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  1. Coming off a run of draws against AFC Wimbledon, Cambridge and Lincoln, but lets ******** and moan about the time we battered Arsenal 3-0 infront of a capacity crowd.
  2. Think it looks superb, and agree with the OP that I've got some good "better than Nolan's trilogy" vibes about this. Looks like it leans more into the noir and gothic themes of Batman rather than just being set in a modern looking city in our times. Bit of a reverse horror twist to it as well.. looks like Batman himself is the threat here.
  3. I find the idea of needing more players really irritating. We signed 14 of them. We've barely seen some of them and Moore has demonstrated little ability to get most of them working as a functional team. We need real leaders for the defence and midfield, so I look forward to one of them playing in an isolated front 3 and the other getting 25 minutes in the pizza cup.
  4. A colossus of the game. One of many what-ifs for us in the late 90’s. RIP Sir Walter.
  5. Even there though I think there's a problem with the term "World Class Manager", and then in the next breath mentioning Van Gaal and Mourinho. You get the feeling even their definition of a world class manager just feels dated and stuffy. Mourinho's career has felt in steady decline for a while, and Van Gaal has spent most of the last decade trying to decide if he wants to retire or manage Holland. United haven't gone out there and beaten anybody to the punch with an exciting new up and coming coach. Can they even still do it? Do they even want to? There's probably a fair point rattling around in Neville's brain when he's thinking about Van Gaal and Mourinho, but just lumping them into a fluffy term like "world class" while defending OGS just waters it down to nothing.
  6. Absolutely. Worth remembering the moneyball model doesn't actually depend on even winning anything. Promotion to the Premier League is obviously the aim as it is for everybody else, but their model isn't a success or failure based on that alone. The way Barnsley are run is about maximising the return on what they bring in. I'm not sure getting relegated this year even changes that. I wouldn't be in a rush to stick too much money on us being back in the Championship before them.
  7. Not sure £40m would get you Zaha's right leg. Which is a pretty damning comment on today's game but.. there we are. One of the more under the radar effects of the money swilling around the Prem now is that the also-rans absolutely have the power to hold out for stupid money if they want to. You don't even need to still be in the division. Dem Blades getting £30m for Ramsdale after being relegated is one of the most ludicrous deals I've ever heard.
  8. One of the more astute comments I've ever read about the modern Man U was a random tweet, from someone who I'd class as being part of their "core" support, that said "there is now a generation of United fans who think the 90's is how things have always been". I think that's bang on. United have always been a big and successful club, but only 1 United manager has won them the league title in 54 years - he just won a lot of them. The sustained success Sir Alex brought them was not normal. It isn't how things have always been. It isn't realistic to expect or demand ever again. But they have an international fanbase and a status as the biggest club in the world built on a generation of fans who grew up not knowing anything else. United seem locked into repeating SAF's early years when the club stuck by him and where he didn't win anything for years. Times are different. Manchester United are different. They buckled away from that stance at the first opportunity by sacking Moyes and have joined the "elite manager" carousel since, so this insistence on backing OGS while he isn't winning anything just feels like a waste of time. They need to forget the way things were for SAF, sack OGS now, and bring in whoever they think is going to get them the most immediate improvement for the next 18 months. They need to forget longevity for that gig until the next Tuchel, Klopp or Naglesmann emerges and they can strike early on them.
  9. Feels like something is a bit amiss with the ME and tactics at the moment as well. Feels like it's far too easy to play a really attractive passing style, even with technically poor teams.
  10. I’ve got a nice save going so far on the beta, but I’m mostly using it to test tactics, toy around with scouting systems etc. Deffo going to start fresh with the full release.
  11. Everything about Moore stinks of abiding to what he thinks the modern standards are of how to play the game. Is our team actually set up to play in the formation it does and play the ball around from the back, or is that just the modern trend for how coaches think the game should be played?
  12. Yep the OF is another good example, although I don't think even having 0 away fans in those games is even that unpopular with them. Of course there are other examples of clubs who give big away ends behind the goal to other clubs, but like I say, I do think the trend is to move visitors out of the way now. Watching football in the two top divisions now, in Europe, pretty much any level on TV.. it feels rare to me now that you see a bouncing packed away end behind the goal. We've had behind the goal before at several clubs in the top 2 divisions who have since shifted away fans into corners.
