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  1. They've got a decent squad but.. jesus, for £101m that's laughable. Bit like us before relegation really apart from on a much grander scale. I thought all our best business under Chansiri happened in the first couple of windows. Our best players were either free or cheap. Even at £3m a piece, the likes of FF and Hooper were smart buys with the way transfers are now. The only players they seem to like are the ones they had in League One.
  2. Norwich will win the league at a canter and swap places with Fulham. Repeat for the rest of time. Likewise Watford will be strong, because they always are, and either of Leeds or Everton would financially brute force their way into at least the play-offs. Burnley without Dyche are a bit more of an unknown but couldn't see them any lower than top 6. You'd expect West Brom to be better as well and I think Boro will come good with a full pre-season under Wilder. There's always a couple who overachieve in that division and I could see momentum making Sunderland a surprise package at that end of the table (if they make it up). I'm not expecting an overnight implosion for Dem Blades and do expect them to challenge again, but a couple of expected player losses definitely makes them look a bit more ordinary at that level, and there's enough other teams that I think will be a problem next season.
  3. Think I saw McBurnie in town earlier knocking around the Cathedral on spice.
  4. I agree, but the decline has to start somewhere, and like I mentioned earlier, thankfully it starts right now. I feel a lot better just knowing MGW will be back at Wolves.
  5. Yeah. That’s why I mentioned Berge but not Brewster. I do think Berge will have suitors, especially if the price is now lower. The Brewster situation is absolutely hilarious.
  6. At a minimum they won’t get to keep Gibbs-White and you’d assume have to sell Berge at a bit of a cut price. I don’t think they’ll implode overnight but their ability to keep players, replace players with quality or improve in any way is going to suffer. And that starts right now.
  7. Yep. I genuinely believe we had a lot riding on this as far as the next decade of Sheffield football is concerned. Now it gets interesting.
  8. Just like them getting into the play-offs in the first place was going to be “funny”. Id be laughing if they were currently 7th or lower and working out how to balance the books, instead of having the upper hand with a trip to Wembley on the cards.
  9. York City are in the National League North play-off final as well. Similar to Stockport, a team that absolutely should not be that low down and hopefully gets back into the EFL soon.
  10. The media and other pearl clutchers out there can't decide if they like them or not. They've always been associated with some of the "nobody likes to see scenes like this" (when everybody clearly does), yet they're always part of the atmosphere whenever anyone points to European crowd displays looking so amazing. There is a fight back against the sterilisation of the English game and I'm all for it. There's been a lot of talk on here recently about the future of Hillsborough and our home atmosphere. It's about time we started using our stadium's now quite unique design and construction to our advantage. Tottenham made a single tier "kop end" one of the selling points of one of the best stadiums in the world on the basis of atmosphere and fan experience, and we've got one already that we don't utilise enough.
  11. What, suggesting we should be happier in League One than the Championship because we win a few more games? Doesn’t even require an explanation, but for a kick off, I think as a football fan if you’re willing to cap your expectations that low (relative to the club you support) then you might as well pack in and find something else to do. Every football fan should want to compete at the best levels they can. Unfortunately in the modern game the “best level” in this country also sucks for a lot of different reasons, but we’re lucky that the Championship is a brilliant (and somewhat more realistic) alternative.
  12. He’s also the top scorer in this seasons Europa League, a competition that uses VAR and presumably isn’t under the “influence” of Scottish officials.
  13. I think the Championship is the best division in the country. This feels like an argument you can quite easily make for the Premier League, which I think is legitimately a bit of a “monkey paw” in terms of reality vs the status of being there. But to try and suggest being in L1 is any better for us than the Championship is.. embarrassing, frankly.
  14. If Wednesday are in the Premier League I don’t care who else is where. The rivalry in this city is historically extremely close though. The margins are quite fine, both in games themselves (usually) and the rivalry in general. In my time there’s never been a full division gap between the two and frankly I think it would be awful if they were in the PL while we’re stuck in L1.
  15. Just typical Sheffield self-depreciation, isn't it? We moan about the lot of it, but f*ck anyone else who says it.
  16. Hope Luton go up. Kenilworth Road is basically a "F*CK YOU" to today's Premier League product. Doubt it though from here.
  17. Hope Sunderland go up. Big club and great fans.. and also this league is going to be an absolute f*cking gauntlet next season if they don’t! We won’t be the big fish down here next season. The media love in for WRDCFC is going to be absolutely insufferable.
  18. Arsenal are in the driving seat, but I'd take Spurs' last 2 fixtures against Burnley and Norwich. Arsenal going to Newcastle on a Monday night needing something is almost vintage Arsenal banana skin. Can't see Leeds winning either of the last 2 either.
  19. Looked like we were in for a cracker of a finish, but it all seems to have fallen apart in the last 2 weeks or so. With how the fixtures sit from here, I'd be absolutely shocked if we end up with anything other than City winning the league, Spurs finishing 4th and Leeds going down. All of those things looked way less certain even a week ago.
  20. I think this season will be difficult to evaluate. Nothing you've said about your fears for the club before the season are wrong. We did look completely f*cked for a period and I'll hold my hands up, I was one of those who wondered if we'd have a club at all, or at least a team capable of competing against relegation. That said, I also think that view undersells what we did have. I think every single other manager in this division would take BPF, Iorfa, Dean, Bannan, Byers, Luongo, Windass and Gregory. We brought in loan signings who - at least in theory with the likes of Theo and Shodipo - looked to have the talent to compete at the top end of this league. We were able to bring players in on a free to bolster things mid-season like Berahino and NML who many others in this league might not have been able to attract or afford. The team had talent. Keeping some of the players we kept, attracting some of the signings we attracted, shouldn't have been possible for a League One team and might not be again for a second stint. I firmly believe the team we finished the season with was good enough to go up, and should have gone up, and nobody will ever convince me that failing to do so is anything other than abject failure.
  21. The way we got promoted in 2012 is some of the most I've ever enjoyed watching Wednesday, and I think that team/style would have got promoted this season. However it's not going to happen. Moore has committed to his style and he's not going to reshape the team or recruit to do anything else. My issue is that too often this season we've been neither tough nor expansive. Too often we've looked like we don't have a style or system, or been caught between the two. The Sunderland games especially were complete garbage. So if Moore's system is more of the "expansive" style, he needs to get better at it and sign players who are better suited to it.
  22. They've been on consistently good form since 7 games into the season when Cooper arrived. Ultimately they're winning that Bournemouth game and just 1 of their first 7 games away from being an automatic promotion side. It's an almost unprecedented season for any team at this level, in addition to hammering/completely outplaying a couple of Premier League teams in the cup. Forest are the team to stop them. If United win that over 2 legs, I think they're up. That said, I still don't really know what it is that Huddersfield do well or are all about. Clearly they're no mugs.
  23. That York kit is the winner, don't need to see any others.
  24. Anything less than automatic is failure. However we don't need a statement from the chairman (or at least, from this chairman) to say that. I don't want to hear from this chairman ever again unless it's to confirm the sale of the club. Just get the business done. Get the shirts out on time, get the season tickets on sale, get the release list sorted and get some new players in. Keeping its head low and just getting on with it is the best thing the club can do at the minute.
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