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  1. Is this one of those occasions when we’ll sell for £1.1m and he’ll be sold again within 18 months for £7m. Like we did with Emerson Thome and Antonio, and some others maybe
  2. Depends if they like getting punched in the face
  3. I thought the donkeys at the start were the reference to Madine
  4. This one strung to mind straight away; great game and great solo performance from Owen
  5. Jon Shaw, now that’s a blast from the past
  6. Need to get the momentum going from game one.
  7. What stereotypical 70s answers, I’m sure Stan from On the Buses would have similar answers.
  8. Are we saying we''ll have the best injured strike force in the league with Roofe and Windass
  9. We have 2 out & out strikers, it was goal scoring that was the issue last year. Why waste a limited budget on a 6th centre back?
  10. Why this Nike air Jordan - football cross over..
  11. Ahhh so you didn’t post the actual goal….
  12. Haha..I opened this knowing that they’d be not available or something would be wrong. So predictable
  13. OMG what awful music..this video was from 07/12/2002, what year are we in? Shouldn’t he have retired by now
  14. Do us and Derby share the same scouts?
  15. And where is he now? Are Chelsea signing him?
  16. Seems like the bad egg we need to replace Abdi, Hutch, Westwood. I think we’d actually ran out if bad eggs.
  17. I remember Chamberlain always being on the bench and had a few games where he got the odd good cross in..I was only young though and my memory is fading. I think TF was a great impact sub for us. Can't think of any other player that's been better than TF to be honest
  18. I’m not sure about these players that are wingers come strikers, full backs come strikers, not a striker but plays in the hole, plays behind the front 2, but not a striker or midfielder, etc. Jack of all trades, master of none. Can we just buy a quick forward that plays off the shoulder of the last defender and scares em to death? Is this too basic and old school?
  19. It’s been a while since a nonsense takeover rumour, quite refreshing
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