  13. I think you can roughly split this division into thirds. A third of the league is here because it’s historically their “natural” place in pyramid. A third are here through ascendency and extremely astute running of their clubs, and are planning to go higher still. A third are historically bigger clubs on the slide and here because they’re a mess. It means that every single week you’re playing against more experience of the level, pound-for-pound some of the best run clubs in the country, or teams who are equally as desperate to get out ASAP as we are. The Championship gets all the credit for its competitiveness. League One is just a slog.
  14. I don’t think it’s a particularly good thing that we always seem so desperate to flog as many tickets as we can to apposing teams fans. The trend nowadays seems to be about shunting away fans out of the way and letting fewer of them in. We should give them the end slither of seats on the North, extend it to the next block along at the most if it’s a bigger following. Including both tiers and the corner, visiting teams with big fanbases have enjoyed up to 7,000 away fans at an entire end of Hillsborough, with arguably some of the best views of the ground (apart from the pillars) and arguably the easiest stand to make noise from. We must be one of the only clubs left in England that a.) offers this and b.) encourages it.
  15. The beauty of FM is you can play it however you like, but I must admit, that stuff isn’t for me either anymore. I’ve already found a way to hide the attributes. My priority for this years game is to start low down the pyramid, carry one save through the whole year, and put my trust and faith in the data, analytics and scouting etc rather than looking at attributes. Also going to avoid using any downloaded tactics etc. Not even fussed if that doesn’t lead to any success.. just want to see how I get on.
  16. The main save I want to start with this year needs the editor to enable English leagues below Step 6, so I’m running a Beta save as HSV. Enjoying the game a lot. It feels like there is a TON of additional context and flavour to communication within the game, lots of ways to influence people etc. Having fun tinkering with my system as well. Had to start with a wide centre back system..
  17. Wasn't one of Benitez's 2 seasons also in The Championship?
  18. To a certain extent it doesn't matter what Moore thinks. If the player isn't happy and/or Wolves catch wind that we're mismanaging his training, game time etc - in even the slightest way - then he'll be back. Premier League clubs don't send their players out to just get training and pizza cup minutes. If that's all he's getting here, he would literally be better off staying with Wolves. He will get more though. Like has been mentioned above, this lad will be in somebody else's first team by May.
  19. They've had this problem all season. They win an obvious "turnaround" game then drop a complete clanger in the next one. They can't seem to put a run together and some of their home results to last minute goals have been rotten. Not exactly the recipe to be talking about the top 6, is it. Think they're running out of time to get it right, too. There are other teams that started worse but now look more promising and higher in the league already, notably Forest.
  20. The fact that Lampard has been axed and Chelsea have since gone to win a major honours shows it wasn’t “just another” of those, and again that’s a credit to the club. Arsenal and United have handed the keys to Arteta and Ole and it’s not worked.
  21. I think the praise is more for Chelsea and the way they handled that period of time. Like Scram says, Lampard was just the right guy. Essentially Chelsea just used him for what they wanted. He was the one man who would give them the maximum amount of time and goodwill with the supporters while they did what they needed to as a club. It’s surprisingly unusual at the elite level for clubs to do that though, and for it to actually work, so I think the credit is Chelsea’s.
  22. A very concisely worded OP that hits the nail on the head, for me. This season just isn't going the way I thought it would, but in the opposite way I expected. I've been a strong advocate of time, saying on here before a ball was kicked that we wouldn't know what this team "is" until November. For me, if we were in touching distance of the top 6 by November, then we'd be fine. However that was dependant on seeing improvement. On a sense of growth as the season went on. On "figuring things out" over the first 3 months. On seeing a team, a system and an identity develop. We ARE in touching distance of the top 6, but it doesn't feel like it. I don't sense improvement. I don't see any growth. We don't appear to have figured ANYTHING out, and nobody seems to know what this team is even trying to work towards - nevermind achieve - in terms of a system or identity. We look lost and the starting XI is a weekly dice roll. Speaking as someone prepared to give this team FOUR MONTHS to get going, I think we feel absolutely miles off even that extremely low bar.
  23. Not for the first time, this is a Sheffield Wednesday team that I'd like to view through the filter of a different gaffer. I have more faith that some of these players are better than what we're getting out of them, and that some that have barely played at all yet could do the business, than I do in this clueless soundbite manager. I don't see a manager with a plan, an idea or an identity. Just soundbites and an apparent desire to chase how everybody thinks the modern game should be played without a clue how to actually do it or how to utilise his squad.
  24. Amongst others, signing them is starting to look like negligence.
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