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  1. Another player that England didn’t treat as well as they should have?
  2. Actions speak louder than words We need 3-4 wins on the bounce to recover from the 2 straight losses
  3. I used to get my stuff from the kiosk opposite the ABC cinema (Angel St)
  4. If we’d have won 3-0; would this thread have been posted?
  5. It’s wasn’t the kit that made us lose 3-0 to Plymouth
  6. Only good if you can buy the best keepers and defenders
  7. I think we need to focus on doing simple things right and grinding out results, then start thinking of champagne Charlie football.
  8. Only a win will do; but none of these games are easy. 0-1 or 1-2 please
  9. Derby, Forest, United is a dream bottom 3. Just need that -9 points to kick in
  10. Yeah, yeah, yeah. Jamie Vardy. My brain is getting older and automatically pulls / muddles names. I blame the kids for not allowing me a decent nights sleep. Definite love child of Jamie Vardy and Luke Varney going on here - imagine the pace
  11. For every Luke Vardy, there must be a 1000 players who fall down the leagues. At our level, if you’re good enough, then you should be in or around the first team squad at 17, 18, 19.
  12. I think this is verging on needing to be moved to the Dressing Room. Which brings me to the 'Dressing Room' name, strange. Is it meant to be like an actors dressing room or a players 'changing room'.
  13. This thread…fans quoting stupidly inaccurate facts about Australia and linking them to why one of our Australian players might not want to move back there.
  14. When does this fishing trip end, I feel sick and haven’t brought my ginger tablets.
  15. Hahaha. Comparing Australia to North Korea. Luongo might want to go back cos he’s Australian.
  16. Didn’t fancy League 1? Did he need a lower league? Cos there’s no way he’s up for Championship or above.
  17. Di Canio pushed a referee though and it wasn’t even that bad
  18. I forgot Lita played for us. Or will he be in the Jeffers or Boothroyd mould
  19. A player I have disliked in the past for many reasons Refusing to play to force a move Drugs and getting banned from playing Starting a charity and keeping the money Drink driving Generally being rubbish and not scoring for 2.5 years And he’s one of these types that says he’s religious and does bible studies; born against Christian type. But still acts that acts like a complete idiot Good luck SWFC with this signing
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