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  1. There’s plenty of other things that would put buyers off before this scenario comes into play
  2. Similar story to Tom Lees I suppose. Hope he does as well
  3. Meh. They’ve spanked us twice this season and when they’ve have played at Hillsborough they’ve played well draw
  4. It’s a sad state of affairs; I think we had similar threads for Jos and Monk.
  5. Because others players were on form at the time, especially the midfield with Adeniran.
  6. Might be something to do with the sh!t opposition. we should be winning more often, no matter who’s playing. He doesn’t look like a footballer to me; his goals have been tap ins. Reminds me of playing Wembley as a boy and there was always the bog hanging crap player that toe poked it in or deflected a shot, after someone had dribbled it around 5 and done all the hard work.
  7. Bit of a bogie team Shrewsbury. Another loss I’m afraid, based on recent events. Although we haven’t lost many, we haven’t won many either; games we should be winning
  8. Sorry to hear about your terrible time recently, please don’t rely on Wednesday to make things better. They’re more likely to make things worse and are a source of woe
  9. Had this debate earlier. So can clubs name reserve and youth team players to make up the numbers? Or can you only pick from your nominated squad. Are clubs saying that they have 5 first team players out, so the game is off.
  10. This club needs a new bad egg, Hutch seems to have disappeared, and Westwood’s gone.
  11. Imagine if the club linked your covid status with the season ticket card
  12. You’re either early or late for April fools
  13. We need to tap up the Peterborough and Brentford scouting network, as they seem to sell their best players and replace them with better time after time.
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