
  6. That 09/10 team has a couple of extremely distinct qualities that we’ve spent 5 years and millions of quid utterly failing to find.
  7. You’ve more faith in the current set up than I have. I don’t know how far “bottoming out” goes this time for us but I’m personally not ruling out losing the club. “Fancy the challenge” is one way of putting it. As I say, Plymouth are a club going in the right direction, and probably feel like they have a blueprint in what Brighton and Bournemouth have done. Our current trajectory looks more like Bolton and Portsmouth. I think the days of young managers feeling the need to prove anything at a perceived “bigger” club are gone. Ryan Lowe doesn’t need Sheffield Wednesday.
  8. What are the current benefits of that perceived size at this point? A massive ground that doesn’t have any fans in it anyway? The potential to get a load of flak and/or sacked if we get stuck there like Sunderland are (or worse)? Lowe was involved at Bury. He’s probably looking at us and thinking he doesn’t fancy that again.
  9. Why would he come here? I keep seeing Plymouth pop up as being one of the better run up and coming clubs in the football league. He’s got a striker on his hands that apparently they want millions for, and presumably he’ll actually get a chunk of that to spend. I mean talk about a contrast to here..
  10. This is exactly the other thing. Howe, Pearson.. folks need to get real. Managers talk and word gets out. Pulis alone is probably enough of a “scorched earth” on the clubs name right now. Cook likely the same and he didn’t even get through the door.
  11. I don’t know how ignorant you need to be of the current situation to realistically think we will ever appoint a “proven” name like Pearson again. It’ll be caretaker/temporary appointments until the next no-name punt from abroad comes in. Or if we can con an up-and-coming manager from the lower divisions to take a chance on a “big club” that they’re not ready for. Although even that requires some vision or strategy.. Paul Cook was the last roll of the dice on anyone with anything like the right fit and Chansiri showed no interest.
  12. This team is exactly what it looks like. Will grind out just about enough to give fans the occasional hope, but not even close enough to keep itself above the line or pull away from trouble. Whatever hope they drum up, this team will go down and it probably won’t go to the wire.
  13. There’s no need to make this complicated. This isn’t like 3-4 years ago where we were trying to fit multiple good strikers into the team, where to play FF etc. This team is sh*t, our striking options are dire and the status quo is we are going down. Whatever you think of Rhodes or his time here, nobody else at the club can even dream of his scoring record at this level. Barring injury Rhodes should play every minute from now until the end.
  14. David Brooks is another one. A decent young player don’t get me wrong, but 30 Championship appearances and dismantling us on the telly was enough for them to get £11m for him. £11m! Shaw probably wouldn’t net us anywhere near that return, but we’ll never know either way. We never will if we keep allowing young players to walk 3 months after they make a debut.
  15. What happens to players after they leave is of no concern to us. It’s not Wednesdays problem or issue if players leave and then their careers stall elsewhere. The issue is maximising their value to us. There are a lot of eyes on the Championship looking out for young British kids emerging and holding their own at an extremely competitive level. Some clubs have made a business model out of exploiting those eyes for as much cash as they can, including our neighbours at S2. A young English lad like Shaw only needs to put together 6-12 months of decent Championship football, wit
  16. Football is carried by emotion and peoples idea of loyalty. People love the game and they love their clubs, and will typically put up with way, way more from them than they would a regular business. The word “customer” breaks down all those emotional boundaries and goes direct to source; that the club holds no such emotional regard for us and that we are infact simply a source of income. As someone who thinks the game in general absolutely stinks right now, I think more people should more honestly look at their relationships with the teams they support and have a bigger dis
  17. Honestly I don’t know where to start. The stubbornness. The perceived dishonesty. The loopholes (I’ll be kind and stop short of calling it “cheating”). Sponsored by taxi firms and drink companies that don’t exist. The clubs initials replaced with a mans name. Sponsorship hoardings replaced with a mans name. The clubs name dragged through national mud over accusations of cheating and points deductions. The kits changed on a mans whim. The crest changed on a mans whim. The lack of long term structural investment. The careless, risk heavy treatment of the clubs assets. Month to month
  18. Thank you! Same to you and yours, and everyone else on Owlstalk
  19. Jagielka’s seen them coming hasn’t he. Potter about a bit with the odd cameo that he wouldn’t get anywhere else, all under the guise of helping out “his club” with his experience, on £50k+ per week.
  20. He went for the bold “I’ll just attack everyone for not spending enough and question them as fans as a result” approach. Lets see if it pays off!
  21. I used to know a lad who was quite heavily involved in FC United from the offset. There isn’t and has never been a great desire for FC United to climb the leagues or an expectation of promotions to the football league, as there will have been at a project like Salford for example. The club is built around a community charter and primarily exists to give a couple of thousand fans an alternative to the modern Manchester United experience. A Wednesday alternative (which I’d hope would simply be called The Wednesday Football Club) would love or die based on expectations, I guess. If peop
  22. I think I might just set up a direct debit that siphons off a percentage of my wage every month, say 40%, directly to SWFC, with no expectation of any return or value. I’ll also make clear to Chansiri that I’ll happily throw more in when he decides his personal cash flow can’t manage it all, or when he has to sack another manager and staff after 10 games, or when the contracts he offered need paying. That’s what “fans” and “supporters” are for, isn’t it. Not like all you wretched “customers” who only spend what you want and what you can afford based on what value you’re getting for y
  23. There was discussion on this forum about putting statues up for Mandaric and/or Chansiri just for buying the club. The idea that we are any more or less easy to please than any other fans doesn’t sit right with me. Fans of every club in the country have concerns over ticket prices etc.
  24. This is the worst thing he’s said in his time here, and there’s some stiff competition for that. It’s the embodiment of footballs view that being able to rely on “fans” and “supporters” cash indefinitely based on emotion, is fundamentally different to other businesses where customers won’t pay or will expect refunds for a service or product as shoddy as Sheffield Wednesday currently is. If that’s the distinction he wants to make then so be it. I’ll de-classify myself as a fan in favour of being one of his customers, and will thus be voting with my wallet like I do everywh
  25. It’s important that this is known and that there isn’t a narrative that everybody loved him from the off. I was at one of the first meetings he had with any fans, about the box pricing fiasco, and there were major red flags even from that. He came across as one of the most stubborn men I’ve ever met. It had the feel of “this will either work or badly won’t” even then. You can also trace much of what we are seeing today to right after that final whistle blew at Wembley. We made an absolute pigs ear out of any recruitment or strategy in the summer after Wembley and throug
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